Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tip Off

Well there is definitely one blonde who isn't wanted courtside. And she's a supermodel and former Victoria Secret angel to boot! Celtics fans have no love for Tom Brady's girlfriend Gisele. Deemed a jinx fans and the papers asked her to stay home.

Go back to LA for the game? Why? Fly up to Boston. Hey with this many movies in production in it's Hollywood East. You'll feel right at home. Meet up with friends, squeeze in a Sox game, drop by the house on the Vineyard. You can have it all right here. Who has time to fly cross country when you are 2 weeks behind in filming Nailed. Maybe you can ask Tom and sit courtside with him in BankNorth Garden, he'll be stag, Gisele won't make it inside the door. And hey Tommy's the man here in Beantown, sending Leo DiCaprio packing up to the luxury boxes during the Piston's series. And you know, he kind of looks like...

Hey just go and enjoy the game. You can even wear the hat.

True the half fun has gotta be the trash talking between Jake and Chris now, cause you know it started as soon as the game ended last night. No one calling themselves a Celtics or Lakers fan to pass up the opportunity to rag on the other.

Wonder what the wager will be, maybe what the name of the restaurant will be, nah it will be some act of humiliation after being friends for 16 years what else would you do to your best friend? Pick something good Chris and make him stick to the bet. GO CELTICS!


Next Saturday will be our discussion on our lastest movie selection, Maurice. You still have time to grab a copy and watch Merchant Ivory's beautiful adaptation of E. M. Forrester's novel. A great movie, hope that everyone gets a chance to watch it and join us to discuss.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Come Blow Your Horn

Despite famous friends, success and growing as better actor each role he takes, Austin doesn't toot his own horn. Far from it. But why?

Looking at his interviews, he comes off as, bright, engaging, down to earth, a little self deprecating paired with wit, dashing charm and flirtatious fun. Come on, he's a great interview. He charms everyone he talks to, and that smile doesn't hurt. But it makes you wonder why there is such radio silence .

Agents are dying to find a client who is not only handsome but who can actually speak to the press. Why is that his agents aren't out there trying to get him press? Austin's no shy guy. If you were an upcoming young actor in Hollywood wouldn't you be out to make a name for yourself even if you didn't have any projects at the moment.

It is not laziness or disinterest. Is it contentment?

Is he just looking at the parts and not the fame ?

Has he learned what the price of fame is from those around him and doesn't want it?

What's going to happen with Informers?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shirts Tales Part Deaux

Think someone could be fan of John from Cincinnati?

But is it the show or the actor? ; )

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Prince of Popsicles

After existing only on nonfat no whip lattes run for weeks Jake Gyllenhaal snaps when seeing his sister Maggie eat Ben & Jerry's newest ice cream flavor.

Gyllenhaal grabbed a marker gave himself a Snidely Whiplash mustache and made a suit of tinfoil while ranting and laughing "no pictures like this" "she won't like this" "baahaaaaa haaaa haaaa". Armed with a handmade princely scepter and calling him self Prince of Popsicles he held Andy Samberg hostage making him sing "I scream You scream We all Scream for ice cream" over and over and demanding a meeting with both Ben and Jerry.

His sister Maggie was called, after Ms. Witherspoon's schedule precluded her from answering her phone. Ms. Gyllenhaal rushed in to help her brother during this time.

Despite weeks of drama on his newest movie Nailed, bi coastal flying for more work related commitments on weekends, limited time with close friends and family, and his new training regime for his role as Dastan in PoP, it was seeing his sister eating ironically "Imagine Whirled Peace"a caramel and sweet cream swirled ice cream with chocolate peace signs and toffee pieces, that was the last straw.

Most close to the actor thought it would have been icy blonde not the ice cream that would have pushed him to this. Some are concerned about a caffeine addiction after seeing him out again and again and again for coffee with Witherspoon, placing the blame squarely on her. "He used to run, bike, read now he is just too jittery to do anything, he's just a different person." "He always liked coffee but this is different, java is the only thing that's holding them together. " Some coffee shops have been sneaking him decaf knowing he has to go to 3 or 4 shops a day on her tightly run schedule.

Official reps for Mr. Gyllenhaal are calling this a low blood sugar moment brought on by a new exercise and nutrition plan.

Mr. Gyllenhaal was later seen sans tin foil enjoying a small Ben & Jerry's non fat vanilla with his sister, Mr. Samberg and another tall gentleman who was heard speaking but the only words that could be made out were coffee and bed . Representatives for Ben & Jerry have said that they will be sending specially made non fat Peace Pops to the set during duration of Nailed and for upcoming Prince of Persia.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Better Living Through Chemistry

Chemistry : a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy (they have a special chemistry) b: interaction between people working together; specifically : such interaction when harmonious or effective chemistry (a team lacking chemistry)

Good on screen chemistry can make or break a movie. And his onscreen chemistry with these co-stars seems to translate to great chemistry off screen for Jake.

Tip: Bases and Acids can either neutralize or become hazardous together. It's how you mix them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Divine Intervention

One is good, two is better, three's company and four's more, than enough... or is it?

How better than to kick off the unofficial start to summer than our favorite heavenly creature. Shirtless of course.

Sometimes you need a little transcendent to lift the soul.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Out Spotlight XXVII

Today's Spotlight looks at lesbian music pioneer Alix Dobkin, who released the groundbreaking record,
Lavender Jane Loves Women in 1973. Today's song is a track from this record. It was the first record that was for and by lesbians, and paved the way for all the lesbian performers who came after her. She formed her own record label, Women's Wax Works, to put out this release. The record was also the first record produced, engineered, and financed by lesbians. Dobkin is considered so influential that she is sometimes referred to as the "Head Lesbian." She has spent her life traveling the world singing about lesbian life and love as one of the first to ever do so. Dobkin married a man in the 1960s and had a daughter but fell in love with a friend and came out in the early '70s.

Dobkin is an avid promoter of women's (she would probably spell it "womyn's") music and culture, and lesbian rights. She still tours and gives workshops about the early women's music movement. Dobkin has been criticized because she is pro-women only space and has been called a man hater and transphobic. She has been vocal in her criticism of trangender people, particularly of FTM transpeople. She seems to see FTMs as a threat to lesbian identity, especially butch identity. She says,

"I certainly have strong opinions about men's violence, men's dominance, men's politics, male institutions, male hierarchies and penis-centered culture (don't you?), but man-hating is irrelevant in my life. I look to transexuals to break new ground and not reinforce conventional gender stereotypes."

Dobkin is a vegetarian and on the advisory board of Feminists for Animal Rights. She is also a doting grandmother.

I hope some of you will take the time to read the following article. It's a different way of looking at transgender identity and very interesting.

Dobkin's take on transgender

Yesterday's poll is still open- vote if you have not yet done so.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Poll Workout for You!

Thought we'd make you work today with a few polls for your contemplation. Since both Jake and Austin will have movies coming out this fall, we wanted to see which one is generating the most excitement for the group. Only one choice per person here.

Jake will be very busy in the next year or so, with three movies coming out. Which one is the one that really floats your boat? One vote per customer.

This next poll is a bit different. The movies are from After Elton's top 25 gay movies of all time list. I changed the order so they are alphabetical and not in the order of After Elton's preference. You will notice Brokeback is not on the list. It was After Elton's top choice. I purposely left it off because I knew you all would vote for it! This poll is multiple choice. Try to vote for a maximum of three. Also, let us know in the comments which of these have you never heard of/seen.

Friday, May 23, 2008

All about John

Taking about Austin and acting this week, led to talk about John From Cincinnati, so today two clips from JFC.

This is a scene between John and Cass and while Austin does have lot to say in, he makes the scene his own. It is all those little things that he incorporates and thinks about to his character. Having a series really gave him an opportunity to spend a lot of time and effort to develop John and have John grow as a character as much as him as an actor.

Just love the way in the longshot how he marches like a child would across the grass.

The second video is a tribute to JFC found and pictures from production that haven't seen before. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prince Manvendra has a boyfriend!

Remember Prince Manvendra? He was the subject of our Out Spotlight XXI. Out recently published a piece on him, complete with his revelation that he has (gasp!) a boyfriend! The prince was quite coy about it with the interviewer at first but then ended up having dinner with the interviewer and introducing him to his new BF. Excerpt follows. Click the source link for the full article.

When we meet for dinner that night, he’s got a surprise for me -- his Mystery Lover, a hulking, swarthy, 44-year-old Gujarati musician, not quite a royal but hailing from a Rajput landowning family. He’s dressed, like the prince, in a traditional red
kurta, his ears heavy with ancestral gold rings and studs. Mystery Lover, or M.L., who was educated in the United Kingdom and speaks with a plummy Indo-British accent, asks me not to use his name in this story. “This will bring all sorts of strange people into my life that I’m not ready to deal with,” he says. “And I don’t want to put any additional strain on a new relationship.”

I ask how they met. M.L. does most of the talking, diving into a plate of tandoori prawns, while the prince, who has a tiny appetite and is rail-thin, picks at his food and mostly listens. They connected a year and a half ago through the Gay Bombay list-serve. There was no immediate attraction, they say. “We took one look at each other and I thought, Oh, God,” says M.L. “Me too,” says the prince. “I thought, He’s absolutely not my cup of coffee.” But they stayed friends, bonded by their Rajput roots and love of classical Indian music, and talked in general terms about what each wanted in a lover. Finally, out of town one night for a concert, they shared a bed, with a bank of pillows between them.

“It was the Great Wall of China,” the prince says coyly. “He didn’t want to break my virginity.”

“What virginity?” says M.L.

The prince ditched M.L. in the morning. “My suspicions were confirmed about blue bloods being shit,” says M.L. But they started dating. Eventually, they really slept together, at Dada’s place. The proper affair began rockily because of gossip from the Gay Bombay crowd. “We go to a movie premiere,” says M.L., “to find these bitches doing these low-sweeping curtsies, calling us ‘Your Highness.’ ”

Since then, things seem to be going OK. M.L. is affectionate with the prince, calling him Hukum, a Hindi honorific that means “your command.” The two talk about building a house together on the prince’s farm.

There is just the matter of the prince’s fear that he can’t love. He can’t quite answer seriously when I ask him what he likes in M.L. “He’s arty-farty,” he says. “I thought he’d be a good hunky guy from the warrior clan.”

M.L. senses the hedging. “I think you will find that our Manav is not very communicative,” he says.

But I’ve come to feel protective toward the prince, and it’s not the first time M.L. has disparaged him in front of me for being a frigid noble. Does it bother the prince?

He shakes his head. “Sometimes I feel I’m not human at all,” he says.
“Don’t say that,” says M.L., suddenly tender.

“I want to change,” says the prince.

After dinner, we walk along the promenade by the stinking, trash-filled Arabian Sea and talk about gay rights. I tell them about the Gay Bombay meeting, how confronting the police had barely come up.

“India needs a Stonewall,” says M.L.

That’s why the prince never stops talking to the press. “The moment you stop doing press...” he trails off. “I’m trying to see the next celebrity come out.”

We hug goodbye on the roadside and promise to talk soon. In the cab, I turn around to watch them walking side by side up the highway -- just two more gay men trying to cut through the baggage of adolescence and find love in midlife. Except, of course, one lives in a palace, oversees 200 servants, and commands millions of hits on Google. Not that you’d have to remind him. Even on bad days, you can’t forget that you’re a prince.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's official Jake Gyllenhaal is Disney's Prince of Persia. Will he be the King of the Box Office in the Summer of 2009?

From Swedish Nobility to Persian Prince
After months of internet rumors and speculation, and watching a newly toned and trimmed emerged Jake in recent weeks, all signs lead to a fresh prince but not of Bel Aire, but Disney. It was made official yesterday , that Jake will be Dastan, the blue eyed Persian prince in the new movie, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

Set in the 6th century, the action adventure based on the videogame,finds Dastan teaming up with a rival Princess Tamina, (played by new Bond girl Gemma Atherton)to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world.

Picture from /

In the course of his journey Dastan, youngest son of King Sharaman, retrieves the Dagger of Time with help of his brothers and uncles from the holy city of Alamut. He finds out the mystical and powerful properties of his the newly acquired possession, that one can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world, while he and Princess Tamina try to stop the villainous Garvis from taking it.

Shooting starts in July in both Morocco and London, with Mike Newell ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "Love in the Time of Cholera", "Donnie Brasco" ) directing, Jerry Bruckheimer is executive producer for Prince of Persia. This is will be the first time Jake has worked with the mega producer Bruckheimer. Who looks forward to working with Jake and was quote in Daily Variety saying, " 'He's a wonderful actor,' .....'He's someone I've been watching for a long time and somebody I've always wanted to work with.' " In a reversal of the teacher and student, it will be Austin giving Jake pointers this time. With Austin the one with the experience with Bruckheimer after working on another picture of Bruckheimer's for Disney, Glory Road .

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is slated to be Disney's big summer tentpole movie of 2009. The expectation is to turn the video game adaptation into a multi franchised deal like they did with Pirates of the Caribbean . Expect to see the full blown Disney promotion for Prince, from toys, action figures, to Happy Meals. Promotion no doubt will be a extravagance of globe hopping (ie time travel) which might start off with Cannes next spring. It will be the summer of Jake indeed.

Jake's no stranger to the wax it seems, but to avoid the screaming Kelly Clarkson when they wax those pecs and six pack, he might want to have a little liquid courage to lessen the ouch. Wax on Wax off Dastan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When New and Improved isn't Necessary or Better

Years ago there was Coke and Diet Coke, and then a funny thing happened. The Coca-Cola Company decide to change the formula, to change with the times to make it new, improved, better and it would break into the Pepsi drinkers market. New Coke did none of those things. Yes on paper it looked like a good idea. The marketing gurus were sure of it, they said it tested well, but somehow New Coke did nothing more than make people yearn for the original Coke. Yes there would always be Pepsi drinkers who would never ever drink Coke, no matter what they tried. Why did they even mess with it was the biggest cry from their customers. But by bringing back the original formula under pressure from their consumers it not only brought back the loyal soda drinkers that love their Coke just the way it was, but also brought in some new customers. Like to think it was because they saw Coca-Cola admitting that consumers knew the products better than they did and know what they like. It didn't make a difference if they knew what Coca-Cola secret formula was, they just like the way it was. Because tweaking and changing little bits and lots of bits created something that might have looked like Coke, but was nothing close to it. It didn't have that specialness that made it Coke.

And in a way, the same is for Hollywood. On November 11, 2005, an article ran on Jake in the most unlikeliness of place, the Wall Street Journal. Entitled "Will Jake Take?" and it was talking about how Hollywood was pushing Jake to the front to be a leading man. This ran right after Jarhead's premiere in the U.S. and before Brokeback.

To quote reporter John Lippman, "But for the moment, there's a gap between how he is being perceived, packaged and promoted in Hollywood and the degree to which the public likes or even is aware of him." Even then there were plans in place. Sometimes Hollywood picks you to fill that gap. "Demographics in part are playing a role in Hollywood's interest in Mr. Gyllenhaal. The cohort of serious young male actors in their mid-20s is very thin, giving the 24-year-old Mr. Gyllenhaal a leg up when it comes to selecting movie projects. 'There are not a lot of people right now under the generation of Tobey and Leo.' "

So slowly we have seen the repackaging of Jake happen over the last two years. But was there a need to repackage Jake? Has this repacking, perception and promotion made him better? Or has it made him like the New Coke. Has taking the indie out of him taking away the charm? Was Nailed his chance to do something edgy once again? Was his ambiguity the part of the secret formula? Or was it that "real thing" that made people want the Classic Coke, or Classic Jake back in this case?

Why does Hollywood feel that new and improved equals better?

There are some that want to know what it is that's put in Coke to make it Coke. And it is right on the label for everyone to see. You just don't know how it is mixed. And frankly you don't care, you just like the end result. In a way Jake was like that. All the ingredients were right out in the public, if you looked, but no one knew how they mixed together exactly to make a Jake. But they like the Jake that was there. Now you see everyone from both sides of the aisle looking for Classic Jake again.

In February of 2005, only 21% outside of Hollywood knew who Jake was, and his "Q Score," which measures how much people like a performer, was a tiny 8%. While it was predicted that those numbers would rise after Jarhead and Brokeback. And they did but did they rise enough, or did this most current Hollywood repackage plan of devoted and straight boyfriend sink his battleship, and see his Q Score drop?

Now some will argue that he has grown up, matured, changed. Yes there is a big difference in years in your twenties. Many would say that he is participating in this that he is responsible. But the real question is: Why does Hollywood force the actors to change when they are successful? Why do they feel that there is such a need to repackage their stars?

Sometimes new and improved isn't necessary or better. Coke learned this the hard way, and unfortunately Jake is starting to learn this too.

Hollywood stop telling us what we want, and let us decide for ourselves. If there are consumers that can bring down the most recognizable brand name product in the world, and teach Coca Cola a lesson, moviegoers can do the same thing.

Middle America doesn't have as much of a problem as you think they do, it's just what you marketing guys tell you. You are never ever going to get all the Pepsi drinkers to drink Coke, and you are never going to get all of your audience to embrace Jake. But the formula you have now is just making more and more look back to the Classic and some looking for a new drink.

UPDATE 2:55 EST: Announced Jake "crowned Prince of Persia"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Acting up

No one knows what Austin, man of mystery has been up to lately, but it seems books might be involved in some way. Recently Austin gave a rave review of a friend and mentor's book . (Old news to some, new news to others.) The friend is Markus Flanagan and the book,"One Less Bitter Actor".

I have had three incredible teachers along the way; Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Bettany, and Markus Flanagan. The book is brilliant. It is like a college for film and television actors. I spent 11 years learning all the things that he has written down in his book. Trial by fire for me. Now there is One Less Bitter Actor for everyone else. Austin Nichols-HBO’s John from Cincinatti

One Less Bitter Actor is a primer for any actor and actress, telling it like is really is in film and televsion. Flanagan shows how to balance the business of acting with the craft of it and still maintain the love for it. Giving a map to the seen and unforeseen. The issues, traps and pitfalls in the life of an actor. Auditioning, casting and what to do after getting the part, appreciating the work, ignoring the hype, focusing on the creativity, being prepared, persistent and positive.

The book gets rave reviews for it honesty, which in Hollywood is rare. And from the reviews it is not only for actors and but those who want a real glimpse of an actor's life.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out Spotlight XXVI

This week will focus on the gay rights organization Lambda Legal, aka the folks who brought you the landmark California Supreme Court decision that the state cannot exclude same-sex couples from marrying in CA. Lambda Legal worked on this case for the past 4 years with the help of the ACLU and the NCLR. Incidentally, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, who were featured in last week's Out Spotlight, were among the plaintiffs in the case. Here is what the court said,

"In light of the fundamental nature of the substantive rights embodied in the right to marry — and their central importance to an individual's opportunity to live a happy, meaningful and satisfying life as a full member of society — the California Constitution properly must be interpreted to guarantee this basic civil right to all couples, without regard to their sexual orientation."

Lambda Legal was originally conceived in 1971, but it was denied non-profit status on grounds that its activities would be against public policy. That decision was overturned in 1973. Lambda Legal has its main office in New York, but also has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and LA. The group works by litigating test cases that it perceives have a high chance of success to establish pro-queer legal precedents. They work on cases all over the United States and on a broad range of issues that affect the gay community, including- parenting and relationships, employment, housing, the military, public policy, HIV/AIDS, and of course, equal marriage. One of the biggest cases Lambda Legal worked on was Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that struck down the Texas sodomy law.

Here is Lambda Legal's statement of what they do-

Lambda Legal is a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.

The Official Website of Lambda Legal

Our Protected Information poll is still open- vote!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Protected? Information Poll

After yesterday's discussion, I felt the need to ask this question. We all have our own ideas about Jake and Austin's privacy and what topics should or should not be discussed here. Topics that might make one person uncomfortable might not bother someone else. Some might feel that there are no topics that should be off limits.

The question here is which topics do you think are likely to be problematic to discuss, not which topics should never be discussed. There could be times when we all may feel it is appropriate to discuss a topic that normally makes us uneasy. What I'm trying to get to here is a discussion of which topics in particular make people a bit queasy. Please feel free to add topics that I may have left out in the comments. Note that this poll is MULTIPLE CHOICE.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bottoms Up

It happened and we missed it, International Cocktail Day, was this past Tuesday.

Well how to celebrate and rectify this oversight?

Maybe the recipe for a Jake Walk cocktail from the The Jake Walk bar in NYC, in Food & Wine's Magazine blog, and reading what Nick Fauchald, Senior Editor wrote to describe The Jake Walk bar, how could it not make a post. Life brings things to you when they are attune, there is no need to hunt them out, they just find you.

"If Stinky Bklyn is Gossip Girl, then the couple’s latest venture, The Jake Walk, is John from Cincinnati. Its name is obscure—“jake walk” is 1930s slang for the partially paralyzed gait exhibited by Prohibition-era vagabonds who drank Jamaica Ginger, a highly alcoholic (though legal) patent medicine found to be loaded with, whoops, neurotoxins—and, like John from Cincinnati, you’re not quite sure how to describe Jake Walk , except for “singularly awesome” (if you disagree with me about JfC, don’t hold it against Jake Walk)."
Mouthing Off/Food &Wine Magazine

The Jake Walk Courtesy of Dan Wondrich (The Jake Walk)
Makes 1 drink
3/4 ounce reposado tequila
3/4 ounce J.M. Rhum Blanc (or other white rum)
3/4 ounce St-Germain (elderflower liqueur)
3/4 ounce fresh lime juice
2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
Candied ginger, for garnish
Fill a shaker with ice. Add everything except the ginger and shake vigorously. Strand into a chilled coupe and garnish with the candied ginger.

Now, you wonder if there's an Austinotsotini to go with it?

For those who missed their Austin Friday, no fear it will be a double shot next week to start and end your work week.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blondes, Bells, and Bubbles?

Yet another OK story and the news that Jake was shooting a wedding scene for Nailed, (no worries, Jake's again not the groom) from Nicole's reports on Wet Dark and Wild (WDW), complete with blowing bubbles. Stop me if you think you heard this one before.

Somehow this pretend wedding works.

Ok you two your married. Look happy. And Action...

Jake that looks like surprised. Happy. Marley, eyes open.

Now Jake that just looks terrified.

Jake just look at camera and smile this isn't the real deal.

Hey Jake the camera guy is ordained.
Yeah right.

There's happy. See really married isn't bad.
What do you mean the really?!?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tightening their belts

In a effort to be more fiscally conscious (We're not broke, damn it! But our backers might be) producers are looking a new ways of keeping costs down and avoiding costly budget overruns for Nailed. Small changes were immediately seen as production resumed, one less muffin basket on the craft services table, hot lunch only on Fridays, and Sunny Delight replacing all orange juice. Bigger changes are said to be planned. Rumors have been rampant that they will be moving from 2 ply to 1 ply toilet paper, the cast and crew are heard to gear up for a fight for their right for 2 ply.

I'm not Jake Gyllenhaal I just played him in Nailed.

Another stunning move production has scaled pay actors stepping up and doing more than just standing in with taking on the leads in case of production going long. To avoid paying the leads extra or other studios penalties for delays to their production schedules, Mr. Russell has been instructed to use SAG members to finish shooting if production goes past mid June. Representatives for Mr. Gyllenhaal have not commented, but the actor seemed to inquire if the SAG actor would be available for "unplanned" public photo opportunities as well. He was later overheard saying on his cell, I don't think she'll even notice I'm not there.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eye of the Beholder

“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”

Thanks to BLTB for the song suggestion and Wicked for the concept.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Coffee Break

After the SAG called production shut down on Friday, a note was seen tacked to the front of Jake's trailer door.
Seems that Starbucks is not enough anymore for this shoot, time for some serious shit. Enter KISS Coffee. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC it kicks that non-fat no whip mocha latte's ass. " Shout it , Shout it out loud."

Who can resist one of the signature brews: Demon Dark Roast, Kiss Army Blend, Kiss Unplugged or Room Service, or getting Baked or maybe Sinful while having time on their hands.

Has Jake had a taste of the Devil's Daily Drip before?

But was it just coffee or a shrewd business move?

Gene Simmons of KISS was rumored to contact both Gyllenhaal and Beil regarding a business deal for a KISS Kiosk on the set of Nailed where Simmons and the movie could split (70/30) the coffee sale profits and get Gyllenhall and Beil back in front of the camera. (Profits from KISS memorabilia not included). This is a projected windfall for the movie of a guaranteed $127. 62 a day. Couple with a Union sanctioned bake sale and book drive, Nailed could clear a solid $253.09. A can drive is also in the works. All have been presented to SAG for their approval as part of the reconfigured financing package. (KISS coffee for the cast and crew would be charge to production with a 6% employee discount.)

Mr. Gyllenhaal seemed to be excited about the business proposition but there is no official comment from his team. But Jake was found singing "I want to Rock-n-Roll all night, and drink coffee all day."

And who knows better than Nailing it than Gene Simmons.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Out Spotlight XXV- Mother's Day edition

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought we would focus on two of the founding mothers of the gay rights movement- Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. Lyon and Martin met in Seattle in 1950 when they were working for the same magazine. They formalized their partnership in 1953 when they decided to move to San Francisco together. I love what they say about their first year together-

"We really only had problems our first year together. Del would leave her shoes in the middle of the room, and I'd throw them out the window," said Lyon, to which Martin responded, "You'd have an argument with me and try to storm out the door. I had to teach you to fight back."

In 1955, Martin and Lyon were part of a group of lesbians who formed the Daughters of Bilitis, the first major lesbian organization in the U. S. Lyon was the first editor of the group's newsletter, The Ladder. They worked with DOB until the late '60s. The group disbanded shortly after the women left.

Lyon and Martin began working with the National Organization for Women (NOW) in 1967. The women worked to combat the homophobia they perceived in NOW. They advocated strongly that lesbian issues were feminist issues. Also during this time, Lyon and Martin helped found the Alice B. Toklas Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club, a group working to support gay friendly politicians in getting elected.

In 1979, Lyon-Martin Health Services was opened. This is a health clinic for low-income lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women seeking culturally sensitive health care. The clinic provides case management and recently added sliding scale mental health services. It was started by a group of health professionals and named for Lyon and Martin. It is still in operation today and is considered a model of culturally sensitive health care.

More recently, the couple has worked on issues related to aging. In 1995, they were named to the White House Conference on Aging. They have also done work with the group Old Lesbians Organizing for Change.

The women have written three books- Lesbian/Woman, Lesbian Love and Liberation, and Battered Wives. They were also the subjects of a documentary film by Joan E. Biren released in 2003 called No Secret Anymore: The Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon. Joan E. Biren is also known as JEB, and is a noted documentary artist, known for both photos and films depicting real queer lives.

On February 12, 2004, Lyon and Martin were the first same-sex couple given a marriage license in the U. S. Those licenses were then voided by the courts 6 months later. Lyon had this to say-

Del is 83 years old and I am 79. After being together for more than 50 years, it is a terrible blow to have the rights and protections of marriage taken away from us. At our age, we do not have the luxury of time.

A picture of Lyon and Martin on their wedding day. I remember how moved I was when I first saw this picture, and it still has the same effect now. I almost can't stand how cute they are!

Del and Phyllis marry

Lyon and Martin in their early years together. Okay, I'll say it- these women are HOT!

What is amazing to me is how much work this couple has done, the length of time they have done it for, that they were among the first to do this work, and that they continue to do relevant activist work today. They are incredible women and OMG is proud to salute them on Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, whether your children are of the 2-legged or 4-legged variety!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Movie Club Poll

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I found Tink in a compromising position the other day. I think she was waiting for Atticus! Tink is a hot mess! Maybe I should submit her as dlisted's Hot Slut of the Day. I think if Tink was not spayed, there would be little Tatticuses running around!

Spesh said not to post a picture of Tink without posting one of her buddy, Potter, or she would be mad. Potter loved his Auntie Spesh and even tried to get in her lap. Since he's 75 lbs., this is not such a great thing. He's definitely a little dog in a big dog's body. He's also a very shy dog, so don't tell him his picture has been posted. If he finds out, he will hide his face in the corner of the couch!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Is there anything better to get, than an A+? Ok so maybe an A++. Best there is, and best description for our favorite A man. Definitely goes to the head of the class and you don't see that grade slipping anytime soon.

And "all things come back around" - it seems that Billy Idol, who Austin's character in the Informers is going to see, is back on tour. Yes 2008 is the new 1988. So those of you in the UK get a chance to see the King Rocker this summer supporting a new greatest hits collection Idolize Yourself. Imagine Billy at the Informers premiere -how cool would that be? And somehow not that far fetched. Can you see Austin and Billy flashing rings and smirks. Wonder if Austin can do the the lip curl?

B&W - Italian Vanity Fair Courtesy of Austin Media.
Blonde Austin Courtesy of JasonWiles. net

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Splitting Hairs

In a stunning move that increases speculation on the Prince of Persia rumors, it seems that Jake Gyllenhaal has offer to help his friend and part of the Three Amigos Summer of Cycling tour group, Matthew McConaughey with the hair right off his chest.

Smooth operator McConaughey, rumored to play iconic TV detective, Thomas Magnum in the upcoming movie version in of Magnum, PI, finds himself follicly challenged to step into private detective's thick chest carpet. Enter Gyllenhaal who's offered his for McCounaughey's use. Talk about an amigo!

Sources say the hair harvest will have Gyllenhaal manscaped and shorn several times of the course of the next 3 -6 months, to give the team of hair specialists the raw resources. No hairs will be permanently removed from the hairy hottie, but just clipped. The team will then create a special wiglette with individual hairs woven into a breathable mesh that can be attached directly to any smooth surface (ie McBongo's smoother than a baby's bottom chest). CGI will also be used in post production for added fill ins and fullness. Inquiries whether if this is same hair team McConaughey has used for previous personal projects, were answered with a polite "no comment".

Sources say the team is confident the Gyllenhaal gift will be enough, but are keeping options open with Alec Baldwin as a backup. When Mr. Baldwin was contacted his response was "Did Tina Fey put you up to this? Or was it one of my idiot brothers?"

Those closest to Gyllenhaal have quote him as saying "It's not permanent, it will grow back it will grow back. ", trying to reassure he will not stay permasmooth. The wiglette is rumored to have a three picture deal, and that Gyllenhaal has the same with the hair team, leading to increased speculation he has a similar three picture deal with Bruckheimer for Prince of Persia.

Close friends to McConaughey have said he has said about the gift, "Just helping another brother out how cool is that. Just keeping it real, man, keeping it real."