Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dental Records

Many think that's Jake's checklist is this:

But this is more like it:

There is some speculation that this chart gets another tooth.  What leads to this speculation is a congratulations on Austin's fb page over a new Capricorn or Sagittarius from a friend of friend from TX.

One thing for sure there is more than one tooth that has come in for Jake and Austin on that chart. And if so what's one more when there's plenty of room.

Another sure thing is that Jake has wrapped filming Stronger here in Boston.   The production has been much more under the radar than Wahlberg's Patriot's Day movie which had their shooting schedule announced practically everyday on the news.

There were mentions here and there of Jake filming and occasional sighting of Jake in Boston and the area, but as many you would suspect since Stronger has been filming here since April.

Jake plays Jeff Bauman and the film focus on the story of his resilience after losing both of his legs during the Boston Marathon bombing and coming back stronger.  Many people in New England have expressed more interest in this smaller film focused on Jeff that reliving the events of the bombing the film.  Time will tell how both movies are received.

With filming wrapped, Jake already here and it is the season for the Cape and the Islands, is a Jake sighting at the West Tisbury Farmer's Market far behind?

It's a lot to sink your teeth in.


destiny said...

Very interesting about the congratulations. Hmmmm.....

I wish Jake would do a musical, something one could actually get tickets for. I couldn't go the night he's doing Sunday in the Park with George, alas. One of my favorite musicals, and he is going to be sooooo perfect for the role. I would love it if this musical got revived with him in it, but I suspect that is just an empty dream.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting indeed about the "congrats". The thought of there being another Gyllynichols does make sense with his doctor visits last year and the use of the msbccg tweeter/Instagrammer fakeroo "I'm having Jake's twin babies" nonsense. Both of these occurrences happened the last two months of last year and explains why I can see them having another one. Plus, Jake really disappeared in December.

I would like to go see him on in this newly announced show but it sounds to me that brokers bought up a lot of those tickets and that means that civilians don't even get a shot at it unless you want to pay a much higher price. But yeah, sometime it would be cool to see him in theater.

Again, I get to congratulate Jake and Austin on their newest little bundle. I guess Jake will tear himself away long enough to go to the Tony's tomorrow night. I wonder if his sister will be his date tomorrow OR can we look forward to a reappearance of Mr Tony's Hottie on Jake's arm instead? Another "mysterious glimpse" through a rolled down limo window? **wink**

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! We never did see Jake's new boyfriend after that night, did we? Jake and his whole PR team should truly be embarrassed about that debacle.

I know the troll is trying his best to clean up the mess of that Facebook post, but soooorrrry, Charlie. Live with it. That fake Facebook account you created after PG found that baby daughter post on Austin Nichols' Facebook, just shows you have too much time on your hands. Oh, and that you are an idiot.

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Special K said...

Thinking of those in Orlando. This is just senseless.

Special K said...

Jake might be going for EGOT as an actor but as presenter. He is scheduled to be on The Tony Awards tonight. Practice makes perfect. Ir at least an invitation to present at the Grammy's

destiny said...

So unbelievable what happened in Orlando. My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone.

prairiegirl said...

When our places of entertainment aren't even safe anymore, it's a sad time in this world. What gets me about all these heinous crimes is when the murderer takes the coward's way out and they take themselves out before they can face the public on what they've done.

Jake was looking quite sharp at the Tony's on Sunday night. What was so hilarious, of course was how he and Austin had to coordinate their "apart-ness". smh.

Another day, another shenanigan.

You can set your watch to it.

the real m said...

Happy Fourth of July to all. We are back from Spain and Portugal but have been busy with some local travel hosting visitors to the area so I have not had time to say hello. Also the adjustment back to PST is always brutal. My first day of retirement was yesterday so I expect to have lots more time in future. Though it does amaze me how much time doing nothing can take. All quiet these days on the Jake front. Hope you are all well.

Methodical Muser said...

Congrats on your retirement, m. Welcome home. I hope you had a wonderful trip to the Iberian Pennisula. Who has the best wine. Spain or Portugal?

Have a great Fourth of July, everyone.

prairiegirl said...

Congratulations, m!! I'm very happy for you. That is exciting. You've paid your dues and now enjoy this new chapter in your life. I am soooooo envious. :-)

Hope your vacation was great, too. Welcome back to the ol' US of A and Happy 4th to you and everyone else here who visits OMG.

destiny said...

Congratulations M! Your trip sounds wonderful.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I was in Colorado for family events, just got back last night, so I missed seeing any fireworks.

destiny said...

Happy Birthday Special!!!!!

Seaweed said...

Yes !

Wishing you an exceptional Birthday, Special.

And many more.

Cheers !

Special K said...

Thanks for kicking off the birthday celebration. I've got a few more days till it's official but I love the early start! :)

destiny said...

I could have sworn it was the 10th. Well, I hope you're making it a birthday week. :-D

Seaweed said...

Destiny... Birthday weeks are my new preference!

After years of hit and miss B-days I just gave up on them, and out of seven days in a dedicated birthday week you are bound to get two or three gems, some just by surprise and good weather. We all need to indulge ourselves a bit more as we get wiser...

Happiest again Special.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday, Special!! :-)

Hope you've had a stress-free day!! That would be about the best kind of present, wouldn't it?

All my best,

Methodical Muser said...

Have a great day, Special. Hope you have some time to celebrate today and again this weekend. Overdoing and indulging is an absolute must. :-)

destiny said...

Well, I was way early with my first Birthday wishes, and now I'm a day late! Hope you wrapped up the celebrations in style Special.

prairiegirl said...

We're not doing very well keeping up with both blogs at once, are we? Despite a few of us being active on Narnia, OMG has always been and will remain the Mother Ship! When the time is right, it will happen.

IN the MEANTIME, lol.....we have missed a couple of birthdays on OMG. We missed greetings to M&M on here and....

Destiny had a birthday yesterday!! Happy Birthday, Destiny!! :-)

prairiegirl said...

And a funny. I'm doing some reading back and researching, and found this little gem. It needs a repost.

The Real Jack said... Your obsession with living in denial about this is just too cute for words. So now it's Austin who's bearding, huh? It can't possibly be the opposite, that Jake and Austin are only friends and have never been romanically involved. After all, they only went to a basketball game together, they weren't caught sucking each others dicks or anything. The only other time we saw them together in 2006 was when they were at the beach together and they were with - gasp - Sophia Bush and another girl. LOL

I love you guys, man. You've brought me countless hours of fun and laughter these past three years or so. I can never repay you for the joy you've brought into my life.

I hope this newest admission by Sophia is a sign that she and Austin are getting married soon. I can't wait to see what written contortions that'll inspire in you people.

P.S. I am the real Jack, the one and only. The one from 2008. Yesterday was the first time I visited this site in nearly two years, but I didn't post. I did notice that someone had accused another poster of being me. Then, after learning about Sophia Bush's revelation today, I decided to check this site for reactions. Again, I noticed that a couple of regulars accused other (completely) innocent people of being me as well. This caused even more laughter I admit. I'm assuming in the past two years you've accused others who think logically like me of being "Jack," as if --- like with those conservative Teabaggers --- thinking logically is something that should be frowned upon.

So it seems that you attribute things to me that I have nothing to do with, huh? Interesting. But then again, given your propensity to discard reality to suit your existing notions, i'm sure that's something you're use to doing.

P.P.S. Above all else, the funniest thing I read on this thread was how you people quote Ted Casablanca as if he were some sort of authority on this subject.
As in: "don't worry people, Ted says she's his beard." After reading that I almost sense the relief coming from some of you as if Ted's denial makes everything alright. LOL.

Ted Casablanca is a liar people. He has every reason to lie about this. This Toothy Tile nonsense is the only thing he's been known for since the 1990s. If this blows up in his face, as it did when Jake began dating Reese Witherspoon, then he is basically washed up. He has doubled-down, tripled-down.

Who would have thought that it would be Austin who brought this liar down? Ted Casablanca is reminding me of George W. Bush with regards to those weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He just won't accept the truth.

Word to the wise for my misguided peeps here: not every gay rumor on the internets is true. Jake and Austin are straight.
May 25, 2010 at 9:37 PM

Watch out for those words to the wise