Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pillow Talk

First we see Jake and his pillow in bed with Annie.

And now there is picture of poor Jakey all alone just a fellow and his pillow.

Funny how the expression is the same with or without the his bedfellow. Hmmm.

So which of these got the Shopper's World special ? Looks both did.

See how easy it is.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frequent Flier

Now with extra charges, less leg room, flight attendants taking rides on emergency slides and all those delays, you need every tip you can get to make your trip enjoyable.

Austin has racked up some frequent flier miles over the past few years, so who better to give some tips to having the best trip you can without Rescue Remedy drops over ice and special earplugs.

(Courtesy of a young Austy's guest appearance on She Spies)

Present your ticket to the flight attendant with a smile.
And for some their inhaler. They might feel sorry for you. Probably not.

Quickly get to your seat before they charge a fee for holding up the plane.

As much as you love your backpack/carry-on/purse/laptop, they can't have their own seat, unless they have their own ticket. And no savesies. You payed for the randomly selected seat they've shoved you in, it's extra if you want a choice.

Now for the pre-flight check list.

You could go with this but I would go with the emergency air mask in case there's a loss of cabin pressure. You only get two puffs with this, that bag has at least 6.

You never really know when you are allowed to take your seat belt off, it gets confusing, so keep you hands on the buckle so you can buckle and unbuckle continuously. And everyone around you loves that clicking sound, especially after the 43rd time in less that 2 minutes.

Up in the Air:
If you got a sleeper next to you try to get the flight attendant's attention.

Make sure to point out they're a drooler, it might not help get you a new seat, but at least a couple of napkins. And that's a win.

To make it an adventure, play reading roulette, and read the first thing you pull out of the seat back pocket. Ooooo duckies.

You can try to get a drink or bag of pretzels, but don't recommend saying the tequila worm you swallowed the previous night needs to be fed. It doesn't work.

Smile. It might get you a date, which sometimes is easier to get than that full can of Coke, or complimentary pretzels.

After you land:Keep your eye on the disembarking passengers if the row a head of you is asleep kick the back of the chair so they get up. Those 14 seconds you might lose waiting could make the difference between getting out of the plane, and getting out of the plane 14 seconds faster.

And last tip. Watch your head, if you're over 5 feet tall or you have a hat size over a kid's medium you're going to smack your head at least once during your flight. You might look into wearing a protective helmet, like I have.

Now go. Go, Fly like the wind.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not a Square to Spare

Living with someone there comes that moment combining each person's creature comforts, those thing that make wherever you land, home. And you don't really know who someone is until they move their stuff in with yours. Like an old beat up chair they love to sit in, or some crazy lamp that wouldn't go in anybody's house, a fire hydrant they picked off the curb. Or your entire collection of Elvis plates.

Well Julian must be the invisible man because is there anything thing in the house that is his besides his clothes and his movie poster of The Thin Red Line? And where is that poster now? Tucked away somewhere it doesn't clash with the decor? Or is it in Sam's old room? Don't think it stayed in the hallway.

Look around the house, there is absolutely nothing of Julian's. Not even on his side of the bed.

Come on the guy sleeps in a room that is moss green and is that lavender with a dash of a pink? Can he just have a little spot of Julian somewhere?

Not a man cave, or a even a recliner, but just something in the house that says "Julian lives here", even "Sensitive Julian lives here". There is no sense of permanency, it's like BrookeDavis(TM) lives here and one wrong step buddy and you can be replaced.

And what does it say about a relationship when there is no room for the other person in your home together? What does that say about room in your heart and in your life?

Tonight on the Crazy Tree: “The Space In Between” (Are they talking about the distance Julian must walk behind BrookeDavis(TM)?)

Someone sees dead people and it's not Haley Joel Osment. Someone sees babies, Ohhh...It's Just - Ju-lian! And BrookeDavis(TM)channels her "Up in the Air" termination by video face and fires her Mama's ass, face to face. Oh and there's Adventures in Babysitting. (Minus Vincent D'Onofrio in his blond weave, carrying a hammer, and looking like a Norse God/Superhero.) But someone might be singing the blues about this episode.

"Hey maybe I can teach you some sweet dance moves.
This one's called "Bang Bang She Shot Me Down"

But back to the pile of nuts stored in the Crazy Tree.

"I wish I could have the baby for Brooke."
"Hey listen I just kinda figured this out. Don't mess me up again."

Bikini Quinn wakes up while for Feats of Clay the situation worsens; and Nathan decides to give more than 10% to his agent. BrookeDavis(TM) and her supportive JBra take Jamie for the day. What else are they going to do with them? Neither has a job and the writer's can't write about a wedding for 13 weeks (oh make that 19 now). (ie. Don't expect a lot of Brulian this week) No doubt the writers had a mental distress clause put into their contracts after season 6's "very special the dog ate my heart" episode. BigMamaDramaDavis and Millicent hatch a plan, which, if it was an egg, there would be a job for Julian. He could nest and wait for it to hatch. "I'm giving BrookeDavis(TM) what she deserves, even if I have to lay an egg."

Monday, September 27, 2010

A New J Spot?

By now Jake's love of food and cooking is well know. As is his love for Italian food. And his long friendship with Mario Batali.

So what would you do if your friend Mario and his partners opened up an Italian food (and way more) superstore on 5th Ave in NYC this month?

Mario with partners Oscar Farinetti and Joe and Lidia Bastianich opened a third location of Eataly (the others are in Italy and Japan) with a lot of hype. And looks like it lives up to it.

And it sounds like it's Jake's kind of place In addition to a wine store with over a 150 Italian wines, a kitchenware department and a cookbook section, the space boasts seven restaurants, including a pizzeria and a vegetarian spot.

but it's not about just going to eat there, it is a market that would bring out the chef in anyone. There's a fishmonger, a meat department, a deli filled handcrafted specialties, there is an entire pasta department, and an in house bakery with wood fired ovens baking all day long. At the cheese section, they make fresh mozzarella in house and carry the best of Italy's finest cheeses. And at the vegetable/produce section they have a vegetable butcher, who will clean and chop all you veggies if you don't want to do it yourself.

Eataly's goal is to bring the best of Italy that is available, like the famous Gragnano durum wheat pasta, the Langhe’s egg pasta, Piedmont and Veneto wines, West Riviera oil, Piedmont meat, and cold cuts and cheeses of Italian Piedmont tradition. Eataly proposes the best of craft production at the most affordable prices, so that more people can it eat better and eat with a consciousness about what they are eating.

Eatly wants to teach about where food comes from, how it was made, the craft it takes, and the difference it makes. And not that but how to cook it, enjoy it and savor it.

There are classes, tastings, and recipes, and even an app for Iphones. It sounds like it might be one place we'll be seen a lot of in Jake's future stays in NY.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a princess, professor, physician, and poet. She is Lithuanian princess and surgeon, Vera Ignatievna Giedroyc.

Princess Vera Ignatievna Giedroyc was born in Kiev on April 7 1876, into Lithuanian royalty, and was raised in the Russia empire. She trained to be a surgeon at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). The failing health of parents and death of her sister forced her to abandon her training and return back to Russia in 1900. She completed her training is Russia.

Giedroyc specialized in surgery for women, and then went on to become one of the first women-professors of surgery in the world. She soon branched into other areas of surgery and medicine. Her work in laparotomies during the Russo-Japanese War, was among the first to achieve a high success rate. Her success with the procedure lead to the Russian army to adopt it and make it the standard of treatment for penetrating abdominal wounds.

In 1909 she was transferred to the court hospital in Tsarskoe Selo, (near today's St. Petersburg) where she worked as a surgeon to the Russian imperial family. During her practice in Tsarskoe Sole, she joined the Poets' Guild, and began publishing her poems under the pen name "Sergei Giedroyc".

After the February Revolution in 1917, the first of two revolutions in Russia in that year, (It resulted in the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, the collapse of Imperial Russia.) she remained at Tsarskoe Selo, while many of her relatives fled during the turbulent time of political unrest. Giedroyc return to her work with the military, going to work on the World War I front. After the war she settled in Kiev with her lover, The Countess Maria Nierodt.

She remained active in her work in medicine, writing scientific papers on Oncology, Pediatric Surgery, and Endocrinology. In 1921 she began teaching at the Kiev Medical Institute, receiving full professorship in the Department of Surgery, in 1923. In 1930 Giedroyc was name the chair of Department of Surgery, the first woman in the world to do so. She held that post for the 2 remaining years of her life, before passing away from cancer.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Man or Bad Ass?

If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to Austin's interview on Artist on Demand, not for the interview, but for his answers.

All know the story of Austin being discovered at 17 during Sundance, and some may know he started taking acting classes when he was around 15. But in this interview he goes way back and talks about being 3 or 4 standing in the front lawn in his pajamas reciting a Charlie Brown book that was his first foray into performing.

He had listened to a Charlie Brown book on tape so much, he ended up memorizing it, and one day just started reciting it in his pj's on the front lawn with his sister doing the girl voices and his dad capturing it on the new video camera. His parents seeing his talent, sent him to a theater class and as he says, he ran away screaming from it.

It was after growing up and playing sports he was bit by the acting bug at 15 and started taking classes. And now 15 years later he has had several television series, been in independent and blockbuster movies, and worked hard into buidling a successful career as an actor on both the big and small screen.

Asked who is inspiration, he says first off his parents, talking about his father and his career as a doctor and his mother who received her 16th World Championship title and as Austin proudly points out will most likely be in the Waterskiing Hall of Fame. You can hear the genuine pride respect and love he has for his parents and it speaks of not just the man he is, but the family who raised him.

Austin also talks about his acting inspiration, while claiming there are so many, he does come up with a few names, Brando, Newman, Steve McQueen, and Robert Mitchum. All incredible actors, rebels, non-comformists, and all have been seen as anti-heroes. Now, there's something to think about.

And a far cry from Charlie Brown.

Austin goes on to talk back one role he would like to play, Fast Eddie Felson. Newman played Fast Eddie in The Hustler and reprised him in The Color of Money. (Heck even OMG thought about Austin doing Fast Eddie while back) Don't think getting to play pool for a movie would a hardship for Austin, but don't think it's not all about the pool, it's the role, the man.

He also talks about more including the new movie LOL, how he was considered for two parts in the movie, Julian and OTH, and his fundraising efforts.

Friday, September 24, 2010

From the desk of .....

Twitter.... Twitter....
What to tweet about.

Start with a quote? Go with some thing viral? A witty observation?
Something cheeky? Oh save that for Julian.
Will LeVar like it?
Ohhh what to tweet.

Julian, you can tweet later.

Now back to work.

You know that's a typewriter, not twitter.
I'm rehearsing.

We all know Austin's love of the ocean, here's what others who love the oceans and waterways are doing this weekend.

The Ocean Conservancy's 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup is tomorrow, Saturday, September 25th.

It all began with one woman walking along the beach of South Padre Island, Texas. Appalled at the amount of trash she saw, Linda Maraniss immediately felt compelled to do something about it. As a former employee of Ocean Conservancy (then known as the Center for Environmental Education), she knew something about solutions. Teaming up with like-minded people, she organized a beach cleanup. In a mere two hours, 2,800 Texans picked up 124 tons of trash along 122 miles of coastline. Since 1986, that effort has rippled out across the globe, and over a quarter century has grown into a much-loved and much valued experience that nearly half-a-million people look forward to each fall—with more joining each year.

Since then every September, more than half-a-million people in 100 countries pick up millions of pounds of trash from beaches and waterways all over the world—and collect data on what they find.

The Conservancy has additional cleanups scheduled throughout the month of October, check out the map and schedule on their website.

And for those not near the coast, there are waterways wherever you are from. Sometimes we forget that every river, creek and stream interconnect to our oceans, so any place there is water there is opportunity to protect and preserve our waters.

Ocean Conservancy

Have a great Austin Friday!

pictures: OMG, ANJ

Thursday, September 23, 2010

PoP on Top

Jake and PoP pulled off a hat trick this past week.

PoP debuted No. 1 on all three charts, DVD sales, DVD rentals, and Blu-Ray.

PoP sold nearly 2:1 unit to it's nearest competitor, "Letters to Juliet," which debuted at No. 2, and television show "The Big Bang Theory"(Season 3) and "Glee: The Complete First Season" and even beat out Barbie! in "Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale".

While PoP did not meet expectations at the US box office, it looks like DVD sales will be strong for the film and could ride over into a little PoP for Halloween

and leading into PoP Holiday.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Ten - Under the Helmet

Top Ten Reasons Austin has to wear a helmet on set.

10. Cuts down the aural assault of co-stars voices.

9. They say 3 more weeks my ears will be flat.

8. Couldn't find my bike helmet, and now this one's stuck on my head.

7. Hair and Make up said this was what you have to do as part of the new Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

6. Keeps the Sensitive Julian voices, inside voices.

5. Without the sound this season eight is great.

4. Newest way to avoid getting recognized in the background of pictures of other people.

3. One time, you do one tequila, two tequila, three tequila... floor, the producers make you wear a helmet the rest of the season.

2. See you're not looking at my fivehead.

and the number 1:

New PSA campaign: Always use protection.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recycle, Reuse, now that you're renewed.

Everyone has heard about all the recycling going on on set at OTH. But who'd thought they do it with the promos for a brand new season.

Promo for Tonight

Check out starting :12-:13

And from last season, Season 7 Episode 5

Brooke and Julian 7x05 part 4
Check out the starting at 2:01 of the clip.

Sorry can't embedded it. But here are some 7.05 screencaps for the Luddite version of it.

Here is a longer sneak peek of tonight . And look they let Julian out to play. BrookeDavis(TM) must be busy working with her defense team.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree.

"I Can't See You, But I Know You're There"

Feats of Clay and Bikini Quinn get a clue and realize they’ve been shot. You think the searing pain and the hot lead would have been a hint, but get it's the blood on the white shirt that Tide won't get out that is. And they fight to live. Nothing steals the thunder like a fight for your lives scene.

Nathan and The Real Housewife of Tree Hill struggle with the situation, which means no time for their kid. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Well first a bartender, then a singer not on tour, anybody that doesn't have a full time day job to watch your son.

Wait!!! Call Julian! He's got nothing to do. So Julian tries to preoccupy Jamie with baseball, as BrookeDavis’(TM) legal troubles mount. Let's just call it what this episode should be called with baseball and legal trouble. Bad News Brooke: Breaking (for Prison) Training.

"Do you think if Aunt Brooke plays softball in prison she'll get to wear a cool Chico's Bail Bonds jersey. "

"You never know Jamie Scott. But what ever BrookeDavis(TM) wears she'll be beautiful. "

"Dude, You're whipped. I'm a 9 year old kid and even I know that."

And who else is a fan of Grease 2? Alex.
She said so in last season in episode 5. Da da dummmm..... foreshadowing?

Will Alex be Sensitive Julian honor attendant at the so not a Grease 2 wedding?

Just Julian and the ladies. Now there's a wedding party photo.