Monday, June 30, 2008

And sometimes Y

An OMG Behind the Story Report:

Trying to become a positive eco example for Reese and family Jake has not moved in but moved onto the property and into a yurt in far back corner of the property. A portable,felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure used by nomads in central Asia, a yurt can be easily transported by yak or camel. Claiming that this is better for his process for playing Dastan in PoP, Jake has taken up "residence" until filming begins, and contingency plans are in place for the possible strike. Friends realizing that anything that green and eco friendly will instantly be too much for his hostess, seeing this as potential problem. He has also installed a solar shower and a composting toilet to show his commitment to the part, and the environment. He will be using solar panels to provide energy for lightings , computers, phones and blackberries. Sources say that a flurry of phones were sent to managers and team members about the current situation.

The yurt provides a spacious open space with plenty of room for entertaining for Jake. It was constructed and in place while Reese was out of town as a surprised for her. Sources say she is not amused and is even more annoyed by what looks like a very tall cactus that casts a shadow some evenings. The cactus figure seems to be a frequent cause of friction, and that Jake is bumping into it all hours of the night. One neighbor, under anonymity, said they overheard Reese saying to send it back to Texas where it belongs, with Jake saying I didn't realize you could be prickly.

OMG's crack team of PoP psychologists have noticed that Jake has been drawing to thing that begin to Y's since the fall. Yogurt, Yoga and Yurts, have made them wonder if Jake is sending subliminal messages. Noting that G of his last named couple with the first letter of his BFF and coffee pal's first name and these leanings to things that begin with Y, could possibly be spelling out something. No confirmation on what that could be.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Outspotlight XXXII

On April 26, 2008 Rufus Wainwright was presented the Stephen F. Kolzak Award to Rufus Wainwright. The Stephen F. Kolzak Award is presented to an openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for the LGBT community. But it is more than just coming out after gaining success, Rufus Wainwright is one of the first male musicians to rise to fame while living an openly gay life.

Born in 1973 to folk singers Loundon Wainwright III and Kate McCarrigle, it didn't take long to know that he was going to go into the family business. "It was painfully obvious to everyone from the age of about two," Rufus recalls. "I was banging on the piano, banging on pots, putting on top hats. I think everyone knew right away." Music mixed with comedy and drama and stirred with passion his life could be written in a cross between folksongs and arias, and in a way a good description of his songwriting and music.

Photo: NY Times

His parents divorcing when he was a child, he lived with his mother in Montreal for most of his youth. Both a U.S and Canadian citizen. He attended high school at the Millbrook School in New York (which would later inspire his song "Millbrook") and later briefly studied piano at Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal. He began playing the piano at age six and started touring at thirteen with "The McGarrigle Sisters and Family" (a folk group featuring Rufus, his sister Martha, his mother Kate, and aunt Anna. His song "I'm A-Runnin", which he performed in the movie Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler, earned him a nomination for a 1989 Genie Award(for Best Original Song). He was also nominated for a 1990 Canadian Juno Award (for Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year).

Rufus came out as a teenager, and has said many times in interview, he could never be in the closet because he's a terrible liar. His parents may have recognized that his son was gay, but could not handle him being gay. "We never talked about it really." He lived in fear he had been infected with the AIDS virus after he was sexually assaulted at the age of 14 when he was attacked in London's Hyde Park after picking up a man in a bar. Claiming that he survived only by pretending to be an epileptic and faking a seizure. In one interview he commented his first homosexual experience traumatized him so much, became chaste. In another interview he mentioned embarking on a promiscuous spree. He says, "I had a string of straight boyfriends. "Guys I would occasionally have sex with, maybe only make out with, but never be allowed to say they were my boyfriend."

But it has always been the music. Through weekly shows at Cafe Sarajevo in Montreal, Wainwright became a fixture on the club circuit and eventually cut a series of demo tapes,DreamWorks acquired the demo tapes and signed him. Moving to New York City in the spring of 1996 and performing regularly at Club Fez, he built a loyal local audience. He relocated to Los Angeles that fall, and began recording his first studio album, Rufus Wainwright Wainwright's self-titled debut received critical acclaim; Rolling Stone magazine recognized it as one of the best albums of the year and named the singer "Best New Artist" of the year. Wainwright toured with Sean Lennon in the summer of 1998 and began his first headline tour later that year. In June 2001, his second album, Poses,was released to critical acclaim, but limited record sales. From 2001 to 2004, he toured with Tori Amos,Sting,Ben Folds, and Guster, as well as headlining the 2001 and 2002 tour in support of Poses. Despite a growing cult following and critical success, Wainwright has experienced somewhat limited commercial success in the U.S.

While working and support Poses he became addicted to crystal meth and experience temporary blindness from his addiction. It reached its peak in 2002, describing it as "the most surreal week of my life." During that week, he played a cameo role in the UK comedy television programme "Absolutely Fabulous"; spent several nights partying with the president's daughter,Barbara Bush; enjoyed a "debauched evening" with his mother and Marianne Faithfull; sang with Antony of Antony and the Johnsons for Zaldy's spring 2003 collection; and, throughout, experienced recurring hallucinations of his father. He decided shortly after that he "was either going to rehab or I was going to live with my father. I knew I needed an asshole to yell at me, and I felt he fit the bill". Seeking guidance, he telephoned his friend Elton John who persuaded him to check in to rehab which he has claimed in several interviews gave him a second chance.

He released two ep's Want One and Want Two filled with story songs of life, love, addiction, family, religion, and his sexuality; common themes in all of his work. They were repackaged together in the album Want. In May 2007, he released Release the Stars to growing and widening group of fans, some who discovered him through his contributions on such soundtracks as Moulin Rouge, I am Sam, Shrek, Meet the Robinsons and for his work on the Brokeback Mountain's soundtrack.

In 2006, Rufus took to the stage in tribute to Judy Garland and of her live performance at Carnegie Hall. He went on to do the tribute at the London Palladium and the Hollywood Bowl, release an album and DVD of the show.

He is currently working on writing his first opera, Prima Donna which he says will be about "a day in the life of an opera singer. I've been wanting to write an opera ever since I was 14, when I first heard Verdi's. After that I became an opera fanatic. All I could listen to was opera. I have more of an appreciation for pop because that's the world I live in, but my main passion is opera. So I just decided to write it, finally.

He shares his Gramercy Park home with his boyfriend, Jörn Weisbrodt, an arts administrator.
"I find that, especially in America, because being gay is relatively tolerated, now we're totally part of society and now you have to act like everyone else and move to the suburbs, and have kids, and be responsible. My argument is that all this acceptance could all change on a dime, so you always have to be a little smarter. You can't expect the world to be handed to you, and it's tremendous folly to think that now that we have totally blonde hair and act like everyone else, we will always be given the same rights and privileges and everything will be rainbows and sunshine. Life will always be a battle. But maybe that's just me. I love life as a battle."

Rufus and Jake : Release the Stars Tour

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Your choices for the Next Movie Club Movie-

One vote per customer, please.

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Deja vu all over again

Summer, London, Jake and a blonde. Sound familiar?

But on an Austin Friday? Oh yeah.

Summer, London, Jake Hammond and a familiar blonde.

Jake went to London to see this Jake, do you this Jake will be London bound to see his Jake?

Sometimes the best match ups are not the ones on Center Court. They just get the most press.

Got serve?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And the Emmy goes to...

.... well it won't be Austin Nichols.

Not because of his performance, but the lack there of. It seems that episode, "His Visit Day 8, submitted for his performance does not have Austin in it at all. All the actors on the series were submitted with the same episode, but you'd think that they would check if the lead character of the show was actually in the episode. Could this be used for negotiations for Last of the Ninth? Hello Milch.

Then maybe the submission was a cheeky nod to an on set off screen performance.

JFC did submit a different episode in one category, for best drama submitting His Visit Day 1. The wait is on to see if how may nominations JFC picks up when the nominations are announced next month. Just don't expect Austin under Best Lead Drama.

Just another pinch of JFC. Amazing what time and new pictures can do. With the pictures from the Nicked LL ranch, the mysterious Pedro supporter can be now identified as Papa Nichols.

Picture: Austin Media

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The More You Know

Listen people, I have spent a lot of time on this thing. To answer all your questions:

All of the Above
yes yes yes YES!
not completely
seven, eight, nine
no comment

And now you know.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go Todd Go

Bubble Boy is the like movie junk food. Panned by the experts, but oh so good you can't help yourself. You flip past the channels somehow you have to watch, and then you wonder hours later... it happened again. Kind of like potato chips (crisps to some of you) you can't stop at one and you can't believe that you finished off the bag.

Who is responsible for this? These men - Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul. These are the two who created Bubble Boy, Dr. Phreak, and the Bright and Shinys. But don't call them Ken and Cinco, they are Todds. Oh yeah they are Todds, when you write a song like Bright and Shiny you have to sing it. Next time you find yourself trapped in the Bubble Boy bubble, look for them. While Bubble Boy was not a commercial hit, they have had another, little movie called Horton Hears a Who. And Bubble Boy now has type of cult following.

An other cameo in Bubble Boy you might not have noticed - Stacey Keebler, Pro Wreslter with the WWE, Reebok spokemodel and contestant on Dancing with the Stars in the U.S. Listed at Working Girl, suspected she was one of the two ladies challenging Jimmy for the "500 dollahs".

One good thing that Bubble Boy did was show off those comedy skills Jake's had since childhood. Jake grew up with Martin Short as a neighbor, his godmother's Jamie Lee Curtis husband funny man Christopher Guest as a family friend and of course worked with Billy Crystal. "From the time he could talk," his mom quoted as saying, "Jake didn’t have a chance. 'We knew he was going to be an actor since the time he was tiny,' she says. 'We figured he would just run away and join Saturday Night Live.’ "

And he finally got his chance.

Now you can't you see him doing the Bright and Shiny video, complete with the jazz hands. Cause you know he is a Todd at heart.

And yes that is a peppermint patty eye patch.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to Brokeback

Always a little reluctant to write about Brokeback, not because it is not loved but that is almost loved too much. So much passion and emotion tied to this movie that the feeling is that a simple post will never meet the feeling and fervor of fans.
But several recent mentions, led to this post.

Heath Ledger
finds and keeps the shirts Jake Gyllenhaal had saved from their first trip to Brokeback Mountain (2005) was named one of the New 25 Romantic Gestures in The New Movie classics list in Entertainment Weekly recently. It was only behind Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's dance in Dirty Dancing, Robert Redford washing Meryl Streep's hair in Out of Africa, and John Cusack playing Peter Gabriel outside Ione Skyes window in Say Anything. All of these moment are iconic in the pantheons of romantic movies, and Brokeback is no different. In a way it has after all this time achieved the shift from gay cowboy more to classic love story, just the way Ang and the rest of the cast saw it to be when it was made. Some felt that way from the beginning but now more are shifting as well. Brokeback is will be forever a classic love story in cinema history.

This week will be another big week for Brokeback. Why now? This Friday at 9pm, after the GLAAD media awards, will be the U.S. network premiere on Bravo, a cable channel and part of parent company NBC.

What will be edited out for television? Is Bravo a test run for it to be seen on NBC? Or this NBC's solution putting it on Bravo instead on NBC?

One thing it is, is a chance to reach an audience who was too scared to go to the movie or rent the video. Putting it on network TV, in whatever form, may reach that one person, that one teen who may need it most to realize that " love is a force of nature."

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out Spotlight XXXI

The story of Mary Griffith and her son Bobby is now being made into a made for TV movie for Lifetime Television, and it has been a long time coming. There had been talk since the mid 90's about making the story Prayers for Bobby for television. Sometimes it takes the right champion for the project, and Sigourney Weaver stepped in as that champion. But who is the champion for gay teens, called Mary Griffith?

The mother of a gay son, Mary Griffith's reaction was one that is unfortunately not that uncommon, and one with tragic consequences. But through tragedy comes triumph and now Mary Griffith is an advocate and has helped many who are upset, confused, uninformed , and closed to talking about homosexuality and faith.

Mary Griffith was a devoted mother to two sons, living in Northern California and a parishioner in the in the mega church, Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church. She was devoted to her family, her faith and her church, but all of that changed, when her son Bobby told them about his homosexuality.

When Bobby was 15, he told his older brother Eddie he was gay, but made him promise not to tell anyone. After Bobby unsuccessfully tried to kill himself with a bottle of Bufferin, Eddie broke his promise.

Mary Griffith says Bobby was "humiliated" that they knew he was gay.

Things got better for Bobby when he went to a junior college which had a gay group on campus. He dated and did have boyfriends, but his mother says he always fought a battle between what he felt in his heart and what he taught was proper.

"The thing with Bobby is that he could not separate from his religious teachings," she says, adding that he felt "anything positive about being gay was from Satan and it was not valid. The psychological terror just tormented him.

Those feelings came from their faith. They felt that homosexuality was sick perverted, sinful and condemned by God. For her part, Mary just knew that homosexuality was "an abomination to God." And even before she knew Bobby was gay, she conveyed her feeling to him in no uncertain terms."You can't love God and be gay," she told Bobby. The family Bobby felt was a sinner, that he had to be cured by prayer and Christian counseling. Mary told him he had to repent or God would "damn him to hell and eternal punishment." She had faith that God would come to Bobby's rescue, but only if he read his Bible.

The Christian counselor recommended prayer and suggested that Bobby spend more time with his father. But Bobby's diary revealed that nothing was changing. "Why did you do this to me, God?" he wrote. "Am I going to hell? I need your seal of approval. If I had that, I would be happy. Life is so cruel and unfair."

His mother kept telling him he could change. "It seems like every time we talked, I would tell him that," she says. "I thought Bobby wasn't trying in his prayers." When Bobby became more withdrawn, she simply chalked it up to God's punishment. "Now," she says, I look back and realize he was just depressed."

When Bobby was twenty, in desperation the Griffiths decided he should move to Portland, Oregon, and live with a cousin. At first, the move seemed to help. He later took a backflip off a overpass bridge into the path of an oncoming truck. The guilt, the shame was too much for him.

The family devastated. The Griffiths met with their pastor for grief counseling. In her despair, Mary was seeking ways to atone for the loss of Bobby. She told the pastor she knew there were "other Bobbys out there" and asked how she could help them. The pastor merely shrugged his shoulders—and Mary never again returned to that church.

Mary did not lose her faith, but found a very different God from the one she worshiped at Walnut Creek Presbyterian. She reread her Bible with fresh eyes, and sought out secular books about homosexuality. She concluded that there was noting wrong with Bobby, that "he was the kind of person God wanted him to equal, lovable valuable part of God's creation." She says now, "I helped instill false guilt in an innocent child's conscience."

Shortly after Bobby's death, Mary Griffith discovered PFLAG. For some years, she was president of an East San Francisco Bay PFLAG chapter and appeared frequently on television talk shows, usually wearing a button with Bobby's picture and another with the PFLAG message, "We love our gay and lesbian children." She has cooperated in the filming of documentaries about the Griffith family tragedy, and is the subject of a the book Prayers for Bobby: A Mother's Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son, by Leroy Aarons, founder of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association and a former national correspondent for the Washington Post. Now being filmed for Lifetime. She campaigns tirelessly for the cause of public school counseling supportive of gay teenagers, believing that Bobby would still be alive if his high school had had such a program.

She testified before the House Economic and Educational Opportunities subcommittee investigative hearing on Parents, Schools and Values, trying to prevent any sex education from being taught in the schools, especially anything to do with homosexuality. "I gave them a description of my son and how religious ideology and their stands on homosexuality caused him a lot of guilt and depression, and how the dehumanizing and demoralizing slander led to his suicide," she said.

"Seeds of fear are planted in the mind of ignorance," she told the subcommittee. "From then on, ignorance listens, and believes without question the demoralizing and dehumanizing slander spread about our children. This rhetoric destroyed our son's life, and countless children today. I have learned all too well that hell has no fury like that of ignorance and fear. Special interest groups use them to promote prejudice, discrimination, rejection, and violence against our children.

"Suicide is the ultimate form of censorship," she continued. "Daily, our children are being accused, judged, convicted and sentenced to a life of spiritual poverty, degradation of self-esteem and personal worth. An epidemic of violence and suicide among our children is the ultimate result. All because of hearsay, ugly rumors, half-truths and outright lies."

She has taken such tragedy and turned into triumph helping parents, friends, family and those coming out understand, accept, and embrace the gift of life and their creation just as they are.

Mary Griffith has since accepted that there was nothing wrong with Bobby in the eyes of God. "God had not cured our son. Why? Because Bobby was created in God's image. There was nothing to cure."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMG Movie Club Summer Fun Edition

Summer brings summer movies. Light like popcorn, nothing heavy, or deep. Many comedy and guilty pleasures are release during the lightheartedness of summer, and what a perfect time for a comedy or guilty pleasure or maybe even a musical on the OMG Movie Club. Let's us know what would be fun to watch and share together.

Just a few movies to consider or to jumpstart your movie thinking: Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Sordid Lives, Kiss Me Guido, Rent, or maybe South Pacific will rise some attention in the musical category. And there are many more out there. Let's us know what you think.

What is that great fun movie you want to see and share?

We'll take suggestions for today and through the week, vote next Saturday, June 28th for our choice and discuss on Saturday July 19th. BYOP (Bring your own Popcorn)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summertime...the living is easy

According published studies, today is the happiest day of the year. Because it's the solstice? That's That the Celtic beat LA? (sorry had to go there once) Longest amount of sunlight of the entire year? The first official day of summer for many? Or is it just because it's Austin Friday?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Austin filming Prayers for Bobby, it great news, and it has been too long since we have seen him in front of a camera. While we think he not working enough, he is working more than the majority of actors in Hollywood who are out there trying to get parts. But that's not the focus here, its the parts he's taking that are interesting. And not just for the obvious this time.

Not worried about small screen or large he seems to bounce back and forth, just looking for projects that interest him, and more from the artistic perspective as an actor than for career building momentum. After the title lead in a series he has no problem picking up small guest roles, and supporting acting roles rather than waiting on more lead role offers. Seems that their is no ego or sense of entitlement to his acting. Yes he starred in a movie that made well over 500 million, and had a budget of more than entire budget of Lifetime Television but he has no problem playing a second, third or forth support role in a Lifetime movie. He doesn't seem to throw what he did for work, he just let's the performance he's done speak for themselves.

Bottom line: Austin doesn't seem to be chasing fame, but just wanting to act. Acting in what he likes more than anything else.

Could be completely wrong and maybe he is taking the only parts being offered to him. Tend not to think so but what do you think?

And for more pictures and information about Austin and Prayer for Bobby - check out Spooky2th's.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monkey Business

Hate to break it to you but there's no monkey in Prince of Persia, that was Aladdin. No no, I'm sure. I have the script. No monkey. But if you do something with the hair, the backhair, the brows, and start wearing pants, I will see what I can do about some stand in work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wu Tang Wallabe or Wanna Be

High end British shoemaker C. and J. Clark Ltd, better known as Clarks, creates classic shoes including the Wallabe, which have received homage by Method Man and Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan and in their songs. Ghostface Killah has put the Wallabe on the cover of his album, Ironman.

So the question is Austin giving a shout out to Wu-Tang with his footwear. Or is he just a wannabe trying to pass with Clarks Desert boots?

Whatever you gotta suspect that Austin's got a little something for the Wu-Tang. With being a Don an all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Way Back After Tomorrow

Prehistoric Jake

"I knew I wanted to have good actors who had some talent. But I didn't want someone to say, `Oh, look, there's Jake Gyllenhaal running after a mammoth.' "

- Roland Emmerich, director of "10,000 B.C.," on his reluctance to hire familiar faces.

Jake Animal hunter. Dressed in animal skins pursuing the Mammoth. Wouldn't have been too hard on the eyes. And it seems like Austin had been working on a character like that for a long time. But it wasn't too be.

Roland mentioning Jake is a reminder of The Day after Tomorrow, and a mysterious mention of an actor's trailer that blew up on set in Montreal, in an interview with co-star Arjay Smith.

When you look back on filming, is there one day of filming that sticks out in your mind?

Wow. There’s one day that sticks out in mind but it wasn’t a filming day. The whole shoot was just awesome, everybody was just pleasant. But one day one of our actor’s trailers blew up and that was a frantic day. Thank God they weren’t in there.
It seems too much gas was pumped into the trailer. But who's trailer was it? Was it a chicken with shallots experiment gone wrong? : ) Anyone else remember hearing of a trailer blowing up?

Wonder what this would have looked like in 10,000 B.C. costuming. Well Austin could've taken his shirt off again.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Out Spotlight 30

Before NPH, and TR, there was B.D. B.D. Wong, and Father's Day is the perfect day to spotlight this out actor, father, and writer.

B.D. was born Bradley Daryl Wong was born in 1962 in San Francisco CA, with a early love of music. He was encourage by his family, to follow his love, leading to discover acting as child. Raised in no single formal religion he was he developed an avid interest in Bible stories through musicals such as Godspell, Jesus Christ, Superstar, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. His high school drama teacher encouraged him to become a part of Bay Area community theater scene. After graduating from SF State University he pursued his dream of acting in Manhattan. With small parts in dinner theater and off Broadway, and screen debut with a small part in Karate Kid II.

Shortening his name to B.D., he made his breakthrough in the gender elusive M. Butterfly. He made on of the greatest Broadway debuts in history, with the Tony, Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, Clarence Derwent and Theatre World awards for his portrayal of Song Liling. He is the only actor to win to all of these awards for the same show.

His stage success led to leads in Jurassic Park, and playing the gay Kico Govantes in Randy Shilt's landmark AIDS novel in HBO's adaptation of And the Band Played On. He may also be remembered many for his role in the Father of the Bride and sequel playing the flamboyant wedding planner assistant Howard Weinstein. While played characters on television and screen, he remained publicly closeted, privately he was out and supported.

He remained publicly closeted until 2003, making this comment in a interview to Zap2It several years later about why he hadn't come out sooner. "I'm a pretty private person, not just a big discloser in general, but also there was an issue of my career. Acting was really my entire world, but I entered a field that was particularly non-welcoming to me as an Asian-American. The opportunities already were somewhat limited to me, so it felt almost like a kind of career suicide to be completely out as a gay man. I bought into that for a long time".

What changed all that? Fatherhood.

Before his success on Broadway, B.D. had been in a long term relationship with his agent Richie Jackson. B.D. and Richie wanted to have children, so they embarked on a journey that would have them experiencing the highs and lows of expecting and parenthood. By 2000, they were in "infanticipating" and using a surrogate they became pregnant with twins produced by B.D's sperm and Richie's sisters Sue's egg.

A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks but B.D. and Richie were thrusted into parenthood when their surrogate, Shauna Berringer went into labor at 28 weeks. Their sons Boaz Dov and then Jackson Foo were born. Boaz Dov was sadly passed away ninety minutes after being born and B.D and Richie were in a fight to save their son Jackson's life, not only due to his prematurity but due to twin to twin transfusion syndrome, that has played a role in taking Boaz Dov. It is when the blood supply is only received from the placenta to one twin and the the other receives it through his twin rather than the placenta.

Jackson Foo was dubbed "the chestnut man" because they thought they he had the weary world wise face of the men who sold chestnuts in NY. While Jackson Foo was in the hospital for the next three month, B.D. began sending emails full and emotion, candor and sometime humor to his family and friends. Encourage by those same family and friends he gather these together into a book that talke about Jackson Foo, their loss of Boaz Dov and JF's two daddies . This book, Following Foo: The Electronic Adventures of The Chestnut Man, was not just about JF's journey but BD's as well. The book published in 2003 was a part of BD coming out. "I wanted a reason to help me come out. And this book became a reason and that allows me to do it 1,000 percent. I'm perfectly happy going on TV now and saying, “I'm a gay man. I'm happy and proud to say that.”

About the price of coming-out publicly, B.D. shared this concern with the Advocate in 2003: “Some days, I think, ‘You're never going to work again.' I think there's a real reason to worry, as anyone reading this magazine can understand. The book, for me, means I'm calling into question the whole career thing. But that's OK.”

Wong needn't have worried. Professionally, he's thrived. He had was on the acclaimed HBO series OZ, as Father Ray Mukada for six seasons and Dr. George Huang, on Law and Order: SVU. Unfortunately coming out was there was a personal sacrifice of the break up of this long term relationship with Richie Jackson. B.D. single parents his son JF, and Richie continues his relationship as an uncle.

B.D. has been vocal about his motivation for becoming a parent, in 2003, telling Gay City News, “It's too much of a pain in the ass to have a kid just because you think it's great as a gay person to do that. I had a real strong impulse to be a father, to share a relationship with a person….a parental blood relationship.”

Among the many things learned upon becoming a father, B.D. shared these insights in 2003, with his hometown paper, the San Francisco Chronicle: “Prior to the day the sky opened up,” the birth of the twins, “I wasn't totally me for some reason and now I'm getting an idea of who I am.”
A devoted and loving father what is better to celebrate every day not just Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day B.D. and Jackson Foo.

B.D Wong and John Lithgow in M.Butterfly for the Tony Awards

And props to Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts who marched with his daughter Kathrine in Boston's Pride Parade yesterday. Kathrine came out publicly this week with the love and support of her parents.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Finish Nails needed

They booked the room months in advanced and just couldn't afford to lose the deposit, so Nailed had its wrap party or more like night out with free drinks and snacks last Wednesday before filming has finished. What optimism. Then again, SC might not give them the check unless they did all those Hollywood things, umbrella holders - check, check, film - check, pay crew - check, party - .... no party no check.

Sadly Jess and Jake didn't join in the fun. Who knows they may have had to work through it, or just maybe just didn't want to answer those pesky cocktail questions that seem to come up. With Nailed it might have been a minefield. Money woes, layoffs, definitely things not spoken about at a party and charm can only take you so far when a Southern lady is persistent asking about wedding bells. What would Jess say? ; )

So no worries buckaroos, Nailed is still hammering away, unfortunately Jake may have to watch the Lakers lose in South Carolina on Sunday night. (kidding kidding, - Go Celtics!)

And all this talk about singing cowboys, sisters, and Clooney this week....well you'll see, ok hear.

And hey Happy Saturday, make it a good one!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Music Man

He's said that the "kid" can sing, and sure he has heard Jake many times. From Jimmy Kimmel, know that the he rocked show choir. They both love music and have been out to catch some shows. Jake has talked of drums in the past and a brief bit of band past, but what about Austin? Do you think he's gotta some more musician in him than just singing? Past band geek? Or garage band? A lead guitar? Or funky bass man? Alternative? Rock? Texas Blues?

Rock Band or Guitar Hero must be sitting on the shelf always ready to play. Somehow you can picture them and friends rocking out on the X box. Makes you wonder what songs get picked. But can totally picture the hilarity of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper as they try to give it more cowbell like Will Ferrell. And forget about it there is definitely some karaoke in the past present and future, without a doubt.

One thing is certain is that this duet makes beautiful music.

Black & White Photo courtesy of Austin Media.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Between the covers

When a book lover and English major collaborate - Instant Classic

Great Expectations? Call of the Wild? All's Quiet on the Western Front?

What's it called on your must read list?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cap it off!

If you don't say yes, I'll end up with that other blonde. And that's not gonna be pretty.

It's ok Butchie, Bill said this how the police hold my hand.

Give it your best shot and see what you come up with. Have fun