Saturday, December 31, 2011

Easy as A, B, C....

A is for Austin, (Jake said he loves Austin. Austin like to tweet it. ), and Art since is it like oxygen.B is for Beautiful Boy, Berlin, boots, backpacks, burning bridges, and tiny tiles.

C is for Crazy Tree, cops, Cafe Gratitude, and coffee.D is for Directing, Doctor's office, and donuts.
E is for End of Watch, end of the Tree, Evelyn no more, Empire State Building and Edible School Yards.

F is for friends, flushes, filming and FIVE.

G is for Global Green, Golden Globes, Grand Marshal, Grey Goose Pops, grins, Grandma's and glasses.

H is for Hurricanes (How else would have Austin show how those hot rubba boots.), hats, and Hawaii.I is for Indonesia, Italy, Iceland, and Israel.J is for Jake, jokes and El Jefe.

K is for Kale (what else for Jake?) and Keister (for Austin)

L is for Austin's Leaf, LA, late night dining, and... yeah they are.... love.

M is for Madrid, Marfa, movie night at the Arc Light, and mud.N is for New York, New Eyes, and no faux Jake.

O is for Austin's O face, Oscar, Obi Wan's "Sand people always travel single file to hide their numbers.", and OMG.P is for Austin's autocorrect of POR FAVOR to PORN FAVOR, Princess Bride, Palm Springs, and Pee Wee.

Q is for questions, like "Does Jake have more than 4 pairs of pants?" "And where were Jake and Austin one weekend in October?"

R is for Ring, River Ride, Railroad Tour Revival.S is for San Francisco, Source Code, Soul Cycle and Soul Glo.T is for Tree Hill, Two Wheel Tuesdays, Twitter, and Twactors.

U is for Unicycles as props, and Uncle again.

V is for Vegas, Vitamins, Vega as in Casa Vega for dinner.W is for Water, Wig (Austin's), Whitney Houston Wii Sing a long, and Wild (as in Man vs.)

X is for XXX see P for Porn Favor.

Y is for Yes this is the truly the end of Crazy Tree.Z is for Zeitgeist.

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

And to The Two plus crew, hoping next year will be filled with leaps and bounds!

Friday, December 30, 2011

What's good for the goose...

Why Jake on Austin Friday? 1. Who else makes Jake smile like this? And 2. What would Austin like on Austin Friday but Jake?

And it looks like he's getting just that this last Friday of 2011. All signs point to Jake finishing up 2011 the way it started at LAX.And just like Austin there was a lot of Jake to see this year.

He flew backand forthNorth (CA)South (TX)domesticand internationalHad hairthen no hairthen really hairyHe ateand ateand ateand ateand drankand drank and drank ... coffeeHe saw the Dr.againagainand again.He went blueand brownand tanand greenHe booted upand showed off the specsand got WildHe kicked and punchedand ranand spun.
He gave backand grewRoad the railstook the Trucksterand shot steelHe talked about movieswas nominated for a moviecelebrated moviesmade moviesand went to moviesThere was a familiar ringand familiar friendsa familiar smileHe took big stepsand followed his heart.

And in the "how big is my backpack race", Jake might have this one.