Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break

Which SNL skit could be the theme for this year Spring Break?

Let's see last weekend Jake got snapped in San Francisco.

And Austin got instagrammed spear fishing with his writing partner Ivan in Mailbu's Broad Beach this weekend.

It would have to be The Californians 


 Jake and Austin on the same side of the country?  In the same state?  You'd think there had been some kind of holidays or something.  Wait.....

Picture This!   Another set of Jake & Austin pics to keep in circulation...

The smirky bedhead wearing my shirt inside out pictures.

Who whoo! said the owl


Jake in Cali said...

Funny how the moment Jake's professional stint in NY ends he heads right back out to California. I thought his home was in NY? And, why is Maggie in California too? She’s been there several weeks. Her so-called “marriage” to Peter Sarsgaard is the most disaffected relationship I’ve ever seen. And, her inability to stay away from Jake’s orbit is fascinating to watch. Austin, of course, is playing the game. He continues to post stupid pics of him and his beard to mitigate him being in California too. Like anyone is ever going to believe he’s straight. Chloe Bennett pings to me too. That must be what she gets out of this nonsense.

Methodical Muser said...

By the way, that picture of Jake in the car on the current post was taken by @KeatonJulia. She posted the pic and tweeted her catch on April 5:

@KeatonJulia: wow we just saw jake gyllenhaalđŸ˜đŸ˜©
Shared via TweetCaster

She lives in the Monterey/Salinas area of California. Not too far from Big Sur. A place Jake and Austin have been known to frequent together.

And, guess what? Later that day her tweets were no longer accessible. Geeee, how often have we seen that happen when it comes to Jake? Another indication he does not want to be spotted in California.

Moreover, Julia had a pubic Twitter account since 6 October 2013. Yet, somehow, the moment she posts a candid pic of Jake, her account becomes protected. That's not suspicious at all, right folks?

prairiegirl said...

x2, 17:40, on your entire comment.

Jake's pretend home is in NYC. Eat that, Mgmnt. Jake endured that harsh winter in NYC, quoted time after time like a mantra "since I moved to New York", "I moved to New York", and wore his Yankee cap like he was playing a part in a play. He's trying to convince himself, I guess, because it's certainly wasted on me.

He's a California boy and I bet he'll always be a California boy. Austin's practically got fins in his back and these 2 guys and their kids go back to the water time after time.

Native son said...

Jake has always hated the cold. He's a sunshine boy.

prairiegirl said...

And, why is Maggie in California too? She’s been there several weeks. Her so-called “marriage” to Peter Sarsgaard is the most disaffected relationship I’ve ever seen. And, her inability to stay away from Jake’s orbit is fascinating to watch.


Hey, Jake in Cali, check it out. M&M and I noticed this too. And when @goosestile called them out on it on Sunday, pointing out that Maggie had been out in southern California since at least April 1, this appeared later that same day:

A-Tam ‏@AlexTamashunas 6h6 hours ago

Just ran into Maggie Gyllenhaal at a coffee shop so there's that
1:03 PM - 12 Apr 2015 · Details

Location: NYC

LOLLLLLL. So hilarious.

prairiegirl said...

That was so predictable, lol. Peter's been in previews for his Hamlet play and this week it opens so there will probably be a photo op of her joining "hubby" for the opening. Gotta keep up those appearances, you know. ;-)

Meanwhile, her husband has been back in NYC for at least the past couple of weeks and while there was a tweet of Maggie with "her daughter", you have to wonder which one it was and well, it is still a school year, and it is interesting......

Jake in Cali said...

Location: NYC

Really? That's as funny as that J. Keaton account suddenly being placed on protected status after posting her sighting of Jake in that car. Jake's team are amateurs when it comes to clean ups and cover ups for their client. Closet cases are so screwed up.

prairiegirl said...

And I agree, I bet the faux relaysh of Mr. Bennett and ol' Chlo is a mutual benefit.

I think she pings as well and she needs the cover as well as Jake, I mean Austin.

And that's entirely who the fakery is for. It's for Jake.

It's sure as heck isn't for Austin, who played Primary Caregiver for the Gyllenichols Q7Brood for practically the entirety of 2014 and from what I hear, worked in barely a few minutes worth of appearances in Walking Dead. Hardly anything to require much rehearsal up to this point.

Austin hasn't merited the need for a beard. It's Jake who needs for him to beard.

prairiegirl said...

Nice post, Special. Thanks for the trip back to memory lane with the bedhead pictures. Look how young they were, and Jake wearing the owl shirt.

No more feather & winged shoutouts from the hubby Jake. Aaah, but he was foolish and in love back then.

Look at them now. Publicly, anyway.

Maybe Jake wears blue jay boxer briefs to bed or putzes around in fuzzy seagull sleep pants on Sunday morning while he's been making the fam pancakes. The world will never know.


Methodical Muser said...

Because Management thinks the public is stupid. Austin didn't start bearding until the day before Prisoners was released. That's when the first story was floated of him and Faux Chlo. The timing is self explanatory.

Florida Tom said...

Wow Austin still looks good in rubber :-)

Stopping by to share said...

Oh, my word. You guys must really p*ss off management types. I think it's funny too that Jake dashes off to California after his play is over. I can tell you, from my sources, that these guys are definitely still together. And, does anyone buy what is going on over at WFT? They've become an Austin and Chloe blog for heaven's sake. If that doesn't prove what the PR narrative is right now, I don't know what does.

Jake is gay, gay, gay.
Austin is gay, gay, gay

And, they are together. Jake's ambitions have clouded his thinking, but then he never was very bright. The Gyllenhaals are notorious suck ups and game players. Common knowledge.

prairiegirl said...

I can tell you, from my sources, that these guys are definitely still together.

Always great to have an ITK on OMG, Stopping to Share, thank you for contributing.

It seems a good time to share this ITK as well from the Supernatural Gossip blog that I participate in. I'll post their entire comment because they make an interesting point. We were talking about the case of Jared & Jensen and alot of times, I'll share what I know about Jake & Austin because there are frequent similarities as well as some differences. She/He refer to me as Lv2walk because that is my LJ name and what I go by on that blog.

Re: More Austin pics
2015-04-08 11:02 am (local)
Thing is, if they cared about that (the guys) then they should act like it you know, they send very mixed signals and if they didn't want people talking and gossiping they need to stop showing what they do in public, now it seems that they are so open with their own relationship at the same time as they give hets what they want that they can't really care much about whether people are hets or hats or if or where they talk about being hets or hats. They might but they sure don't act like it. If they wanted to kill gossip they should act like Jake and Austin and not be seen together (and yes, that's real, not just lv2walk, not exactly a secret either, but people don't talk about it because Jake and Austin don't give them reason to. "the life story the guys in question have chosen to present to the world" that you're talking about is not that straight forward, they are presenting contradicting narratives and it seems deliberately muddled. That's my two cents. People can be hats and pretend to be hets in public or on their social media or whatever, I don't care, but I don't think it's some sin to say what you really believe either, considering everything. How are fans supposed to be expected to know what is ok or not when the guys can't decide themselves what they're selling one day to the next, is it the het, the hat, the foursome? Who the f**k knows lol?

For reference purposes

Albeit a brief mention, but someone else who does acknowledge that Jake and Austin are for real.

prairiegirl said...

Lol, kind of a funny. You need an acronym guidebook with that blog because fans on Spn Gos use more acronyms then you can shake a stick at. I've even found myself using them more often now. ;D

ITK - someone who is In the Know

Het - a fan who believes a celebrity is straight and believes in the heterosexual relationship or marriage that the celeb is in

Hat - someone who believes in the legitimacy of a gay, closeted couple

But it was great to see someone come on that blog who knew about Jake and Austin.

prairiegirl said...

And who hasn't seen the big splashy photo album and the "Are they Dating" extravaganza that is Jake and Rachel having dinner together in LA which broke at some point yesterday afternoon. You can't miss it. And although it's denied there is anything going on, the Big Gun of People Magazine already has a story on the dinner.

When did the pictures appear on IHJ? Sometime yesterday afternoon because they hit Tumblr around then and I know I sure as heck saw no sign of them on Twitter or Tumblr yesterday morning.

And Jake really does need to stop it with the glaring into the camera "You're invading my privacy" nonsense. Can someone remind him that he & Rachel are sitting right there in the front window of the restaurant? I mean, HELLO there, buddy.

Just stop it, Jake. You are fooling nobody with that. #itspastembarrassing #really

Methodical Muser said...

Interesting comments about Jake and Austin still being together. #PeopleKnow

And those 1001 photos from IHJ are indeed laughable. Like PG states, Jake really needs to stop the OTT performance of being irritated that paps are invading his privacy. There's plenty of seating in that restaurant away from the public spotlight.

These two sat, front and center, for all the world to see intentionally. Paps for hire on speed dial to disseminate the “news,” and provide copy for the gossip sites and entertainment mags. Reminds me of the uber fake Reeke days, minus the coffee strolls. In fact, I was waiting for Jake to provide us with a big fat yawn in one of those photos just like he used to do with Reesey. Before he was hiding his children. Now, he’s trying to convince Hollywood to give him an Academy Award. Either way, he is a puppet. No backbone. I truly don’t know how he is still able to stand up with all the groveling he does.

prairiegirl said...

Congratulations to Jake on his latest announcement in being in a very limited engagement in Little Shop of Horrors prior to July 4th holiday.

I haven't seen the play and don't really know the whole script. But I've heard of it and I didn't know that Alan Menken & Howard Ashman were originators of the musical? Wow, the music must be great.

And due to ticket sales, they added an afternoon performance. Good for him. I'm glad to see him taking on something that sounds like light fare.

I would have liked to have gone to see it.

Oh well.

the real m said...

Sounds like a fun gig for Jake. I've seen the movie but not the play. I wonder how much singing he will do. His voice is way better than most expect but I would not call it Broadway quality.

So obvious he and Rachel are just acting partners. Promo for their movie should be starting soon so the timing fits.

Doesn't Austin have a birthday coming up soon? Maybe they celebrated early to avoid a scheduled commitment.

Special K said...

Speaking of birthdays.

Happy Birthday Prairie Girl!!

Hope you have an awesome day and some great cake to celebrate!

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday PG !!! Enjoy your Day :)))))

Seaweed said...

I'm enjoying catching up on some good ole Austin & Jake news, what's the latest BS being promoted as the absolute truth. Loving the terms Het or Hat PG. A good look back to the days when both the guys were more carefree, and quite possibly on the road to revelation. Hmmmm.

Happy Birthday PG ! Will have to give you a call and catch up on things with you soon. Haven't talked to Tom in eons! In the meantime, all good wishes to the gang here at OMG, never want to get out of touch. Thanks for all you do Special and hope things are going well for you.

Cheers !

Florida Tom said...

This is a paragraph from one of Rock Hudson's lovers in a new book he wrote. Had to post it.

"The two would attend movie premieres together, but each would bring his own female date, for appearances. "Nobody in their right mind came out. It was career suicide," Garlington tells People, echoing a sentiment that, unfortunately, still exists today."

Destiny said...

Happy Birthday PG.

Wow, lots of interesting gossip to catch up on. There sure is something to Jake and San Francisco.

And boy does your post and those photos bring back the memories Special. I can't believe how long ago that was, and how young and gorgeous they both are in those photos.

Destiny said...

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical. It's being done as part of a program known as Encores. They only do a couple of shows, less than a week, and it's simple staging, not a full blown production. Almost more of a concert than a traditional musical.

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, PeeeeeeeeeGeeeeeeeee!

prairiegirl said...

Thanks everyone!! I had one of the loveliest birthdays today. It was really nice and I feel very blessed to have so many great friends, both off line and online. lol, does that make sense?

Anyway, my Kansas taxes got done last night and so I made the deadline one more year.

Again, thanks to all!!

prairiegirl said...

And boy does your post and those photos bring back the memories Special. I can't believe how long ago that was, and how young and gorgeous they both are in those photos.

Ditto. They looked great and did they even have any idea what all was ahead at that time? Surely the blog had no idea how much things would change in the future.

prairiegirl said...

This is kind of funny. You don't get these kinds of comments much anymore.

People doing their thing

denise dander • 5 days ago

They would make a good couple.

Leigh denise dander • 5 days ago

I think Jake is a player.

Leigh • 5 days ago

Your naiveté is adorable. Think closet with the door closed.

Slam! lol. Slam and bam. Anyway, it was a People article about the sudden appearance of Papa Jake out with R. McAdams and those were 3 of the last 11 comments. Only 11 comments on that People thread - not too good.