Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Austin

Happy Birthday Austin!

When a man becomes a certain age he may notice a few changes happening.

He suddenly has hair were it wasn't before.

He starts to fill out

And starts to get confuse on the dates of things in his diary.
11h11 hours ago
Headed to NY for the

But hey - wasn't the premiere of your movie last Friday?

You know when you mom and dad went to it as part of the executive producing team?  

And hey - is old age causing you to spelling your name differently on twitter or were there too many hits to OMG when they searched AUS10?

But all in all Austy you holding up well.. and this back five of thirty should be a breeze.

And better when you share it with the right one. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

Which SNL skit could be the theme for this year Spring Break?

Let's see last weekend Jake got snapped in San Francisco.

And Austin got instagrammed spear fishing with his writing partner Ivan in Mailbu's Broad Beach this weekend.

It would have to be The Californians 


 Jake and Austin on the same side of the country?  In the same state?  You'd think there had been some kind of holidays or something.  Wait.....

Picture This!   Another set of Jake & Austin pics to keep in circulation...

The smirky bedhead wearing my shirt inside out pictures.

Who whoo! said the owl