Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live in LA

Austin was back in LA and very much his charming self on KTLA this morning talking about not only the River River, but Beautiful Boy too. An being The CW affiliate they had to kick it off with a little bit about OTH.

Austin gives a little fashion commentary about the KTLA crew, pretty much confirms that the baker's dozen is it for OTH, shares a clip of him in Beautiful Boy, and invites everyone to join him for a ride this Sunday. He does say he wants to shoot the gun off as Grand Marshal.

See what your impressions are when he's talking about OTH.

Austin's sporting some arm charm too.

It's Two Wheel Tuesday so get out and ride.

Of course some OMGers confused it with Sneaker/Sandal Saturday and didn't get too far.

Bird Booze Evolution?

Wild Turkey - - Grey Goose - - Plastered Pelican

Sounds like a drink menu for a theme bar called Empty Nest (Park Overall could play the sassy bartender)
Who's that lucky duck who hanging with him out behind those Ray -Bans? And check out the long arm of that bouncer.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Square One

Although we got a small glimpse of the guys early last year. At where else, A farmers market (Thanks again the special OMG friend who shared it with us )

It was a year ago today we got clear shot of Jake and Austin together after a long time being out of the camera sights.

We didn't know when we would see them together again, but then we got a little unexpected surprise later in the summer.

But all this, would not have happen if one movie that opened 7 years hadn't happen.

It was said that during casting, as soon as they met they couldn't take their eyes off each other.

There must have been some kinds instant chemistry because just weeks after casting they were in New York together months before filming began. And Austin had already met one member of the G clan, Maggie.

But before we knew that it was well known how well they got along during filming. They themselves couldn't help but talking about the other.

Austin talking about on set with Jake for TDAT and cooking together in YM magazine.

The online link is gone. But ANJ had a transcript in their archives. (Thanks Spooky and Vespy!)

Hardest part to film: His scenes with Jake. "He was always making faces at me, trying to crack me up," says Austin. "It usually worked too. I was trying to be all serious and I'd see him sticking his tongue out and I'd lose it."

Fave on-set pastime: Cooking with Jake. They usually make Mexican food, but Austin's most proud of their make-it-up-as-you-go-along chicken dish. "We put three full chickens in a huge pan with shallots, garlic, onions, radishes, and seasoning." Sounds tasty.

YM Magazine April 2004 - The Day After Tomorrow - ANJ

And Jake owning up to making it hard for Austin.

This is from YM - June 2004 again courtesy of ANJ.

Jake : I especially love messing with Austin [Nichols, who plays a rich kid who also wants to date Laura]. He'll do a take and I'll say, "you're not reallly going to do that are you?"

ANJ - I especially love messing with Austin ; )

And it was evident in the outtakes and special features.

And Roland saw something special, expanding Austin's part and framing the two together on the screen.

And even the guys themselves made it special with just the little things they sneaked on screen as mementos of them together.

Still wonder about the combustible trailer and who ending having to buddy up until they got a new one. (Let's see Arjay said it wasn't him and Emmy has never said anything, and you'd think if it was Dennis he would have told that story at least once... hmmm who's left? )

And the mysteries continued even two after making the movie at the premiere 7 years ago this weekend.

Austin's watchful eyes on Jake. Jake's throwing snowballs at Austin. Yet as we know, they were mere feet from each other and had pictures taken with everyone else there, there is not one picture of them together or in a group.

It is amazing how just one moment in time can change lives and touches so many others is so many ways.

Jake was showing some color during his run yesterday.

After going with the Black Ops look on Friday night.

Not only was he showing off the guns he was flashing some metal.

Still be able to keep it close and not be too noticeable.

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to all who serve and have served.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Out Spotlight

It is Memorial Day weekend this weekend here in the US, and it is when we stop and remember those who served, fought and died for their country.

Unfortunately those who have served in the US Military have never been able to serve out and proud, but that is not to say that many of the LGBT have not served their country proudly.

Today's Out Spotlight is about two such men, who served and found a much more. Today's Out Spotlight is Jack Reavley and Bob Claunch, US Army.

"A half century ago an Army sergeant started going out with his commanding officer.

The two men came out by confronting the troops in their unit.

They've been together ever since..." - Bob and Jack's 52 Year Adventure.

In 1951, Lt.Jack Reavley and Army Sgt.Bob Claunch both were stationed in Munich during the Korean War. It was that same year that the U.S. military had declared homosexuality as an "unacceptable risk" and dishonorably discharged approximately 2,000 men and women from all branches of the armed services.

It was also the same year Bob and his commanding officer, Jack fell in love.

Jack had served World War II had remained in the Army Reserve, was called back to duty during the Korean War. He was Bob's commanding officer at Armed Forces Radio in Munich, Germany.

It was love at first sight, Bob said.

They may have found love, but it wasn't easy for the pair to be in love. "They couldn't be seen alone together without raising eyebrows or risking the scrutiny of military police." And then there was the matter that Jack had a wife and two young daughters back in Texas. Both were weighed down with guilt.

After keeping their relationship quiet for close to a year, others in the unit began to notice their relationship and rumors grew. If they were found out it meant the possibility of being court-martialed. Instead of denying it to the troops in the unit they confronted them about it.

Lt.Reavley called a meeting. He had his secretary, Olga, a lesbian who had helped conceal their romance, pretend to phone AFR headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

"I said, if anybody has anything to say about Sgt. Claunch and Lt. Reavley's association . . . now's your chance," Jack said. No one said a word.

"We didn't admit guilt, and we didn't say we weren't. So case closed. And the rumors stopped."

Soon after Jack and Bob finished their hitch and returned to the US with honorable discharges.

Jack chose not to head home to Texas, but joined Bob in his native Los Angeles. They came out to Bob's mother and sister and told them they were going to be together. His family did not approve. And that was the easier of the two family situations.

It was harder when it came to Jack's family. Jack went back to his family in Texas to explain things while Bob waited for him in New Orleans.

Still to this day, emotional about what he did, Jack said, "Morally, it wasn't the right thing for me to do, to leave her. She was such a sweet girl -- I hated to hurt her."

After several months in Texas, Jack wrote a letter to his wife when she was out of town. By the time she came home, he was gone.

"That was the only way to do it. A clean break and for me to get the heck out of there, and out of the way so she could go on with her life."

His wife went on to remarry and Jack had a relationship with both of his daughters for many many years. It was only until a son-in law asked about Jack's inheritance (and that it would left to Bob if Bob survived him), that has caused a rift in the relationships.

Jack and Bob jumped all over the US following radio jobs. Eventually, settling in Raymond, Washington, where they purchased KAPA-AM., They next 27 years broadcasting music, sports and local news.

Retiring and moving back to LA they came into a second career in film and television. For the twenty years, they were extras in "General Hospital," "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Pretty Woman."

In 2006, Stu Maddux produced the documentary "Bob and Jack's 52-Year Adventure," about their life long romance.

For most of their lives, marriage was not an option. But when same-sex marriage became legal in California they considered tying the knot, and announced on NPR they would, but reconsidered.

"I know that we've been together a long time," Claunch said, "but the idea of cementing this relationship seems unnecessary."

"I suppose it's because for so many, many, many years and centuries, men have not married men, and women have not married women," Claunch said. "We've been brought up not having anything like that, not wanting anything like that. . . . We've always been given the impression that it was a horrible kind of situation, and it is not easy to cross over that line."

They are registered domestic partners in California, but even getting married would not allow them federal marriage benefits including Social Security and survivor benefits that other couples are granted.

But they are reconsidering marriage if opportunity happens again, "If the opportunity to marry comes again, they said they probably would take advantage of it -- and hope that federal marriage benefits would someday follow."

After more than 58 years years together, they now live in Triangle Square, a 104-unit complex in Hollywood of mostly low income LGBT seniors. They have also become advocates for gay senior adults.

We recognize those individuals who served in silence and those who spoke up to bring change to the opinions of the armed services and the citizens of the United States that all can serve no matter be race, creed, gender, or orientation. And especially for those who sacrificed their lives for freedom for ALL.

"When Americans remember and honor those who gave their lives fighting it never occurs to them that some of the strongest, bravest, and most heroic were a
It is time for us, as a community, to remedy that.”
– Leonard Matlovich
The Advocate, 1987.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Spruced Goose

For a brief moment this morning Part 3 of Austin's bike adventure was up, for now it's back to being private. (Probably until Austin unveils it on Two Wheel Tuesday) But no worries, OMG grabbed some screen caps in the mean time.

Not giving it all way. You'll have to wait for Austin's tweet.

So there's Austin.

A bike.

A banana.
And some tender moments.

UPDATE: Wait no more. Austin tweeted the video.

Here is my last video for the LA River Ride. Come ride with me for this NO-GAS extravaganza. - AUS10

One more thing - there's been discussion about did they or didn't they about certain members of OTH on gossip sites.

Think Austin has laid any rumors to rest about his.
100% natural and biodegradable.

How's that for an Austin Friday?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Film Bank

Austin has been a little cryptic about the movie his working on, but has OMG cracked the code?

I just started a really cool film today. I LOVE MOVIES

I am wearing a long wig. I have fake sideburns and the year is 1969. That's all I can tell you about this film right now.

Is he working on "As Cool as I Am", that's shooting in New Mexico at moment?

Based on Peter Fromm's coming of age novel it is the story of Lucy Diamond, the teen daughter of self-centered parents who married too young and never had a chance to experience their youth. James Marsden and Claire Danes play the parents. Sarah Bolger plays their daughter, Lucy. At one point Maggie was considered for the role of the mom and Dakota was one considered for the role of Lucy.

It is and independent film with writer-director Max Mayer heading it up.

It may be way off based, no way to know until Austin says more. But one thing we can ponder is what Austin would be looking like in 1969.

While Austin is working, Jake's counting the change. Jake was seen heading into a bank yesterday in Beverly Hills. High financing or just visiting those treasures in the safe deposit box?

One thing for sure is Jake would have to take off those Ray Bans and show those baby blues for those cameras in there.