Friday, January 30, 2009

Name that tune - OMG 's first music discussion

Music. Music. Music. Is there anyone who doesn't love music? But what kind do you love? Classical? Jazz? Country? Musicals? Blues? Classic Rock & Roll? Old School Rap? R&B? 70's Funk? 60's soul? Disco? Polka? Soul? Punk? Dance? Alternative? Pop? Hip Hop? 80's? Grunge? Techno? Zydeco?

What you listening at the moment? What's on the Ipod? What are those desert island albums? Your all time favorites? You guilty pleasures? What do you sing in the shower? What songs makes you want to dance or sing or get pumped up? What's your go to for karaoke or Rock Band? What's that first album, cd, or download that you heard that changed it all?

Music change lives, it brings people together.

So join us and let us know what you love about music.

Seek and ye shall find.

Ask and it shall be given.....

There are two One Tree Hill Promos for next Monday one's here and the other you have to seek, no worries - it will be easy to find.

Austin has taken a short stay character like Julian and turned him into something more. He;s grabbed the audience and made them his just like he did with the part. In a early interview he mentioned about this job being different, because there was no room for improvising and that he had to stay on script. But even with the not most sophisticated storyline or line, he took what he had and created a character that now has the old fans talking and new fans coming to OTH. It really shows how far he's grown as an actor. A great actor can always make his part better through his acting.

And seriously the boy has charm. He's the perfect boyfriend with the sweetest kisses. You can hear the Ahhhhhhsss that everyone will be saying when they see this on Monday night.

Don't think Brooke will really want to share Julian with movie Brooke though.

And who can blame her when you get this.

Wait. Is that a shirtless Austin? Has OTH finally joined the list of "Oops I lost my shirt" roles?

Go seek and find at Spooky's (Austin Nichols Journal) and you will see the answer. And while you're there stop by and say Hi!

Oh Happy Austin Friday!

Just what the doctor ordered. ; )

This post will be opened all day today and tomorrow for non music comments, because starting tonight at 5:00PM EST, OMG will be hosting their first music discussion. Come back and join us to discuss your favorite music. Everyone has a favorite and who doesn't love music. You know maybe after today's post we should add, favorite makeout songs to our list.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damn the Dwarfs!

You know - its all this bad Disney influence, spend some time at Disney and just fall into that wrong crowd. You've seen it before.

Dwarfs? Dwarfs! -- oh they look cute and harmless but you know they're nothing but trouble. Look what they've done.

First it was hiking in the woods

Then the clothes changed

Then the hat came

See what happens when you hang with a bunch of guys woods. You'd think Disney would know better. I mean Happy is good, Bashful totally harmless, and Dopey come on - but Sleepy and Sneezy you know they got a rep, and Grumpy well you see how that works, and Doc ... no comment.

Jake might do much better hanging out with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys for his stay in Disneyland, you know Tinkerbelle could really keep him in line.

Gotta say this was the first thing I thought of when I saw the newest video.Maybe Jake needs a sticker more than cupcakes.

Let the Music Play - OMG Music Discussion. Tomorrow at 5:00 EST and all day Sat. Come by and join us to talk about all things music. This is one thing everyone can join in on. What's on your frequently listened to playlist? What song gets you out on the dance floor? What's the first one you want to do on Rock Band?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 1/2 degrees .... Juror #9?

You think Ted should have used these pics instead?

Funny how they both slept with Basinger on screen.

Jake's back to court and time will tell if they want him to be a juror. Guess he forgot to send his reschedule request postcard back. But good for him participating in his civic duty. Although in HW some thing participating in their civic duty is illegally parking and paying the fines. You gotta wonder what Jake had in his back for the day. Everybody brings different stuff to past the time. This is usually a couple with newspapers, a few more with books, and their always puzzles. Got think that Jake had in bag of tricks - His Mac Book? Crossword puzzle? Script? Newspapers? Us Magazine? Hey he might need to catch up on what's really going on with him. And you know he had to have a snack in there too. But something healthy - you know trainer approved. But as soon as he gets released from jury duty that boy is going straight to Sprinkles and getting cupcakes.

Oops! This is too good to forget - OMG's first music discussion. Starting this Friday night at 5:00 EST and all day Sat. Come by and join us to talk about all things music. This is one thing everyone can join in on. What are you listening to? What are you favorite kinds of music? What are your favorite songs? And what are those guilty pleasures that you dare to admit you listen to? See you Friday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Tree Idol?

You know Lucas always was trying to street cred (what there is in Tree Hill) and you can see him over using the word dawg! way too much. So we've got our Randy.

And Van Der Beek's character is so much of a crazy it's Totally Paula! not even a stretch.

Now Julian as Simon? Leer at the hotties? Check. Snarky comments? Could do. Extra tiny Baby Gap T? Gotta work on that.
"Show us what you got."

[Thinking ]I work my ass off! " Zzzzz zzzzz"

"Meds kicked in."
"She was a little pitchy dawg."

"I'm.... tired ....of people..... not treating me..... like.... the gift.... that I am"

"Oh shut up Paula."
"You've got quite a good voice, the problem I have is this looks to me like 10 years ago."

"What?? This is classic Brooke Davis!"

Guys... three.... yeses! (snicker)

Congratulations Austin! Looks like Julian will be staying in Tree Hill for the rest of the season.

Monday, January 26, 2009

When aholic's - collide.

For the official poster peek of Prince of Persia Jake you got spend. Bruckheimier is betting that fans of Confession of a Shopaholic are Gyllenhaalics too, putting the first official poster in the movies staring Isla Fisher. Look for the ad in a scene in Times Square. Talk about cross promotion.

What really interesting is Bruck's first marketing for the movie is targeted not toward gamers, but to the female audience 18 -35, something not seen done before in summer action adventure blockbusters. Does this and the choice of Mike Newell as director tell us more about PoP? Does Bruckheimer hope that he has the same success with PoP as he did with Pirates, by putting handsome but not traditional action star (was Depp? was Bloom?) in the title and capture the ladies this time too? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Out Spotlight LIX

Today's Spotlight is on Tully Satre, writer and activist, who has become a national youth activist for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights at the age of 16.

Satre was born on May 17, 1989 in Dover, DE, his family setting in the Culpeper Virgina. Attending Catholic schools all his life he does not know how his entire middle school found out when he was 13 that he was attracted to guys. Satre, who was shy and still closeted, lost all his friends. He said teachers at his Catholic school told his parents he was gay and began treating him differently.

"I felt like a circus animal," "I've had people spit at my feet. I've had people give me harmful remarks."

From the day he discovered that everyone knew about his sexuality, life has not been easy for Satre, but it has been getting better. His grades fell but have since improved. Although he has heard hurtful comments from peers and strangers, he said his parents are very supportive.

But he felt alone in largely rural Culpeper County. There was no place or group that brought gay people together. When the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill in 2005 limiting the contractual rights of gay men and lesbians, Satre felt he had to do something. He went to the town board with this question.

"I first want to thank you for being here. I really appreciate when our elected officials are so willing to allow the public to speak with them. I wanted to speak with you in regards to a Hate Crimes bill that was introduced in Congress not too long ago. This bill sought to add ’sexual orientation’ to the country’s list of types of people that are victims of hate crimes. I myself have been victim to threats and assaults of hate crime based on the fact that I am gay, and I am a Virginian. Only two weeks ago my friend was in Richmond when he walked out of a restaurant with his partner another person called him a ‘faggot’, drew a knife, and attacked my friend. Luckily, my friend lived — others are not so lucky. Last year, you supported legislation which sought to add ’sexual orientation’ to the nation’s hate crime list, and for that I thank you — but later this year you said that you regret your support for this bill and would not support this bill in the future, why is that?"

"I wanted somewhere to go," he said. "I didn't really see a lot going on in our community." The following June, Satre founded Equality Fauquier and Culpeper, the first gay rights group in those counties. Fauquier and Culpeper are two of the most conservative counties in the state of Virginia. His group has been recognized by Equality Virginia, a statewide gay rights organization. Its initial goals include persuading schools and local governments to change nondiscrimination policies to include sexual orientation.

The group has received hundreds of e-mails from young gay men and lesbians telling stories of discrimination and voicing support for the group. Some of them told of being thrown out of their homes and falling victim to drugs and unsafe sex because they felt alone and unwanted, he said.

He served as the hired Executive Director of Equality Fauquier-Culpeper since its inception in June 2005, headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia. He stepped down from his position with Equality Fauquier-Culpeper in June 2007. In January 2006, Tully founded Commonwealth Education Equality Virginia (CEEVA), a statewide organization advocating for GLBT/Q youth, and is current president of the board. He is the founder of The Voice Project for LGBTQI Equality, Support & Inclusion, an internet outreach program for GLBT/Q youth which also promotes civic participation among teens for equality. (TVP formed as a national web and community-based organization which sponsors the online network project known as Equality Myspace.)

He was also nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for Equality Virginia, to become the first teenager to serve on a statewide gay rights organization in the United States but could not accept the position because he was under the age of 18.

Satre is a blogger for The Advocate, and also maintains a personal blog on activism which can be found online at Tully Satre

Friday, January 23, 2009

OMG Movie Club

This month's movie is The Dying Gaul. The story of a powerful and seductive Hollywood mogul convinces an impoverished West Hollywood writer, whose lover has recently died of AIDS, to sell his autobiographical screenplay for big bucks. The writer, Robert, knows he'll have to make major changes in the script (like changing the sex of the dying lover). During the rewrite, the producer, Jeffrey, takes Robert under his wing, introducing him to his wife Elaine, herself a closet screenwriter. Jeffrey seduces Robert for sex and Elaine seduces Robert online out of curiosity about his sex life in grief. After Robert acknowledges that he is seeing a married man she realizes it is her husband, she then pulls him into a web using the knowledge of Robert background and their shared therapist to become someone that toys with Robert into thing it could be be dead lover. The entangled triangle of relationships threatens more than the completion of a film script.

What did you think of the story? Of Jeffery and Elaine? What did you think of Robert? Is he The Dying Gaul or was it his lover Martin? What about Roberts vulnerability? Elaine's reaction to finding out that Jeffrey was involved with Robert? Was there a universal theme or lesson? Was it reflective of Hollywood or society in general? What symbolism did you find in the film? Did it remind you of other films or works of art? What did you think of the performances?

Drawing a blank(et)

Austin never seems to get a Top Ten. That's about to change.

Top Ten Ways Austin's working the accessory.

10. Goosey with the fringe on top.

9. It's faster to take off than my shirt

8. Someone went to Morocco and all I got was this lousy rug.

7. It's a bird, It's a plane, its Super Goose.

6. Big Blue was not big enough.

5. Beanies, we don't need no stinking beanies. Try working a rug.

4. Does this makes my arms look shorter?

3. Goy Boy gets his Hebrew on.

2. He forgot his hoodie, has to hide from her under here.

1. Carpet rides courtesy of the Magic Kingdom

OMG Movie Club Reminder - Join us tonight at 5:00pm through tomorrow we will be discussing the movie, The Dying Gaul starring Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Campbell Scott.

This post will remain open as well for regular OMG discussion.

Don't forget - Prayer's for Bobby - tomorrow night, Saturday January 24th 9:00pm EST on Lifetime.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Star in Stripes

Top Ten Reason Jakey was at the Doctor's:

10. I'll show you. I have long arm syndrome too!

9. He said his shirts give him a rash, well let's just see about that.

8. Tricky beanie removal it's knitted itself into my head

7. Damn Bend and Snap, I bent and it snapped.

6. The doctor, the dentist, the optometrist, oh my!

5. Need more lollipops, hope they don't give stupid stickers.

4. 2 snotty noses four germy hands lots of drool

3. No I didn't pull a Hillary Duff! and it's not a "scorpion" bite

2. Damn insurance. Doesn't physical by the son of Dr. count for anything?

1. No really I have a toothache !

To Heath:

We remember your spirit and know it lives on in your films, in the hearts of fans, friends and family and most importantly in your beautiful Matilda.

Congratulations to Matilda, Heath's family and friends as they celebrate his nomination for the Academy Awards.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strong Start, Muddled Middle, Great Ending

Again Austin gained ground on One Tree Hill. Starting off working his devilish ways on Brooke to no avail, messing up a little in the middle , and redeeming himself with showing the true guy Julian is, or we think he is, and it sounds like showing the real Julian is the way to Brooke's heart, or at least in the upcoming episode in her bedroom.

But the wait is two weeks to find out. The CW knows how to play it, saving a shirtless Austin (cause you know if they didn't write it in, he reminded them ) for February Sweeps. The upcoming episode was filmed back in December before the break for the holidays, with Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) directing. Oh you know he's gonna lose the shirt.

And it looks like Austin is back in NC filming again, so we know there are more episodes coming. Now with only 9 episodes left for the rest of the season, and Austin in 8 of his 10, but still filming in NC and gaining fans every week, you think they've stretched Julian's story line out more? It looks like it. And they'd be stupid not too. And Sophia would be stupid not to want him to say - because the more Julian the more Julian and Brooke on screen. Besides she looks like she is having fun again.

So is wearing his letterman's jacket and wearing his cycling jacket mean the same thing?

One quick notice about Brooke and Julian . Some people use Brulian , others JB - that works too,(and its a bourbon like Wild Turkey), but BJ now that's just asking for trouble or the ones in the cycling gear. And don't think it isn't on the call sheet as BJ scenes - oh you know it is, because they would, or at least Austin is calling his scenes with Sophia that just to be bad.

The reviews are starting to come in for The Informers and well..... that it just needs to be seen and you make up your own mind about it. Come on - you know you're still gonna want to see it even if it is getting less than stellar reports - cause - of the soundtrack, and Billy Bob - right?

Despite the muddled middle it looks like Austin will end up strong with Prayers for Bobby, which just getting more and more praise, and mentions for an Emmy in the fall. Will finally get to see Austin all decked out in a tux this fall with the rest of the cast? Fingers crossed.

Awards are nice, but Prayers seems to want to aim higher, and think it really will reach what it is going for. It wants to change lives, change minds, and change hearts.

And you'd be surprised where it is being mentioned. This is from a blogger who writes about sexuality and older adults - Better than I Ever Expected.

"If you think you don't know any closeted gay teenagers, it's only because they are closeted. Maybe your "Bobby" is your grandson, or your granddaughter's best friend, or the neighbor kid, or the quiet boy at church. We've learned a lot about life and about sexuality in the decades we've been living on this earth, and part of it is to accept ourselves and open ourselves to younger folks who might need a role model, a listening ear, and a warm "so good to see you today."

You still have time :
G Movie Club Reminder - Join us Friday 23rd at 5:00pm through Saturday 24th we will be discussing the movie, The Dying Gaul starring Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Campbell Scott.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Please excuse our indulgence, but today is a historic day in America. Today Barack Obama becomes the first African American to become the 44th President of the United States. Today is about seeing dreams realized, history made, and a future changed.

This is a day unlike any day before or since. It is a moment in time that will never be able to be duplicated.

Millions of people gathering onto the great lawn of The Capital to see this live.

Billions around the world watching.

It is coming together, from all walks of life to join as one in hope and change and in promise of new dawn, a new day and a new future.

We know that both Jake and Austin are joining the celebrating as is the rest of America .

Manifest Hope Art Project - Manifest Hope

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hat trick

A hat trick in ice hockey is when a player scores three goals in one game. This week Austin's hat trick in entertainment, with a network television show, a movie premiere, and television movie premier. To achieve a hat trick in hockey is an quite a distinction, but to achieve a hat trick like the one Austin's pulling off this week is even more of a feat.

There are thousands of actors working for just one part, one project, and for it be seen, what he has accomplished through the hustle and hard work of all these years, and having three projects out in one week is beyond amazing.

Congratulations - hats off to you! You deserve it.

One Tree Hill - Tonight - 9:00 PM EST The CW Network

The Informers - Movie Premiere - Thursday , January 22nd - Sundance Film Festival

Prayers for Bobby - Network Premiere - Saturday, January 24th - Lifetime Television

OMG Movie Club Reminder - Join us Friday 23rd at 5:00pm through Saturday 24th we will be discussing the movie, The Dying Gaul starring Patricia Clarkson, Peter Sarsgaard, and Campbell Scott.

"A powerful and seductive Hollywood mogul convinces an impoverished West Hollywood writer, whose lover has recently died of AIDS, to sell his autobiographical screenplay for big bucks. The writer, Robert, knows he'll have to make major changes in the script (like changing the sex of the dying lover). During the rewrite, the producer, Jeffrey, takes Robert under his wing, introducing him to his wife Elaine, herself a closet screenwriter. Jeffrey approaches Robert for sex and Elaine approaches Robert out of curiosity about his sex life in grief. The entangled triangle of relationships threatens more than the completion of a film script." - from

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out Spotlight LVIII

Today's Out Spotlight is Lynn Cothern

Cothern , gay out and white, found himself to became a part of continuing the legacy of civil rights and social justice for all brought to the forefront of the United States by Dr. Martin Luther King. Growing into a job he felt was divinely given to him, he found himself at the side Coretta Scott King as her assistant and essentially chief of staff.

A self confessed country bumpkin from Fayetteville, Tennessee, as a student at the Atlanta Art Institue he looked for a part time job to support him . He found himself with a decision either take a part time job at The King Center or use his transfer letter to get a guaranteed job at Sears. Lynn Cothern chose to work at the The King Center.

His first job was in the Center's library and archives assign accession numbers for the archive items in the center, after three months was transferred to the office of the executive vice president of government and international affairs. Three months later he was tapped by the Center's founder, Mrs. Coretta Scott King herself, to work on the files in her office.

But all did not agree with Mrs. King decision for Cothern as her assistant. It took some at the center a while to realize the vision. They weren't thrilled with King's choice of a gay white male to head her office. He would, after all, be accompanying her on most public appearances - she makes nearly 200 a year - and therefore be very visible. But Mrs King believe in Cothern and knew this was the right choice.

"Several of her board members and other people were like, 'You don't need that gay white boy traveling around with you,'" "Mrs. King was very clear. She said, 'I know what I need.' She was very clear about it. 'He does his job and that's what I'm about, not about the fact that he's white or gay.'"

All the while making time to volunteer in causes close to him. It was the 80's and the AIDS crisis, Cothern decided to be a part of a buddy program for those with AIDS which then led him into new directions.

"I was a buddy captain and I had five or six buddies that I helped make the transition,""I was with them through their transition. Each time it took a toll on me personally, and it also gave me a tremendous amount of growth personally and I wanted to continue to do the work but as many who worked at this time in HIV and AIDS, you get tired. And I wanted to do something that wasn't so draining and so I started working more in the gay and lesbian community on issues. I've never seen myself as just as a gay activist. I try to see myself as a human rights activist that specializes, maybe, in queer issues. But I work on all the progressive issues because I believe very strongly that everything is interconnected. Where you see racism and sexism, you'll see homophobia."

In 1990’s a Georgia based lesbian was fired from the Cracker Barrell restaurants for being perceived as gay was just one of the instances where Cothren was able to apply his skills and first hand knowledge of civil rights for the benefit of the LGBT community. Cothern took up the cause.

But Cothern didn't find it all easy all the time to balance his all commitments.

"I remember doing Cracker Barrel and I talked about the mammy dolls and the confederate flags in their stores and there were some people - and people I respected actually - who said that I was taking the queer out of the issue because I was showing where they were racist and sexist, because they didn't have women in upper management or on the board or anything," said Cothren. "And the real issue was the fact that gay people were being fired and I needed to just focus on that."

Working in King's office afforded him the chance to be a bridge builder between the black and gay communities. In 2003, Cothren helped organize the 40th anniversary march on Washington and ensured that no less than three openly-gay speakers found their way to the podium. One does not have wonder just how much of an effect Cothren had on his boss, who spoke out strongly in favor of gay rights. During Mrs. King's lifetime she became a very vocal advocate for LGBT rights and on many occasions compared the 1960’s civil rights struggle to the current day struggle for LGBT rights.

Cothern, the country boy who was never ashamed of who he was, met heads of state, political and social advocates, and celebrities, all the time being Lynn. His friends and acquaintances include Maya Angelou, Oprah, Rev Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and former President Bill Clinton.

Always finding a way to serve all of his commitment to equality and his community, Cothern was a driving force in the Atlanta Pride Committee, raising it from 5,000 participants in the 1980's to over 320,000 by 1997. And he has been a spokesperson on GLTB and civil rights on Larry King, Oprah, and 20/20.

He continues his commitment to fight all 'ism's.

He now serves as the Director of Administration for the Girl Scout International in New York City.

Lynn Cothern - official site

Video Interview with Lynn

Coretta Scott King's Gay "Son"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sly Fox

When the sky was falling Foxy Loxy lured Lucy Goosey and the rest of them, but I think in this case Goosey could be called Foxy Loxy too.

Austin didn't have any trouble with this scene -seems he has the delivery down pat. Somehow think he's used this approach before. Consistency is key. He clearly knows how to stay on task.

You think he ran some lines with someone just to be sure he was ready for rehearsals with Sophia? Great performances come from great preparation.

And Brooke speaks the truth - that grin should be illegal.

As for the sky - it might rain coffee - just doesn't mean to believe everything you're being told

Friday, January 16, 2009

A is for Acorn

Must bow to Spooky again today as she found more clips for next week's One Tree Hill.

Please go check it out at Austin Nichols Journal

That said had to use of one screencaps, because it just made me think of one thing.

But Austin is an acorn for another reason.

Acorns appear only on adult trees, a symbol of patience and the fruition of long, hard labor. With growing numbers each fan each week on OTH, the buzz of The Informers and great praise for Prayers for Bobby (Check out the review from Variety) he is an acorn. His Variety bio - calls him a " young workhorse " and an "acting career .. on a definite forward trajectory." Is 2009 the year of the acorn?

Great oaks from little acorns grow
Is this what we will say about Austin in years to come?

Some cultures say that carrying acorns in your pockets can bring good luck, and bride have been known to have acorns sewn into their dress. Austin definitely brings the luck. Another belief is if young lovers place two acorns, representing themselves and the object of their affection, in a bowl of water in order to predict whether they have a future together; if the acorns drift towards each other they are certain to marry. Has he found his nuttin' honey?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jogged Memory

Not so long ago, the word was Jake was picked to play Joe Namath, and as much disbelief and discussion about him being a Persian prince popped up, so did the arguement he's not big enough to play Broadway Joe. Maybe that's the reason things are done in certain order, do one PoP, easily transition into athlete mode, and then be ready for PoP2 without too much work. Have you notice the side burns a little longer? Just like my old Sport and Shave Ken Doll. And the slightly shorter shorts . Is he trying to show off that his legs are going to look as good in pantyhose as Joe's did?

Or this about a different kind of Pop of now 2 and not being so Poppin' fresh this time around?

Now something to jog your memory and maybe the final clue to seal the deal on a very popular picture.

We seen this:

But what do you think of this?

Why does this picture always make me want to whistle "head and shoulders, knees and toes" ? Oh maybe because that's what got cropped out trying to disguise the source of 68++ inches of fun.