Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For His Protection

Do you think the reason they keep putting Austin in helmets is because he keeps banging his head against the wall there?

Can you say Spaceballs?

Think mom in law to be Victoria approves?

Ok maybe not.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree.
Not a Triumph but a Vespa

“Lists, Plans” BrookeDavis(TM) and Julian play dress up ride scooters and go skydiving. The Real Housewife of Tree Hills sets up a concert at Tric featuring Kid Cudi in another musical stunt casting and to make up a story line to with her support hot line newest find Erin. Bikini Quinn sneaks out of town to do some shopping. Everybody else, they're own on their own.

OTH's take on convenience. And look who's watching the store.

And get your rice and old shoes ready. There's gonna be a hitchin' next week on OTH.

"Hitch your wagon to a star."

Austin's fundraiser for the Gulf drops today. Gasoline Rainbow (Roark Records) is now available on Itunes. A hundred percent of the proceeds go to Global Green's efforts in the Gulf.Just before the holiday Austin did an interview with Extra at The Grove, either about the fundraiser and/or what's coming up on OTH. It hasn't aired yet, but might tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Know a Little German

....he's sitting over there.

Ok maybe not so little in this case. But it has prompted a Monday Top Ten.

Top Ten Explanations for Austin's Outfit.

10. "I've been bitten by the Bavarian Bug."

9. A man in search of a Oompah band.

8. "This? This what I wear driving the Audi family truckster."

7. Rejected Halloween costume The Little Hummel Boy

6. "Next time in Leadville I'm wearing this."

5. OTH got a new sponsor Ricola.

4. "I 'm going to Sing-a-long Sound of Music night as Kurt Von Trapp."

3. See what happens on OTH writers' night with too much Jagger.

2. Three words: Too much Schlitterbahn

and the number #1 explanation for Austin outfit.

"I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more glockenspiel!"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out Spotlight

Today's Out Spotlight is a reclusive artist who's work taught the world more about life in the dark corners of the gay world during the 1980s. His work captured, with sympathy, understanding, and wit, the longing and loneliness of many urban gay men of the time. Today's Out Spotlight is realist painter Patrick Angus.

Patrick Angus was born in North Hollywood, California on December 3, 1953 and grew up in Santa Barbara a shy kid who dreamed of being an artist. Without any formal teaching and only misinformation for reference, he struggled. It was in high school that a kind art teacher mentored him and let him use his studio, where he began to flourish. As a teen Angus was afraid to broach the subject of his sexuality with anyone.

Going on to attend the Santa Barbara Art Institute, he first felt comfortable expressing the subject matter he most cared about - his friend and the gay subculture he was a part of until he discovered the drawings of fellow artist David Hockney in the early 1970s. Especially works by Hockney painted about gay life that Angus' artistic inspiration. Angus moved to Hollywood in 1975, and discovered the world of beautiful men yet always felt he was on the fringe and not attractive enough to be apart of the Hollywood scene.

In 1974, Angus attended Santa Barbara Art Institute on scholarship. It was there that he first felt comfortable to express the subject that he most cared about his life and friends in the then gay still somewhat subculture of the early 1970's. While in school he discovered the book 72 Drawings by David Hockney and he found an artist who celebrated his sexual persona in his work and who glamorized the "good" gay life in Los Angeles, only 100 miles away.

However, when Angus moved to Hollywood in 1975, he discovered that the good gay life does not exist for poor people, "unless, of course," as he bitterly noted, "they are beautiful." Angus, believing that he was sexually unattractive, was hopelessly lonely for the affection of an objectified beautiful boy and found himself in the fringes of the scene.

American realist artist Patrick Angus produced keenly observed and compassionate depictions of the 1980s gay demimonde. His work captures, with sympathy, understanding, and wit, the longing and loneliness of many urban gay men of the era.

Growing up when figurative painting was out of vogue to the art establishment, he had his preference was strengthened through his friendship with other "realist" artists who agreed with his view that an art dependent on observation was more interesting than concept ar." A great draftsman, with a keen eye for detail, Angus made portraits of friends and recorded with Hockney-like wit the Los Angeles scene around him that evading him, with his overtly gay subject matter.

He "specialized" in paintings that depicted the darkened movie houses and the baths, the atmosphere that he found enticing but beyond his participation.

In 1980 he traveled to New York to see the Picasso Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, Angus made a crucial observation of the sexual autobiography inherent in Picasso's work. He declared that "Picasso demonstrated that anything [including orgasm] can be depicted--Picasso is the ultimate realist." He stayed in New York and it was here that his talent flourished. He began to paint large canvases based on his personal obsession with erotic loneliness. Three major paintings define his milieu: Boys Do Fall in Love (1984), which depicts a strip show; Flame Steaks (1985), which is set in a hustler bar; and The Mysterious Baths (1985), which portrays a gay bath house. His work during the time was mainly focused strip shows, hustler bars, bath houses, but included portraits - especially one of one of his admirers and promoters, Quentin Crisp.

From his work at the time playwright Robert Patrick described Angus as "the Toulouse-Lautrec of Times Square."

He also created a number of oil or acrylic paintings of the interior of the Gaiety Theater and some of its dancers and customers in the 1980s, including Grand Finale (1985), The Apollo Room I (1986), Remember the Promise You Made (1986), Slave to the Rhythm (1986), All The Love in the World (1987), Hanky Panky (1991)

A recluse, Angus considered his work to be not commercial and remained hidden away in his apartment for the most part, creating paintings he knew would never sell. His subject matter closed off the commercial art market to Angus. The "bourgeois gay establishment disapproved of his depictions of the politically incorrect "bad" gay life, the demimonde of cruising, hustling, and loneliness." All attempts to exhibit Angus' work were rebuffed.

In despair knowing his work would never be accepted by the art establishment, Angus resigned himself to obscurity and poverty. He found a room in a New York welfare hotel, where he could paint, but he refused to risk more humiliation by attempting to exhibit his work. This reluctance prompted Robert Patrick to introduce this "Emily Dickinson of Painting" through the pages of Christopher Street magazine, the most literate of gay publications in the 1980s. As a result, there was interest in his work.

The man who inspired him, David Hockney himself, bought five major paintings. Quentin Crisp wrote, "Mr. Hockney has said that he paints what he likes to look at. No wonder he has bought several of Mr. Angus's paintings. Mr. Angus works on the same principle and, although at first sight, his pictures seem so deliberately shameless, he is really, in this respect, in a direct line of descent from artists such as Mr. Manet, whose picture of Olympia was, in its day, considered so shocking."

In the early 1990s, just as his work was becoming 'collectable', however still poor and unable to afford a doctor, he collapsed and was diagnosed with AIDS. Facing death, he worried that his life's work would die with him. But in the last months of his life, three one-man shows of his work were mounted and book of his work, Strip Show, was coming together. On his death bed in 1992, when he saw the proofs for the book and said, "This is the happiest day of my life."

Patrick Angus captured a unique aspect of gay life that few have either experienced or are willing to admit. His keenly observed images of the gay underclass of the 1980s are a major contribution to the legacy of American social realism as much like the work of such artists as Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Reginald Marsh, and Paul Cadmus. Moreover, they are unique in the history of art for their compassionate depiction of the longing and loneliness of some urban gay men.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel Tales

Austin seems to be tweeting about his flying adventures again. (Interesting how that happens, but the question is...... what airport?)

And this morning it's the TSA.

I was just violated at the airport. They wore latex gloves. God Bless the TCA.

Sorry yes, TSA. The frisked me so hard, I have gone into shock. I am at the gate, in fetal position, sucking my thumb.

You mean like this?

Poor baby. And after all that gas on Wednesday.

Well.... it's a biofuel.

Friday, November 26, 2010

What Not to Wear

Jake and Austin share clothes and have more clothes that are starting looking the same, but don't think that means that Austin's going to let go of all of his quirky style. And for that there is today's Top Ten.

Top Ten Things Austin would wear that Jake would never dare.

10.Shorty bib overalls

9. Hammer pants

8. Mesh tank top

7. Half shirts (yes Calvin Klein is bringing them back for 2011)
6. Saddle Shoes

5.Plus fours
4. Concho Belt

3. Berets

2. Baja Hoodies

and the #1 Austin would wear that Jake wouldn't dare

A Snuggie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Every year we stop and think of all the things we are thankful for, and again this year we have some great things.

Getting to see Austin on a weekly basis and Jake having two movies that came out this year.

Both giving back to help others.

Getting to see them together sometimes when they knew it

and when they didn't
and some worth the wait.

And you then of course ... well....

And today ...we'll it's Thanksgiving and that means lots of Football and Turkey.
And for Jake, football and Turkey ; )

To everyone at OMG, thank you for coming and sharing this past year. OMG was created as a place to come together and have fun and enjoy, here's hoping to find the fun and joy each day.

To everyone have a blessed year ahead.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 hs or prn

Some say love is the drug for others it might be a placebo effect.

Today it's Love and Drugs.

Not a bad way to start the holidays seeing Jake on screen again. OMG was lucky to get a sneak peek through an early review from fellow OMG'ers, now the rest of are getting a chance to get the full prescription.

Jake on The Early Show talking to Harry Smith.

For those up baking, cooking, or playing with their bird late tonight, there's one more interview for opening day. Jake and Anne will be sitting down to chat with Charlie Rose about the movie. Somehow can see it being a discussion about the pharmaceutical industry and what defines a romantic comedy. Doubt Charlie will be delving into the topic of merkins and tape related medical injuries.

Dispensing the with seriousness, let's talk turkey. With Jake showing so much on screen that he could freeze his giblets, there must be an opinion.

Thighs, wings or the parson's nose? ; )

OMG Medical Moment

Some Viagra facts you might not know.

Viagra is a vasodilator, which relaxes the smooth muscle in blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen and increase blood flow. The drug was designed and tested as blood pressure medicine, while testing it showed... ahem side effects in male test subjects especially surprising in those who had impotency caused by medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Pfizer knew they had bigger drug star on their hands.

Some side effects of Viagra can be nausea, nasal congestion, loss of hearing, loss of vision, or seeing things in blue tint.

That there are little blue pill parties in retirement communities. After the introduction of Viagra they saw a steady rise in STD's in nursing homes.

What the heck is going there and who knew that seniors where getting more action than their grandkids. The rate of STDs in older men taking drugs like Viagra is twice as high as in their non-medicated peers. Maybe there's a market in making condoms with easy open packaging.

Viagra is being prescribed for other things besides E.D. like scleroderma. Scleroderma is when collagen builds up and hardens in widespread connective tissue involving changes in the skin, blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs. Viagra relaxes the smooth muscle in the blood vessels to send blood to the hardening connective tissues.

Love and Pocket Rockets World Tour

November 24th, 2010

CBS Early Show
November 24, 2010

7:00 - 9:00 AM EST


UPDATE New Interview
Charlie Rose

November 24, 2010

11:00 PM most markets
Check local listings /Charlie Ro
se website