Monday, November 30, 2009

What a Feeling!

Before Jake is just a memory in Pittsburgh.

Did you really think I wouldn't?

Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night,
lookin' for the fight of her life
In the real-time world no one sees her at all,
they all say she's crazy
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she's dancing like she's never danced before
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she's dancing like she's never danced before

With the yoga and parkour training this is easy.

And he's done dance, and hip hop.

He knows how to make things hard as steel working Pittsburgh.

And that memorable seduction in the restaurant wearing a tux eating a lobster and a little footsie?

Game : Plenty of lobster experience for a guy who spent summers on the Vineyard

Set :

Match : "Out for a romantic dinner at Jar last night, spied dreamy-eyed boat of dreamboat dreams Jake Gyllenhaal dining with Official Jake Gyllenhaal BFF Austin Nichols. Couldn't see what Jake was eating, even through my finest set of opera glasses, but he sat slumped enough in his seat that I momentarily suspected he was being served his meal from under the table" Defamer

Hey it is just like a movie. Getting the tall guy with the curls, the dog and a Porsche in Pittsburgh.

Speaking of tall and handsome.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree. Brooke Davis(TM) is pushed to the limit.(Credit? Speed? Fashion?) Nathan and The Real Housewife of Tree Hill’s careers bring tough decisions for the family,(why not make a tough decision about that hideous hat and hair combo ?) Julian plays a I Gotta Secret with Alex that leads to a confrontation with Brooke Davis(TM), wear a cup Julian, wait it doesn't matter anymore she's already got 'em. Meanwhile, Feats of Clay tries to resuscitate his career as an agent by wearing a suit, Jamie learns the truth about Skills’ new job in LA (exit stage left). And a fresh-from-jail Millie finds an unlikely supporter (when she really needs a sponsor)in Victoria.

OTH News:
Australian actor Mitch Ryan will be joining One Tree Hill this season with a recurring role as Alexander, a handsome pro surfer-turned-young mogul.

Oh come on you know there's going to be a some JFC stuff thrown around. But what lines ? "I got my eye on you"? "I don't know Butchie instead"? "See God" Brooke? "I'm going to bone" Alex? "Whipping the Skippy?" Or is Julian going to whip off the shirt and compare his stick to Alexander's to see who's going to rule the waves of Tree Hill?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

OutSpotlight CVIII

Going a little Colonial today since Thursday was Thanksgiving. For a long time there wasn't something called coming out. 1868 is looked upon as the first time someone publicly stated in print that they were homosexual, that was Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, who dropped his pseudonym and used his real name. But that is not to say that there weren't men and women writing about their feelings long long before then, even when then were unable to come out.

Today's OutSpotlight is Micheal Wigglesworth. A Puritan minister from the Massachusetts colony, Wigglesworth struggled with the conflict between his religious beliefs and his sexuality, setting his feelings down in the encoded pages of his diary.

At the time, religious ideas shaped the law, the European colonies of North America, which set harsh penalties for homosexual activity. Yet as they settled, the Spanish, French, and British encountered native cultures that allowed for expressions of same-sex love. And within the colonies as well, there is evidence of same-sex activity despite the violence of the law, which is included beatings and even death.

Michael Wigglesworth born in England in 1631, his father Edward,arrived in New England with his family in 1638, and in October of that year moved from Charlestown Massachusett to New Haven,CT. Michael returned to Massachusetts to attend Harvard College, graduating in 1651. A fellow and tutor in the college from 1652 to 1654, as he continued his studies toward becoming a minister. Like many Puritan clergymen, he kept a diary for recording his daily life, meditations on faith, and his battles with lust and temptation. For Wigglesworth, however, these feelings took a form that seemed dangerous to record even in his private papers.

Wigglesworth was plagued by his attraction to his male students, many of who were close to his age. The passages in his diary about these attractions are written in a secret code, allowing him to be explicit about his feelings and his fears.

On April 5, 1653, he wrote, "I find my spirit so exceedingly carried with love, that I can't tell how to take up my rest in God." On July 4, 1653, he struggled with "filthy lust" inspired by "my fond affection for my students while in their presence." Marrying in 1655, his attraction to men continued. The day after his marriage Wigglesworth confessed to his diary: "I feel stirrings and strongly of my former distemper even after the use of marriage --which makes me exceeding afraid." In 1656, he became minister of the church in Malden, Massachusetts.

In 1663 he made a voyage to Bermuda in search of health, and during his absence an associate minister was ordained at Malden. His health prevented him from officiating in the pulpit for about twenty years, during which time he studied medicine and became a skillful physician. In 1686 he resumed his pulpit labors, continuing to practice as a physician.

In 1662, Wigglesworth published an epic poem about the Last Judgment called The Day of Doom. The first 1800 copies sold out within a year, and the poem quickly became the most widely-read and frequently-memorized text of the age. The poem he pictured in vivid colors the terrors of the judgment-day and the awful wrath of an offended God. Thus the poem recommended itself to the sternest of the Calvinists as well as to their children. Excerpts from the poem are often used in college courses now to illustrate the grim and fiery tone of New England Puritanism in the 1600s. Wigglesworth's private torment, however, is seldom, if ever, mentioned in considerations of his work. Knowing Wigglesworth's private fears gives added resonance to the descriptions of the eternal torment of damnation in his writing.

Several stanzas of The Day of Doom refer to the futility of attempting to keep a secret from God:

"No hiding place can from his Face sinners at all conceal,
Whose flaming eyes hid things doth spy, and darkest things reveal."

Later he adds: "Deeds of the night shunning the light, which darkest corners sought,
To fearful blame and endless shame are there most justly brought."

No matter what Wigglesworth did to conceal his desires from his contemporaries, he felt sure that the truth would out, and damn him forever, when it really mattered.

His carefully encoded confessions were not revealed until the 1960s, when historian Edmund Morgan decoded the passages and published a full version of the diary. Wigglesworth seems to have taken his secret with him to the grave. However, a passing comment made by another minister upon his death reveals how important his decision to encode his thoughts had been. When he died in 1705, the son of one of his former students--the renowned minister Cotton Mather--preached the sermon at his funeral. In the published edition of the funeral sermon, Mather wrote that he could attest to Wigglesworth's great love and concern for his students, since he had read about it in the teacher's "reserved papers."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fraternal Paternal

Not sure how many have watched the trailer from the UK. But comparing that clip vs. the trailers that are shown in the US you can see the differences in selling the story of Brothers. One of the biggest difference is that in the UK trailer you see scenes of Sam in the war, scenes of conflict. While it is known in the story, in US that is being downplayed. Why?

Well, movies about war have been a hard sell in the US, and as Jim Sheridan says, "I think the American people just don't think there is a war on, so why should they have to go to a movie about something that doesn't exist? Their state of denial is hard to overcome,"

But Sheridan doesn't see Brothers as a war movie, but really "as a family drama about a man coming home after a long absence, and he just happens to have served in Afghanistan."

Sheridan point of view as a director is about families and relationships. He takes a bigger story, like Christy Brown in My Left Foot and focuses on the relationship between Christy and his mother's to tell it. Or telling the story of immigrating to the US, like in In America, through the relationship of a father and his daughters. The same is true for Brothers. Sheridan emphasized the family's struggle to be whole again. "It is a big thing to me to show the family at war. They are split by an event outside themselves. The war is in the family, you know."

A lot of focus in US campaign has been on Grace (Natalie) and Sam and Tommy. But the story that really emerges is more about fathers than brothers. Hank's (Sam Shepard)relationships with each of his sons. Sam's fatherly relationship with Tommy. His relationship with his girls and how that changes from forces out of everyone's control. Tommy find paternal feelings he never thought he had and stepping in as a father and how that changes his life.

Those relationships create so many themes, of expectations,disappointments, rebellion, anger, resentment, abandonment, love, acceptance, and redemption. It is a story as old as man in a setting while modern is itself timeless.

One critic talked about Jake effortless playing a father. Looking at the place in Jake's life you can see how it dovetailed from real to reel. No doubt Sheridan encouraged Jake to bring all of that into his role, relishing as Jake discovered fatherhood on all levels.

Something you might not know about Brothers. Brothers is a pretty little movie that has a powerful punch. The movie had a budget of only $25 million, with the actors talking "a quarter or maybe even a 10th of what they usually get paid," according to Sheridan.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Best Remedy

What's better for the "too much turkey too much family, too much pie, I've maxed out all my credit cards on Black Friday sale" hangover, all before noon?

Two words: Austin Friday

We've been getting clips of Jake so thought some clips of Austin would be fun.

Austin talking about Julian and Brook.

Austin signing Autographs (September)

And because the Longhorns beat Texas A&M yesterday

Wonder if Austin made home in time to share some turkey and catch the game.

Actors playing drug reps agree, best remedy for anything.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

There have been long days and months, tough moments, but OMG has had some good things to count this year.

Make a wish with that wishbone for a year ahead of even more.

You think this is Jake's shirt for the holiday?

And to all those at OMG, thank you for coming and sharing, despite differences in opinions sometimes, we still gather together in friendship and community. To everyone have a blessed year ahead.

Some times it is only when something is taken away, that you stop and truly appreciate what you have been given. This year has shown me the extraordinary love, kindess and friendship of the people in my life. Even when I have been selfish in my own drama. There are not enough words to express my thanks and gratitude for all that have done for me. I am truly humbled and indebted to them. Thank you so much.

Not what we say about our blessings, but how we
use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.

--WT Purkiser

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey's done

For a lot of us, today is filled with cooking, getting ready for friends and family,or traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends or family tomorrow. Austin is no different as he is heading home after a successful USO Tour. Don't know where Jake will be celebrating Thanksgiving yet, but you'd think with his love of cooking he has something he was wants to make and bring wherever he celebrates. Just think the only thing he won't share is his Wild Turkey.

Speaking of Wild Turkey. Going back for thirds because there's more Turkey to feast on.

Austin Sophia and Milo stopped by the Incirlik and Izmir Air Bases in Turkey to show their appreciation to the Airmen of the 39th Security Forces Squadron.

Part of the tour allowed them to meet the law enforcement desk of the base and a chance to airmen and other personnel signing autographs and checking out flack gear that is used in the field.

No doubt the airmen, civilians and their familie appreciated the visit especially so close to Thanksgiving bringing a little taste of home. But would suspect that Austin Sophia and Milo got even more from the trip and giving back. All will have lasting impressions.

With Turkey done it looks like our favorite bird is flying home today and after a long flight will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family and friends.

And what's Thanksgiving without seconds. Here's Jake with Ben Lyons.

That shirt Jake's got on looks a little familiar. Funny who seems to be fan of grey too? Goose if I know.

Safe travel to all those who are heading to family and friends today, and good luck to all those cooking. (Myself included, as I soon will be off to make the pumpkin pie for tomorrow's festivities.)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Square Meal

Another serving of Turkey, with sides of an early (ok fake)snow, and talking about family conflicts it sounds like Thanksgiving dinner.

Main Course:

The threesome became a foursome when Flat Stanley joined Austin, Milo and Sophia at a signing in Germany. What a lucky guy. Wonder where Flat Stanley will be off to next. Think they were so kind to let him share a ride to Turkey?

One thing we do know for sure is that is Austin is not only proud of his American roots but his Texans one too, wearing a Lone Star tshirt that will be in who know how many photo albums around the world. And he has a topic of conversation with every Texan who is serving on base. Sure there were horns thrown many times. Now that's a picture I'd love to see.

And some Westen PA sides
Snow Falling on Pittsburgh - (it doesn't have the same ring as Cedars does it)

Sunday Jake and Anne filmed at Magee Hospital, when you need winter you make it turning it into a winter wonderland Sunday. A little Hollywood magic and presto! Snow. Now we know why there was a Sunday shooting schedule. Magee is an working hospital, like all hospitals it's open 24/7. So Sunday's are the best, no appoinments, just the emergency room and in patients, and essential personnel. Love has made the most of Pittsburgh's area hospitals for various locations, and it does give an authenticity to the life of a drug rep.

Here's Jake and Anne filming another scene in Shadyside this past week.

Here's part 2 of an interview with Jake about Brothers. Here he discusses director Jim Sheridan, what it was like working with him, his reaction to the original film,the differences between this version and the original, and what the movie says about families in general.

Pictures:, Flicker, IHJ

Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey Trot

Austin continues his USO in Turkey after making a successful stop in Germany. Next stop Incirlik Air Base. Located in NATO's Southern Region, is located in ─░ncirlik, 5 NM (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) east of Adana, Turkey's fifth largest city, and 56 km (35 mi) from the Mediterranean Sea. The airbase is home to United States Air Force (USAF) 39th Air Base Wing. The name 'incirlik' in Turkish means 'place of fig trees' (or 'place of figs')

In response to the September 11, 2001 attacks, Operation Enduring Freedom began in October 2001. Incirlik served as a main hub for missions in support for the war in Afghanistan, including humanitarian airlift operations, MC-130 special operations missions, KC-135 refueling missions and sustainment operations for deployed forces.

On March 12, 2004, 39th Air Base Wing was activated to provide the best mix of required support and, as new mission requirements emerge, to shoulder the burden and better contribute in the global war on terrorism and support those troops seving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many traveled through Incirlik on their deployment and return.

Austin USO tour continue to Wednesday November 25th. And with a long trip it looks like Austin still we be able to be home in the US to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Check out more pictures of Austin on the USO tour at Austin Nichols Journal.

It is interesting how things connect. As Austin is meeting men and women who are going into or coming home from combat as Jake's movie about what happens when they come home comes out.

After a screening and press conference on Saturday, Jake had to scoot back to Pittsburgh to finish his work on Love & Other Drugs, while Natalie, Tobey and Jim Sheridan were there for Sunday nights premiere at the School of Visual Arts.

More reviews are coming in and overall there are good comments about the performances of the movie. Here is an interview with Jake about Brothers and a little more about his character.

No new Crazy Tree tonight, a little Thanksgiving break, it returns next Monday, but there is One Tree Hill news.

One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl will go on hiatus next year to make room for a new CW drama series, it has been announced. Life UneXpected, which stars Britt Robertson, Kristoffer Polaha and ER's Shiri Appleby, will arrive Monday, January 18 in a 9pm timeslot after a lead-in from One Tree Hill.
Tree Hill will then go on hiatus Monday, March 8, with UneXpected taking over its slot. The same night, Gossip Girl will return to its 9pm period.

From April 19, both One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl will resume their respective 8pm and 9pm slots and continue airing until their season finales in May.

Picture credits:,Wikipedia,PROFESSORFOX,IHJ
Thanks again to Austin Nichols Journal too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out Spotlight CVII

Today's Out Spotlight is the prolific Hollywood costume designer Orry-Kelly

John Orry-Kelly was born December 31,1897 Kiama, New South Wales in Australia, he grew up to study art there, becoming a tailor's apprentice and window dresser in Sydney.

Orry-Kelly was the professional name of John Orry Kelly, some sources cite his name as George Orry Kelly. Taking the name Orry was the name of an ancient King of Man. His father William Kelly, was born on the Isle of Man and was a gentleman tailor in Kiama.

He traveled to New York to pursue an acting career and ended up shared an apartment there with actors Charlie Spangles and Cary Grant. A job painting murals in a nightclub led to a job at Fox East Coast studios illustrating titles. He designed costumes and sets for Broadway's Shubert Revues and George White's Scandals.

During his time in New York, he became friends with Boston-born Mitchell ("Mit") Foster and MGM's biggest star William "Billy" Haines, who forced to enter a 'lavendar marriage' or choose his lover Jimmy Shields. It has been said that Kelly was the boyfriend of English circus performer Archie Leach, later known as Cary Grant during their time in New York. These early friendships became lifelong relationships.

Orry-Kelly headed west to Hollywood in 1932, where Cary Grant introduced him to the head of Warner Brothers' wardrobe department, where he stayed for eleven years.working for all the major studios (Warner Brothers, Universal, RKO, 20th Century Fox, and MGM), and designed costumes for all the great actresses of the day, including Bette Davis, Olivia DeHavilland, Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Ann Sheridan, and Merle Oberon.

At the time there was a triumverante of three gay costume designers in Hollywood Travis Banton, Andrian and Orry-Kelly. Each of them headed the costume department at one of Hollywood's three largest dream factories and each had their own special muse in the form of a great movie star. Travis Banton worked for Paramount Pictures and his most famous creations draped the gorgeous body of Marlene Dietrich; Adrian toiled at MGM, the studio at the very top of the heap, designing gowns for the enigmatic Greta Garbo; while Orry-Kelly punched the clock at working class Warner Bros. Not they were the only gay designers in Hollywood, but they have become the most known. Whereas Banton and Adrian were circumspect about there homosexuality (both of them would marry women for appearances sake), Orry-Kelly was considered by some to be the most outrageous queen in Hollywood. Although, by contrast, he designed far less extravagant and fanciful gowns than the other two men.

His style differed from those of other Hollywood designers. He avoided Adrian's black-and-white contrasts in favor of a wide range of grays. His fabrics were of as high quality as Banton's, but he disliked the Paramount love of "shimmer." Nonetheless, his costumes were never dull. He cut with style and enhanced with intricate details. Tiny pleats and piping created subtle surface shadows, as did the textured embroideries, open work, crocheted lace, and trapunto. Appreciating skilled handiwork, he even included handpainted fabrics for some of his designs. As more daring decoration, he might add polka dots or punctuate with rows of buttons.

However, decoration was not his aim when working with Bette Davis. As a former actor, he understood the necessity of depicting a character's depth. Davis demanded that each role have a life of its own, with costumes playing a significant part in defining each character's image. At times, Orry-Kelly virtually resculpted her body to achieve a desired effect, and their successes included Jezebel , Dark Victory , The Little Foxes , Now, Voyager , and many others. One of Davis's earliest and least favorite films, Fashions of 1934 , which stars some of Orry-Kelly's more imaginative creations, stands out as a delightful spoof of the fashion world.

His unpretentious style well served Warner Bros. He peopled its gritty gangster features with many a well-heeled moll. He'd take the kind of girl that "a man's man" could "go for," and wrap her in wools as beautiful as any fur. His costumes for The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca spoke with the rich spareness of Hemingway.

His costume work is now deemed classic, including 42nd Street, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Arsenic and Old Lace, Harvey, Oklahoma!, Auntie Mame, and Some Like It Hot.

He won three Academy Awards for costume design (for An American in Paris, Cole Porter's Les Girls, and Some Like It Hot) and was nominated for a fourth (for Gypsy).

A longtime alcoholic, he died of liver cancer in Hollywood, California February 27, 1964 and was interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills). His pallbearers included Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, Billy Wilder and George Cukor and his eulogy was read by Jack Warner. His Oscars went to Jack Warner's wife Ann.