Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out Spotlight CVXXVI

Today's Out Spotlight is chef, author, restaurateur, and activist Art Smith.

Art Smith was born and raised in Jasper Florida. He attended Florida State University and while there he started his culinary career with internships at The Greenbrier Resort (an amazing place, go if you ever get the chance) and was then selected to attend the prestigious Walt Disney Magic Kingdom College Program. Following graduation, he took a position working at the Florida Governor’s Mansion where he worked as executive chef for Governor now Senator Bob Graham.

He traveled throughout Europe and Africa as a personal chef, and later taking a position as chef on the American European Express Train. He came back to States and then settled in Chicago,IL. After returning to the US he began teaching at Williams Sonoma. He wowed them, and was so good he caught the eye of the domestic diva, and was asked to serve as a special event chef for Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Then from 1997-2007 he was the personal chef to Oprah Winfrey. He still serves as chef for her special events.

After leaving Oprah, he wanted to get back to the meaning and symbolism of the word “table” and uniting families and friends through the sharing of a meal. To do that he launched a fine dining restaurant in Chicago called “Table Fifty-two." Table Fifty-two serves handmade, organic foods gathered from some of the best farms in the Midwest in his best homey comfort culinary creations. He opened a second restaurant Art & Soul in Washington, DC. Fellow Chicagoans President and Mrs. Obama are fans of Smith's Southern cooking at both restaurants.

In 2002 he received his first James Beard Foundation Award for “Best Cookbook” for his first cookbook, Back to the Table: The Reunion of Food and Family. His second cookbook, Kitchen Life: Real Food for Real Families, received the 2001 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for “Best Family and Children’s Cookbook.”

Smith met his partner Jesus Salgueiro, a Venezuelan artist when he was working in Florida for Oprah. "I was looking for a florist and Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger expressed to Oprah that the best place in town was called "Pistils & Petals." I started buying flowers there. I saw this really adorable man with blue eyes that smiled at me and I smiled back. One time I was feeling sorry for myself and saying there was no love in my life. A dear friend of mine said, 'Jesus loves you.' I said, 'Tell me something I don't know. Of course Jesus loves me!' But he was talking about Jesus the florist and I called him up and made a date."

Smith has a "passionate belief that families (whether a family by blood or a family of friends) all share an innate desire to care for each other, regardless of culture, race or geographic location."

In 2001, Art and Jesus went to New York after 9/11. Smith was asked to cookfor a mother and her three school age children who lost their husband and father in one of towers. The day after they went to a memorial for the international victims. Moved by what happened in New York, when they returned home, Jesus returning to work through the emotions by painting, and Art by writing. He wrote, "For our world is a quilt,its people the fabric, all joined together by common threads."

Working from that Art and Jesus founded Common Threads. The program's purpose is to foster a "familial environment where children can learn to value each other and discover universal understanding and mutual acceptance." Part of that is teaching children about different cultures through art and food and how to cook healthy ethnically diverse foods and traditions. It is now in more than 20 afterschool programs all over the US. This past summer, Smith raised $10,000 for their program competing on Bravo TV's Top Chef Masters.

In 2006 Art & Jesus were the first openly gay couple to be named “Chicagoans of the Year” for Common Threads. Smith received a second James Beard Foundation Award for humanitarian work in 2007. And in 2008, they were inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame for their work.

Smith also participates in the Chicago GLBT community, including in participating in Gender PAC–sponsored celebrity cook-off, for the Center on Halsted and overseeing the donation of the center’s kitchen.

For his 50th birthday, tomorrow March 1, his former employer Oprah asked him was he wanted for a birthday gift. First thinking treadmill, she told him to aim higher, then he asked for a donation for Common Threads to help First Lady Michelle Obama's cause fighting childhood obesity in the US. Lady O gave him a gift in the amount of $250, 000 to help spread the message of his program. The announcement of her gift and check will be presented Monday night during a party at The South Beach Food & Wine Festival.

"I'd like to take this money to create healthy programs for children that mirror the first lady's program. What an amazing birthday present that I can share with so many friends," Smith said.

For those who know of Art Smith, you might be seeing less of him now. Smith recently lost 90 pounds practicing what he has been preaching about healthy eating.

Art and Jesus live in Chicago,with their three dogs, five cats and 15 fish.

Chef Art Smith

Common Threads

Saturday, February 27, 2010

As much as things change

......Some things don't.

And before the Olympics finish up we had to go there.

It's a little a trip in the way back machine, Olympic Style. (Guess soon the machine will be ditched for a dagger)
The year was 2006, medals, competition, Oscars, Lakers, and chatter and speculation was high.

First their was Sophia on the beach picture right after Lakers 1 and does any remember about a month after Lakers 2?

Something like this?

"US Weekly is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal has a new girlfriend. She is Gretchen Bleiler, an Olympic snowboarder from Toledo, Ohio. She is supposedly moving to LA just to be with Jakey. Sounds like a perfect match since Jake has become this outdoor guy who spends most of his time biking, surfing, skate-boarding and more. I have not seen any pics of the couple together so stay tuned but it would be nice to see Jake move on from Kirsten and Austin : ) "

Now Perez and US Weekly did have it up back then but mysteriously no more. Hmmmm Hmmm Hmmmmm. But thank goodness for Popsugar.

Gretchen was on the Olympic snowboard team again for this Olympics. But think it won't work out this time either. Not when you have Quatchi, there in Vancouver.

You know how Jake likes to hang with a Sasquatch. You wonder, is it those brown eyes, those ears, that grin or maybe those big feet? And who knew that Quatchi's favorite color is chill blue?

Some things really don't change, do they? ; )

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lot's of Q's about A.

Sometimes it takes just that one little thing to find that spark of a connection. Got sparked late late last night and thought.

These shoes look familiar. But where?
Well what else would a Girlfriend wear to the party? A Clint Black T? Guess you can't take the Southern (Gothic) out of the Girlfriend.

Now for the Musical Daily Double.

They might not have done it at the show but do you think this is Austin's favorite Fergie song?

Drinks start pourin' and my speech start slurrin'
everybody start lookin' real good

That Grey Goose got your girl feelin' loose
Now I'm wishin that I didn't wear these shoes
It's like errytime I get up on the juice
Paparazzi come and put us in the news

girl or is that grrrl?

Now what you think London Bridge is that's up for you.

Now the double shot. Another show Austin caught was GnR was in NYC as part of the Faux Fashion Flabulosity. Now the question is: Was he checking or out Axl's ring? (I mean, how could you not.)

Or was he doing some research, but not for him?

A while ago Rolling Stone online floated a wild casting for Axl for a Kurt Cobain biopic. Well Universal dusted off the script again and have Oren Moverman, who gained acclaim for his directorial debut “The Messenger”, to rework the screenplay and direct the film. But can J match Axl's snake move? Hmmm maybe Austin could be the best judge for that.

Much thanks for Spooky and Vespy over at ANJ for sparking me today. From ashes rises a Phoenix.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evolution of an Autograph

Talking about the similarities between Jake's and Austin's interviews, started to think about being influences and picking up little things from the people you spend time with. Starting thinking about how things evolved and thought about another thing we've can see. Austin's autograph.
These are when from Austin just starting out.And you then you can see how more letters are distinguishable.And now at the end of last season you can see what it is now.
We know he was taught all about the business, girls, life, so maybe it covers sometimes some of your autographs too.

Photos: ANJ and IHJ

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Somewhere (else) in Time

Austin at the Black Eye Peas. Sounds like the cast did a little road trip up to Raleigh for a little OR. But you know Austin could have gotten his VIP and afterparty access on his own. Well he do that something on the little video called "Yes We Can" that made for Obama.

But he wasn't doing this video look at the show, but I've seen this look before.
The "there's somewhere else I want to be" and don't think it was all about the music. Where was that again?

That's right. Here.

Wonder if rubbing his ring is like Aladdin's lamp?

....or is that Dastan's Dagger ?

Hmmmm wonder if you get three wishes?

Pictures: ANJ and IHJ

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue it?

It was reported that both Jake and Matt Damon (someone who Jake said he'd like to have a career like) passed on the lead in James Cameron's Avatar. Were the both unsure of Cameron's vision or doing something more like Arrested Development's Tobias Funke's "I'm afraid I just blue myself". Are both them left blue because they passed on the biggest movie in history?
Cameron said he only offered the role to them to placate the studio chiefs at Fox, who wanted a bankable star to offset some of the risks and expense. That's like being the frumpy cousin who has to be in the wedding party because your mom's their aunt.
"I don’t think they ever had a problem with the CG, “ Cameron said. “Honestly, did I go out and try to woo them? No. I had my heart set on Sam. Maybe they sensed my lack of 100% commitment from me. Maybe it was the subject matter. This was a big 'Star Wars'-type movie. They’re both serious actors.”

Maybe they didn't want the time commitment Avatar was going to take. Or learn a new language.

Jake's done a lot of serious work, but it was little boy in him who also wanted to be a superhero who it seems led him to being a Prince. Back when Jake was doing press for Rendition he said in an interview "I have definitely wanted to play superheroes in the past,but for one reason or another, it hasn't ever worked out." We know he had been up as Tobey's possible replacement in Spiderman, he's name was connected with both the Green Lantern and Captain America, and that he was considered for Batman.Then came Prince Dastan. Some don't get why he picked it but from director Mike Newell's quote you can see why PoP had its appeal to Jake. "You couldn't just have a hunk. "He's got a sort of cheeky, devil-may-care light in his eye and at the same time he has a sensitivity, delicacy and thinness-of-skin. He is glorious looking, but you wanted more than that. You wanted women to be interested in him not just as a piece of eye candy. ... It was a huge opportunity to do a thinking woman's action hero.", He could be a blend, he could be super/action hero but he didn't have to give up all the other qualities from the kind of previous roles he's played. It wasn't a complete 180 but more like a 90 degree change in direction.
One thing Jake did made perfectly clear for PoP. No sandals. He didn't want a swords and sandals movie. Don't think it was about showing off the tootsies. Since he's a fan of the flip flop. Just think he just knew it has better shot not being a flop at the box office if they left the sandals buried in the sand.

No worries Jake will be working a little blue (pill) this fall, when Love and Other Drugs comes out.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thigh Highs

The tops are close but not exact.
But the bottoms, well what do you think?

Seems like is not the first time Jakey's done the tight and tinys for the camera.

News from the Crazy Tree.

A mention on TWOP(Television Without Pity) said that they are filming in Utah for 2 weeks and with the main cast(James, Joy, Sophia, Austin, Jana, Shantel and Rob). Going for a Big Love kind of ending where all the ladies marry Nathan? Brooke Davis(TM) going to now be the stylist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Please don't say it's an artsy fartsy (thank you Austin's commentary) Vision Quest thing where they end up in the Mojave (yes part of the Mojave is in Utah) searching for a Joshua Tree? Sorry, but just the thought of that could make you boot.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree:

"The Last Day of Our Acquaintance" Brooke Davis(TM) angrily deals(how else does she deal?)with Alex’s tryst with Julian. The Real Housewife Haley's mom Lydia’s condition worsens, prompting her and Quinn and Haley to try to reconnect with their "Jerry Spring future guest" of a sister Taylor. Holy Doppelgangers Batman! Feats of Clay is forced to deal with Katie’s unsettling advances, (Another future Springer show "She looks like my dead wife, that's because she's my sister in law). And Nathan helps Jamie come to terms with losing Grandma and not at the Wal-mart.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Out Spotlight CVXXV

Today's Out Spotlight is singer and entertainer Frances Faye.

"I was born on Stone Avenue in Brownsville and I've been stoned ever since," quipped the wild Frances Faye in 1975. She was in fact born Frances Cohen on Stone Avenue in Brooklyn's Brownsville Section on November 4, 1912.

Frances Faye Archive and Uberblog
Frances Fay Wikipedia
glbtq>>arts>>Frances Faye
Famous GLTB - France Faye

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sauntering into the cafe of Ikea (his rendezvous choice) in Burbank, Calif., the 6-footer appears exceedingly Everydude in a Hanes T-shirt and Dolce & Gabbana jeans that hang low in the de rigueur fashion of youth, revealing Calvin Klein drawers.
He pretends to be horrified by his entrance.

''Did I pull the ultimate actor move of being 15 minutes late?'' he asks, eyes twinkling. Ten, but who's counting?

Gyllenhaal orders a plate of Swedish meatballs, which he eats with toothpicks just to appear eccentric. Of Swedish descent himself, the actor admires the socialist approach of the home-furnishings outlet and happily strolls the aisles, talking to strangers.

''I like Ikea because it feels like the potential of a home,'' says Gyllenhaal, who remains undaunted by the actor's itinerant life. ''I've just been roaming the land. I live in a storage bin and eat at Ikea.''

When the store sound system begins blaring the 80's pop standard ''Walking on Sunshine,'' Gyllenhaal, who narrowly lost the lead in ''Moulin Rouge'' to Ewan McGregor, amuses fellow shoppers by breaking into song and dance. Spent, he slides into a display filled with red rubber balls. ''I'm floating in a pan of giant cranberries,'' he shouts, giving voice to either an inner child or a very green acting student.

Thinking of that I thought what kind of Ikea furniture would he be?

But he's Swedish where's the challenge in that. What would a tall Texan be?

But you need more than a chair twp side tables and a chest. So from the ATTC collection comes :

Guess Jake was on to something.

Need more furniture? Check out the Swedish Furniture Manufacturer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Doubles anyone?

Here's Jake taking it to the net on screen.

But can he match Austin's pro form? Both rock the headband.Austin did he own intimidation center court in Wimbledon.Wonder if was a touch of the Wild Turkey Jake was taking to improve his game or lose his pants?
Looks like he's had some practice with getting his pants off for with a quick jerk.
Now who does the short shorts better?

But betcha it's not just the net they jump when its game set match.

Pictures: Jake -

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Out Source

Jake's night out.He picked a really good night to go.

The stars of Crazy Heart joined T Bone Burnett and Ryan Bingham for evening of music from the movie. Not only star Jeff Bridges performed , but co-stars Robert Duvall, and Harry Dean Stanton as well.
But who was the biggest star who stunned the club crowd?

Jakey? The very dapper Mad Men himself Don Draper, John Hamm? Easy Rider Peter Fonda? Hans Zimmer? Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson? Or that another Oscar nominee that was there, sister Maggie?

Nope, not as much as this guy.

Elton John surprised the club and sat in on piano with Jeff Bridges for the closing song, I Don't Know.

Jake's now in Montreal for some pre-production, (or it is for production?) in for Source Code, and keeping his things close in the most stylish of ways.

It may look like a clutch, but its actually a hip passport holder in his hand, and yeah he is kangarooing his phone in his hoodie pouch pocket, but that's where you'd keep yours if you were a Roo with a phone too. He just needs a kicky binder for all his paper work to finish the whole look.

Cause you every hallway's a runway.
Work it!

Gathering Sources:

There have been two actors added to the Source Code cast. And found out about both of them in the most roundabout ways. Duncan Jones slipped it in a tweet, “Just met with the lovely Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. Feeling quite thrilled to have two such scorchingly good actors in Source Code!”

Jeffrey Wright is DC native. He's had roles in 1990's Presumed Innocent, and the Broadway production of Angels in America, in which he won a Tony award. His first major on-screen performance came in 1996 in the Julian Schnabel's novie Basquiat,as the late painter Jean Michele Basquiat He has played agent Felix Leiter in the last two James Bonds movies,Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. In addition to a Tony, Jeffrey has won a Golden Globe, and an AFI award.

And found out about Canadian comedian Russell Peters coming on board as part of the cast from him telling his fans that he needed to reschedule his comedy tour. Originally the scheduled to start shooting after his Australian tour, but Russell's shoot dates were moved-up when the producers decided to expand his role in the film with additional scenes and dialogue.

Russell also let us in on that the shooting schedule has been moved up and now looks like it is starting next week. He has to report to set on February 23rd and the shoot is shooting until the end of March.