Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miles to Go

The Tour de France is 3,500 kilometres (2,200 mi) and 21 days of stages or trials. It is a test of endurance. Some are uphill battles, some are full of twists of turns, narrow roads, treacherous downhill races, time trials, and breakaways. In the Tour De France teams work together to reach the goal, they need each other to get a victory. The goal each day is who wears the yellow jersey, who's ahead, but that is not always the same person. In the palaton, there is jocking for position and doing what you can to overcome you opponent. Sometimes the palaton runs smoothly, all the teams doing what they need to do to sure victory. Many times the person at the head of the team is there to make sure the that best chance for the team exceeds, taking on the resistance head on for their team members. Sometimes along the way there is something on the course that cause upheaval and accidents with riders down, thrown off , and sometimes hurt. But you see team members help each other or tell the others to go own to get the goal they set for that day. Some days the infighting in the palaton cause the most injuries and riders down.

The Tour de Toothy is not much different. It is a long test of endurance, broke up into daily stages, tests and trials. The wearer of the yellow jersey is different each day, but the goal is still ahead. The paths and roads can narrow, can be climbs up mountains that are so steep, or going downhill so fast you are afraid you are going to wipe out, there are twist and turns, and narrow roads that squeeze, and broad roads that let everyone spread out. It is if you are going to let the bumps and things that come in the road throw you, if the teams is there to pick you up, or you are the one in the team that's going to help, or letting the other teams trying to upset yours and push you out of the race, or is it just finishing the race. Your choice, the tour is still going to be there.

Spare Tire:
If Jake needs to get on his bike and ride in Pittsburgh well he could just grab a blue bike and enjoy the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

The Community Bike Program has been brought to the Three Rivers Heritage Trail through the generous support of the Dasani Corporation and Trek of Pittsburgh. Sponsoring this Community Bike Program is a great way to provide the public with a new way to enjoy the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

Pittsburgh Community Biking

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neighborly Day in This Beautywood

First things first.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Austin Nichols Journal.

Spooky posted yesterday a message later in the day about ANJ's anniversary, OMG wants to congratulated ANJ, Spooky and Vesperlynd for all their hard work, wonderful posts and pictures, and thank them for the all their friendship and support in our fanship of Austin. You guys are great. Here's to another great year.

Hope you get a chance to stop over at ANJ to give best wishes.

I admit when I am wrong, and I am admitting to it today. Love and Other Drugs did film yesterday when I thought they wouldn't. Guess there is a higher authority and it's looks like the studio.

So Jake was filming two scenes for in the Pittsburgh suburb of Aliquippa on Monday. Former Aliquippa Hospital was the was the setting for a the scene that was supposed to happen in a rain storm but as production started the real rain stopped and the movie magic had to step in to create the downpour Jake had to dashing in for the second scene of the day, with a few fans catching him on the then closed set. Earlier Jake filmed with Oliver Platt, sitting in a black Mercedes Benz with Oliver at the wheel while locals watched.

Atti is going some bi-coastal this fall and enjoying the PA mountains and trees, but he was not impressed with watching his Pops dodge raindrops so enjoyed the comfort of the trailer.

It looked like Jake had an opportunity for a little Brothers PR, but didn't when a bystander said Hey Spider-Man,” when he shook Jake’s hand.

“Did you like ‘Spider-Man 3’?” Gyllenhaal asked politely, not letting on that it was Tobey Maguire who played that superhero role.

Jake has been winning over Pittsburghers since he's started filming. "He's been out and about, so much so that it seems as if everyone -- or their friend -- has spotted the Hollywood star." according to the Post-Gazette.

Jake with fan, Talituna, one of the girls from the Hillel Academy waiting to see Jake film in Squirrel Hill.

He's been seen in The Strip District for coffee, Squirrel Hill, Downtown bars, out at the Pirates game (hey thanks WDW) and of many restaurants in the Shadyside neighborhood. One little glitch was when he and others were 15 minutes too early for lunch service at the Mark Your Mark Artspace & Coffeehouse and didn't hang around to wait. The owner didn't recognize a low key Jake out grabbing a bite. “My husband doesn’t know a superstar from the next guy. If someone else had been behind the counter, we would have opened up the kitchen,” said co-owner Amy Siebert . But the others sure know who he is, from the line of cougars waiting for him at Squirrel Hill, to the ladies at the Jewish Community Center, and all the students in the local colleges and universities.

Chatham University junior Kayla Hilko was waiting to put her name in for a table at Pamela's Shadyside restaurant recently, when a good-looking man standing ahead of her caught her eye. "I looked at him and thought, 'Whoa, that guy's kind of cute,' " she said, laughing. "Then he turned to the side, and I said to my friend, 'That's Jake Gyllenhaal!' and she just laughed at me." After she and her friend, finished their late breakfast, "she couldn't resist asking the hunky actor to pose for a photo: "I grabbed his arm but not like a stalker ... he was, like, 'Sure.' " "Which is how the photo of a smiling Miss Hilko, a smiling Mr. Gyllenhaal and a smiling Josh Gad -- another actor in the film -- ended up as the photo of the day on Chatham University's intranet Web site."

Sound like Jake is finding the spirit of Pittsburgh native the late Mr. Rogers.

He does like those kinds of sweaters. Don't know if he could pull off Fred's Keds though.

Make me wonder who would Austin be in the neighborhood.

King Friday XII? No - relatively egocentric, irrational, resistant to change, and temperamental, although open-minded , but gives long winded speeches.

X the Owl? Well its a bird, and Jake likes owls and birds. Eager and cheerful and has a strong desire to learn new things.

My money's on Daniel Striped Tiger. A shy introvert who lives in a clock. Despite his shyness, Daniel exhibits phenomenal wisdom and intelligence when he does speak (he discerns the root of Lady Elaine's bad behavior). He has a close friendship with Lady Aberlin, with whom she often nuzzles his nose and says 'Ugga Mugga'." And of course he has a thing for old watches.

Yeah Austin could be Mr. McFeely but honestly don't think he is a Speedy Delivery kind of guy. ; )

And Lady Elaine - who would be the outspoken, cranky schemer Lady Elaine in the Neighborhood of Make Believe? Hmmm

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood at the Pittsburgh Children's Musuem

Jake Winning over the 'Burgh

Jake Filming in Aliquippa

Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Hands, Big Burgers?

What's up for Julian?
Quinn and Brooke organize a photo shoot, while Julian is the coffee boy. Brulian gets their picture taken. Alex like any diva believes bigger is better. And she gives Julian a interesting proposition. Mouths ups the stakes with Skills - how do you up the stakes after naked. (oh I don't want to know) Clay and Nathan disagree on how to handle NBA Baby Momma drama, and Haley begins to wonder if the accusations have could be true and writes a song about it.(just kidding but come on what is she going to sing about? Her 3 chardonnays a day?)

"big hands, I bet he has a really big...

Feet? Forehead? Ears? Burgers? gotta be burgers.

Seems from Austin's interview with Teendrama, that one thing missing from Wilmington is In-n-Out burgers. I feel his pain, they are so good. And yes it is fast food.

But In-N-Out stays focused on the basics. Burger, fries, shakes. That's it.
The beef is fresh, never frozen. Food isn't cooked until you order. But burgers, fries and shakes is not as boring as it sounds. In-n-Out's not so secret anymore menu has other options like the 3x3 (which has three patties and three slices of cheese), the 4x4 (like the 3x3 but with four patties and four slices of cheese), grilled cheese sandwich (comes with everything that the burgers come with, plus two slices of melted cheese), veggie burgers (comes with everything that the burgers come with; is not an actual veggie patty, and does not come with cheese), and Animal Style, mustard cooked patty, pickle, extra spread, and grilled onions, A Flying Dutchman two meat patties with 2 pieces of cheese in between sans bun, or protein style is when the burgers are wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Most popular is the Double Double (two patties 2 slices of cheese) the argument is whether it is regular or animal style.

Austin? Wonder how he takes 'em.

Back to the interview. Austin is savy while answering he does give the winkin' blinkin' and nod to several things. Or is that glitter and twitter? Don't think his mention of a family, kids is coincidental either. And his story? Well in summer of 2007 he did profess he loves pregnant women. Hmmm why? Savy wordsmith indeed. It is great to see that the cinephile remains, and catching movies the reminder of why he loves what he does. As outgoing as he is, it seems that it's introvert things like writing, music, and movies that recharges him.


It is very likely that all is quiet on the Love & Other Drugs front today with it being the holiest day in the year for those of Jewish faith. And before you debate Jake's observance, it is most like director Ed Zwick who is the person who made that decision and would have happened with or without any others of his cast being Jewish.

Yom Kippur began last night at sundown until sundown today, and for those who observe fasting, prayer, and attending services. It refers to asking forgiveness for ways in which we have missed the mark in the past year. This could be wrongdoing of any kind, including lying, being unkind, not doing one’s best, not taking advantage of every opportunity to be helpful or standing by when you could have helped. And even if you are not Jewish there is something to said for having a day to look back over you past year and be mindful . Many times we miss these things in the rush of our lives. It is also a time to forgive others and let it go. The reset button push.

Photos:My New Plaid Pants, Make Healthier, Austin Nichols Journal, Life123

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out Spotlight XCVIV

Today's Out Spotlight is Robert Patrick, gay American playwright, poet, lyricist, and short-story writer and novelist. While ignored by mainstream critics and Patrick is a founding father of gay drama in America and an influence in the development of gay drama in England. His work has influenced his contemporaries as well as younger playwrights that followed..

Born in Kilgore Texas in 1937 to immigrant workers, he was raised in various places in the South and Southwest. But it wasn't until he arrived in New York in the mid-1960's when his real life began when he found his way to the Caffe Cino, where both off-off-Broadway and gay theater in America were born.

Patrick, then known to his friends as Una O'Connor, worked by day as a typist in the city morgue but after work threw himself body and soul volunteering at the Cino, as actor, stage hand, publicist, co-manager, and playwright. His first play, The Haunted Host, was produced at the Cino in 1964.

After Joe Cino's death in 1967, Patrick, who had already written dozens of plays, moved his base of operation to the Old Reliable Tavern Theatre in the East Village and, occasionally, to La Mama, the center of downtown theatrical experimentation.

By the late 1960s, he had produced off-Broadway and once, with Kennedy's Children, briefly on Broadway. When London's Gay Sweatshop began presenting plays in 1975, two of his plays, One Person and The Haunted Host, were included in the first season. (Kennedy's Children had been produced in London in 1974.)

Patrick's early work reflects the restless experimentation with theatrical form of the late 1960s. Monologues, musical extravaganzas, television parodies, nudity, drag, and camp humor fills his varied early work. Patrick's best work is in his more conventional plays, satirical look at the many ways gay men, trained to hate themselves, avoid the possibility of love. The hilarious, biting satires of gay life in New York in the 1960s and 1970s.

His play T-Shirts (1978) pictures the sexual marketplace of gay society as "a conglomerate as heartless as Con Ed," in which youth and beauty are the only currency. In T-Shirts, Patrick dramatizes a conflict between a handsome hunk and a cynical, flamboyant queen that results in a tie in which both learn about the compromises they have made.

In The Haunted Host (1964), a playwright, determined to avoid repeating a disastrous past relationship, is visited by the spitting image of his beautiful ex-lover and realizes that he has shut himself off from the possibility of love.

Patrick can also, as he does in the one-act plays contained in Untold Decades (1988), celebrate the ways in which gay men have managed to love in times of repression and, recently, epidemic.

Patrick's self-portraits appear throughout his work, never more poignantly than in his best-known play, Kennedy's Children (1973), in which, in alternating monologues, five regulars of a bar recollect where they were the night John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Sparger, a sometime drag queen and gay actor in a welter of experimental theater events, recounts the history of a thinly disguised Caffe Cino, which for him represented the 1960s.

In the 1970's, the 1974 production of The Haunted Host marked the first time Harvey Fierstein appeared on the legitimate stage as a male (having previously only acted as a drag performer. Fierstein, later on, included a recording of Patrick's monologue, Pouf Positive on his compact disc, This Is Not Going to Be Pretty. The same year was also the first season of gay theater in the United Kingdom, to which Patrick contributed three plays. The Broadway-theatre production of his play Kennedy's Children (1975) earned Shirley Knight a 1976 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play. Patrick's play My Cup Ranneth Over (1976) was commissioned by Marlo Thomas, a vehicle for her and Lily Tomlin. Although a production with them never happened, that play went on to become Patrick's most produced.

In the 80's Patrick wrote, Blue Is For Boys, which was the first play about gay teenagers, and "Blue is for Boys Weekends" in honor of the play were declared by Manhattan Borough Presidents in 1983 and 1986. His work, The Trial of Socrates was the first gay play presented by New York City. Patrick also wrote Untold Decades (1988), a history of gay-male life in the United States, told in a humorous vein; and Temple Slave, a "totally romanticized" novel about the early days of Off-Off Broadway and gay theater.

Patrick now lives in California and still writes. He has ghostwritting several screenplays for film and television; contributed poems and reviews to Playbill, FirstHand, and Adult Video News magazines; and had his short stories included in numerous anthologies. He reviews adult gay-male videos for several publications. He has also wrote a novel Temple Slave in 1994, which chronicles the years of Caffe Cino before writing his memoirs, Film Moi, and the plays: Hollywood at Sunset and Michelangelo's Models.

There's still time to join in, the JFC discussion has been extended through today.

Friday, September 25, 2009

JFC Discussion

JFC Discussion Episode 6: His Visit Day 5

Cass wakes up to a hard drive full of video footage she has no idea what to do with,
Cissy, harps at Mitch over the phone about Tina's conspicuously-timed appearance in Imperial Beach. "Every degenerate in America jerks off to his mother's videos, and she only showed up to make money off Shaunie's being in the papers," Shaun who heard her can't take any more and, plops one of Tina's shrink-wrapped films in front of his grandmother, takes off on his skateboard. Cissy crazy with guilt, in looks for him landing at surf shop, explaining to Kai what happened and recruiting her help. Kai leaves to search for Shaun at a skate park, but not before telling Cissy he's probably upset because he didn't get to see his mother when she came to the house. "Whoever you don't drive away runs away on his own,

John explains that justice must be served to the "Vato" who stabbed him and tells Joe the police should be involved, which leads them to Bill's. John starts channeling Bill's wife, Lois, which sets Bill off. Seeing her through John he then agrees to help.

Party at the Snug with Shuffleboard, with Butchie, Barry, Dickstein and Ramon. Freddy and Palaka are battling about Palaka recently hurt wrist. Dr. Smith arrives on his bicycle, checking in with Butchie and taking Palaka for x-rays. But what's a party without Cissy, who shows up telling Butchie she wants Tina to see Shaunie. Cissy pulls into the parking lot and herds Butchie into his room. "I want Tina to see Shaun," she tells him, feeling guilty about her outburst that morning. Butchie calls Tina about meeting Shaun, a proves he needs telephone skills, and ends up bursting into tears after the call.

Joe John and Bill go to where go got stabbed, while Cissy finds her missing gun in Kai's trailer. Meanwhile John in the van, "Better she tries to kill me and fails than tries to kill herself," before abruptly passing out. Standing in front of her kitchen window with the gun in her hand, Cissy is startled to notice John standing in her backyard.

In a television infomercial voice, John asks, "Are you sitting in your kitchen on Seventh Street thinking of blowing off your head with your gun you got back from Kai's trailer?" and John pops in front of Cissy's window as Cissy breaks down.

Kai finds Shaun convinces him to come home. And Tina and Cissy talk tuna, and Shaun gets to spend time to know his mom.

Everyone drifts to the Snug and the moment John give his sermon on the mount. "The man at the wall makes a word on the wall from the circle and line. The word on the wall hears my Father. The zeroes and ones make the Word in Cass's camera."

Everyone draws around John, some more aware of him than others, Bill and Freddy make Cops and Robbers more of a band than a reality and John ends his message with, "You will not note my Father's Word, nor remember Cass's camera – but you will not forget what we did here."

Back in Joe's van, still parked by the border road, John wakes up.

Ok so what did you think? Were questions answered? Were others create? Are we finally seeing why Cisssy the way she is? What about John? What is he? Are the more clues or more confusion? What about the speech, what did it all mean?

Was this the make it episode for you? For the show? For Austin as an actor? What did you like what did not like? Favorite moments? Favorite Quotes?

Butcher, The Baker, Candlestick Maker

UPDATE: The Special K Casa lost power last night sometime after 7:30pm and with no power, dead batteryy, and no phone (land or cell), it's up, sh..'s creek without a paddle. Fingers crossed power will be restored by the time I get back home from my undisclosed emergency bunker (Lg coffee "regular" (2 creams 2 sugar)) If the power is not up yet by 5:00PM EST, start the JFC discussion here, and I will get the JFC post up as soon as finish scouring the streets for the National Grid guys.

Now onto much better things: Austin Fridays

Girl, Julian needs a job. A J-O-B! (so do I, but that's a whole different story)

The boy gives up a perfectly great movie job to move to Tree Hill. This after Brooke say she can't run her international clothing and publishing (cough)empire from anywhere but Tree Hill. What the Hell do they do in the Clothes over Bros New York office's? Endless games of Bedazzled and coffee? So Julian move to Tree Hill without a job for the women he loves.

I smell future palimony!

It has become a total role reversal. Julian is the trophy boyfriend of the the CEO. Handsome, model looks, red carpet ready, gets naked at the drop of a hat. (I mean what guy says on the beach says he wants to go skinny dipping, get's topless and HE gets chased into the water by the President and CEO in charge?

Is Julian now a the OTH himbo?

The big Julian scenes have been sex, having dinner waiting, and sex.

He doesn't even wear the pants in the relationship, has father issue, comes up with cute ideas that his powerful girlfriend praises him for, has silly unrefined decorating ideas for HER house, and really doesn't spend anytime with anyone but Brooke since getting back.

This coming week the preview is Julian bringing coffee while he's visiting Brooke on the company's photoshoot. And then he gets his picture taken with the big boss. Himbo, himbo, himbo.

The role reversal of stereotypes is refreshing, and its good to see women in power, but it's a waste of a character, and Austin's talent. No wonder he doesn't really have to prepare. For what? Think about making sure he's in character for sex and to be a P.A.?

Give the guy a job. Have him start a indie film production house in Tree Hill. Get into webcentered entertainment of shorts and series. Have him create the Tree Hill Film Festival. SOMETHING!! OTH you can fit the nakedness in, come on Mouth's a sports guy, yet you have him in a naked stand off with Skills over the apartment for two episodes, and that's like what 17 months in the OTH universe. BAH! (btw how much longer are you going to push this stunt)

So play the Tree Hill Unemployment office. What jobs would you send Julian to apply for? (Bonus points from Schwann & Co if they have shirtless doing them)

Check out Austin Nichols Journal for some new pictures from OTH, as well a pictures of Austin filming on set this week.

Please note: I might deny all of this himbo limbo, after I get power and all things have restored back to normal. Or maybe I won't. : )

Reminder: The JFC discussion will begin tonight at 5:00 EST through Saturday. We will be discussion Episode 6: His visit Day 5. See you then.

Also this post will remain open through Saturday for all non JFC discussion.

Pictures: Austin Nichols Journal

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Government Approved

Yeah I know. But sometimes Twitter can be inspiring.

Like this one:

Two hours into the conference and one thing is clear, people working for the US government love Jake Gyllenhaal- Funkier
Reasons the US Government Loves Jake Gyllenhaal

Made Santa a hot Marine. Hooah!
Al Gore might have brought the Powerpoint but Jake brought the sexy back to global warming.
He's the pin up boy in the CIA analyst offices
He's the face of the new "Protect Yourself against H1N1" campaign.
We all wanted to make out with Jen Aniston too.
He's the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad we can reason with.
Getting a little more governmental:

And it looks like other countries' government might get a chance to fall for him too. The G20 Summit is meeting in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh? G20? What the heck? Well President Obama said Pittsburgh because it has transformed itself from the city of steel to a center for high-tech innovation – including green technology, education and training, and research and development. But still thinking it's "the government just love Jake."

Having that many world leaders in one place means security. And in a city that has 3 rivers, 59 river bridges (of the 2000 bridges in Allegheny Co) and 6 major tunnels that cut through surrounding mountains, it means no one is getting anywhere anytime soon, and that's even before the protesters. There was mention that production of LaOD was moving 3o miles out of Pittsburgh to shoot the next couple of days.

It may also mean that Jake finds a bike or puts on the kicks and takes transportation matters into his own hands. Talk about a work out. Although looking like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on a bike might not be the best idea.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Don't Even Go There"

Comet Hale-Bopp's the closest it will be to Earth until 4397. Titantic crashes into theaters and captures the box office. Tinky Winky was working the look. Scotland gets its own Parliament. The Notebook is just a book. No one knew what a Lewinsky was yet. Diana goes too soon. Ellen comes out. Hong Kong gets handed back. Biggie's shot. Clooney shows what happens to superheros when it gets nippy.

What year is it? The same year that Love and Other Drugs takes place.

Welcome back to 1997.

And what does that mean? According to this notice about more casting in Pittsburgh, it means that those coming to the casting should style their makeup normally but dress in business casual attire and "recommends girls wear ’90s hairstyles with a lot of body — like Jennifer Aniston from the sitcom 'Friends.'"

Does she mean like this?

Does that mean they are going to make Jake be a Chandler... Bing! Well he did live with a duck, its not a goose but close.

Will they put Jake back in the blue blazer, tan pants with the club tie combo? Jake in Dockers? Will Anne be doing the Amanda Woodward (Melrose Place) power suit. Hey you know they could create a little 90210 scene playing on the TV. You know there's this guy who kind of looks like Brian Austin Green...

But thinking about movies you got think about soundtracks. Will there be a montage to Chumbawumba's Tubthumping? (Wait that's Cialis) Maybe Hanson's MmmmBop instead? Some Pearl Jam?

Would you buy Viagra from this man? Would you need Viagra with this man, looking like this? Damn.

Damn, damn,... damn.

JFC Discussion reminder: The rescheduled discussion is this Friday at 5pm EST through Saturday. The discussion is on Episode 6: His Visit Day 5. This was one of the best episode of the series and really showed Austin's craft as an actor. Hope you can join us to discuss.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hugh again?

First it was Hugh Jackman, now Hugh Laurie.

Last night on House.
House: "I quit."

Foreman: "You CAN'T quit."

House: "I think you're confusing me with Jake Gyllenhaal."

OMG's feels because of its commitment to serving the general public, we must help clear up the Hugh's who. You can see where it could be tough. Both Hugh Laurie and Jake have been in Ang Lee movies. And Both are triple threats (acting, singing, dancing,) But we'll make this simple.

This is Hugh Laurie
And this is Jake

This is not Jake

And this is not Hugh Laurie.
This is Jake Gyllenhaal. Wait wait this is Hugh .

This is Jake

Hugh plays a hardened physician who's uses pharmaceuticals.

Jake plays a pharmaceutical salesman who sells hardeners to physicians.

So just to reiterate.

This not Hugh Jackman

This is not Hugh Laurie.

This is not Jake Gyllenhaal.
And this is not Hugh Jackman, Hugh Laurie, or Jake Gyllenhaal, despite the sign.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If the River was Whiskey

Great minds do think alike and as soon as I saw this promo picture of Austin from the OTH promo over weekend I knew what I wanted to do today. And found out I had the same thought as Spooky over at Austin Nichols Journal, to pop Austin into to fav pictures or backgrounds. And she did a great job. The picture reminded my of paperdolls of I had, there was always one handsome boy in the box. Makes me think the grown up version will have two. So you will see Austin the paperdoll pop up in some interesting places , Whiskey with a twist lets say, in the near future.

Speaking of One Tree Hill. As we know from Austin's interview that things are going to get messy between Julian and Brooke in the future. But for tonight, in "What are you Willing to Lose" it's bliss with for a bit, while they move in together. But Julian's Dad (Gregory Harrison) is back and might throw a monkeywrench (or you Brits, a spanner) in the works. But knowing Papa Baker has to be about business, so will that mean a project he wants Julian to do? Brooke picks the new face for Clothes over Bros, and it might be she just picked her poison (for her love life) in doing so. And the question still begs to be answered what the hell is Julian going to in Tree Hill? Become Tree Hill's resident indie producer? Surf? Skinny dip the day away?

Now must give a huge shout out to Vesperlynd who helps Spooky at AJN, cause girl, you did good, really really good.

What did she do? She found some new pics of Austin, from a photo shoot from Davis Factor. Congrats on the AJN exclusive ladies. I will give a sneak peek of them , but suggest you head over there to check them all out. They're too good not to too.

Wet tee? Austin's must have spent a spring break or two at Padre Island, cause he's got the pose and the look down pat.
Just like a cowboy casting his long shadow in the sparse front, so does Austin in this reinvention of a classic western pose with a nod to 80's LA. And check out those boots! The good guys always wore white, but it was the ones in the black that made things interesting.

Photos: CW/Austin Nichols Journal

A JFC Discussion reminder. We rescheduled the discussion for this Friday at 5pm EST through Saturday. The discussion is on Episode 6: His Visit Day 5. This was one of the best episode of the series and really showed Austin's craft as an actor. Hope you can join us to discuss.

Gold star to the lit major who knows where today's title comes from.