Friday, October 26, 2007

Famous Gay People

Alexander the Great *Macedonian Ruler, 300 B.C. Socrates *Greek Philosopher, 400 B.C. Sappho *Greek Woman Poet, 600 B.C. Hadrian *Roman Emperor, 1st-2nd c. Richard the Lionhearted *English King, 12th c. Saladin *Sultan of Egypt and Syria Desiderius Erasmus *Dutch Monk, Philosopher Francis Bacon *English statesman, author Frederick the Great *King of Prussia Lord Byron *English poet, 18th c. Walt Whitman *U.S. poet, author, 19th c. Oscar Wilde *Irish author, 19th c. Marcel Proust *French author, 20th c. Colette *French author, 20th c. Gertrude Stein *U.S. poet, author, 20th c. Alice B. Toklas *U.S. author, 20th c. Federico Garcia Lorca *Spanish author, 20th c. Cole Porter *U.S. composer, 20th c. Virginia Woolf *English author, 20th c.Leonard Bernstein *U.S. composer, 20th c. Pope Julius III *1550-1555 T.E. Lawrence *English soldier, author, 20th c. Jean Cocteau *French writer, director, 20th c. Charles Laughton *English actor, 20th c. Marguerite Yourcenar *Belgian author, 20th c. Tennessee Williams *U.S. Playwright, 20th c. James Baldwin *U.S. author, 20th c. Andy Warhol *U.S. artist, 20th c. Michelangelo *Italian artist, 15th c. Leonardo Da Vinci *Ital. Artist, scientist, 15th c. Christopher Marlowe *Eng. Playwright, 16th c. Herman Melville *U.S. author, 19th c. Horatio Alger, Jr. *U.S. author, 19th c. Tchaikovsky *Russian composer, 19th c.Willa Cather *U.S. author, 19th c. Amy Lowell *U.S. author, 19th & 20th c. E.M. Forster *English author, 20th c. John M. Keynes *English economist, 20th c. Ludwig Wittgenstein *Australian mathematician, 20th c. Bessie Smith *U.S. singer, 20th c. Noel Coward *English playwright, 20th c. Christopher Isherwood *English author, 20th c. Pier Paolo Pasolini *Italian film director, 20th c. Yukio Mishima *Japanese author, 20th c. Eleanor Roosevelt *U.S. stateswoman, 20th c. Julius Caesar *Roman Emperor, 100-44 B.C. Augustus Caesar *Roman Emperor Harvey Milk *U.S. politician, 20th c. Bayard Rustin *U.S. Civil Rights activist, 20th c. James I *English King, 16th-17th c. Queen Anne *English Queen, 18th c. Marie Antoinette *French Empress, 18th c. Melissa Etheridge *U.S. Rock Star, 20th c. Pope Benedict IX *1032-1044 May Sarton *U.S. author, (1912 - 1995) Edna Ferber *U.S. author, 20th c. Elton John *English Rock Star, 20th c. Margaret Fuller *U.S. writer, educator, 20th c. Montezuma II *Aztec ruler, 16th c. Peter the Great *Russian Czar, 17th-18th c. Langston Hughes *U.S. author, 20th c. Pope John XII *955-964 Madame de Stael *French writer, 17th-18th c. Martina Navratilova *U.S. tennis star, 20th c. Greg Louganis *U.S. Olympic swimmer, 20th c. Billie Jean King *U.S. tennis star, 20th c. Roberta Achtenburg *U.S. politician, 20th c. Barney Frank *U.S. Congressman, 20th c. Gerry Studds *U.S. Congressman, 20th c. Hans Christian Andersen *Danish author, 19th c. Tom Dooley *U.S. M.D. missionary, 20th c. J. Edgar Hoover *U.S. director of the FBI., 20th c. Frida Kahlo *Mexican artist, 20th c. Suleiman the Magnificent *Ottoman ruler, 15th c. Rock Hudson *U.S. actor, 20th c. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz *Mexican author, 16th c. Ralph Waldo Emerson *U.S. author, 19th c. Candace Gingrich *Gay Rights activist, 20th c. Margarethe Cammermeyer *U.S. Army Colonel, 20th c. Zoe Dunning *U.S. Military Reservist, 20th c. Tom Waddel *U.S. M.D., Olympic star, 20th c. Kate Millet *U.S. author, 20th c. Janis Joplin *U.S. singer, 20th c. Rudolf Nuryev *Russian dancer, 20th c. Waslaw Nijinsky *Russian dancer, 20th c. Ernst Röhm *German Nazi leader, 20th c. Dag Hammerskjold *Swedish UN Secretary, 209th c. Aristotle *Greek philosopher, 384-322 B.C. Paula Gunn Allen *Native American author, 20th c. Angela Davis *U.S. political activist, 20th c. June Jordan *U.S. author, activist, 20th c. Rainer Maria Rilke *German poet, 20th c. James Dean *U.S. actor, 20th c. Montgomery Clift *U.S. actor, 20th c. Baron VonSteuben *German General, Valley Forge Edward II *English King, 14th c.

List from

OMG additions-

*Alan Turing- British mathematician, father of the computer, invaluable to the WWII code-cracking effort. Killed himself when forced to undergo aversion therapy for the "crime" of homosexuality in the 50's.*

*Pedro Almodóvar- a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer.*

*Michael Stipe- singer/songwriter*

*Rufus Wainwright- singer/songwriter*

*Leslie Cheung- actor, pop singer*

*Richard II- English king*

*Mary Renault- writer*

*Sybille Bedford- writer*

*Dr John Fryer- the US psychiatrist credited with convincing his profession to stop classifying homosexuality as a mental illness*

*Frank Kameny- Harvard astronomer and DC activist*

*Leopold and Loeb- infamous murderers*

*Richard Chamberlain- actor*

*George Takei- actor*

*Allen Ginsberg- writer*

*Rainer Werner Fassbinder- director*

* Patrice Chéreau- director*

*KD Lang- singer*

*Ted Casablanca – Journalist*

*Matthew Shepard - student and Hate crime victim*

*Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos - Poet*

*Louis Aragon – Poet*

*Reinaldo Arenas – Writer*

*Josephine Baker - Singer and entertainer*

*William S. Burroughs – Writer*

*Caravaggio – Artist*

*Angela Davis – Activist*

*Clark Gable – Actor*

*Jean Genet - Playwright and political activist*

*Nigel Hawthorne – Actor*

*James Ivory – Filmmaker*

*Derek Jacobi - Actor and director*

*Patria Jiménez - Politician-PRD member of Mexico's Chamber of Deputies-first openly lesbian member of Mexico's National Legislature*

*Annie Leibovitz – Photographer*

*Michelangelo - Sculptor, artist*

*Anaïs Nin - Diarist*

*Lily Tomlin - Actor, comedienne*

*Luchino Visconti - Film director, writer*

*António Variações - Singer-songwriter*

*Virginia Woolf – Writer*

*Franco Zeffirelli - Film director, theater director*

*Amelie Mauresmo- tennis player*

*Walt Whitman- writer, poet*

*Anthony Sher- UK actor and writer*

*TR Knight- actor*

*Neil Patrick Harris- actor*

*Marilyn Monroe- actress*

*Joan Crawford- actress*

*W. H. Auden- writer*

*Sir Ian McKellen- actor*

*Peter Tatchell- activist*

*Jake Shears- singer*

*John Barrowman- actor*

*Mary Oliver- poet*

*Rob Halford- singer*

*Boy George- singer*

*Sinead O'Connor- singer*

*David Bowie- singer*

*Graham Chapman- actor, member of Monty Python*

*Jimmy Somerville- singer*

*Ferron- singer*

*RuPaul- singer, fabulous!*

*Leslie Gore- singer*

*Beth Ditto- singer*

*Cris Williamson- singer*

*Clive Barker- author*

*Simon Doonan - designer -creative director of Barneys New York *

*Jonathan Adler - designer*

*Clay Aiken - singer*

*Lindsey Lohan - actress*

*Wicked- kind of a big deal in the Jausty fandom ;)*


Wicked said...

Things that make you go hmmm-valuing "privacy" for so long and now these 65! pics @ Just Jared.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ain`t it strange wicked? Lol. They seem so desperate now. Piggy-back-ride??? What ARE you thinking Jake?

Special K said...

Best picture - Jake and the scarf and and the other guy wearing the scarf.

Clearly the guy is watching Jake fix it and amused, and the shy smile on Jake's face. That's more flirtatious and genunine than the fauxmantic moments Jake & Reese did. They looked like they were doing PDA Yoga poses.

And tying a sweater around you butt, Jakey, come on we have all done it when we hate our butts. Hide it? You think. But actually it does nothing but make more obvious.

Anonymous said...

Playing devil's advocate I spose you could say the sheepish awkwardness of Jake could be because Jeese are real and they are shy about giving up their privacy.......even though they could have turned up at any of the previous premieres as a couple, or not waited until Jake and Austin were named by Ted.....I hate conspiracy theories, but I keep finding myself suspicious about this sudden turn of events.

Anonymous said...

Tom, while I understand your anger, I hope that you can see, that maybe part of it is that you have let yourself be fooled by Teds innuendos. Dont´get me wrong. I thought that Jake is gay and I still somehow think he is, but in the end which proof did we ever have? His musings and Teds TT and some photos, which are open to interpretation.

Tom if you are going to grill Ted, could you please ask him whatever happened to the gay dreams he dished concerning Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Viggo and Orly and Dom and Elijah? And while you´re at it could you ask him which gay celebrity he has ever successfully uncovered? Just curious. And if some of you guys know of any, please let me know. Am I bitter? Not really. Do I not like to be taken for a ride? You bet.

You can call me just asking.

Special K said...

Hi Just Asking -- thanks for picking a name.

Next comment you can just choose Other as the Identity and put in Just Asking and we will know you are back.

Wicked said...

Two things that really put this showmance over the top for me- the piggy back ride and the matching clothes at LAX. Even if this couple was real, what they are doing right now is clearly an attempt to get publicity.

Update on posting OMG Get-Together pix- when I tried to upload them from the camera I discovered that somehow the driver had uninstalled itself. We now have to reinstall it into Picasa. Will try and do that this weekend and post the pix. Gotta love computers when they work!

Anonymous said...

I have to smile, who do you all manage to go through the pics? :P

I am so coward, I can't even bring myself to go to any non-WFT or OMG site, just in case, they post all those PDA pics... I am not big on PDA to begin with, let alone the staged ones.

great list wicked, i love Janis Joplin :)

Anonymous said...

*Wildly flailing about and throwing theories around* I guess Austin could have asked Jake to do this to take the heat off him - whether Jaustin is true or not. Those Borders pictures in May showed Austin obviously hates the paps. When Jake comes out of that bookshop alone he looks miserable. An argument with Austin over the paps? All supposition, of course :-)

Special K said...

Max/Convinced -

I remember reading a comment on another site, I think when Jake was papped at JAR, that said that the reason Austin gets upset when the paps get them, is that he knows it will cost Jake. That Jake will end up spending money to buy up the pictures of them. They mentioned that was the reason he was so tense and kept moving in the coffee shots.

Now Borders - it was clearly a night out, and not in a paparazzi zone, it was one camera that seemed to either be tipped off or followed them.

Borders night I suspect was supposed to be just out with friends, and it became intrusive. And who wouldn't hate that. I think Austin understands that sometimes you have to make yourself a fair target and play the game, but a night out with two non-celeb fans in a Borders is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

You know what these pictures kinda bring to mind? Remember depressed beardy Jake looking like the Unabomber in gray ensemble and awkwardly hugging a friend we'd never seen before on the street? That was just after Lakers II, I think, and the Jaustin buzz was at it's height. I always thought he was trying to deflect attention in a "look, I show lots of affection for all my male friends". Though he looked sad and depressed doing it.

We'll see, I spose. If there's a Gyllenspoon wedding I will have to give up the Toothy addiction :-)

Anonymous said...

Wicked, did you include Alan Turing on your list? British mathematician, father of the computer, invaluable to the WWII code-cracking effort. Killed himself when forced to undergo aversion therapy for the "crime" of homosexuality in the 50's.

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's a deja vu, and we're going around in circle with Tooth Tile. Maybe
the truth will come out in the end when no one cares anymore, just another footnote in Hollywood history.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready to give up on J&A. NO WAY. This Jeese crap (sorry but this is how I feel) won't make me change my mind.
I'm gonna stick to my beliefs, Jake and Austin as an item.
Never mind the pics.

Jakey wake up now, PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, that's a very looooong list of people! Great post Wicked, and song choice. I haven't heard this in a long time and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. I'm just not feelin' these pics either. *sigh* :'(

Unknown said...

Jesse's pics are as pretty as that of a town after a nuclear disaster LOL
My friend, admit it: shall we feel defeated exactly as they would have heard the fangirls if like pics were Jake and exits, thought there Austin?

Anonymous said...

Well I tortured myself last night and looked at the pictures, you're wise not to do that winterbird. I don't think they would bother me nearly so much if they weren't in Italy, given Austin's comment about about how he'd like to go to Italy. Maybe Austin has been able to avoid seeing them, but if not, how can he not be tortured by them cavorting like that (no matter how staged), when he probably isn't even free to travel with Jake.

That brings up a thought I had that I don't recall seeing discussed, and that is the fact that the J&A sighting happened while he was here promoting Rendition. I am sure it is a big no-no to do anything that could hurt or take away attention from the movie while you're on your pr rounds and more attention is being focused on you, and he may be getting a lot of heat for that reason. I bet he's been read the riot act for even bringing Austin along or meeting up with him in NY, let alone the pdas. Then throw in the fact it was in NY, not LA, which implies they were traveling together as opposed to hanging out at home. Add to that the fact the movie didn't do well, he was probably afraid he would take the blame for that because of Austin, even when it is clear that is not the reason.

Anonymous said...

That sighting NY was fake.

Special K said...

You make great points Destiny. I thought that too about Austin, and how he said he wanted to travel to Italy. It must be heart wrenching to see your BF enjoying the moment you wanted to share with him with a faux date.

It was a bold move of Jake's to bring Austin to NYC, and bolder for them to share some PDA. But it is not the first time they have been together during Jake's movie promotions. Remember the story about a star making in the dressing room with his BF, around the time he was promoting Jarhead.

I am sure Jake is very mindful that Austin is quick to be made in the scapegoat. I am sure that Austin is many times treated like another concern on the checklist that needs to be fixed, or logistical problem that has to been worked out. More than being recognized as Jake's BF/partner. Clearly there is a difference in Jake when he has Austin with him. Just look at Toronto and NY PR rounds for Rendition. It is sad that Jake's own team can not recognize that their client is clearly happier when he allowed to be who he wants to be and who he wants to be with.

There has to be a deep and abiding love between them for them to be together this long, and through all these challenges.

Special K said...


Comments made with the accountability of a name attached to them hold more credo here than any put up with the moniker of anon.

Special K said...

^^ that should say.. star making OUT in the dressing room

...sleepy but happy... Sox 2-0!


Anonymous said...

JJ's blog seems to have disappeared...

Anonymous said...

New address:

Special K said...


Numbers are so not my thing. Do you have a name?

So many things this week that make you stop and say Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, who'sthat

Anonymous said...

I looked at all 65 photos last night, too (a lot of them are repeats or variations of the same shots, btw). I looked at every one because I wanted to really see what Jake is presenting for us to see. You can definitely tell that he's is not relaxed about any of it. If you didn't know any better, Reese's languidness and relaxation about it might have you completely convinced (nice touch with her hand slipped inside his back pocket - classic PDA 101!).
Jake is making shapes and poses to show affection but they're hollow; I don't see anything warm about it. When Jake shows affection - either with his body or his face - it radiates and you can't not see it. And it's interesting that it's been noted that the face touching indicates something not being truthful.

The photo that gives you abrupt pause is the one where the whole crew is stopped for a few minutes, as though they're discussing what shots or places to go next. Jake and Reese's sight-seeing read like a guided tour.

The piggy-back one is the "oh, come on!" As though they really had run out of ideas, lol. I remember years ago there was a Gawker sighting of Jake and Kirsten acting silly on a sidewalk in NYC and he was giving her a piggy-back ride. So who knows, maybe it was Jake's idea. Needless to say I would've been giving them a dirty look. No one wants to see that in a high-traffic tourist area of Rome. Or anywhere for that matter, but that might just be me.

I can't imagine what any of them are thinking, least of all Austin. Jake looks practically empty inside. I'm really longing for normal, genuine pictures. Every time the Borders shots are mentioned, I sigh.

Wicked said...

I have to smile, who do you all manage to go through the pics? :P

I confess, I didn't! I just looked at the thumbnails.

Jesse's pics are as pretty as that of a town after a nuclear disaster


Max, I got the list from But I think we should add to it. I will add Alan Turing. Anybody else who should be added? Let us know!

Anonymous said...

"Jake looks practically empty inside. I'm really longing for normal, genuine pictures."

hmm maybe he is just stressed out, it 's the first promotion of his relationship and from now on he will have to shine by her side on every important (for him or her) HW event/party; tha's the life which is waiting for him
it was easier to be on down low

Anonymous said...

I do agree: his body language is not convincing. Can´t be too long till this "romance" is over.
Bad idea to try to play this game.

maria said...

Famous gay people:

Pedro Almodóvar :) - a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer.

Anonymous said...

Perfect song today, I've always loved it. :'|

Anonymous said...

"Jakie-boy's heart is taken, and not by N.P" *sigh*

Ted go ahead...again!

Anonymous said...

i don't want condemn ted but it seems he isn't unanimously approuved , according my best friend Ted was swearing up and down in his column that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were not a real couple and were just playing it up for the media attention and (TRUST him) would never, ever get married. Right up until the day they got married and stayed married for over five years. And when Brad and Angelina got together, he swore it was just a fling and she would dump him in a month or two, then when she got pregnant, he insisted he knew for sure they were breaking up and wouldn't still be together by the time the baby was walking, but what do you know? Shiloh is running around, they've adopted a fourth and are talking about more. And Ted tried for years to convince us all that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were really a gay couple "pretending" to just be best friends, but finally had to give that up when they started having kids.

well if his saga is completely make up , sorry but i am pretty sorry for jake and austin

Anonymous said...

It is pretty funny that there are still people so gullible that they take Ted Casablanca's word on Hollywood relationships,he's been proven wrong so many times he should lose his license to write gossip.

Anonymous said...

I went and looked at the pics, and I agree Reese looks so msitten but Jake looks serious and not so into it. How can he look so much warmer stroking the hand and huggin Gavin Hood than walking around with Reese? And again, going from no pics let 's keep it private to 65 pic-PDA booklet is a bit jump and one that makes no sense ... if it was real, which it isn't.

After talking on the forum with me a couple of nights ago and trying to push my view that Austin was equally as Jake into all this and therefore felt somehow he could not feel that heart it is premeditated, I think I changed my mind. If J&A are together, I cannot imagine what level of love could keep Austin from running. Certainly none I have experienced.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the movie that Austin ordered--"Happy Together" is uploaded on youtube in various segments. There's one where the two men are dancing--and that is VERY hot. There's also the beginning scene where they're both having sex (very hot). But there's the rest where they're dealing with their relationship going adrift--

Anonymous said...

Happy Together is a fantastic film although very sad, Austin has good taste :) I remember it having some hot scenes but mainly it was just sad to watch a couple breaking up. I'd recommend something a bit more uplifting at this moment.

Anonymous said...

There are probably a lot of names to add to that list, especially if you include people who've identified as being bi, like Michael Stipe. Also don't see Rufus on that list. And since we're talking about Happy Together, Leslie Cheung, who for those who don't know, was a wildly popular pop singer as well as an actor.

Wicked said...

Anon 1:09- how about a name to go with that comment?

Anonymous said...

I've just been catching up on the comments from earlier about the New York sighting of J and A. I believe it - not just because Ted used real names and didn't make it into a TT blind item, but also because of Jake's reluctance to talk about what he did that day.

He clearly didn't want to (or couldn't) say what he'd been doing on Regis and Kelly. If he was just with friends or family or something similar I think he would have said so. And we know he wasn't with Reese as she was in LA!

Special K said...

Exactly H!

Anonymous said...

Exactly h. That is one of the reasons I believe the sighting and also Jake was radiating happinessthat week. I see none of that in Rome.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody--

I signed off as Persistent the other day and I decided to adopt that as my name, because I like this community and want to be a contributor (not just a reader), and because I think it's important to persist.

I have mixed feelings about persisting as a "Jake fan" right now, but I know I want to see OMG persist, and all of you persist, and your efforts on behalf of GLBT rights persist. That really is more important right now than any one celebrity's actions.

Above all I'd like to see us come to a time when everyone on that long list today could, if they were alive, proudly claim their identity. So that seems like something worth persisting for. Wish Jake was first in line to agree, as he seems to have been in the past; but regardless, I'm

Anonymous said...

Richard II ... the Irish painter Francis Bacon ... errmmm ... Sybille Bedford (where did she spring from?) Not forgetting WFT fave Mary Renault ...

Day three of THIS and it doesn't get any better, does it. I'd be really sad if THIS meant no more Jaustin pics. Hopefully it means Reeke fans will also become crazy waiting for new photos of Reeke. :):)

I don't know why people are cross with Ted - he doesn't control Jake. I look forward to his postbag next week.

Anonymous said...

scylla, Ted cannot control Jake, of course. But there is some sort of feeling creeping in that Ted might have taken us all for a ride. I still think he didn't but I expect some sort of confirmation. I am questioning Jake's behavior, but at the same time feel I need to question Ted's too, he is after all a gossip columnist. My belief in J&A has been supported by other things not just Ted's column, but admittedly, if there wasn't a TT, I could have read the other things differently.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody explain this "Austin ordered Happy Together" comments?Where did that piece of info come from?

Of course, an open-minded straight guy can watch a gay-oriented movie without it meaning anything - though a lot of str8 guys were afraid to be seen to watch BBM. And Austin did name BBM as one of his fave films but that alone can't tell us anything lest we fall into stereotyping.....

BTW Ted has used the expression "Gay as a Gray Goose!" before, though not in ref to Austin. But some posters did point out Gray Goose might not just be a ref to alcohol.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Ted would have played fast and loose for so long. He seems (pardon the pun) a straight sort of bloke, heart in the right place, whatever people say.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my belief is supported by things other than Ted and Lakers, too.

Wicked said...

Can anybody explain this "Austin ordered Happy Together" comments?Where did that piece of info come from?

Someone (I think it was Lyle) on the DC Forum said it. How he knew that I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Given all the criticism Ted has come in for going against the grain I can't see why he would do this just to take us for a ride. I do think that he is partial to J&A and got caught up in the story just like we did, and that for a moment (just like us) he thought Jake would be different and prove him wrong about everyone in HW.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody explain this "Austin ordered Happy Together" comments?Where did that piece of info come from?

From Jake's Eyelashes theread, DC forum.

"A guy/girl who works in a video store wrote that Austin ordered a film with a gay theme. Maybe not significantor proof of anyone beeing gay, but still, his post's were deleted. And he replied:

Apparently the name of this thread is:

From the MODERATOR to me:
Your posts about a gay film that Austin N. ordered have been deleted, as well as any posts by other members that quoted it/discussed it.
what films Austin ordered have nothing to do with Jake Gyllenhaal, and are off topic.
So Jake and his best friend is OFF TOPIC here? I expect to see no posts about him or Reese W. or
anyone else EXCEPT Jake here then.

A couple posters who PM'd me said my simple little informative news item
would cause a ruckus and I couldn't believe that would be true. I guess it is.

Homophobia on display...I never thought I'd see THAT on a forum devoted to BBM.
Ashamed of you, Chuck. If I had mentioned that Jake was WITH Austin when he ordered
the film would that have been acceptable for this thread? What THREAD can I post these things on?

Wicked said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Ted believes the things he wrote about TT and J&A to be truth for the most part, maybe slightly embellished. I really don't think he would risk his reputation on something that was completely made up.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that I thought Jake was radiating happiness when I saw him working the crowd at the Today show on Tuesday morning. In contrast, when he came out of GMA while promoting Zodiac he was reserved and seemed to be going through the motions with the few people that were there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation everybody but that doesn't say the film was Happy Together. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the real question now: what were Ted's sources? I don't doubt Ted believed it to be true.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth ;) I have been told from the horse's mouth that the film was actually "My Beautiful Laundrette."

Anonymous said...

Blimey max, maybe it wasn't, its all only internet supposition.

Although all this suppositon has made me order Happy Together on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

The first place I saw the reference to "Happy Together" was at WFT; they didn't cite a source. It was not posted in the original post at DC.

Anonymous said...

"Happy Together" sounds great and I will rent it too. But yes, the film in question was actually "Laundrette."

Special K said...

Hi 3:34

Is there a name to go with your post?

Woodward? Bernstein? I would say that the horse's mouth would be your Deep Throat. : )

Anonymous said...

Max: Grey Goose is a premium vodka, and Austin Nichols is the distillery that makes the premium bourbon Wild Turkey. Ted chose Grey Goose either to indicate that GG is Austin, or at least to make us think that's who it is if it's somebody else.

Special K said...


If you are talking about booze please leave a name with the post for the bar bill. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

;) Nouskie knows who I am ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, re: a name for booze and laundrette - you can call me paddie. You guys have lots of better stuff, but that's what I know :)

Special K said...

3:34, 3:35, 3:36, 3:43

The reason we ask for a name with a post is to help everyone engage in OMG. We are a community, and we want people to have names rather than be just anonymous here. You can pick a name for one post, one hour, one day, one week, whatever you wish.

But it is about putting a name with posts. Posts with names give a sense of unaccountably and ownership to what you are saying. And beside -- I am not a big math person -- I don't do numbers. Long live liberal arts majors!

Anonymous said...

frankly i really think reese is smitten
i think jake is too easy to love!!

Special K said...


That should be ACCOUNTABILITY not unaccountably --bad spell checker bad.

Wicked said...

Long live liberal arts majors! Amen! Down with numbers! Numbers bad!

Anonymous said...

mira you won't regret getting "happy together".

But "My beautiful laundrette" is great film too. Awwww... young Daniel Day-Lewis, making out with his Pakistani secret lover on top of washing machines :P

Anonymous said...

Now My Beautiful Laundrette has a steaming sex scene, whoa! Thank you winterbird for reminding me about it. Very sweet ending too.

Wicked said...

It will be interesting to see Rendition's box office this weekend after this episode of Jeese PDA. Will it all be worth it?

Anonymous said...

^^I wonder the same thing, Wicked, will it all have been worth it.

Also, I loved My Beautiful Laundrette! That's the first film I ever saw Daniel Day-Lewis in. :)

Wicked said...

Persistent- just re-read your post. Glad to have you aboard. :)

Anonymous said...

When i first took a look at all the photos of Jake and Reese, i just felt completely sad. After a while, i took a second look.. and i started to laugh. The photos are actually quite funny! How could they act like that? Please Jake!
At least i had a laugh today:)

Anonymous said...

I can't help still being bothered by Jake's actions. I know he has nothing to prove to us, but it's how I feel. I am still going to be around, but I will be avoiding all pictures of Jake & Reese. God those two names together is depressing!

Anonymous said...

My beautiful laundrette is a really beautiful movie and for me is at level with BBM

Florida Tom said...

joker said...
I can't help still being bothered by Jake's actions. I know he has nothing to prove to us, but it's how I feel. I am still going to be around, but I will be avoiding all pictures of Jake & Reese. God those two names together is depressing!

Joker we are all hurting. At least we are together as a group and have each other to lean on. Don't let anyone tell you its silly or you need to get a life like I got. We all have our lives and J and A and being a tb happens to be a part of that life. I am still hoping so much for a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

What, no
*Leopold and Loeb?/infamous murderers*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom.

Wicked said...

Dickieandbabe- added 'em. Gotta take the bad with the good! :)

frenchy said...

Given all the criticism Ted has come in for going against the grain I can't see why he would do this just to take us for a ride. I do think that he is partial to J&A and got caught up in the story just like we did, and that for a moment (just like us) he thought Jake would be different and prove him wrong about everyone in HW.

Amen Destiny! :)

Blimey max, maybe it wasn't, it's all only internet supposition. Although all this suppositon has made me order Happy Together on Amazon.

Mira, you beat me to it! Don't care if it's bogus; after reading all the comments about this movie I will order it too! :D

Just came home. I have to take a long shower. I'll be back to really catch up on today's comments later on.

Good night to all those who are about to go to bed!

Anonymous said...

I agree, people are human - good, bad, and everything in between, sexuality being only one of the many aspects of a person.

I'm still a little unsettled by recent events too; I only hope the relationship is real because I shudder to think of the alternative and how harmful it could be, to both of them. I defend someone's right to come out in their own time, and to do what is right for them, but not to go as far as this, if it isn't a genuine relationship.

And to add to our Famous Gay People list, how about the beautiful Richard Chamberlain (talk about gorgeous gay leading man!) and George Takei? :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

The Dutchman said...

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz not a lesbian, she was a CELIBATE nun. There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that she was anything but completely CHASTE.

Also, Ernst Röhm was a bisexual, rather notorious for his whoring while garrisoned in Metz before the Great War.

Anonymous said...

if it's real i wish them happiness

Special K said...


No numbers so early on a Saturday morning. Do you have a name instead?

Anonymous said...

for anyone interested (and have the stomach to bear it!), here is the people magazine scan:

Anonymous said...

"Max: Grey Goose is a premium vodka, and Austin Nichols is the distillery that makes the premium bourbon Wild Turkey. Ted chose Grey Goose either to indicate that GG is Austin, or at least to make us think that's who it is if it's somebody else.

Oh, I know that! Austin's name is on the bottle. Just pointing out that Ted used the phrase "gay as a Gray Goose" previously in connection to something else. Then gave Austin that name recently - perhaps to emphasize that in Ted's opinion A is gay.

And at this stage there is no doubt that Ted is saying Toothy and GG are Jake and Austin. It's the truth behind the Toothy stories that is coming into question.

I think we'll have to get used to seeing plenty more Jeese pictures. There's still red carpet pictures due, and the biggie: Jeese and her kids. (Austin will just have to stay at home watching tragic gay love stories, or even happy ones like Laundrette ;-))

If the kids do become involved with this I think I'll have to accept Jeese is real. Maybe it won't get to that stage.

A few more wild theories from me, just musing on possibilities:

a) Reese thinks this is real because Jake has told her the rumors are bs, but really he has been with Austin/continues to be.

b) Jake had dumped Austin for career reasons, and is now with Reese. Austin is gay.

c) Jake and Austin were just very very close friends ;-)

At times I feel like I've turned Jake's life into a soap opera for my entertainment, but sometimes it is hard to separate Toothy and Jake.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people have turned Jakes life into a soap opera. A lot of the publicity re his personal life has been courted by him /his PR. I also think the 'Rome Reeke' (RR from now on!)was not only for Rendition but also to distract from Ted naming Jake & Austin in his column & perhaps the baby rumours...well, we'll see...time will tell, as always.

Special K said...

New Post

Anonymous said...

I am still avoiding the pics - so far i have been successful. :P

i still don't buy that it's a genuine romance. they could be friends helping each other. i can believe that reese is as desperate as jake. both have their career in mind. i do get the impression that reese might be the one driving this thing, jake (or his people) went along because it helps to get rid of his gay rumours as well.

i've noticed that jake got a bit uncomfortable during the interviews when people kept talking about Brokeback, in that funny interview "This Morning" (UK), you can see he tensed up a bit when the interviewer mentioned Brokeback, and then relaxed again when he realised she was just use it to introduce a silly game.

I do think Jake thinks it's time for his career to move beyond Brokeback, and maybe he's feeling he still couldn't shake it. It doesn't mean he regret making BBM, but perhaps he think he needs to do "something" to move on to the next stage.

i still think perhaps he has been listening to bad advice. the next sign we should watch out for is whether jake will try to distant himself from the gay community or his "unique fanbase".

Anonymous said...

Tortured myself again by going through the 65 RR pictures and they still make me sad. Jakes's bodylanguage is unbelievably closed. If you look at his hips, he is turning away from Reese in almost every picture and his feet are often tightly shut, hand positions awkward. The nervous lip /toothpic etc. biting is quite disturbing. You can tell how stiff he is at first glance, just as you can instantly tell how relaxed he is with Austin.

Austin: I recommend you add Law of Desire, Swoon and John Grayson's films on your to see list if you enjoyed Happy Together and MBL.

Anonymous said...

I think about another wild theory MAX
what if crazy baby tale story was sabotage into all "Jake gay" rumors from Jake's people alone to make them more unbelievable and than confirm their insanity with promotion of Jake/Reese relationship and punctuating it with JJ
statements -"there was no baby,perhaps nor gay Jake, his sources and him were wrong"
JJ gave up suspiciously quickly and with verdict in close harmony with Jake claiming he is straight
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

open, there is new post / comments thread!

Anonymous said...

Jake's hand at the back of reese's neck--a most vulnerable and intimate position for any woman and man; while he leans over her protectively and kisses her hair, shows that he is disengaged from her physically? hmmmmm
pic behind the jump

Jake kisses Reese's hair while disengaged from her?

Anonymous said...

i've just come across this blog and i like it. what i would like is to be able to open the pics of J&A on the site, the thumbnails at the top and bottom. and is there some sort of archive of all the J&A pics to view - like a relationship history in pap pics?

my view on J&R, i dont know, i hope its true - as i would for anyone.