Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Rewind

Big birthday, "single" Jake, Hat tricks with Bruck, first info about Source Code, the big gold ring, Jake back to the Dr in schmatas, and grinning at passing vans, the earthquake in Haiti and both helping get the message out to help, Superbowling, first peek at PoP in action, Austin doing Arty red carpet, and rounds at the Golden Globes. Who was the mystery mad hatter at Maggie & Peter's wedding?

Jake in Austin ( behave! Texas that is), back to the Lakers with Chris, Snowmegadon I, Rings on fingers, celebrating sibling success with bad pancakes, Austin all over NYC trying to put on fashion and passion (yawn), The Goose goes Ducky. Jake does some Wild Turkey during tennis is tighty short shorts. Jake turning down one big blue role but did a movie about a little blue pill and with a fella behind a big blue dot. The PoPing slowly start. Was that amour in the background at Ammo?

Oscar Oscar. Parties with partners, presenters introduced as "mother of my child", special time with sis on red carpet, stunned by questions backstage. Jake goes Lego and Time Square. Austin's Beautiful Boy. Brother's out on DVD. Sasquatchi! PoP gets its final poster. OTH hits UTAH, Atti does the Great White North, Jake backs that thing up on set of SC. Five years of Toothy and Goose.

Triumph at ComicCon and first audience Q&A and Ipad. Jake pops one on set and not as a Prince. Mummers of Damn Yankees. Austin hitting the dirty thirties and getting beard busted for color. Jake does GQ. And the Windy City. The future of OTH uncertain. More PoPping and Jake wanting to be like Indy. Does it take a village?

PoP PoP PoP. London, Russia, LA Amazing suits and working it on the red carpet. Austin out for a stroll double T'd. Too big silver band up front and center at Heathrow. OSTRICHES! Austin on the E! carpet both figuratively and literally. Hedgehogs doing karate. Large Lego friends and gone wild. Bad dancing in videos - or bad video of a dancing? Jake on Regis - Maggie has a niece? Family family family. . Busy Busy - farmer's markets with both, and premieres. J's Party time with his man. Tex in Specs. Jake makes a princess statement. Detective work and Where's Austin at the Farmer's Market. Jake and the old lady shopping cart. Audi Family Truckerster one for me one for you. PoP doesn't exactly sizzle opening day. Co-stars trying to make art (is OTH) sound like life. Jake and Austin at the gym, take the backseat lady.

Neutrality Celtics leanings.Healthy shopping and gym in LA. Find out Jake getting more involved with New Eyes. Napoleaning it and show some silver at at the Chrysalis Ball the Gulf Spill. Austin discovers Twitter and the world will never be the same. (Is it wrong to get aroused in whole foods?) Absorbent Man is a smooth operator. Or maybe more Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. GOOOOOOOALLLLLLLLLLLLL! Austin steps up to speak out about the environment and the Gulf and goes to check it out. Jake at the Lakers. World Cup and stories of soccer. Texan Facebooks. Head East Young Men. Austin in NC , Jake on the Vineyard.

Austin smelling freedom and Michigan. Two Wheel Tuesdays. Vineyard sightings and hurricanes. Answer the age old question how to hide a broken leg. PoP Christmas. Jake stands up for Cancer. Color Me Austin. GyllieBrows beats others. Shrinking Breast and Implants? Jake grows a beard. Austin goes Dutch.

Lotus and Leadville. The pictures tell the story - discovering how long they've been together and are still together. VF International Best Dressed Little Jakey - Stuart Minkus then?( aka Lee Norris (Austin's OTH c0-star)) Clint Eastwood now? Sensitive Julian - It's Just Ju- l-ian to OMG. Austin doing the talking about the Gulf and buy the shirt of his back. OTH rolls on. OMG turns 3. Austin self confessed ice cream addict. First looks at LaOD. A-man going the Motor City to LOL! Mama and Daddy Nic visit their boy. Austin likes hardware and Brazilians. (Just left the hardware store. They were selling galvanized nipples and o-rings. What is this world coming to?) Jake Birthday parties with little ones at The Yoke. Jake asked if he likes Rainbows. Austin tweeting baby clothes from the Biltmore. Austin feeling not so fresh. Jake back in LA looking wild and wooly. On a Triumph and Cabin Fever or just checking on who's checking on him?

More work for the Gulf, PSA's and training for the long run. Looking back at TDAT premiere and so close and yet not one pic together. Hmmmm. Giving back and raising money. Showing it off at Surfrider. Beautiful Boy goes to Toronto but Austin doesn't. Frequent flier miles racking up. Good Man Charlie Brown the beginning for Texas' talent? Another chance for Austin to talk on his own. OTH back on TV and Julian the ever supportive JBra. PoP out on DVD. Triple Nippled Nichols. Austin uses protection. OTH recycles not just on set but on screen. Not a tree but a Biblically bushy Jake shows up in Brooklyn avec his trusty backpack.

Jake at the New Yorker Q&A and OMGer's were there. Showing off the matzoh. Doing the Elible Schoolyard with Alice. Speaking out on bullies through tweets and Bandz. The Little Blue Pill (aka Jake/Anne/Ed show) movie tour cranks up. OTH rolls on and gets extended to a full season. Jake defuzzes sprinted down the red carpet ... giggling. Legand -ary High Fives. Jake Disney's Bobble? The A man get spiritual at the surf and says the great outdoors, and doing what he loves bring him joy. A walk in Brooklyn not so swift. Austin goes Thundercats but never says if it's Liono or Cheetara and who this is.

Both in LA at the same time? Inconceivable!! LoAD gets how many openings screenings and premieres? Jake here there and everywhere but does anyone know exactly where and when? Jake gets on the sexy list but not the sexiest (officially) ....yet Jake & Ann do the circuit with hair whipping and all the bells and whistles (but not much else on in their love scenes). And more comedy ahead? Austin goes the distance (half marathon that is ) and puts together an album with SB to benefit the gulf. Austin goes blue and gets hard on twitter. More Jake on Regis. Love scenes or Football? Talk looking for holes in the back end. Source Code First look. Banana Boyz are back baby. Scruffy shoe shout outs. Jake's a little Pirate and talks about swimming with the walruses. LoAD opens. Austin goes fetal from the TSA. Julian goes German/Bond/Skydiving. Jake "goes" apple picking, ice cream licking, and coffee drinking.

Jake gets nominated for GG and Austin set to direct OTH and is acknowledged for his work for the Gulf. der,Jake tries his hand at it and not so well. While he goes down un Austin heads to the Big Apple and is caught grabbing a banana and handling baggage. It's official Jake is the Ambassador for Alice. (But when was he in Berkley for a week?) The A Man says a lot off the top of his head. SC no longer Tax Code but April Fools.
The Polar connection and Global Green. Happy Birthday Jakey. Elve -ss Part II. The Apatow connection. Dipped in glue and sparkles - who sparkles more? J or A? More on Source Code from music to muse. Austin enraptured by ballet but wondering what Jeff Bridges is talking about. Both went country. Julian's was a bad dream...Jake's? Most wish it was.

Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chap -schtick

Just saw TRUE GRIT. Only understood 20% of what came out of Jeff Bridges' mouth. Loved 100% of it.

Just saw BLACK SWAN. I'm ready to give up acting for ballet.

Could a Tall Texan do both?


and Ballet?

Well Mr. Nichols you can.

Say Rodeo.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Over and Over

Jake says that Source Code is like Groundhog Day in the beginning.

The otter must make the difference.

Asked about a sequel to PoP, Jake said there are no plans but he wouldn't mind spending 6 months in London and Morocco again. With Jake pretty much living on the East Coast since fall 2009 (hmmmm funny how that happen when Austin did too), sounds like living away from LA is not too tough.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sparkle Motion

Kate at WDW linked an extended interview Jake and Anne did with BBC Radio 1, which Jake gets a special gift which leads to him to talking about being dipped in glue and rolled in sparkles.
You sparkle!
No, you sparkle!
You sparkle more than me!
You so sparkle more !!!!

Check out the video here.
And the sparkles?
They save that for the ending of course.

Anne talks about the rainbow sparkles since she says Jake's aura is very rainbow colored.

So the question is Jake:

Mr Sparkle?


Rainbow Bright?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Freak Out

When LaOD came out many reviews talked about it trying to have some Apatow humor into the story. But how many connections does Jake have to one Apatow show?

The show, Freaks and Geeks, was only on for one season, but made Time magazine's 2007 "100 Greatest Shows of All Time" list, and Entertainment Weekly ranked it the 13th-best series of the past 25 years.

And how is Jake connected to it? Let's count the ways.

Ladies first.
Linda Cardellini was Lindsay Weir. Freaks and Geeks is about Lindsay, and her brother, Sam, who attend William McKinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year in the town of Chippewa, Michigan, a fictional suburb of Detroit and the friends they have. The Freaks (Linda's) and the Geeks (Sam)
Many may know Linda from her role as Cassie, Ennis' girlfriend in BBM.
Then there's Kim Kelly, who was played by Busy Phillips. Jake and Busy have been seen out and about in LA at the Farmer's Market, lunch and on The Vineyard this past summer. Jake has had lunch with Busy and her daughter Birdie and also was at Birdie's birthday party this past August. Austin is friends with Busy, and has also been seen at the Farmer's market with her.

Kim Kelly had an injured brother, who was often talked about and was played by one of the writer/producers on the show Mike White. Jake is good friends with Mike since working on Good Girl, which Mike wrote and also co-starred in as Corny the security guard at the Retail Rodeo. Mike was also a writer and producer on the TV series Pasadena which Austin played Dr. Darwell's son Charlie.Seth Rogan played the wise cracking sarcastic, Ken Miller. And Jake's connection? Seth was in Donnie Darko.

And the last connection? That's Jason Segel, who played drum and Rush obsessed Nick Andopolis, who ends up dating Lindsay. How is Segel connected to Jake? That one is a real Freaks and Geeks story, Segel went to Harvard Westlake with Jake.

And the only Freak left? Just some guy name James Franco.