Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dental Records

Many think that's Jake's checklist is this:

But this is more like it:

There is some speculation that this chart gets another tooth.  What leads to this speculation is a congratulations on Austin's fb page over a new Capricorn or Sagittarius from a friend of friend from TX.

One thing for sure there is more than one tooth that has come in for Jake and Austin on that chart. And if so what's one more when there's plenty of room.

Another sure thing is that Jake has wrapped filming Stronger here in Boston.   The production has been much more under the radar than Wahlberg's Patriot's Day movie which had their shooting schedule announced practically everyday on the news.

There were mentions here and there of Jake filming and occasional sighting of Jake in Boston and the area, but as many you would suspect since Stronger has been filming here since April.

Jake plays Jeff Bauman and the film focus on the story of his resilience after losing both of his legs during the Boston Marathon bombing and coming back stronger.  Many people in New England have expressed more interest in this smaller film focused on Jeff that reliving the events of the bombing the film.  Time will tell how both movies are received.

With filming wrapped, Jake already here and it is the season for the Cape and the Islands, is a Jake sighting at the West Tisbury Farmer's Market far behind?

It's a lot to sink your teeth in.