Friday, August 31, 2012

Water Logged

Let's see, Austin has swam, water skied, snorkeled, jet skied, fished, sailed, rowed, kayaked, surfed, skinny dipped, boogie boarded, paddle boarded, back flipped, bonded with dolphins, and held his breath under water.


Well what's left for the fella to do:

 Well for that  a Top Ten List.

So for this Austin Friday there is the

Top Ten Things Austin hasn't been photographed doing in the water yet.

10. Pearl Diving

9. Noodling aka Hillbilly Handfishing - (do you think you can put your hand into a deep dark hole and go for a grab there bud)

8. SeaLab 2021 Fan Club

7. Underwater Watch Testing

 6. Seahorse wrangler
5. Remake Splash  with a male Madison merman

4. Forget sharks - two words "Gator 'Rasslin' "

3. It's Sponge Harvest Time

2. Star in the live action version of the Snorks

number one:  Tandem Water "Aerobics"

Happy Austin Friday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nobody puts Jakey in the corner...

Not really sure what the theater community in NYC is trying to protray Jake to be:

Backstage Mag has him looking:

Swept Away

Or on the losing side of sleep

and the Roundabout has him backed into a corner

What gives?

It's the hat isn't it.  They found out that is Yankees for show.
 So they're going for some payback

Check out Jake's interview with Backstage here.

Speaking of the Yankees for show.   If Jake is fauxing it for them,  so are we correct with the assumption that Austin's is like GPS system?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ad Man

Was Jake doing his own interpretation of the Thin Blue Line for Letterman?

Look at his suit.

A little subliminal message for EoW perhaps?

Subtle Jake, subtle.

At least this time.

You haven't always been.

 And that's why we love ya.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fresco Kid

One of the best parts of last night's interview with David Letterman was seeing this again: (Courtesy of IHJ's screencaps)

We've missed it Jake!

And you can't forget a little tongue action.

For those who missed the interview here it is:

And Jake.....

You've been Fresco'd

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pattern Maker

Austin's back to his "training regime" which makes the gaps even more obvious.

 Day 1 of Triathlon Training. Enchiladas and Beer on a hot Texas day! Heaven. - AUS10

 Triathlon Training Day 2- Queso and a Margarita. - AUS10

Ah, Salt Lick BBQ. Perfect training for my triathlon - AUS10

Free Dive at The Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX -AUS10

Did he suspend the training last Friday and Sat?  Or maybe just  needed a change of scenery and food and did a Shake Shack training session in Central Park.

Is it Austin in Training

Or the Man from Atlantis

Or  a sensory rebirth experience

Wait he's done that already

Now why might Austin fly the Texas coop for two days?

Maybe to wait in the wings?

It is a  perfect place for a Wild Turkey or a Grey Goose.

You think he's got snacks for watching  Letterman tonight? You know training is a full time thing.  But what kind of snacks?  Doubt it's Kale Chips.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Out Spotlight

Today's is a proud Chicana writer, feminist activist, poet, essayist,  and playwright. Today's Out Spotlight is Cherrie Moraga.

Cherrie L. Moraga was born in Whittier, California on September 25, 1952.  She is the daughter of  Anglo and  Chicana parents.

She earned her Bachelor's degree  in 1974 from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles, California and her Master's from San Francisco State University in 1980. Between her Bachelor's and Master's degrees she worked as a high school teacher in Los Angeles. During this time, she enrolled in a writing class at the Women's Building and produced her first lesbian love poems. She decided to write as a lesbian and as a Chicana. In 1977, she moved to San Francisco and earned an MA from San Francisco State in 1980.   Of both Anglo and Mexican American heritage, her writing focuses on her experiences as a Chicana lesbian.

She has taught courses in dramatic arts and writing at various universities across the United States and is currently an artist in residence at Stanford University. Her play, Watsonville: Some Place Not Here, performed at the Brava Theatre Company of San Francisco in May, 1996, won the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Fund for New American Plays Award. Barbara Smith, Audre Lorde and Moraga started Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press, the first publisher dedicated to the writing of women of color in the United States.

She is perhaps best known for co-editing, with Gloria Anzaldúa, the anthology of feminist thought This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color. Along with Ana Castillo and Norma Alarcon, she adapted this anthology into the Spanish-language Esta puente, mi espalda: Voces de mujeres tercermundistas en los Estados Unidos.

Writings in the anthology, along with works by other prominent feminists of color, call for a greater prominence within feminism for race-related subjectivities, and ultimately laid the foundation for third wave feminism or Third World Feminism in the USA. Her first sole-authored book, Loving in the War Years: lo que nunca pasó por sus labios (1983), a combination of autobiographically modulated prose and poetry, is also an influential critical work among Chicana feminists and other feminists of color, and among scholars working in Chicano Studies.

Moraga was named a 2007 USA Rockefeller Fellow and granted $50,000 by United States Artists, an arts advocacy foundation dedicated to the support and promotion of America's top living artists. She won a Creative Work Fund Award in 2008, and the Gerbode-Hewlett Foundation Grant for Playwriting in 2009.

She published A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000-2010, in 2011. Her play New Fire: To Put Things Right Again had its world premiere January 11-29, 2012, in San Francisco, California.

 For over ten years, Moraga has served as an Artist in Residence in the Department of Drama at Stanford University and currently also shares a joint appointment with Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity.   She teaches Creative Writing,  Xicana-Indigenous Performance, Latino/Queer Performance, Indigenous Identity in Diaspora in the Arts and Playwriting.  She is a founding member of La Red Xicana Indígena, a network of Xicanas organizing in the area of social change through international exchange, indigenous political education, spiritual practice, and grass roots organizing.