Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Austin

Happy Birthday Austin!

When a man becomes a certain age he may notice a few changes happening.

He suddenly has hair were it wasn't before.

He starts to fill out

And starts to get confuse on the dates of things in his diary.
11h11 hours ago
Headed to NY for the

But hey - wasn't the premiere of your movie last Friday?

You know when you mom and dad went to it as part of the executive producing team?  

And hey - is old age causing you to spelling your name differently on twitter or were there too many hits to OMG when they searched AUS10?

But all in all Austy you holding up well.. and this back five of thirty should be a breeze.

And better when you share it with the right one. 


prairiegirl said...

Special, that is a great post. Absolutely loved the cheekiness, the innuendo, but most of all, your devotion to Jake & Austin as a couple. It is unrivaled.

Both of these guys have publicly changed so much to the point where often times they're unrecognizable, but the way the homing pigeon keeps coming back to his home is one of the biggest signs that Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols are still together in this year 2015, ten years later. And the homing pigeon is without a doubt of course, Jake.

So even though I am repulsed by so much of what both these guys do anymore, when I saw Jake return so quickly to Cali where Austin and the kids have been, it still gave me the warm fuzzy feels.

For a few minutes at least. LOL.

Happy Belated Birthday, Big Guy. I am certain that you had a fantastic time on whatever day you celebrated, surrounded by all those little excited voices and that one certain returned homing pigeon.

Cyndi said...

Austin changing his twitter account is very odd. Must have something to do with his new image and the beard. These guys are really desperate, aren't they?

prairiegirl said...

Folks, there's a significant amount of stuff to cover this morning, so you're going to see quite a bit of the same avatars over & over, so I apologize in advance.

But now's the time to open some stuff up.
Thank you to Cyndi for contributing. Nice to have you! Hope we see you again.

For anyone new to the blog, I just want to relay that it is necessary for near constant moderation on the comment thread because otherwise the paid troll(s) will try to take it over. And that is not happening.

And now, let's get to some of the nonsense that has been going on lately in The Land Before Time, I mean the world of Jake and Austin. lol!

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, Cyndi. Austin’s people are behind this change and there’s a lot of shadiness going on right now. When you look up

@aus10nichols instagram account the screen reads:

This user is private You need to be following aus10nichols to like or comment. Also, his name is misspelled as Autin. #Intern Fail:

Autin Nichols (@aus10nichols) • Instagram photos and videos

Soooooo he has an instagram account under @aus10nichols, but it’s private? Even though the account is no longer in existence. Curious.

Another flagrant deception is how Twitter now states when these two sites were created.

aka Austin Nichols
was born on Twitter on
20 April 2015

In reality, that twitter account was created on June 15, 2010. However, when you look up the new account of @austinnichols, the verification retrieved is that

was born on Twitter on
15 June 2010

Thirdly, our buddy Jared Eng aka “For Hire: Brown Noser Extraordinaire,” out of the blue posts a “breaking” story early this morning with the following headlines: Sun, 26 April 2015 at 3:50 am
Sarah Michelle Gellar Switches Twitter Handles

Not only is it odd that Just Jared suddenly thinks this is somehow a story worthy of his gossip and celebrity news website, but she changed her twitter handle on March 2. I repeat, Gellar changed her twitter username seven weeks before, but Eng felt it was important to advertise the shift early this morning. LOL! After Special calls out Austin’s sudden Twitter name change in her post from Friday.

One more oddity. Sarah’s parting post on the old account reads: Sarah Michelle @RealSMG • Mar 2
Hey guys! It's Sarah...I've moved to @SarahMGellar sorry for any confusion! I will no longer be using this handle!

While Austin’s old account reads: Austin Nichols @aus10nichols
Please go to @austinnichols for my official Twitter account.
@aus10nichols hasn't tweeted yet

Notice the personal touch for Sarah’s transition. And, the almost robotic statement on Austin’s account. Hmmm, almost like Austin didn’t make the change at all. One word: Management. Things are getting serious now.

Which means fun.

prairiegirl said...

Not only has Mgmnt put Austin on Instagram, but Austin's sister Ashley has an Instagram account as well. Can't see how long she's had the account because it's "privated", but the fact that her Instagram only has 13 posts, it seems unlikely she's had it for long.

And of course the always enabling Rowdy (Ashley's husband & Austin's bro-in-law) has an account.

The entire immediate family of Austin has been called into service to pimp their closeted family member's fake relationship with Bennet.

Here you go, even though we don't like to promote this stuff, I know that many of you don't actively go looking for it. So have a look-see at the Nichols family rolling around in the mud with Austin:

Austin's sister Ashley cuddling next to his beard, Chlo Bennet

Here's a link to sister Ashley's "privated" Instagram:

Sister Ashley joining the mudbog

The fact that all of a sudden, the Nichols Family are all over Instagram pimping Austin's beard to the world when those 2 little lovebirds have supposedly been "dating" for how long now, is rather...Johnny Come Lately.

But then Southpaw is approaching, so maybe it's more about helping the brother in law Jake out see his Award ambitions come to total fruition. Austy, is there a little treat bag in this for you? We know that the time you have to spend listening to Chlo's poop talk sure isn't the treat bag. And a few minutes on The Walking Dead can't be the treat bag. Maybe there's going to be something a little more blooming rising from the soil in your little corner of the world that we just haven't seen yet.

prairiegirl said...

And then there's the vaudeville act that was Nostrildamas, Austin's play which "premiere"d at the Tribeca Film Festival 2015, otherwise known as this year's Marcus Mumford/Beijing birthday venue.

Never mind that Nostrildamas (aka Nostradamas) actually premiered on the website Twitch on November 5, 2014. But here's the kind of funny part. Apparently, the small independent crew of the movie couldn't agree on what date the official premiere was going to be at the TFF because you had the director & screenwriter Thomas Ikimi attending the film last Saturday the 18th.

Then you had Austin's mom & dad (who are also co-executive producers along with their son) announcing to everyone that they were going to attend the 2:45 show on the 24th. Here's their comment on

I thought we were supposed to meet everyone at the 2:45?

David and Kay Nichols on March 8

We will be there for the Friday afternoon 2:45 pm show with a party of 8. David and Kay Nichols, Grant and Annie Brown, Bill and Jennifer Mears, Roger and Sandy Lyons. Can't wait for the show and to meet Thomas Ikimi

Okay, a small communication glitch. Surely Mom & Dad would talk ahead of time with their son and coordinate.

But no, Austin came limping along last night, the 25th:

Tonight we screen at #Tribeca. Nostradamus.
7:45 PM - 25 Apr 2015

Guys? It's called Outlook Calendar. Learn how to extend an invite.

Methodical Muser said...

And, then there is the deception of FauxChlo's birthday. Pics suddenly "leak" on April 11 and April 12, the latter date with the two “lovebirds”, even though her actual birthday was April 18:

Allegedly from April 12

Kind of odd to be celebrating someone’s birthday a week in advance when everyone was supposedly in California the following week too. One plausible explanation for this oddity was that April 18 had been advertised as the premiere date at the Tribeca Film Festival for Austin’s short film, Nostradamus. Which, of course set up the scenario that Chloe was not going to make the trip with her “boyfriend”. Implying that Austin would be visiting NY on his own right before his birthday.

That would be the logical conclusion for the early, public celebration anyway. But, then PR is not interested in the obvious. They are just interested in muddying the waters to create as much confusion as possible.

Methodical Muser said...

Can't wait for the show and to meet Thomas Ikimi

LOL! Kay and David should have showed up on April 18 then because that's when Mr. Ikimi attending the actual premiere of Nostradamus.

bicoastal said...

I wonder where Jake is then? Probably in New York, incognito. I saw something of him being in LA which is very strange. Is that to make it seem like he's on the West Coast, while Austin is on the East Coast?

prairiegirl said...

I wonder where Jake is then? Probably in New York, incognito.

I know that's what I'm thinking that's where all of the Gyllynichols are all at right now, bicoastal. I have my specific reason why I believe that. All I'll say is that so many times his people give themselves away and leave popcorn trails.

Destiny said...

Great post Special.

I am so confused by all of this stuff. It really all seems very tortured, to say the least.

Impressed with the research said...

Some people have been doing their homework, I see. I've got a headache, but this is intriguing stuff. Birthdays are always sensitive stuff with closeted celebs. The fact there is so much effort being put into these stories about that Agents of Shield's actress is pretty solid proof for me that Jake and Austin are still together.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Destiny.

I know it is; it is a lot. And even though I witnessed it all happen online, even my little brain is looking at all of that and going Whoaaaaa. Owwwww.


I'm so sorry to everyone that it is alot and it's alot of dates and names. But we needed to wait and watch it all happen before committing. Because Mgmnt and the guys are devious. And they want us to commit early. Well, we're not doing that anymore. So they can perform their dog tricks all they want.

Methodical Muser said...

That is hilarious, PG. So Austin's parents go to the "premiere" on Friday, April 24, their son's birthday. But, Austin shows up for the premiere on Saturday, April 25. That is one tight family.

Okay, a small communication glitch. Surely Mom & Dad would talk ahead of time with their son and coordinate.

But no, Austin came limping along last night, the 25th:

Tonight we screen at #Tribeca. Nostradamus.
7:45 PM - 25 Apr 2015

Methodical Muser said...

One other point is that FauxChlo was supposedly at the Tribeca Festival, and she's in the film, but doesn't live tweet being at Tribeca at all. Nor were any pics of Austie and her posted on either their Instagrams that they have been promoting so much lately.

Btw: Doesn't count if something is posted now, fellas. If you snooze, you loose, PR.

prairiegirl said...

And speaking of deards, I mean DOGS, there's the little matter of Jake's deard Leo following him all the way over to LA from NYC.

Did you guys see that mess?

Check out Jake and his deard Leo. Apparently Jake has alot less control over this dog than he does Atticus. (I wonder how Atticus welcomed Leo into the family fold once he arrived on Malibu soil?)
I have never seen

Forward march Leo

Leo feeling Atticus breathing down his neck

Am I at least getting paid minimum canine wage, fauxDad?

Cough Cough gag gag

What are you doing to that dog, Jake?

I mean, look at those. What in the heck was going on? Poor Leo. I bet he will file a grievance with the HW Canine Local Q7 about this.

bicoastal said...

How many premieres did that little film have anyway? Isn't that short like 25 minutes? It is not believable that Thomas Ikimi goes on April 18. Austin's parents attend on April 24. And then Austin goes on April 24. Just not believable.

Methodical Muser said...

And then Austin goes on April 24

You mean, April 25? Don't worry it can be confusing, but you got the gist of the observation correct. This film has had more premieres that Star Wars. And, why isn't everyone there on the same night. Talk about milking a moment.

prairiegirl said...

I have never seen

oops! I meant, I have never seen Jake look before like he cannot handle one of his dogs.

Sorry, I believe Atticus is still alive and Leo is a deard. Leo is a deard to make it look like Jake has settled in NYC.

Until his people say something about Atticus passing away or Jake himself says something about it, I will continue to firmly believe Atti is still alive and living in LA. Jake can keep on trying to walk that dog all over LA, NYC, and on the moon if he wants.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe Austin has cooties and his parents don't want to be in the same room with him. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's Funny said...


prairiegirl said...

I don't know, but I feel bad for Leo, the dog. He's being used and that's just no way to treat a dog. That dog didn't do anything to be trotted out like that. If you look at all of those pictures, it covers a very short distance. He's walking down a few feet of sidewalk and then there's a bunch of photos where they step down the curb and then cross the street.

That's it. There's not one single person around; it's just Jake and the dog. Several clicks, Jake shuffled Leo into the car and they went home. We haven't seen Jake play with Leo or pet Leo or nuzzle him. Hug him. Nothing. All he does is walk him on a leash.

I feel so bad for that dog.

Methodical Muser said...

Very true, PG. He doesn't interact with that dog at all like he did with Boo and Atti. No affection displayed from either one.

Of course, we'll probably get a series of photos next time of Jake smooching with the poor thing. #FreeLeo

prairiegirl said...

Okay, well that's enough for now. It was probably a barage but feel free to take your time looking at it. We've got all the time in the world to discuss further.

These guys have been up to quite a bit in the past couple of weeks.

I found it pretty interesting that FauxChlo didn't even live tweet anything from the festival last night. I mean, she was an actress in the film. Why wasn't she seen with her co-star and man Austy?

You gotta follow through, you crazy kids. A pic with the sister-in-law and a pic of the two "lovebirds" Ashley & Rowdy on your Instagram does not cut it. You've gotta put up in prime time.

Watching the clown car said...

I believe Jake and Austin are still together. This whole Chloe thing is ridiculous. A USC graduate is dating someone who doesn't even know how to spell the word, "I". Every time I'm on twitter now, all I see is how Jake was screwed. He should have won the Academy Awards. Now, he better win a Tony. Talk about heavy-handed.

That's why Austin has been associated with this dunce. Jake is ambitious and devious. He doesn't care how he gets the recognition he demands. He won't stop until he has that Oscar in his hands. And, even then I think he's lies will continue.

Watching the clown car said...

And, even then I think he's lies will continue.

And, even then I think his lies will continue.

no place like home said...

Whoa so much to comment on, but I wanted to chime in on the "Jake with Leo pics" on IHJ. Those really are kind of scary. He almost looks like he's abusing that dog. Is that part of the new macho persona too?

Jake showing up in California right after his play was over, and staying, also undermines that whole "I've move to NY" story he keeps trying to push. I don't know if anyone saw this, but this is really funny. His people keep telling us that Jake's lived in NY since 2012. Yet every six months or so we get a new story/tweet, to inform us he's looking for a place to live in NY. Last year we were bombarded with stories that he sold his Hollywood Hills home. Now, he's back in California. Who can keep us with this garbage?

Jake Gyllenhaal checking out Tribeca condos
Actor recently viewed two apartments at 52 Lispenard Street

April 16, 2015 11:35AM

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has taken his apartment search to Tribeca, having recently checked out two units at a luxury cast-iron condo conversion at 52 Lispenard Street.

Gyllenhaal first viewed a three-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom apartment in the building that was asking $7.3 million. The 3,336-square-foot unit is now in contract to a different buyer.

He went on to view a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom apartment at 52 Lispenard, according to the New York Post. The 3,804-square-foot unit’s price is $8 million, having increased from $7.5 million previously.

prairiegirl said...

but I wanted to chime in on the "Jake with Leo pics" on IHJ. Those really are kind of scary.

They're just bizarre. I could see one picture being odd. But there were too many. And in the first set, it looks like he might have a choke collar on Leo, can't tell for sure. I saw the second walk set of pictures today and while it looked like Jake was trying to walk Leo closer to his body, there are still times that Leo looks a little independent. And it just struck me that of the pictures we've had thus far, there has been only one where Jake was focusing eye contact with him.

All the others, there's no interaction, Jake hasn't touched him once. It's the leash between them and it's just....I don't know, but that first set of pictures especially were really bizarre. I feel very sorry for that dog.

prairiegirl said...

But not to get too down. There is a funny. It's really unbelievable.

The location for Chlo's birthday party on her non-birthdate date?

you'll never guess in a million yrs.

Malibuuuuu!!! LOLLLL! Too funny!

Ally Maki @heartsmaki · Apr 12

Celebrating this beautifully wonderful weirdo's birthday @chloebennet4 in Malibu. Cheers to the most… Apologies for another gratuitous picture of the beard
12:54 AM - 12 Apr 2015

It's enough to about make you fall off a couch laughing in disbelief.

Methodical Muser said...

Malibu? Hmm. Maybe Jake baked that birthday cake for Austin's beard. He probably was responsible for that “eloquent" candle lit message on the top too.

What? No Unicorn?

Happy F*cking Birthday.

I also liked that flamboyant touch of the rainbow colors, Jake. Sending out a little wink, winky subliminal message perhaps?

Florida Tom said...

I am confused also but I am sure PR is working hard to keep the truth from coming out. Sounds like they are slipping up a bit though :-) One thing I am certain of though no nuptials ahead for Austy and Chloe.

Destiny said...

Deard, LOL. Also loved your commentary on the pictures PG.

It's not easy to fly a big dog from NY to LA, they have to go in a cargo area, not inside the plane. I can't imagine anyone doing it for a short trip. So, is Jake planning on spending a lot of time in California--or is this another dog that will no longer be in NY?

If the dog is difficult to handle he should be using a harness, not a collar, but I don't see any abuse going on. The lack of affection is strange though.

Seaweed said...

Thanks for the post Special, loving how after all this time that it's crystal clear to most of us that we are still seeing this directed obfuscation. Great that the intrepid band of research experts can spot the management slip-ups in a Nano-second, and then back it up with historical evidence.

Wishing Austin a belated Happy Birthday! Cheers to Jake and the family as well. In spite of the awful bearding and closet tactics, I hope that those together times are rich and happy for the little ones and the really big kids too!


Unanimous Decision said...

I thought it was funny that Austin made sure to tweet that he was rooting for Manny Pacquiao and we find out Jake also backed the underdog. That whole boxing match was a complete fiasco. All about money. People were pretty darn upset. Wonder how fast Jake is going to run away from that movie tie in?

By the way, did you know that the Las Vegas event was sponsored by the Weinstein Company?

300 Million Dollar Purse said...

It took years for Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, two of the best boxers in the world, to finally agree on how they would split the piggy bank.

A very, very big piggy bank. he Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is expected to generate a purse of $300 million. Top Rank’s Bob Arum, who represents Pacquiao, has said the purse could be as much as $400 million.

The two camps agreed to split the earnings with 60% going to the undefeated Mayweather. Pacquiao will get the remaining 40%.....

Mayweather and Pacquiao will meet May 2 for a highly-anticipated welterweight championship bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The match is expected to be the biggest payday in boxing history.

Five sponsors paid a combined $13.5 million to join the fight. The Mexican Tourism Board, Filipino telecom company Smart Communications, Viacom-owned (VIAB) Paramount Pictures and rival film studio The Weinstein Company each bid at least $1 million.

prairiegirl said...

That whole boxing match was a complete fiasco.

Couldn't have happened to a better group of people, particularly the Weinstein company's sponsorship. Makes so much sense how high profile Jake was during the entire evening.

Until this morning, and then you could see the change in robot tweets in Jake's twitter search. All of a sudden, there was a robot tweet focusing on Jake checking his texts and laughing during the national anthem, thereby dissing Jamie Foxx. When you see a tweet like that robot'ing and taking over his search, you know that the chances are very high it is a message that his people want out there.

I about died laughing at all the tweets in Jamie Foxx's twitter search. I saw some of the funniest stuff ever. I watched it on YouTube and I have to say that boy, he hit some bad notes. I don't know whose decision it was to have him sing the anthem, but it did not turn out to be a good decision.

prairiegirl said...

I had another interesting exchange with a fellow blogger on the SN blog that I participate in. We were talking about the taking down of twitpics and I made the point that sometimes it is the Mgmnt teams who are responsible for leaning on civilians to take down their tweet or twitpic all in the name of "the privacy or best interest of" the celebrity involved. And someone told me that Jensen nor Jared didn't have the clout to make that happen. I disagree. But I had a great reply made to me on that blog and thought I would share their two replies because it is a great validation of what some of us have been claiming for awhile now with regards to Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Here is my first comment and their first reply:

it was a joint family outing. Both of these guys have used their children to project what they want. And like someone else said, it's not known how many of these "stalker" photos are with the knowledge and the approval of these guys.

The J's, as many other closeted celebs or celebs with some secret to hide, have their online coverage watched. Fans don't need to fret and stew over pictures like this. If the guys don't want a picture out there, it will be taken care of. Every time a photo disappears off of social media, it's not always because a civilian has had a sudden change of heart. It may be because they were contacted by someone
and "advised" to remove it. They are guilt tripped into taking it down - that's how it works. Not every time, but sometimes it happens. Larry fans have made it known this has happened.

Their reply was:
Subject: Re: J2 Sighting, May 1
I can vouch for luvs2walk on this. I work in a law firm that represents some pretty high profile people, and we've leaned on people/fans to remove their pictures from the internet and delete tweets, etc. that were deemed bad PR or something that the celeb's management did not want out in the public. We use a lot of legal verbiage that intimidates people who have no idea what any of it means, and we also threaten the recalcitrant ones, and it usually always works. We've also issued take-down notices to places like Google, so the stuff can pretty much be scrubbed from the internet. It happens all the time.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't that awesome? LOLLLL!!! I love it. An ITK, you guys. And not that I needed to hear that in order to believe what I do. But like I told them, I thanked them so much for their reply. It is still great to get a concrete validation and that was a super one.

So then here was our second exchange:

Thanks anon, great contribution. Larry fans had talked about it happening and it had also been obvious with Jake - very obvious at times. But it is super to have validation from someone who is ITK.
Their reply was:
Subject: Re: J2 Sighting, May 1

You're welcome, lv2walk. To validate your statements further, the most recent take-down we accomplished involved someone/thing you've mentioned. The picture was up for a short while, and then scrubbed entirely. It happened pretty quickly, and the target acquiesced immediately.

And another glossary term, an AYRT is "Anon You Replied To".

That blog mostly is comprised of anonymous commenters so you'll see that acronym used along with DA, which stands for Different Anon.

Methodical Muser said...

I was waiting to see which fake "girlfriend" was going to be paired with Jake from last night. Weinstein can't have him going to a high profile event without some female association. Apparently, Ruthie Wilson was cast for the part, probably because she was just nominated for a Tony Award for Constellations and this was going to be the closest Jake was ever going to get to that honor.

Funny his team didn't pair him with McAdams who was actually in Southpaw with Jake, and who he recently said he was so "enamored" with, but then they probably wanted to portray Jake as a badass player. You know, the love 'em, leave 'em type.

FORBES Magazine said...

Jake sure went into hiding, once all the controversy began to surface about the shadiness of that boxing "match", didn't he? Weinstein probably counseled him to lay low and let the anger of all those outraged boxing fans, who loss loads of money, died down.

I'm sure those two hope that no one will remember by tje July opening of Southpaw. Maybe there will be more suckers ready to pay $15.00 to watch Mr. Steroid bounce around the screen and scream at the top of his lungs that he's a contender. For what, I have idea.

Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight: "Fraud Of The Century"

The boxing match-up Saturday night was billed as the “Fight of the Century”, a massively hyped event. A series of events made the bout the “Fraud of the Century”, starting with the fact that the century is only fifteen years old. It was the match that every boxing fan wanted desperately to see six years ago when both fighters were in their prime. It ended up doing more damage to the image and market for boxing, and accelerated the sport’s decline.

Manny Pacquiao revealed after the fight that he had a damaged shoulder which he knew about for some time. He tore his rotator cuff, which seriously impacts the ability to throw punches. Each boxer has to sign a form stating all injuries that he knows about. Had the Nevada Athletic Commission been aware of the injury, they likely would have postponed the fight. Pacquiao asked for a painkiller combination to be injected just hours prior to the bout–the commission refused to allow this, even though it was non-narcotic, because they deemed it too close to the fight. Cisco Aguilar, the Nevada Athletic Commission chairman told the Daily News, “You don’t want them to be masking the pain. If they’re masking the pain, they are potentially going to have some long-term damage that they may not have had.”

Final Pay Per View buys have not yet been revealed. A conservative three million buys would have generated $300 million in revenue. That means that Mayweather made $180 million and Pacquiao made $120 million for a fight that did not pit two healthy fighters. The public was not told and tickets went for absurdly high amounts of money. The pay per view charge for HD was $100 per household, significantly higher than any prior fight. The paying public was fleeced.

Floyd Mayweather is a technically brilliant fighter who starts defensively, piles up points, waits for the other fighter to tire, and does the minimum necessary to win in later rounds. This is inherently boring to all fight fans who are not purists. Pacquio is a more lively fighter, but he was hurt, and could not penetrate Mayweather’s defense to generate much excitement. This all occurred at a time when UFC and mixed martial arts made huge inroads into the market for pugilistic contests. A paucity of talented and well known fighters exists at the heavyweight level, which is the most attractive draw for boxing.

Two female journalists, Rachel Nichols of CNN and Michelle Beadle of HBO, were banned from the arena for pointing out Mayweather’s history of domestic violence. The beginning of the broadcast on a few pay-per-view outlets was presented as a blank screen due to an inability to handle late requests, which caused technical problems. Pacquiao seems on the verge of retirement and Mayweather has intimated that he may retire after his next fight. This does not augur well for the future of boxing. And now there is talk of a potential rematch a year from now. A rematch? Fool me once…

Destiny said...

Very interesting Forbes, I had not seen anything about that.

Florida Tom said...

Congrats to Canada. 2015 Hockey World Champions. Saying that Sidney Crosby is still a big fat crybaby. Go Tampa Bay Lightning :-)

Go IRELAND said...

Going Home to Vote

Florida Tom said...

Hoping the referendum passes. Such a great thing. I love Ireland. Hopefully our Supreme Court comes through in June.

Florida Tom said...

Victory in Ireland :-)

Destiny said...

It's almost unbelievable what happened in Ireland.

Methodical Muser said...

What's even more amazing about the Irish vote, is that voters could not mail in absentee ballots. So all these people flew back to Ireland just to cast their ballot in the name of equality. Incredibly, impressive.

prairiegirl said...

I have to say I was uneducated and ignorant of what was going on in Ireland but what a great story. Power to the people!!! There is power in numbers.

I come to OMG and want to hug and blow kisses to all. The past several weeks in the J2 fandom has been a huge MESS and quite hostile and anxiety-ridden. They've got Mgmnt all over their blog trying to control everyone and what they are saying. It's unbelievable.

Anyway, the Jakester & Austin are like this old, old pontoon boat floating along on the lake and Jared & Jensen are like this medium speed water ski boat. Not a sleek speed boat, mind you, but medium speed motor boat.

I never fully appreciated pontoon action. I don't mind taking Dramamine,

I appreciate everyone here so, so much. Just want you to know that.

Special, you have no idea what incredible work you and Wicked started with this blog. (at least here I can call it a blog).

You have no idea the wise choice you made when you decided to have people at least use some kind of name when they post. You guys, you have no idea what a difference that makes.

Anyway, my hat is off to Special. I know we don't have the kind of interaction on here like we used to, but that's okay. We have a purpose and it's a civil blog.

Thank you, Special. Even though some don't know what it's like elsewhere, I have seen. And I appreciate OMG so much.

prairiegirl said...

And I tell you, I've been so wrapped up in the drama with J2, and well, there was the usual same old, same old with those 2 old lugs Jake & Austin, but there was some interesting stuff.

I've still been watching. Still been observing and searching.

And what's funny is this. I took one look at Austy's ridiculous tweets today and I asked the girls, "When is Cannes over?"

And lo & behold, I was told that Cannes ended today.

Well, well, well, well.

How telling was that? Austin is tweeting about Texas and there's these people who miraculously say they've seen him in Texas. smh.

But his Twitter is like a watch, isn't it? I didn't even have to look at online social media. I could have just checked his twitter and seen that it was time to come home.

The Gyllynichols are headed home to the States.

Methodical Muser said...

But his [Austin] Twitter is like a watch, isn't it?

That's for sure. Just like that ridiculous pic of the beard, in bed, wearing a black bikini from Wardrobe Central. Right next to her, the tall Texan closet case flipping the bird at the camera. You know, the kind of candid moment every loving couple can’t wait to share with everyone via the Internet.

LOL! I knew the moment that Instagram upload hit the internet that those two must be covering for something big because the pic was just so, well, just so darn stupid. Then it hit me that the raunchy moment in time was posted during Jake and Austin's anniversary. That’s right, their first meeting on the TDAT set.

The Gyllynichols are headed home to the States.

Yep. Austin's been in France with Jake the last few weeks and now that it's over, he's dutifully seen in Houston, not Austin like he usually would be, because this time his beard is going to be flying in for the Comicpalooza Convention Looks like it’s back to slogging for a living, Austie. No more crystal blue waters or luxury accommodations. Hey, maybe you can get Jakie to post a photo of those fabulous legs of his in a black ensemble, with you lying beside him in bed too, purple dildo in hand. Now, that’s something worthy of mass distribution.

prairiegirl said...

maybe you can get Jakie to post a photo of those fabulous legs of his in a black ensemble

Well now, I have to say, M&M, that we really don't know what Jake's legs are like anymore. It's been years since he was proud of them and all we get now are knee shots. Maybe an inch above and an inch below. lol
So I have to say, fabulous legs? That's kind of up for speculation. Or maybe something for Throwback Thursday. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, you know what happens when you become a Dad. It's all Bermuda shorts and dark socks. Oh, and don't forget the adjustable VELCRO® strapped walking shoes with arch supports. :-)

Florida Tom said...

Welcome back to us all. Good to be together again. Not a day I don't check in.

Did everyone see the amazing picture of the double rainbow over Dublin the day after the election. It was amazing. So sweet. Like a well done from God himself :-) Stop the hate he says. Loud and clear !!!!!

Florida Tom said...

We will always have Leadville. I love Austin's ears:-) Actually Leadville is an awesome town. I was there in October !!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, Tom. Good to hear from you. This pic?

Double Rainbow Over Dublin

An historic day. I'm not even Irish and I'm so proud of the Emeraled Isle. Unlike the Mormons when it came to the 2008 Prop 8 vote, the Pope/Church refused to lead the "No" campaign. Although the Church has loss much of its influence over the last three decades, that refusal was still incredibly symbolic and humane.

Florida Tom said...

We will always have Germany. Thanks to that unforgettable tweet.

Methodical Muser said...


...has lost much of its influence....

Florida Tom said...

That is an amazing photo MM. Thanks for posting it.

My comment on J and A today is when are they going to find that perfect woman to bear their children.
Austin's new arrangement is a paid job that is helping Jake stay in the closet and Chloe with her career. After all these years if anyone cannot figure that out they better take some smart pills. WFT2 is a joke.

Since 2006 said...

I have been thinking most of this is to cover Cannes.

WFT2 I think is about three familiar sounding trolls and IMO that's all it is, I don't think management are involved in that mess.

Difference of Opinion said...

I don't think management are involved in that mess.

I'm not so sure. Management is desperate to bury both the "Austin is gay" evidence as well as his "friendship" with Jake. Waiting for Toothy should have shut down years ago. Yet, somehow the site that was all about the gay has been completely transformed into a platform to promote the "heterosexuality" of Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet. That benefits Jake in all ways since he has been denying that he even knows Austin for years. Unlikely, its just run by a couple of rogue bloggers who have nothing better to do.

prairiegirl said...

My comment on J and A today is when are they going to find that perfect woman to bear their children.

LOL!!! I guess their survey is still ongoing, Tom, huh? ;-)

Survey Says!!

hee hee

Methodical Muser said...

This is still one of my favorite Jake “wants a wife” articles. C’mon, Jake. It’s been over eight years. Here’s some advice. Why don’t you just marry your mother and get this all over with?

Truly, the “familial” love associated with Jake is really remarkable. Remember, he and Maggie are often each other’s dates and then they wonder where the term #Gyllencest comes from:

Tuesday 23 January 2007

Jake Gyllenhaal: I want a wife who's just like my mum
Actor reckons his mother is his ideal woman

Look out, girls, gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal is on the prowl for his ideal woman, but there's one snag. She's got to be just like his mother.

The actor reckons his mum would make the perfect wife. He says: 'I thank my father for choosing my mother. She's wonderful in so many ways.'

Since he split from actress Kirsten Dunst in December 2005, Jake has been linked with Natalie Portman and Mia Maestro, but is currently single.

But the 26-year-old would love to settle down, so he can become a dad.

He tells GQ: 'I'm definitely thinking about having a child. Look, the most important job for a man is to find the right woman. It's the best we can do.'

Sly Jake said...

He tells GQ: 'I'm definitely thinking about having a child.

January, 2007: Just around the time Jake and Austin would have been working with the surrogate to have a child.

Seaweed said...

Hey guys... I was so happy to see a nice rush of comments on the great news from Ireland, and to have the chance to catch up with everyone.

Jake and Austin are still close in my thoughts and always will be, and as Tom says, checking in almost daily in any case.

Wishing you all the best in the meantime and a major shout-out to Special. Hope all is going well for you too.

Cheers !!!

Lady Madonna said...

Jake's ideal woman is his mother? Gee whiz, Jake. Could you sound anymore gay? Interesting that Jake used to speak about having kids until WME entered the picture. When was it? 2012? You know, I wonder if his silence on the topic has less to do with a change in representation and more to do with him already having all the children he wants? No need to talk about wanting kids when you already have the family size you want.

Since 2006 said...

Difference of Opinion, I think WFT2, apart from the 2 regular trolls, is the tail end of the BBM fandom who fail to appreciate the irony in closely following Austin, a person who had absolutely nothing at all to do with Jake in the Toothy years.

The bearding is management, of course.

Jake and Austin said...

Austin, a person who had absolutely nothing at all to do with Jake in the Toothy years.

Well you need glasses or your head examined if you think Austin had "absolutely" nothing to do with Jake in the Toothy years. Or, maybe you're just a humorist desperately trying to apply the absurd to get a giggle. These guys have not only been inseparable for what you call "The Toothy Years", but they are still together. The whole Chloe hookup for Austin has Weinstein's fingerprints all over it. So does the separation of the two. Might explain why Jake has been overseas so much these last two years. Easier to hide with private beaches, villas, etc.

prairiegirl said...

I don't want to interrupt anything, but I have GOT to share this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CNN put my tweet on their website!!! LOLLLLLLL!! Oh my DOG!!! This is so cool!!!

Ha ha ha This is so AWESOME

BWAHAHAH!!! This twitter account tweeted at me and told me that CNN had posted my tweet. lol.

Recite News ‏@ReciteNews 23m23 minutes ago

@BlastoButter your Tweet was quoted by @CNN - …
7:10 PM - 26 May 2015 · Details


No, no, no, no. For pete's sake, leave Jonny Quest alone. Do these studios have no imagination? What's next? Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer
0 retweets 0 favorites
5:25 PM - 26 May 2015

I love social media!

Methodical Muser said...

You are a celebrity, PG. That is very exciting! I hope you don't forget us little people. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

I'm still all excited about it. Ha ha ha ha, there's my tweet up there on CNN. Sorry to act so stupid, but it's so cool!

How are you ever going to get a dog to act like Bandit? And are they really going to play up the sexual chemistry between Race Bannon and Dr. Quest? I mean, come on. And how could anyone sound like Hadji? Or Jonny? Just leave some things alone.

prairiegirl said...

Might explain why Jake has been overseas so much these last two years. Easier to hide with private beaches, villas, etc.

Great point, Jake and Austin. Very well could be. Not only that, but isn't it Italy where the paparazzi isn't allowed to take pics without celeb's consent?

Speaking of Italy........

and detours......


Since 2006 said...

I am a humorist, obviously, Jake and Austin. That was the point of my comment. I agree with your intepretation.

Destiny said...

That's great about your tweet PG.

I think another reason why Jake doesn't talk about having kids anymore is that as he gets older it's harder to pull off the "I just haven't found the right woman" talk. He's also trying to appeal more to men.

the real m said...

Congrats PG. How exciting to see your words get on such a massiive site. I dont seem to have much to add these days, but I do check in every day, or most every day.

Florida Tom said...

Greta Garbo has a better chance of being Jake's gf then Greta Caruso does :-)

prairiegirl said...

What I got a kick out of this morning were a few of the robot tweets appearing over & over on Jake's twitter search:

Crissy Deanda ‏@khv0kkns0 5h5 hours ago

Rest And Relaxation: Jake Gyllenhaal Vacations In Italy With Greta Caruso — Furry Chest And Face!

Kristin Freitag ‏@KristtinFre 5h5 hours ago

Jake Gyllenhaal Flaunts Chest Hair While Shirtless in Italy

LOL!!! I mean really. flaunts chest hair? furry chest?

What in the hell. lol. They really made me laugh this morning and still do as I re-read them again.

Now Simon Cowell flaunts his chest hair every chance he gets. I think Simon Cowell would unbutton his shirt to his navel in -25 degree weather in Fargo, North Dakota and ask everyone on the street to salute his chest hair.

But Jake? Is that what the goal of those pics were? Hmmm. That would be a whole new side to Jake that we hardly knew, wouldn't it? LOL!

I'm sorry. I'm just feeling a little cheeky tonight. ;D

Florida Tom said...

June is now here and I am anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on Gay marriage. It will be a big moment for so many people. It is time for all to have the same same rights when it comes to two consenting adults to marry. Again I am anxious. The vote will probably be 5 to 4 either way.

prairiegirl said...

My, my, my, what to talk about......what to ignore.....


Methodical Muser said...

Looks like insecure Jake needed to prove to everyone that he's a Guy again. Even got an award last night from his fake "Girlfriend #536" in LA. Hmmmm. Now we know why Austin has been so quiet lately. Jake is "officially" in Los Angeles. Time for the Tall Texan to be incognito.

prairiegirl said...

And our clue that Austy has been back in Cali for a little while were these two tweets that he did several days ago.

AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols Jun 1

Tommy Wheeler is back and needs Ray's help. Tune in this summer. #RayDonovan

1:13 PM - 1 Jun 2015 · Details

AUSTIN NICHOLS ‏@AustinNichols Jun 1

Tommy Wheeler on #RayDonovan Eye Candy Fix for Tom and Seaweed

1:20 PM - 1 Jun 2015 · Details

Methodical Muser said...

Funny how these two resurface back into the US and California at just around the same time. That little sidetrip to the DC Green Fest was a nice touch, Jakey. No wonder Faux Chlo flew off to Asia for a couple weeks with her girlfriend. No need for bearding services right now.

Jake and Austie better be careful. One might think they might have been vacationing together on the Amalfi Coast, or something. After doing some "hard" work at Cannes, of course. Nice way to celebrate a 7th Wedding Anniversary, don't you think?

Agree said...

I think Jake was with Austin overseas too.

prairiegirl said...

I think Jake was with Austin overseas too.

Hi there! :-)

Oh, I believe so, too. Austin was waaay too quiet. And those crazy kids Austy and ol' Chlo? They issued some "provocative" pictures and then went silent.

Big mistake.

And now look. Chlo doesn't even send her 'boyfriend' a twitter postcard. What kind of gf is that? ;D

Agree said...

And now look. Chlo doesn't even send her 'boyfriend' a twitter postcard. What kind of gf is that?

I saw that. The Amalfi Coast spread was obvious to me. Jake and Austin were there and that's why his old friend Greta Caruso was openly photographed with him. This was cover for sure because Jake's people had to explain why he was vacationing in a romantic spot for lovers.

Methodical Muser said...

Standing ovation for our guest, "Agree". Excellent observation.

prairiegirl said...

June is now here and I am anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on Gay marriage. It will be a big moment for so many people.

Yes, without a doubt. So when will this happen, Tom? Is there a specific date that they will get together on this or is it fuzzy? Sorry I don't know how all these proceedings work.

Since 2006 said...

I think they were together in Italy for a few days too.

prairiegirl said...

Someone issued a reminder that Greta Caruso was also a nanny for Maggie when Ramona was born.

Knowing how Jake & Maggie copy each other, I could see Jake using Greta as well to help nanny when the first Baby Tile was born. What Greta C. must know, huh?

She must have a tight lip, that's all I can say. But that would be why Jake & Austin would trust her, right?

Yeah, I could definitely see her being their nanny for their first child. She likely must know all of their kids by now.

Don't know all of this for sure, of course. It's not like the guys are going to hold a sign saying she was their nanny. LOL