Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crazy Little Thing

You can never say it is one thing or the other but it is that undefinable something that you find. There is something about Austin that brings a smile to Jake's face and here's hoping that he brings him that now.

Looking back over all the pictures of Jake for the past few years you can see just how happy he was late fall 2005 and winter of 2006. He radiated his happiness. He was out and seen with Austin and you could see how much joy that brought. And in those moments you have seen him since with Austin there is something so different and special than with anyone else. Only something so true radiates so much. It can not be duplicated, spun or manufactured.

It shares the good and the bad. It's not always 50 -50, it can be 70-30 or even 90-10 some days. It's there in laughter and tears and in high and lows, and on great and not so great days, and when you just want to be left to grump. And it's in those moments when you are at your lowest that is somehow given back at its highest.

Here's hoping that right now he is with the one person that could bring some joy to his sadness.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vice City

Dante had 7. And Austin well he inspires many.

For a man who kids that he was named after a bottle of whiskey, and was christen with the new moniker of smooth vodka, this liquor gets his hold on you quicker than you expect.

A little vanity? Well looking like that 'nuff said.

A little greed? You always want more.

Gluttony? Is one sip enough?

Envy? Who wouldn't be envious, not the success, talking the BF!

Lust? That's an understatement.

And the last two. Wrath, and Sloth. Yes he does, wrath for some --which is so difficult to understand why. And sloth - how? More like idleness in admission about this long tall drink of something.

And funny life's irony --check out this article from Radar. And read all the way to end. Enjoy!

Radar - Wild Turkey 101

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's it all about Austy?

What is it about this man ? What is it that makes him stay out of the spotlight? What is about him that so many fear? We have a inclination what Jake feels about him, just from the gazes and grins. Again and again reading interviews with those who have worked with him all you hear is compliments. Soon you will start to see his names on more "promising actors" or "ones to watch" lists.

The more you find out about Austin the more intriguing he is. Articulate, well read, hard working, diverse, and it seems always ready for a laugh. He's one of those people at a dinner party that are a favored guest, who gets invited again and again. You can see why Jake's grin is so great at the mere thought of him.

The only hope is to see more of him of him in the future.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Anything and Everything

Austin is the kind of actor that doesn't want everything, but he is the kind of person who does.


While Austin does wants success as an actor and wants to be a star, he doesn't want everything that comes with it. Jake's life has shown him that. Yes Austin is ambitious but not as ambitious -- or should I say opportunistic as others who are in the pack trying to breakout and be a star. Seriously what the heck does his management/pr do for him? You don't see him at premieres of other things in HW, you don't see his name bold faced in the gossips every week, you don't see him trying to grab sound bites or inches of copy. Could he be working on becoming a star through, maybe hard work, and his performance and craft? Does anyone do that anymore?

So many times it has been said he is using Jake for his career. Well if he is, he really stinks at. Think about it, if an up and coming actress was dating Jake, she would be everywhere using the opportunity to be seen with him to get more coverage. Heck even friends go out and get seen with their more successful star friends to boost their image. But Austin seems to slip back from that instead of moving forward in it.

But as a person, Austin does want everything. He wants a career, a home, someone who loves him, a family. Funny isn't that what all of us want? Maybe not having everything about being a star will one day give Austin everything he wants as person.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Out Spotlight X

We focus on an interesting and somewhat controversial figure for the Out Spotlight today. Transsexual pioneer Renee Richards, born Richard Raskind, Richards was a gifted tennis player and played on the professional tour. Richards went to medical school and became an eye surgeon, specializing in strabismus (crossed eyes). Long a cross dresser, Richards considered sexual reassignment surgery in the 1960s but opted out, married and fathered a son. In 1975, Richards had her surgery and began pursuing a tennis career as a woman.

Richards was barred from the US Open by the USTA, citing a previously unheard of women-born-women policy. Richards took the case to the NY Supreme Court and won. It was a landmark decision for transsexual rights.

Richards played tennis as a woman for 4 years and was ranked as high as 20th. Richards had some success at the US Open, reaching the doubles final in 1977 and also won the 35 and over singles title in 1979. Richards twice was a mixed doubles semi-finalist at the US Open with partner Ilie Nastase.

Richards expressed regrets over her reassignment surgery in later years, saying she felt like a second class woman. She also felt that she should not have had the surgery so late in life, after having already lived a significant portion of her life as a man.

"It's not something for somebody in their 40s to do, someone who's had a life as a man, - - - If you're 18 or 20 and never had the kind of (advantages) I had, and you're oriented in that direction, sure, go ahead and make right what nature didn't. But if you're a 45-year-old man and you're an airline pilot and you have an ex-wife and three adolescent kids, you better get on Thorazine or Zoloft or Prozac or get locked up or do whatever it takes to keep you from being allowed to do something like this.''

- Renée Richards, Associated Press, February 1999.

"She calls the 2004 decision of the International Olympic Committee, which allows transsexuals to compete, “a particularly stupid decision" . . . "Better to be an intact man functioning with 100 percent capacity for everything than to be a transsexual woman who is an imperfect woman.”"

- Renée Richards, as quoted in The Lady Regrets,
New York Times, February 1, 2007

Richards in 1975.

Richards in 2007.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sugar Snaps

What's a Saturday morning with out some sugar to get you going?

Some days you just need more sweetness than others.

Friday, January 25, 2008

This Charming Man

While many eyes are focused on where Jake is, lucky bets are that his eyes are focusing on this man. Why? Why him and not others?

Because he is there to lean on to give him strength like no one else can.

Because he makes him smile like no else can.

Because he brings happiness like no else can.

Because there is no one else like this charming man.

Knowing that Jake has someone so special there for him, lessens the worry during all of this. Knowing that he is there now, has been there before, and will be there in the future brings comfort.

*REMINDER- If you want to protest Phelps and Westboro Baptist with us, go to the website at 12 noon EST. Click on the Contact link at the top of the page. That will bring up a contact form for you to send them a message. Send one message, multiple messages, whatever you want. I am encouraging people not to be nasty. Don't fight hate with hate. Thanks. ~ Wicked*

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Take on Jake

As the news about Heath unfolded over the past days, thoughts turned not only to his family, Michelle, and Matilda but for many here, to Jake as well.

TMZ. com has reported as of last night ( January 23rd)

Jake Gyllenhaal has yet to be seen or heard from since the death of his close friend, Heath Ledger -- and people on the set of his new film are working hard to keep it that way.

Gyllenhaal is in New Mexico, currently filming his new movie, "Brothers." We're told there are no plans to shut down production, but Jake is very upset and doesn't want to talk to the media -- so the set has been closed to non-crew members and extra security has been hired.
Knowing how Brokeback brought so many fans together, for those who made it, it must have created an even more special bond. Jake's thoughts must be filled with sorrow over the loss of Heath, and concern for both Michelle and his goddaughter Matilda.

It's good that the cast and crew of Brothers have rallied around Jake, protecting him from the onslaught of the media so that he can have time to reflect, renew, and find strength to give. Sure that he is also turning to his own family and Austin for support. It is times like these that people draw close to those they love.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

There ain't no reins on this one.

That was Heath, never bound by convention or conviction, he did not follow or lead, but just found his way through this world his own way and on his own terms. Heath was a free spirit, with hippy sensibilities, with shyness, a gentle heart and a sensitive soul. It was his vulnerability and sensitivity that he tapped into to create one of the most iconic images of the new modern cinema, Ennis Del Mar.

I'm not good at future planning. I don't plan at all. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I don't have a day planner and I don't have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future.
Heath did live in the now, from the company he kept, the clothes he wore, the roles he took. He never looked back, nor worried about the future but live in the moment. The road he traveled was not one everyone would take, it was not easy or straight or always clear, but it was his road and he traveled it his way.

He was a loving son, brother and especially a father. Devoted to his family and so close so to the women in his life he kept them with him with a reminder that literally was part of him. His daughter, Matilda was the joy of his life.
"Fatherhood has changed me as an artist because I feel things on a deeper level," he said. "I think my performances will grow simultaneously."

It was all about acting and not the trappings of Hollywood that were important to Heath. The performance, not the perks or paparazzi.

From his early role in "Sweat" in his homeland of Australia, to his American debut in 10 Things I Hate About You , he went on to find roles that he wanted to play, not what Hollywood felt he should play. He turned down many roles rather than be typecast, looking for the chance to do something interesting, even if it wasn't as successful as some expected him to be.

He did A Knight's Tale, Four Feathers, Ned Kelly, Cassanova, Lords of Dogtown, Brother's Grim, bringing notices to his role in The Patriot and his portrayal as Sonny Grotowski in Monster's Ball really caught many eyes to see his depth and range as an actor. But it was Brokeback when world stopped looked and truly saw the incredible actor Heath was.

Brokeback Mountain has moved beyond the love story that at it's heart is. It has touched so many in so many ways, words of one are inadequate to capture it's meaning. The universality of it message "Love is a force of nature" has touched, transformed, and forever changed the world in which we live.

Heath was on to something - it is the acting, the story, the role that rise above all.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers to go to his parents Kim and Sally, amd his sisters, Kate, Olivia and Ashleigh, at their loss. And to those who
came to love Heath during his short life, friends and more. But especially to his daughter Matilda, the love of his life, the twinkle in his eye, and the bit of immortality that lives on.

May the rest of us be comforted his spirit that will live on in his work.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Heath

.....just sending up a prayer of thanks.

Star Light, Star Can't Shine Bright?

Does Jake have to dim so that another star can shine?

You know what is missed - Jake's activism. Yes. he signed a kite for the Kite Runner and gave a lunch with him for the ACLU . But it is things like , Jake championing Get out to Vote like did in the past election. We know Jake is politically and socially active - he was raised in a politically and social conscious home, are we just not allowed to see that anymore? Has that been taken off the table by TPTB? Or did he decide that on his own? Is he not allowed to outshine the People's Choice activism? It just seems like Jake is not allowed to show the well rounded confident man that he was, for fear it will distract from the shiny star next to him.

You Tube: Jake & Peter Rock the Vote

Monday, January 21, 2008

Wipe Down

Pics from IHJ. #7 is my favorite!

Poking around in IHJ and found these screen caps of the famous Wipe Down scene. Just thought I'd go ahead and post all of the caps together. I love the expressions on both their faces. They look like they're having so much fun being together! Hmmm, who doesn't that remind me of?

I am including the link to the new Jeese pics, for compare and contrast purposes. What do you see? And, more importantly, what don't you see?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Out Spotlight IX

This week's Out Spotlight will focus on Quentin Crisp, author, actor, artist's model, raconteur, prostitute, dinner guest, and gay icon. Crisp was gay before there was gay culture and he was never in the closet. Crisp dressed femininely and in outlandish costumes from the time he was very young. He frequented the rough neighborhoods of London and held his own. He lived in a flat in London for 40 years and said he never cleaned it once, and that the dirt didn't get any worse after the first 4 years. Crisp wrote a book about his experiences called The Naked Civil Servant, which was made into a successful movie with John Hurt. (I highly recommend this movie; Hurt is spectacular!) The title refers to Crisp's experiences as an artist's model. He said it was like being a civil servant except you're naked.

Crisp moved to New York in the early '80s and did a series of one-man shows recounting his life. Crisp always had his phone number listed and said he felt it was his duty to talk to anyone who called. He often answered the phone with, "Yes, God?" (Just in case, he said.) He also accepted dinner invitations from almost anyone who asked. Crisp lived in the Chelsea Hotel through both a fire and the murder of Nancy Spungen (girlfriend of punk rocker Sid Vicious).

Crisp was in several movies, most famously playing Elizabeth I in Orlando (yet another reason to see it!). He was one of many people interviewed for the documentary The Celluloid Closet. Crisp once said he would live to 100, with 10 years off for good behavior, and in 1999 he died at the age of 90.

"I have always lived my life in the profession of being."- Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp in 1941.

Quentin Crisp in later years.

Quentin Crisp's website-

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Pictures of Jake and Austin with their sisters. Well, I think the woman in the picture with Austin is his sister. I could be wrong about this, however! Interesting that both boys have older sisters and seem close to them. And that each of their older sisters has a daughter. Could that be causing the boys' biological clocks to tick?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Butch & Sundance

Another moniker for our favorite twosome.

Now before people all get in a twist - remember Jake does have those blues just like his godfather who gave us Butch. But Austin, come on he doesn't look anything like Redford. No he doesn't, but if wasn't for Sundance, there might never be Austin Nichols, actor - he might have been just a water skiing doctor who loves movies.

But it was Sundance where the sneaky skier who can fib with the best, snuck into a party and not only got discovered but got an agent at the same time.

"For Texas-bred Austin Nichols, the I'm-gonna-be-in-pictures moment arrived his senior year of high school, when he crashed a party at Sundance while visiting relatives in Park City, Utah. 'A woman in the corner kept looking at me, which was sort of awkward,' saysthe 24-year-old, whose snarled smile and cut-from-stonecheekbones had caught the eye of a prominent manager. "Six months later I was enrolled at USC and going on auditions.' "

- Vogue, September 2004

Jake would agree that Sundance has been good - Donnie Darko, The Good Girl, hosting the 2004 festival with Zoey Deschannel. But bet if you asked him the best thing that ever came out of Sundance, his grin would say it all.

Sundance 2008 opened yesterday, and runs through 27th. And like always there is a Gyllenhaal/Sarsgaard presence at Sundance again this year. Peter is starring in "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh" with Sienna Miller, Jon Foster, Mena Suvari and Nic Nolte.

Sundance Links:
Sundance Film Festival 2008

10 Shorts 10 Days
Starting today you can catch the official short selections at this year's Sundance for free. Sundance 2008 main page

You Tube: Sundance 2004 Jake the song and dance man

And for the foodie and the cinephile:
Gourmet. com - Indie Indigestion

Pictures : IHJ & Austin Media

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Hard Out There for a Straight Man

So many times we focus on how tough it must be to a gay in Hollywood. But what happens to the straight guys - it's tough for them too. If you think Jake had it tough before, look what he has to face now.

Loss of half of his wardrobe options.

Only getting 3 minutes to decide on what underwear to buy. Size? Boxers or briefs? And always, always only the ones that come in a three pack.

SNL dress gets sent back 30 Rock.

Can't lose the beard no matter how many times he shaves.

The only help he gets now from friends when he get wets from the rain is - "Dude don't drip on my stuff. "

Having to go undercover (baseball hat and sunglasses) when taking your date to movie musicals.

No more bedhead at breakfast unless with the GF.

No more Bee Gees in public.

Forced to tint windows in car.

Can't get away with peeks anymore without consequences.

Your girlfriend wants to borrow your stuff, end up giving her a hat so she doesn't touch your good stuff.

Funky Jake out LumberJake in.

Trips to WeHo and Silver Lake are now trips to Santa Monica and Brentwood.

And what everyone really wants to know. The winning name of the Wicked and Tom's fauxmance.... drum roll please..... in a landslide .... ...Wicked and Tom will now be referred to as Twicked.