Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Was it the party? Was it the guests? Was it the costume choice? It is not every year you can be a genie(?). Maybe that is why he wanted to wear the mask this year, to cover the disappointment.

Halloween has always been fun for Jake. Here are links to two clips where he talks about Halloween growing up, courtesy of IHJ.

IHJ - Jake on Regis & Kelly November 2005(download)

IHJ - Jake on David Letterman October 2007(download)

Special thanks to Hjulia for Genie Jake.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TIFF for Tat

This is from a feature in the month's In Style (US) magazine, asking the stars at TIFF to turn the tables and ask each other the questions, and then answer in their own handwriting. And what a better pair to interview each other than Peter and Jake.

Peter's thighs and Jake's First Tooth. Yeah, Jake first tooth, ok just go with that.

In the collage of pictures Jake strikes again in his cheekiness with Peter, with "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything". Now Peter should have taken the chance to get back at his brother in law, in the bottom left picture with Jake and the cup, with "Coffee, Tea or Me?"

Just one more thing:

This seems like a throw away line in a Variety blurb, but it maybe that Jake will be working with director David O.Russell on a new movie called Nailed, along with Jessica Biel. Russell's movies include Spanking the Monkey, Flirting with Disaster, Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees.

Variety - Jake "Nailed" with David O. Russell and Jessica Biel?

Monday, October 29, 2007

A little Austin to start the week.

This is a trippy little scene from Luz Del Mundo, found in my Austin "travels".

You may need to play this directly at YouTube if it is getting cut off.

Luz Del Mundo is the story of Neal Cassady's (Austin) and Jack Kerouac's (Will Estes) friendship and adventures.

Thanks to Stubborn for her technical expertise.

YouTube - Scene from Luz Del Mundo


Pictures of Jake with Robert Downey Jr. and Trudy Styler Sunday night on IHJ Community pages under Eye Candy.

IHJ Community - Eye Candy Jake with Robert Downey Jr. and Trudy Styler (registration required)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

OMG Get-Together Update

Since I was asked not to post everyone's pictures on the main blog, here is a link to the pix. When I uploaded these, I unhappily discovered there are none of Tom. I realized that's because those are all in his camera! There are also no pictures of Spesh, because she is afraid the camera will steal her soul. The Red Sox really need Spesh to have a soul right now because they are in the World Series, and she just couldn't risk it. So you're stuck with Wicked, NETB, Destiny, and Destiny's Mrs. We're pretty cool, though.

Just a reminder of the purpose of this community for newcomers- we encourage people to have names here and not post anon. If you post anon we will accept it, but you will be STRONGLY encouraged to use a name. It makes people more accountable for their comments and allows people to get to know each other. You can change your name with every post if you want, but please use one.

Also, this is a Jake/Austin community. If you want to discuss and support the Jake and Reese relationship, that's fine, but there are other blogs for that. Please read our Welcome and Mission statements for more information.

OMG Get- Together Pix

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Friday, October 26, 2007

Famous Gay People

Alexander the Great *Macedonian Ruler, 300 B.C. Socrates *Greek Philosopher, 400 B.C. Sappho *Greek Woman Poet, 600 B.C. Hadrian *Roman Emperor, 1st-2nd c. Richard the Lionhearted *English King, 12th c. Saladin *Sultan of Egypt and Syria Desiderius Erasmus *Dutch Monk, Philosopher Francis Bacon *English statesman, author Frederick the Great *King of Prussia Lord Byron *English poet, 18th c. Walt Whitman *U.S. poet, author, 19th c. Oscar Wilde *Irish author, 19th c. Marcel Proust *French author, 20th c. Colette *French author, 20th c. Gertrude Stein *U.S. poet, author, 20th c. Alice B. Toklas *U.S. author, 20th c. Federico Garcia Lorca *Spanish author, 20th c. Cole Porter *U.S. composer, 20th c. Virginia Woolf *English author, 20th c.Leonard Bernstein *U.S. composer, 20th c. Pope Julius III *1550-1555 T.E. Lawrence *English soldier, author, 20th c. Jean Cocteau *French writer, director, 20th c. Charles Laughton *English actor, 20th c. Marguerite Yourcenar *Belgian author, 20th c. Tennessee Williams *U.S. Playwright, 20th c. James Baldwin *U.S. author, 20th c. Andy Warhol *U.S. artist, 20th c. Michelangelo *Italian artist, 15th c. Leonardo Da Vinci *Ital. Artist, scientist, 15th c. Christopher Marlowe *Eng. Playwright, 16th c. Herman Melville *U.S. author, 19th c. Horatio Alger, Jr. *U.S. author, 19th c. Tchaikovsky *Russian composer, 19th c.Willa Cather *U.S. author, 19th c. Amy Lowell *U.S. author, 19th & 20th c. E.M. Forster *English author, 20th c. John M. Keynes *English economist, 20th c. Ludwig Wittgenstein *Australian mathematician, 20th c. Bessie Smith *U.S. singer, 20th c. Noel Coward *English playwright, 20th c. Christopher Isherwood *English author, 20th c. Pier Paolo Pasolini *Italian film director, 20th c. Yukio Mishima *Japanese author, 20th c. Eleanor Roosevelt *U.S. stateswoman, 20th c. Julius Caesar *Roman Emperor, 100-44 B.C. Augustus Caesar *Roman Emperor Harvey Milk *U.S. politician, 20th c. Bayard Rustin *U.S. Civil Rights activist, 20th c. James I *English King, 16th-17th c. Queen Anne *English Queen, 18th c. Marie Antoinette *French Empress, 18th c. Melissa Etheridge *U.S. Rock Star, 20th c. Pope Benedict IX *1032-1044 May Sarton *U.S. author, (1912 - 1995) Edna Ferber *U.S. author, 20th c. Elton John *English Rock Star, 20th c. Margaret Fuller *U.S. writer, educator, 20th c. Montezuma II *Aztec ruler, 16th c. Peter the Great *Russian Czar, 17th-18th c. Langston Hughes *U.S. author, 20th c. Pope John XII *955-964 Madame de Stael *French writer, 17th-18th c. Martina Navratilova *U.S. tennis star, 20th c. Greg Louganis *U.S. Olympic swimmer, 20th c. Billie Jean King *U.S. tennis star, 20th c. Roberta Achtenburg *U.S. politician, 20th c. Barney Frank *U.S. Congressman, 20th c. Gerry Studds *U.S. Congressman, 20th c. Hans Christian Andersen *Danish author, 19th c. Tom Dooley *U.S. M.D. missionary, 20th c. J. Edgar Hoover *U.S. director of the FBI., 20th c. Frida Kahlo *Mexican artist, 20th c. Suleiman the Magnificent *Ottoman ruler, 15th c. Rock Hudson *U.S. actor, 20th c. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz *Mexican author, 16th c. Ralph Waldo Emerson *U.S. author, 19th c. Candace Gingrich *Gay Rights activist, 20th c. Margarethe Cammermeyer *U.S. Army Colonel, 20th c. Zoe Dunning *U.S. Military Reservist, 20th c. Tom Waddel *U.S. M.D., Olympic star, 20th c. Kate Millet *U.S. author, 20th c. Janis Joplin *U.S. singer, 20th c. Rudolf Nuryev *Russian dancer, 20th c. Waslaw Nijinsky *Russian dancer, 20th c. Ernst Röhm *German Nazi leader, 20th c. Dag Hammerskjold *Swedish UN Secretary, 209th c. Aristotle *Greek philosopher, 384-322 B.C. Paula Gunn Allen *Native American author, 20th c. Angela Davis *U.S. political activist, 20th c. June Jordan *U.S. author, activist, 20th c. Rainer Maria Rilke *German poet, 20th c. James Dean *U.S. actor, 20th c. Montgomery Clift *U.S. actor, 20th c. Baron VonSteuben *German General, Valley Forge Edward II *English King, 14th c.

List from

OMG additions-

*Alan Turing- British mathematician, father of the computer, invaluable to the WWII code-cracking effort. Killed himself when forced to undergo aversion therapy for the "crime" of homosexuality in the 50's.*

*Pedro Almodóvar- a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer.*

*Michael Stipe- singer/songwriter*

*Rufus Wainwright- singer/songwriter*

*Leslie Cheung- actor, pop singer*

*Richard II- English king*

*Mary Renault- writer*

*Sybille Bedford- writer*

*Dr John Fryer- the US psychiatrist credited with convincing his profession to stop classifying homosexuality as a mental illness*

*Frank Kameny- Harvard astronomer and DC activist*

*Leopold and Loeb- infamous murderers*

*Richard Chamberlain- actor*

*George Takei- actor*

*Allen Ginsberg- writer*

*Rainer Werner Fassbinder- director*

* Patrice Chéreau- director*

*KD Lang- singer*

*Ted Casablanca – Journalist*

*Matthew Shepard - student and Hate crime victim*

*Mário Cesariny de Vasconcelos - Poet*

*Louis Aragon – Poet*

*Reinaldo Arenas – Writer*

*Josephine Baker - Singer and entertainer*

*William S. Burroughs – Writer*

*Caravaggio – Artist*

*Angela Davis – Activist*

*Clark Gable – Actor*

*Jean Genet - Playwright and political activist*

*Nigel Hawthorne – Actor*

*James Ivory – Filmmaker*

*Derek Jacobi - Actor and director*

*Patria Jiménez - Politician-PRD member of Mexico's Chamber of Deputies-first openly lesbian member of Mexico's National Legislature*

*Annie Leibovitz – Photographer*

*Michelangelo - Sculptor, artist*

*Anaïs Nin - Diarist*

*Lily Tomlin - Actor, comedienne*

*Luchino Visconti - Film director, writer*

*António Variações - Singer-songwriter*

*Virginia Woolf – Writer*

*Franco Zeffirelli - Film director, theater director*

*Amelie Mauresmo- tennis player*

*Walt Whitman- writer, poet*

*Anthony Sher- UK actor and writer*

*TR Knight- actor*

*Neil Patrick Harris- actor*

*Marilyn Monroe- actress*

*Joan Crawford- actress*

*W. H. Auden- writer*

*Sir Ian McKellen- actor*

*Peter Tatchell- activist*

*Jake Shears- singer*

*John Barrowman- actor*

*Mary Oliver- poet*

*Rob Halford- singer*

*Boy George- singer*

*Sinead O'Connor- singer*

*David Bowie- singer*

*Graham Chapman- actor, member of Monty Python*

*Jimmy Somerville- singer*

*Ferron- singer*

*RuPaul- singer, fabulous!*

*Leslie Gore- singer*

*Beth Ditto- singer*

*Cris Williamson- singer*

*Clive Barker- author*

*Simon Doonan - designer -creative director of Barneys New York *

*Jonathan Adler - designer*

*Clay Aiken - singer*

*Lindsey Lohan - actress*

*Wicked- kind of a big deal in the Jausty fandom ;)*

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Strong Silent Type

Just needing to give a little(or a lot) of Austy Love today.

Here he is with a look that gives the strongest, a weakness in the knees. The power of those eyes.

Full of life, he can be the strong silent one when he needs to be. This does not mean he doesn't have a lot to say. Just that much is said in other ways and for others to hear.

If TDAT was your first chance to see Austin, you were scratching you head, - him? Seriously? Yeah he is cute and he did give some great longing looks, but seriously?

And then it happened.
Time, talent, maturity, finding the Big Love.

Everything coming together.
Austin transformed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This is definitely an "E-Ticket" ride

Back in the day. The E Ticket was for the biggest and most popular attractions in Disney's arsenal of fun. And looking at the chatter, The Life of Toothy, is becoming the next E Ticket attraction. You have to punch the big ticket but the ride will be worth it.

Tomorrowland - Every day new stories or sighting - they are really giving the Disney Imagineers a run for their money.

Fantasyland - Will it be a Small World After All?

Bear Country - You are on your own with that one. ; )

New Orleans Square - Shiver Who's Timbers?

Adventureland - The Tales of Toothy & his Gray Goose.

Something to keep in mind. It is always known in war, chatter increases before any major campaign or battle. Mostly fictitious it is designed to throw the enemy off the trail of what is going to happen. PR is no different. So the more the chatter, the bigger the deal that is coming up.

So buckle up and please keep your hands and feet inside the cars at all times.
Thank you for joining us on Mr. Toothy's Wild Ride.

Monday, October 22, 2007

'Cause I can play the part so well

Weekend Box Office Summary

1 30 Days of Night (2007) $16M
2 Why Did I Get Married? (2007) $12.1M
3 The Game Plan (2007) $8.12M
4 Michael Clayton (2007) $7.1M
5 Gone Baby Gone (2007) $6M
6 The Comebacks (2007) $5.85M
7 We Own the Night (2007) $5.5M
8 The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) $5.14M
9 Rendition (2007) $4.17M
10 The Heartbreak Kid (2007) $3.9M

The beard doesn't look so good.

But here it works.

"One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Media and the Message

From Wicked-
In the past week, we have seen and read several interviews with Jake. In some of these interviews, Jake has made comments about his sexuality and relationships that could be construed as his attempt to "straighten" things out. In other interviews, Jake has made statements that are more typically ambiguous and leave his closet door ajar. It is hard to know how to take the contradictions in these interviews.
I think these statements are reflective of someone whose reality does not match how he thinks he needs to be perceived. What I take away from these interviews is that Jake believes he must be perceived as straight for the sake of his career. I don't think that Jake is straight, and it saddens me that he thinks he must be seen as such to be successful in Hollywood. I think Jake does not believe Hollywood is ready for a gay leading man. What do you think?

Picture from the UK Telegraph

Thursday, October 18, 2007

OMG Get-Together Update

Picture from

We will be meeting Saturday, 10/20 for the 11:25 am showing of Rendition. Why so early, you ask? Well, Tom and his buddy have to drive home to NJ after the movie, that's why! We're meeting at-

AMC Loews Boston Common 19
175 Tremont St. Boston, MA

Here's the link to buy your tickets from Fandango-
Fandango - Rendition Tickets - Sat. Oct. 20th Boston

Hope to see you all there! :)

Overnight Update:
See Jake on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

YouTube - Jake on The Daily Show
Senduit - Jake on The Daily Show (download)
Sendspace - Jake on the Daily Show (download)
Thanks IHJ.

Jake on "This Morning"(UK) --Thanks WDW
WDW - Jake on "This Morning"(UK)
YouTube - Jake on "This Morning"

Jake on The Ellen Degeneres Show
Daily Motion - Jake on Ellen
Senduit - Jake on Ellen (download)
Sendspace - Jake on Ellen (download)
Thanks again IHJ!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bombshell from Ted

From the Awful Truth for Thursday, October 18th

Bumps in the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal sure as hell lives to get the gossies in gonzo overdrive. Why, just this week, right after J.G. did Letterman, all shy 'n’ stuff, he pulls the same don’t-look-at me routine down in the Village—almost.

Desk Stealth just followed J.G. and his gorgeous amigo, a dead ringer for Austin Nichols (would just go ahead and say it was A.N. here, but, like, maybe Jakey’s pullin’ a Natalie Portman, choosing to hang with an Austin doppelgänger just to throw us snit-snoops off the mark?) for several blocks. Too fun for the ab-perf tum! D.S. embarked on an intrepid block-by-block Jake-athon, stealing close behind just for us, too kind.

“They could have walked to the ferry, and I still would have followed them,” admits our pavement detective, so refreshingly honest (see, always loved those NY types, this is only one reason why). “All the while, they kept walking close to each other, like they were purposely trying to bump into each other, ya know what I mean?”

We do, you baddie bro, we do! So, do continue:

“At one point they had their heads briefly touching each other,” D.S. practically breathlessly relayed. “A short time after that came the friend's arm around Jake and the whisper to the ear. Then, the whole block before they got to West 12th Street," said the onlooker, J.G. & A.N. did a little digital dance. "Oh so cute!”

Deliciously so! But wait. We simply have to get ahold of ourselves here. See, before you nasty naughties out there start cackling, like, totally inappropriate things here, can’t two guys show affection for each other (just like women do) without people going to all sorts of kooky conclusions? Not to mention their publicists' speed dials…

I mean, John Travolta does it all the time! What’s the biggie?

Denim Addendum: “Both had on blue jeans wrapped around perfect butts,” added our boyish spy, above, for the really important deets. Jake’s dude-pal/whatever “probably had the better butt,” sassed our unsubtle source. “It was slightly rounder, and his jeans fit a bit more snuggly.”

Sorry, Jakey, I know how it feels. I’m still smarting from the time Defamer blabbed I have no behind. So not true! I took a pic and showed the hateful folks how wrong they were, will you please now do the same for us? We’re waiting...high-quality pics preferred!

More Brushes with Greatness

Now why are they posting a picture of the Chilmark store, you ask? Well, because this picture was taken on Monday by our own OMG travelling correspondent, JerseyTB/Tom, that's why! He may not have actually shaken hands with Jake, but he did walk on the same steps the great man trod. But did he also buy the same candy? I wonder if any other OMGers will have a Jake encounter this week. Just hope it's not me, because you all know I will tell him to shave!

Picture by JerseyTB/Tom

Overnight Update:
To See Jake on Conan O'Brien
Youtube - Jake on Conan
Senduit - Jake on Conan (download)
Sendspace - Jake on Conan (download)

Thanks IHJ.

And Thanks Wicked! for letting me hop on add these links onto Brushes with Greatness -SK

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gooberballs - Jake at Letterman 10-15

Jake was far from awkward, his favorite word from the last time, this visit and brought a new word to share. Gooberballs.

To find out the origin of Gooberballs, check out Jake's visit with Dave.
You Tube - Jake & Dave 10/15
Senduit - Jake & Dave 10/15 (download)
Sendspace - Jake & Dave 10/15 (download)
Thanks IHJ!

On the way out something strange happened it appears that Jake is shrinking. Are his legs getting shorter or did he just grab the wrong pair of black jeans? Perhaps a pair with a longer inseam than he normally wears? Oh they look all the same when you are throwing stuff in the bag.

UPDATE: Today Show

First things First - Congratulations Destiny! on meeting Jake outside the Today Show.

"Just got back from standing outside the Today Show. Before the interview he came outside and walked around and I actually got to shake his hand! My gf is already teasing me that I'll never wash it again."...see more from Destiny in the comments.

To see Jake on the Today Show:
YouTube Jake Today Show 10/16
Senduit - Jake Today Show 10/16(download)
Sendspace - Jake Today Show 10/16 (download)

UPDATE: Regis & Kelly
To see Jake on Regis & Kelly:
YouTube - Jake Regis & Kelly 10/16
Senduit - Jake Regis & Kelly 10/16(download)
Sendspace - Jake Regis & Kelly 10/16 (download)

Big Thanks to IHJ!!!

NEW: Promo for The Ellen Degeneres Show
Jake on Ellen Thursday

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rendition: Media Rounds

Where to see Jake:

Here's the schedule of Jake's Upcoming TV Appearances & Specials (Courtesy of IHJ)

October 15th, 2007 - Late Show With David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 pm Eastern

October 16th, 2007 - The Today Show (NBC) 7:00am Eastern

October 16th, 2007 - Live With Regis & Kelly 9:00am Eastern(Check Local Listing)

October 16th, 2007 - Late Night With Conan O'Brien (NBC)12:35am Eastern

October 16th, 2007 - Film 2007(with Jonathan Ross)(UK)(BBC1)11:05pm BST

October 17th, 2007 - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)11:00pm Eastern

October 18th, 2007 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3:00pm(Check Local Listing)

October 27th, 2007 - The Culture Show (UK)(BBC2) 7:10pm BST

Note for some syndicated shows times may vary

Thanks to IHJ and WDW, for all the great leads on interviews and their links.

Afraid you missed an interview? Check here:

HBO First Look: Rendition (download)
HBO First Look: Rendition (download)(alt download site)

Jonathan Ross Show Part 1
Jonathan Ross Show Part 2
Jonathan Ross - Jake in Green Room
and of course you knew this was coming

BBC News Interview

Sky News(UK)- Interview

Cinemax Final Cut(uncensored)Part 1
Cinemax Final Cut(uncensored)Part 2

Entertainment Studios Interview

WISN (Milwaukee)Gino Salomone Interview

Fox 6 San Diego

Sunday, October 14, 2007

No words needed

Saturday, October 13, 2007

...I'm also a client

Jake might not be Sy Sperling, but he does belong to a Hair Club for Men of sorts.

Like all things celebrity related there are stylists who are dedicated to such things. April Barton is considered, within beautiful-people circles, to be a diva of men's grooming. And why yes, Jake is a client, joining the ranks with Elvis Costello, Bono, Adrien Brody, Matthew Modine, and Jerry Seinfeld.

You think Jake's beard plan is just done without consulting with the experts? Who are you kidding? But I have think last year's Sad Wolfie look was of his own doing.

Now if the slight scruff was her suggestion. Kudos April Kudos. Taking the tweezers and getting him away from the overly groomed brows of the Kiki era. Good job. Keeping that punim in great shape. Excellent. But if he goes for the Mennonite/Amish look after Brothers, I am sending The Anti-Beardy Brigade to come and have a chat with you.

Putting Your Best Beard Forward

UPDATE: New Pictures of Jake in London (Thanks tbs!)
IHJ - Jake in London

Friday, October 12, 2007

Teacher Needs to See Me After School

I think of all the education that I missed.
But then my homework was never quite like this.


This time homework will not be any work at all.
Catch Austin on Friday Night Lights, tonight at 9:00PM EST on NBC.

I don't have NBC or missed class?
You can't get out of this assignment that quickly. You can watch the entire episode on
No excuses! And a pop quiz may be given.

Assignment #1 - NBC Friday Night Lights

And of course there has to be one who's the Teacher's Pet. He can be seen on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross(UK), tonight at 10:35pm (GMT) on BBC1.

Jonathan Ross

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OMG Celebrates National Coming Out Day

Poster by Keith Haring

Happy National Coming Out Day to all, both closeted and out! We tend to think that coming out happens only once in a person's life. But actually it is something queer folks have to do over and over again, as they meet new people and encounter that default setting of "straight." Coming out is always a work in progress for all of us. My wish today is that everyone who is closeted will challenge themselves to open that closet door just a bit. May the day come soon when the word "closet" is only used to mean a place to store things.

Visit HRC's coming out page for more information on the 20th anniversary of National Coming Out Day-

HRC - Coming Out

Hoot and Goose?

Everyone wants a new picture but I guess we have to visit past pics to hold us over till then. Hopefully the wait won't be too long.

I don't think there will be any objection to this picture of them. How could there be with shy smiles like that?

Monday, October 8, 2007


Harry Smith of CBS Morning Show shows his dismay of not being on the schedule for this round of interviews for Rendition. We will have to wait and see if Jake stops by CBS or not.

Where to see Jake:

Here's a schedule of Jake's Upcoming TV Appearances & Specials (Courtesy of IHJ)

October 10th, 2007 - HBO First Look: Rendition (HBO) 8:45pm

October 12th, 2007 - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross 10:35pm(UK)

October 15th, 2007 - Late Show With David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 pm Eastern

October 16th, 2007 - The Today Show (NBC) 7:00am Eastern

October 16th, 2007 - Live With Regis & Kelly 9:00am Eastern(Check Local Listing)

October 16th, 2007 - Late Night With Conan O'Brien (NBC)12:35am Eastern

October 17th, 2007 - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)11:00pm Eastern

October 18th, 2007 - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 3:00pm(Check Local Listing)

Note for some syndicated shows times may vary

Rendition is a serious topic but can Jake be serious through a whole interview? Especially Conan. And will Paul Schaffer (Letterman) try to put him back in the 'Bu?

Friday Night Lights - Playbook

Friday Night Lights
Game Time - 9:00 PM
Location - NBC Television Network
Game Replay & Highlights - NBC Friday Night Lights


10 Ten Shows (2006)- Time Magazine
10 Ten Shows (2006)- Entertainment Weekly

High Honors
American Film Institute (AFI) - Television Program of the Year

George Foster Peabody Award

Scouting Report
Expanding on the hit feature film and best selling book "Friday Night Lights," this poignant series centers on the small rural town of Dillon, Texas, where the coveted state football championship rings are held in the highest regard. The Dillon Panther's faced many challenges their first season with Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler, "Grey's Anatomy") at the helm, but after much hard work, determination and a victory at the State Championship Game, the team's fate at the start of yet another new season and the Taylor family's future with them, continues to remain uncertain.

Panther's Roster
Scott Porter("Music & Lyrics by…")- former star quarterback (injured) Jason Street
Gaius Charles ("The Book of Daniel")- feared running back Brian "Smash" Williams
Taylor Kitsch ("The Covenant")- reckless & self-destructive fullback Tim Riggins
Connie Britton ("24") Coach Taylor's wife & guidance counselor, Tami
Zach Gilford ("The Last Winter")- New team Capt.& star quarterback Matt Saracen,
Minka Kelly ("What I Like About You")Cheerleader & Street's on/off-GF Lyla Garrity,

Aimee Teegarden - Coach Taylor's daughter, Julie
Adrianne Palicki ("South Beach") - Tyra Collette
Jesse Plemons ("Grey's Anatomy") - Dillon player, Landry Clarke

Front Office (Producers/Directors)
Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights" (film), "The Rundown") Executive Producer
Jason Katims ("Roswell")
Brian Grazer ("The Da Vinci Code," "Cinderella Man," "A Beautiful Mind")
David Nevins ("Arrested Development")
Sarah Aubrey ("Bad Santa," "The Kingdom")
Jeffrey Reiner (NBC's "Surface")

Newly acquired player
Austin Nichols (John from Cincinnati, The Day After Tomorrow) - Teacher/Guidance Counselor

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Returning to Austin City Limits

A picture of Austin flashing a little skin and Spoon on SNL tonight if you squint real hard you can make it a return trip to ACL. Enjoy the stay!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Rendition: Review of the Facts

Sometimes to understand a movie you need to do a little homework. You may read the book, others you read the reviews, and almost always watch the trailer. But Rendition deals with a topic that many know little about but hopefully more will come to know. This is something that has happened and continues to happen today.

Wicked wrote a post regarding the real life rendition of Sabri Ben Kahla. (see OMG's sidebar) Rereading it makes you stop and think, not can this happen? but why are we doing this? Another case you may know of is the case of Khaled El-Masri, an entirely innocent victim of the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" program who was released without ever being charged. As Hollywood as these cases sound, unfortunately they are not, but are real life cases.

Gavin Hood asks the same question in Rendition. What are we gaining from extraordinary rendition? Is it worth it? Are there pros and cons? What are they? What outweighs the other?

The goal of Rendition is not just to entertain but inform. At Rendition's official site under Film Info and then World View there is a great multimedia resource list regarding the practice of extraordinary rendition. Check it out.

I do add this one thing from the American Civil Liberties Union's website regarding rendition:

"Since 1990 the U. S. has utilized an intelligence-gathering program involving the transfer of foreign nationals suspected of involvement in terrorism to detention and interrogation in countries where -- in the CIA's view -- federal and international legal safeguards do not apply. Suspects are detained and interrogated either by U.S. personnel at U.S.-run detention facilities outside U.S. sovereign territory or, alternatively, are handed over to the custody of foreign agents for interrogation.In both instances, interrogation methods are employed that do not comport with federal and internationally recognized standards."

"...some experts estimating that 150 foreign nationals have been victims of rendition in the last few years alone. Foreign nationals suspected of terrorism have been transported to detention and interrogation facilities in Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Diego Garcia, Afghanistan, Guantánamo, and elsewhere. In the words of former CIA agent Robert Baer: "If you want a serious interrogation, you send a prisoner to Jordan. If you want them to be tortured, you send them to Syria. If you want someone to disappear -- never to see them again -- you send them to Egypt."

ACLU - Fact Sheet:Extraordinary Rendition

ACLU - El Marisi vs. Tenet Case

OMG - Real Life Rendition - Sabri Ben Kahla

Rendition Official Site

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Amused? Comtemplative? Mischievous? Or thinking why didn't Gavin let me be in Wolverine? Here's Jake at Rendition's LA Press Conference.

A minute in the fashion file: The shirt always a great choice for those blue eyes. And the stripe on stripe? Confident fashion choice. Kudos to Jake's stylist for the all things official looks. All year long never missing a step. Curious to see what he will be wearing for this round of press in a week or so. Will the Cordovans be back?

More pictures at IHJ.
Rendition LA Press Conference

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An OMG Get-Together in Boston!!!

Picture from

You're invited!

To join some fellow OMGers in Boston to see Rendition on its opening weekend. When? We are planning to go to an afternoon show on Sat., 10/20, place TBD as soon as we know where the movie will be playing. Why Boston? Spesh and NETB already live there, Tom is vacationing on the Cape that week, Destiny might also be in the area, and Wicked hasn't been to Boston in years! We'd love to see you there too. Keep your eyes on this space for further details!

A little this, a little that

Pure sent this scan from the magazine, NW-New Woman Daily, out of the UK.

A bit of a Frankenstein, the picture is early Indie, the answers look like they have been pulled from other interviews. It definitely has been nipped, tucked and stitched together, but Jake's responses seem the genuine real deal. Some, you may have read before in other places, others you may not have, but there are always interesting insights. (Click on it to see it full size)

Dating older women? Talks about its oedipal nature and comments that a man's first relationship is with their mother. When he talks about relationships - there is a subtle change in language. Sweet that his sister is his best friend. And it is clear that friends mean a lot - cooking for friend's birthdays. And ok, ok, he talks about getting naked on screen.

It does looks like Jake will be traveling before he starts filming Brothers in November.He will be in the UK, on the Jonathan Ross show October 12th, the same night as Katie(Jordan) and Peter, and Jools Holland. (Thanks WDW)

There is also speculation that Jake will be attending the Rome FilmFest, when Rendition screens on October 21st. I wonder if there will be Asti?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Separated at Birth?

By now most of you have heard or seen Jake's cameo in Andy Samberg's short Iran So Far. Here it is you haven't seen it:

SNL - Iran So Far

Another site for the video:
Live Leak - Iran So Far

Is Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad really a very hairy Jake Gyllenhaal?
And is Jake flashing the peace sign or really saying something that he wants to say to the paps that chase him? has listed Jake in their Ultimate Male Hotties from the 90's to 2007 gallery. Ultimate Male Hotties The 90's to 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad you might run a country, but making the hottie list at Jake rules that one.