Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nailed Down

If finally happened the "lost" film of Jake's has finally seen the like, although the trouble movie Nailed looked like it went through a little witness protection program.

New name, new background story.

What once was a black comedy, satire about the state of healthcare and politics, now is repackaged an offbeat RomCom as Accidental Love.

Millenium Entertainment will release David O. Russell's shelved 2008 film Nailed on February 10th  with the title Accidental Love.

'Stephen Greene' is now credited as director of the troubled, PG-13 political romantic comedy about a rollerskating waitress called Alice Eckle.

Guess with the PG-13 rating the major storyline of Alice becoming a nymphomaniac from the nail gun means she now just a silly girl in love. What they do with Tracey Morgan's character prolapse anus will probably now be hemorrhoids.
 Producer Lucy Fisher told Collider in 2013 that making the movie was 'debilitating and so devastating' due to the film being shut down a total of 14 times. Russell walked about from the movie after Millenium Picture purchased what there was and began the odyssey.

Many knew it had been shut down a few times during production in South Carolina for money troubles but doubt anyone knew it was 14 times.

If you are interested in see what it looks like, check out this trailer.

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ROMA said...

They did as good of a job as they could with the trailer. Thanks for posting! Jake and Maggie look good on The Golden Globes tonight.