Friday, March 13, 2015

Spencer Already Hired?

Last Sunday Austin popped back up on the small screen, after there had be speculation about why Austin was at a cast wrap party for the big hit show The Walking Dead.

Meet Spencer Monroe.

In the comic, which the series is based on, Spencer is "first encountered in Issue 72 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is the son of Douglas and Regina Monroe and a resident living at the Alexandria Safe-Zone."

He grew up in Ohio, it "can be assumed that because of his father's high ranking government position, he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle (which resulted in him developing a spoiled demeanor)." (Haven't we seen this kind of Austin character before? TDAT, Wimbledon, House of Usher)

"He's considered very handsome by both Barbara and Olivia. Barbara speculates he could be homosexual like Aaron and Eric. Douglas has referred to Andrea that he and Regina stay together because of the kids (meaning Spencer)."

On the television show, nothing is known about Spencer's life before or after the outbreak started except he had been with his family in Ohio during the start of the outbreak. He is the only member from the Monroe family to stick to his comic counterpart. Douglas (his dad) is converted into Deanna, Regina (his mother) is converted to Reg, while Aiden is an original character made for the TV Series.

Spencer is mentioned by Deanna as the one who had placed the rifle upon the lookout in the clock tower. (That's a little Texasy there Austin) He is later seen at the party where he meets Sasha and tries to strike up conversation by talking about Mrs. Neudermyer and how she wants a pasta maker. However, Sasha turns him down and walks away. He witnesses Sasha snapping at Mrs. Neudermyer she is overwhelmed by everyone and the general atmosphere.

"Well if you wanna hang with me I'll make sure you don't get stuck with Mrs. Neudermyer. She really, really likes talking about how much she wants a pasta maker... It's not a conversation you want to have."
—Spencer to Sasha when she arrives at the party.

Austin's had some practice fighting Zombies - back as Julian on OTH.

How long will Spencer be around Walking Dead?

Well Austin has now tagged himself on his WhoSay account that he is an actor on The Walking Dead. (so it's more than a 1 and done kind of deal)

But more interestingly there was a story this week of a Walking Dead spinoff based on the West Coast (LA) premiering this summer. (NY Magazine)

Has that been what Austin's been doing besides tweeting?  Guess it's a wait and see.

And another Picture This!

Another set of pictures of Jake and Austin.  This time having a little workout time March 22, 2006.

Happy Austin Friday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Familiar Face Poppins in

Great discussion about that familiar face that has been seen over the years, and her connection to Jake and possibly to a little tile or two.

Yes there was another odd picture with the familiar blonde (thanks for the request PG).  It was in Montreal, and Jake was taking in a movie.  To his right  you find the familiar face and topic of discuss.

But in front of him, there is a quite  small hand. And small little head.

If you remember someone tried to come on and say it was Jake's manager.  But unless that is a pocket manager, Jake audition for Alien,  it looks more like a tiny traveler.

Funny how that she appears many times she appears with tiny travelers over the years.  Makes you think .... tiny travel agent or....