Monday, April 30, 2012

As the tweet turns....

Did Sophia confirm some of the connections between Austin and Jake?

Back on Austin's birthday she tweeted....

April 24, 2012Hey peeps. Be sure to say happy birthday to AUS10NICHOLS today. He's a barefoot-running, green-juice-drinking, electric-car-driving #BadassMan, so send some wishes his way. #AllLove

Barefoot running. Like Jake talked about on Letterman?

And was part of the whole Leadville thing?

And green juice?

Like one for me and one for you?

And driving somebody's truck home?

And yeah at OMG already knew, but always nice to know we're on target.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Out Spotlight

Today’s Out Spotlight is an advocate, policy attorney andspeaker. He remains the only former NCAA football captain to have ever comeout, and is one of the most notable collegiate athletes to do so in any sport. In 2012, he was selected as the Democraticnominee for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the solidly Democratic182nd district and will be the first openly-gay state legislator in the historyof the Pennsylvania General Assembly in November. Today’s Out Spotlight is Brian Sims.
Brian K. Sims was born September 16, 1978 in WashingtonD.C., the son of two Army Lieutenant Colonels. An Army brat he lived in seventeen states before settling inPennsylvania during his teens in the early 1990s. He attended Bloomsburg University, inBloomsburg, Pennsylvania, graduating with a degree in 2001.

At Bloomsburg, Sims play NCAA Division II football and in 2000,he was the co-captain of the university’s football team, and was recognized asa scholar athlete. At the time Bloomsburg, was experiencing its greatestfootball season in its history. That’s when Sims, senior captain and defensivetackle of the Division II school, decided to share his personal story with histeammates.

“I never planned to come out to my team, but I knew theywould find out.” ….“I lived with them. I didn’t date and I was a hardcorefeminist.

"I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't know howor when, I feared it would change the dynamic in the locker room. You'respending four or five hours a day with your friends, and that's what I playedfor. I cared that my team would still be comfortable around me. I was concernedthat in the locker room guys would be uncomfortable around me.”

He came out to one teammate after a frat jello wrestling event at another nearby college.
There was no team meeting to announce it, or big announcement, it just happened over time. As his teammates found out one by one, in the locker room no one moved awayfrom Sims. No one shied away from him. His being gay became just more fodderfor locker room teasing, like someone's fat mom. Sims said he also became thedumping ground for every question his teammates had about gay people.

"Straight guys tend to be the most curious about sex,in general, my team asked me everything you can possibly ask a gay guy aboutsex, and in the crudest terms possible."

His teammates, responded in a way he never expected. “Theyall thought something was going to happen to me. They protected me,and I was honored. I never got that negative backlash.” Each player found some time to talkindividually with him. They apologized for jokes they cracked that may haveoffended him. “They were mortified,” he said. “They were worried I didn’tconsider them as good friends as they considered me. And that wasn’t true; theyare my best friends.”

He never heard a single negative comment about his sexualityfrom his teammates.

In coming out, Sims, the regional All-American and teamcaptain, became the only openly gay college football captain in NCAA history.

After graduating from Bloomsburg, Sims went on to earn anJ.D. Degree in International and Comparative Law at the Michigan StateUniversity School of Law in 2004. Hethen came back to East to start his law career, working as a disabilityattorney representing disabled professionals and also worked as the Senior LawClerk at the U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s Washington office where he focusedon state and municipal compliance and enforcement.

He then went on to become Staff Counsel for Policy andPlanning at the Philadelphia Bar Association. During his time at the Bar Association,he worked with attorneys, legislators and community organizations on issuesranging from gender and pay inequity to environmental regulation.

In 2009, Sims joined the faculty of the Center forProgressive Leadership and the National Campaign Board of The Victory Fund and hasalso served as the President of Equality Pennsylvania, and as the Chairman ofthe Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia (GALLOP), until he stepped downfrom both organizations in 2011 to pursue his political aspirations.

He continues to serve on the GLSEN Sports Advisory Council,is a contributor to The Advocate Magazine, and has written for The NationalJurist, The New Jersey Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer,, ThePhiladelphia Bar Reporter, M.D News Magazine, HRC Back Story,,Yahoo Sports and Compete Magazine. Additionally, he was selected as one of theTop 40 LGBT Attorneys Under 40 in the United States by the National LGBT BarAssociation in 2010. He lecturesregularly about the policy and legal challenges facing the LGBT civil rightsmovement and is a regular lecturer at the Center for Progressive Leadership.

In 2011, he announced his intentions to run for thePennsylvania House of Representatives, 182nd District and received theendorsement of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. The district located in Center City and SouthPhiladelphia represents the neighborhoods: “Rittenhouse, Fitler and LogansSquares, the Gayborhood, and parts of Washington Square West, Bella Vista,Graduate Hospital and Grays Ferry.”

After a running a campaign heavy on direct mail anddoor-knocking he beat long-time incumbent Democrat Babette Josephs, Sims wonthe Democratic Primary this April. Sincethere is no Republican challenger in the November 2012 election, Sims willbecome the first openly-gay state legislator in the history of the PennsylvaniaGeneral Assembly.

Brian Sims remains the only former NCAA football captain tohave ever come out, and is one of the most notable collegiate athletes to do soin any sport.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spread a little Sunshine

We know Jake can work it bare...

But he's got it covered too.
How about that Sunshine?
Who said that Austin's the only one with all the assets?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Twigs and Sticks

Three hours in the chair, and 2 curling iron burns but I am bringing back the flip dammit.

Double epaulets, double pockets...I can work all of this, headphones and the hat... and that's why..... I'm the director, people.

You think your left is your best side... some might think otherwise. ; )

A reporter from the Star News (Wilmington's newspaper) tweeted during the series finale that Austin asked the TPTB at OTH if he could wear the hat withNorth Carolina on it, for the last episode. No doubt to thank the city of Wilmington and the state. Makes you wonder what else he specifically asked to wear over his time at the Tree. That JG sweater doesn't seem so far fetched now does it. Or the ring, or the lavender shirt or....

With Austin wanting to be a pirate, you think he might catch 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits' movie with his own band of misfits? And Adam doesn't count, he has his own band.

Wait, is that Jake? Beard, hat..... and a bird.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poncho it Up!

With his flotation device jacket on Jake popped back up again in NYC after a week of speculating exactly where he was.

And it was party time. But it looks like Jake was not the bigger partier of the night. Looking more like out past bedtimes and headed home via the subway.

But speaking of that flotation device.... there's got to be some other uses for it because soon Jakey you are going to have to part with it Spring is here and Summer is coming and it will be a little too warm to swaddled in Sta-puff. Subway seat cushion? Plane pillow?

So what will be the next Never Gonna Give You fashion item Jake will be wearing in the upcoming Spring /Summer season?

The Old Grey T she aint what she used to be. And those tan summer khakis had that unfortunate bike seat accident, although Jake is keeping Mum(ford) about it.
And forget the flip flops - it's doubtful for the Great White North in May, where it still can be a little chilly to dare to bare, and for a germaphobe like Jake - flips flops on the streets of New York would drive him to curl up in s ball and slow rock at the thought of the funk that could find his feet.

Will it be the casually draped sweater around his shoulders? or tied around his waist to hide his assets?

Long gone are the days with tee with graphics and trucker hats with logos - it's solid colors and chambray now. Will the blue shirt be back? Will we see the wrinkle white again? Although he might be swayed by a Eat More Kale shirt.

And will Jake buy more than one pair of pants?

Can OMG make a fashion suggestion, something that will fake the dates by being seen in the same thing but let you change up your outfits at the same time?

Just say ... Poncho.

They've got you covered.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Small World After All

Usually when OMG plays 6 degrees it's with Jake's connections, but this time, it's Austin's that connect to Jake.

And crazy enough it comes straight from the Crazy Tree.

Who knew that a friend and co-star would have a connect to Austin's blue-eyed boy... well more like his beards. And no not the one currently growing on Jake's chinny chinny chin.

....It seems like Mr. Hilton aka Chris Keller has on screen connections to 2 of Jake's go-to fauxs.
Tyler played a young Elvis in "Walk The Line" with Reese and was Taylor Swift's love interest in the video for her 2007 hit "Teardrops on My Guitar. (Source)

Wow, if he gets a cameo in a Kirsten project he will achieve the Full Gyllenfauxfectta!

Wonder if there's a prize for that?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Austin!

You've got a style like none other

with a great body of work

or is that a great body?

With some dangerous curves?

Clever, sneaky and more than a bit naughty.

Even your shadow brings a smile.And your smile melts all under it's spell.

You appear and good things suddenly are even better.

Big hearted, friendly and smile for miles.

Doggone it! You are Texas. And just like Molly Ivins put it.

I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults.

No wonder it makes people want to Hook'em Horns.

What a year Mr. Nichols!
Here's to 32 and it being even better!

Happy Birthday Austin!!!