Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello, Thank you, Nice to meet you

Broadway is celebrating tonight with the Tony Awards but OMG is celebrating something even bigger than a Tony that's also Broadway related.

When OMG met Jake on Broadway.

Yes met Jake - not just going seeing Jake on Broadway in Sunday in the Park with George (which made this fan so proud of your performance) - but met you Jakey.

(Waiting Jake's team to have a moment or the vapors or a scream or scrambling like it's DEFCON 1)

Jakey we met at the stage door after a matinee.


I had seen the show the night before and your performance was moving - your love of acting and the interplay of the energy of the audience apparent - your singing top notch - you claimed your seat at the Broadway table with Sondheim!

You came out that afternoon and were kind gracious to sign autographs.

And standing right there you  never even know that Special K was in front of you asking you to sign her Playbill and thanking you in return.

The world didn't stop spinning, nothing exploded, it was just a moment between a fan and a performer they've admired for years.

Thanks Jakey

PS:  Next time we'll have to talk about all those stories from friends in the industry about you being a bit of screamer  (tsk tsk - I thought that was just at home with a certain tall Texan