Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with family, friends and the joy of the season.

Here's what OMG is hoping found it's way under our favorite pair's tree.

For Jake:

This year instead of army green pants - it's an army green sweater.

 And just to make sure he remembers Flagstaff - instead of instagram, how about some cacti coasters
 Now who likes coffee more than Jake?  Talk about table to tub - this is organic coffee ground and honey exfoliating soap.  How Jakey indeed!

 Cookbooks but the C in Christmas for Jake, so how about a cookbook that puts the V in Vegetables.  Everyone around the table will be thrilled no doubt.

 Foodie guy Jake can jump on the newest trend.  Forget agave - it's now maguey sap as the new organic sweetener - with Probiotics in every drop.  Mmmmm!
 Now that all those training movies are done, it's bring on the carbs for Jakey G, and the pasta loving fellow can make his own fresh and roll and cut them with this pasta pin. 
 If anyone can make it work, Jinglehaal can  -  so this season say PomPom!
Who said cashmere is just for socks - a cashmere hoodie for the boy loves it soft next to his tender skin.

What's a hiking tealover to do when he wants a cuppa on the trail - a thermos teapot!
Jake knows the awesomeness of The Dude, heck he even dressed up with him.  Why not take him to bed - in a manner of speaking.  With Lullabies with Jeff he can have 43 minutes of Dude to take him to the Land of Nod. 


And what do you get the Bubble Boy who has everything - his very own backyard bubble  of course!
Of course we can't leave out that Big Tall Texan, and neither would Santa

For our favorite film buff with the quirky edge - a book about a quirkier director David Lynch

And to punch up those tweets - perhaps an emoji keyboard for the wordsmith
 And how can you say no to this cute acorn wireless speaker that will go perfect with you hat

And for the 'Squatchi - his own Bigfoot Foot Stool
A closet, a shaving kit, there's always secrets hiding from your cutie dimpled dude.

 This Southern boy will never lose his Southern roots, or his love of literature.
 First was suspenders - now let's make it pocket squares!

Little art or Jake's autograph ? Here's a Squiggle book for Austin to practice on.
 Come on it's socks - striped socks - it's screaming Mr. Nichols!

 What would a water baby like Austin want - how about a part canoe part part kayak to get his boat.

What else for this Austin powers fella - a velvet tuxedo
 We know it's not your first one Austin so don't deny it.  We can just as Matt F or James from Maroon 5.

And lastly, how about some of Tom Ford's Jake inspired lipstick - we know it's usually for the ladies - but you can have a little bit of Jake linger on your lips and no one is the wiser -- wait wait you may have done that one a few times before too.
  And you can forget those special together gifts.


He likes tacos and Jake likes to make them - how about a tacopedia

One's dutch and the other gardens - so Dutch gardener tools  of course.

 How about a house that has no address -  pretty slick 

So if one loves to host and the other loves books - how about this literary take on Cards Against Humanity.  

And to add to the subtlety to it - how about these hunky napkins with Toms of  Findland 

And these.   Whoa, whoa, whoa people - they're bike seats.  ; )

Now about those other people at home.  

Is is a little baker's baking set on the go - or a Cutthroat Kitchen evil challenge

Ok maybe it's a little too Michal Jackson - but you get the idea. 

 A balloon filled with confetti how much fun could that be - and Jake get's to use his Dyson afterwards!

 It's a green household for sure - so lets start them with a garden in a can.

With dreams of Partridge's in their head - starting a band with some Jamsticks.

 Hey Austin  - that velvet tux could come in handy for the tour.

Is it a play fort or a transporter to England - hey it could be both!!

And the one thing that's always on the list for Santa - A Oscar, A Tony or an Emmy.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Jake!

Happy Birthday Jake!

You're moving in new directions but don't worry for you 35 is like the new 30, you know kind of like you this year:

Dad looks by the beach

flashing abs on screen

and showing off your assets

 People (Magazine) knowing you're still looking good

But you're stretched - you've stretched this year

Like making beekeeping and geeks on stage hot this year

And found your (singing ) voice.

which means we'll see  you in Hamilton in 2017 and fingers crossed Dreamgirls by 2019.

But it really means

that the person you've worn close to your heart for so many of your  birthdays

Will always remain