Friday, July 31, 2009


So Dr? what do you think?

I think your right, classic case of Big Ass Head.

I prefer to call it a 'fivehead', easier to break to the patient, and less to type in the EMR.

Looking at his records he also has LAS, Long Arm Syndrome.

Poor Bastard

And you Doctor?

Oh he's hot.

Do you see some type of infection? In the sinus perhaps?

No. Hot, as in hot in here hot.

Is that your professional opinion?

Look at him. The cheek. The jaw. The chin. Don't notice the fivehead.


But you do concur it's a fivehead?

Yes Doctor, but he's still hotter than anything else in the building.

Doctor make sure you note all that in the EMR.

Yeah you do that.

Hey we have a case coming in, they want us to look at a very prominent Mandible.

Suspected JLS?

Diagnostic Report:


Verified Result
OMG Medical Center
Department of Radiology

MRN: 1134967 SEX: M ACT: 000063880918
DOB: 4/30/1980 LOCATION: 3NO 361 B

7/30/2009 14:15

HISTORY: Head seems to attract objects with beaconlike quality

Head size is >98% ( above average) . Above average frontal bone. Remarkable Zygomatic, both frontal and temporal processes. Strong Mandible. No signs of fracture or infection. Sinus clear. Average bone thickness and cranium structure in proportion of remarkable size.

IMPRESSION: Certified Fivehead with good cheekbones, strong jaw
Patient is hot. Sr. Medical staff envious of features, major hotness, and that patient could have any staff of their choosing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

PoP Quiz

What do these have in common?


Something you have seen come up again and again in the comments about PoP is that they cast Jake as Dastan and not a Persian actor. This could be a real challenge for the film and Bruck. But its not like PoP is the only recent movie that cast white actors in roles that were originally created as Asian characters. . Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are starring in a live-action version of the Japanese anime "Akira." Keanu Reeves will be Spike Spiegel in the live-action adaptation of "Cowboy Bebop." And the one that has a lot of people really talking M Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, which spawned a website the called the Racebending.

Tough question : Do you think this trend is driven more by money than it is by race?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sex(y) and the City

Hotter 'en Hell.
If you think I'm talking about Rotel. Think again.
Austin is burning it up. Its seems like he is getting hotter everyday.

And it's more than 98 Degrees.

Austin's looking a little sunkissed. (Thanks to Hjulia and Spooky(see photosource)

It is me or are Jake's calves in Alma de Cuba picture have the same tan as Austin's cheeks. (His face people, eyes up here)

You think they found a good way to kick back and relax and get some sun. Maybe like this?

A little less on of course. Tweed is hot in the summer and those shoes are going leave a tan line. Ankle lines , ticky tacky.

Wonder if Austin gets beard burn like Jake does... wait is it about the burn or the beard?

Austin is so hot right now they are camping out with camera and phones at the ready for him in Wilmy. And he is charming them all, with that devilish grin and big hugs, and even does some phone time for fans who couldn't make it with their friends.

Haven't heard one bad fan encounter about him. But have the buzz of fangirls of he's "a major player" "a ladies man" is getting louder. Buck you see, I guess. As the Wilmy Turns. : )

Just announced is that there will be another female cast member to use that Southern charm on. Creator Mark Schwahn tells that India de Beaufort will join the cast as Miranda Stone, "a smart, successful record executive who has been sent to Tree Hill to oversee the day to day operations of boutique label Red Bedroom Records."

With that many female characters and fashion, is Tree Hill doing a Sex in the City for Season 7? Don't think former JFC co-star Willie Garson, would even to him an tips with so many ladies, think Austin's got it all covered.

Speaking of the city....Austin, is burning up, with over 45 days of 100F degree temperatures and no rain, it is hot times in that Texas town.

The lakes are drying up and islands are popping up everyday.

Quick ski question - Do you slalom or jump 'em? Are we still talking about pop up islands?

Just want to give a big "Hey Ladies" to both Austin Media and Austin Nichols Journal today.

Both Hjulia, and Spooky and Versprlynd do incredible jobs finding news and pictures of Austin that are amazing again and again and again. Big Thanks can't be said enough.

Check out a new old snap of Austin - cool as ice or as the ice cream man at Austin Media.

And check out the whole picture of Austin at the Airport at Austin Nichols Journal.

Photos: OMG and Myspace

Sorry for the wait got distracted by unicorns and pancakes and presidents this morning.
(I am gonna say NSFW, just in case)

UPDATE 3:30PM EST Austin with Fans Yesterday July 28th
Big Big Thanks to OTH Fan nathalieeex3

These are two pictures from OTH fan nathalieeex3 meeting Austin. (You may have seen her pictures from meeting him last spring too. )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Battle Bowl Round One: Action Figure Face Off

It is being reported that it is confirmed that Jake will be playing Broadway Joe Namath in a biopic.

So what happens when two icons of manliness, the ancient warrior meets the gridiron superstar, meet? Only one thing can happen .

Two Men Enter

One Man Leaves

Hey Kid - you're looking kind of small there.

I am the Prince of Persia! Time bows before me.

That's the only thing that could bow at those square feet. I'm a quarterback, a Superstar, a Jet! Look at me I have bendable knees and a throwing arm.

Well I have an Ostrich!

And Warrriors!

Hey there, I don't mean to get you all ruffled up. I'm just tell you I got the inches. 12 inches.
And the way with the ladies.

I have a Princess! Princess Tamina.

She look a little stiff and thick. Now I had a Texan! The fair Farrah.

And I have 12 cool Mod- About Town Outfits. Like this Disco Suit!

I make my men wear the risky fashion outfits!

And I have an Ostrich!
And Warriors!

And ... and a Camel!

I have Johnny Unitas! Wait whoa, whoa. It's not what it looks like.
You know its just locker room stuff.
Unitas, the square, even wore his uniform in the steam room.

I have a shirt that shows off my mainly hairy chest and tight pants and codpiece.

Listen kid, been there, done that , and had the blonde first. And I mean had the blonde.
And I leave the cup in the locker. Damn... I look good man.

My pants are tighter!
And I have an Ostrich!
And Warriors!
And a Camel!

A Catalog Spread with Chicks!

The Internet! .........Twwwwwwwwittttter!

Hallmark Collectible Keepsake Christmas Ornament!

You have won this round Namath! We will meet again!

Monday, July 27, 2009

You can lead a horse to water,,,,

Newest pictures of Prince of Persia.

And if the movie is lit like this. Talk about gorgeous lighting. And Jake wet. Oh my.

Know that many think that not going to Comic Con was a mistake. It could be. Still think that D23 will be the ultimate showcase for PoP and Alice, because they will not have to compete with anything else and the D23 will get incredible media coverage because it is the first Expo by Disney.

PoP is not pure to the first game itself and is a blend of several of the games in the PoP series. Maybe they didn't want to take PoP to Comic Con, because gamer fans would have pulled it apart on the little details, and not look at the whole of it.

Bruck's G-4 took the box office this weekend beating Harry Potter. And that's not easy. But I say this quote and thought it was a very interesting comment about Bruck.

"This summer is all about packaging and escapism," Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst for, said of the strong showing for "G-Force." "People were scratching their heads and dragging their kids to go see this thing. They were watching the trailers with absolute shock going, 'Is that really happening?' But as a kid you're like, 'I gotta go see it.' This is a testament to the fact that Jerry Bruckheimer, like ('Transformers' director) Michael Bay, knows exactly what summer movie audiences want."

Pictures: Empire Online

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Out Spotlight XC

Today's Out Spotlight is writer Katherine V. Forrest

Born in Windsor, Ontario on April 20, 1939. She lost her parents at age 16. She was educated at Wayne State University in Detroit, and UCLA. She became an American citizen in 1976.

Forrest has played a major role in bringing lesbian fiction to the forefront of the mystery and science fiction genres. Citing women writers such as Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, and Josephine Tey as her inspiration, she began her writing career at age 40. She has since written numerous mystery and science-fiction books, and edited several anthologies.

Forrest knew that she attracted to women, recalling at 5 she was falling in love with female friends, but it wasn't until she was 40 that she was truly accepting of herself and who she was. Coincidentally it was the same time that she began writing. Spending many years growing up in repressing her sexuality, and self denial she burned through relationships. But even coming out, and entering relationships with women, she stilled struggled, "I remained essentially in the grip of all the early shame and my own powerful homophobia. Until I was forty years old."

Forrest published her first novel, a romance entitled Curious Wine, in 1983. Known for its breakthrough candor in its depiction of lesbian eroticism, it is her most commercially successful book to date. It has sold over 300,000 copies, and has become established as a classic of lesbian fiction and is the most popular lesbian romance novel of all time.

Speaking about Curious Wine, Forrest is quoted this way "To explain where the book came from, a requirement is sort of just understanding the time, because it was 1983 when it was published, and at that point I had read all of the lesbian literature I could find. There was just no book out there that conveyed, for me, the passion and the beauty of our love and how absolutely beautiful women are together. So I wrote the book I wanted to read, and evidently a lot of other women wanted to read it too (laughs). In the writing of the book I found that I just more fully embraced my own identity and celebrated it, and so that’s why it remains to this day an incredibly beautiful experience for me, and a book that means a lot to me…."

Just over a decade later, an audio recording of Curious Wine was released, which is reputed to be the very first audiobook based on a lesbian novel.

With her next book Amateur City in 1984, she launched her popular police procedurals featuring lesbian homicide detective Kate Delafield. The eight books in the series have been well received by reviewers and readers alike. They provide entertaining reading as well as a realistic, intelligent portrayal of lesbian life. Delafield, a former Marine and Vietnam vet, is a confident, capable member of the Los Angeles Police Department, who finds herself forced to deal with a homophobic atmosphere.

One of her Delafield mysteries, Murder at the Nightwood Bar has been optioned for a film several times, but no film is currently in progress.

Her science fiction book Daughters of a Coral Dawn published in 1984, became lesbian cult classic. In 2002, Alyson Books her long-awaited science fiction novel Daughters of an Amber Moon, the sequel to Coral Dawn. She continued the series with Daughters of an Emerald Dusk.

Her other novels An Emergence of Green and Flashpoint have become classics as well.
Forrest has also worked as an editor, collaborator, and has also written short stories as well. Her non-fiction work includes Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World of Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950-1965

She has won of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Mystery twice first for The Beverly Malibu and the other for Murder by Tradition. She is also the recipient of the 1998 Pioneer Award of the Lambda Literary Foundation.

Her latest release is a Delafield mystery, entitled Liberty Square, which finds the favorite detective this time in Washington, DC.

Longtime resident of California, she currently lives in San Francisco with her partner, Jo Hercus. In addition to writing she teaches writing in the Bay area.

On July 15, 2008, she and Jo were married in San Francisco in the private chambers of California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno, one of the four justices who voted in favor of the historic decision that legalized same-sex marriage in California.

Jo and Katherine,with Ann Bannon and Gail Lang

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Waterfront

CORRECTION 7/27/09: And I must make a correction to this post. The person who I thought was Austin in the pictures is not Austin. But another actor.

Hey I am the first one to admit when I mess up. I do mess up.

It was an actor playing Quinn's husband.

A Extra Early Saturday Post

Austin was waterside again Friday filming with Shantel. Maybe that time out in Wilmy was talking about their scene a little and lot of kicking back.

But what is up with Julian and Haley's sister Quinm? One of Haley's free-spirited older sisters she comes to Tree Hill with a wounded heart and in search of something new or is that someone new to do? And what's that mean for Julian and Brooke?

Word from the set is that there are many pictures of Julian and Brooke around Brooke's place. And that there are some new locations, several new residences and one place OTH has never filmed in before, a strip club.

Now you wonder if Julian has got his own bachelor pad or he and Brooke have decide to shack up in Tree Hill, and did they stay in Brooke's place or get a new place as a couple?

And who is going to the strip club or is it who is working there? Could it be Haley's wild child sister? Did Julian find her doing the horizontal junkie and butterfly on the pole, while researching for Striptease 2: Moore/Ashton Twitter , and he is trying to help her from making even more mistakes? Or is she working her wiles on man with the devil's grin? Or talking about Haley and Brooke?

Lastly you gotta wonder who Austin was talking to on his phone between takes? Someone playing a Persian Prince perhaps?

Speaking of the Prince - Here is the panel discussion wrap up from Comic Con.

OTH Photos: Star News/Mike Spencer

Bonus Gold Star for the classic movie quote that goes with the post title.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Short stories

Looks like Austin is making sure to make the new cast feel welcome.

When they started filming season 7 Austin, Robert Buckley, Sophia, and Shantel VanSanten and a couple crew members at a bar in Wilmington.

Also Aicirtap over on said:

"I just wanted to let you guys know that i saw austin yesterday night again:) he is sooooooo gorgeous, he was walking into a restaurant near carolina beach with the girl that is playing haleys sister dont know her real name sorry. [Shantel]
He was looking soooo adorable, he had some weird shorts on but still looked great and he is incredible tan also.."

and follow up with:
"they looked actually really cute, austin was looking like a little boy with his weird shorts and white t-shirt, he is sooooo HOT:)"

Austin and weird shorts, totallly sounds like him. But can you imagine what weird shorts he could pick out?

Retro 60's madras.

The patches one?

80's Jams.

You don't think he went with theses do you?