Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello My Friend Hello

Looks like someone might have missed me.  ; )

Is that why you started tweeting it up?  LOL  And what happen to that 'stach there buddy?

No worries for any other OMG'ers   I'm here,  not abducted by aliens, or a writer taken ala Misery.  It's a more than snowy here but I'm not going anywhere.  So look for a little forward and backward in posts for the next bit.  One step forward (new post) two steps back (catch up posts) - sometimes just like it seems with Jake and Austin.


the real m said...

So happy to see you back Special, though keeping up with this blog must be a real challenge. I dont know how you do it. I got a kick out of seeing Austin with that rosemary mustache, especially since I cut a big batch of rosemary just a bit ago to go with some lamb chops I am making. Rosemary, olive oil and garlic are the essentials with lamb for me.

Thank Goodness! said...

Glad to see you're back, Special! And looking forward to your posts, however you decide to do them!

Florida Tom said...

Wooo Hooooo. I see a little bit of aging in Mr. Nichols face. Looks good on him. Those lips still look mighty tasty :-)

prairiegirl said...

I see a little bit of aging in Mr. Nichols face.

Yeah, I would say for the first time that Austin is showing some aging. You have to ask why? I find the timing interesting. It wasn't all that long ago that Austin was looking significantly younger than Jake. But now it looks like he might finally be "catching up".

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe it's the ramping up of Austin's image as a sex obsessed heterosexual? Funny how lying and deceit can age you and when it does there is no turning back time.

It's obvious Austin and Jake are on a career path to separate themselves from each other publicly while PR planted tweets and set up couplings with their fake girlfriends are tweeting out, or posted on Just Jared or Tumblr. Go for it guys. It's very entertaining to watch.

prairiegirl said...

Amazing isn't it, that Austin wasn't compelled to tweet about that Super Bowl game ending? Because everyone was tweeting about it.

It was one of those bonehead kind of plays that made you grab your head in disbelief.

I had all kinds of people on my Twitter feet going off about it.

But Austin? The big sports fiend?


prairiegirl said...

Eric Hosmer #35 for the Royals - even he tweeted. 3 letters:

Eric Hosmer @TheRealHos35 · 1h 1 hour ago

9:59 PM - 1 Feb 2015

And so Austin wasn't watching the game is what I assume. Did the kids switch the TV channel over to Nick @ Nite already? Who rules the remote in that house?

Florida Tom said...

Wow what an ending is right. God gave the Seahawks a miracle catch and the coach made a horrible call. I will never understand it. Great game. Brady played awesome. He is one of the GOAT !!!!!!

Interesting said...

OMG seems to be visited quite regularly according to Alexa rankings:
Rank position=#2,973,332

Compare with WFT2:

Rank position=#8,063,850

Destiny said...

Welcome back Special. I always enjoy seeing new posts, but like M I am amazed at your ability to come up with new ones. If you want to dial it back and post less often, I say go for it, just let us know so we aren't all holding our breath hoping all is well. :-D

Destiny said...

The game was a heart breaker! As a Jets fan, you know there is no way I'm rooting for the Patriots. I can't believe that last play, and I can't imagine what it will be like for Coach Carroll to have to live with such a bad decision, makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it, LOL.

Thanks interesting for the statistics, very very interesting indeed. I only look at WFT2 every few months to see what nonsense and hate they are up to. It's clear that it's only a couple of people at the most over there.

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

I wonder what OMG's rank was at its highest. Jake and Austin have done an incredible job getting rid of the Gay. Jake used to be on a lot of the who is and who isn't lists but not anymore. Jake has certainly never repeated the misery of reeke but his frustration with how that went is now a thing of the past. He must be so grateful to his PR company for their help in his deceit and lies. I know he has to do it if he wants to be successful but it still is very hard to follow.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you very much, Interesting, for your information that you looked up. I didn't even know about that website. It's nice to see statistical proof that OMG far outranks WFT2 now on traffic.

Although as Destiny said, this has been suspected for awhile. That site exists for one reason and one reason only - as long as OMG is active, the neighbor next door will hang around. Jake's people took over that blog as part of their strategy to eliminate Toothy Tile from Jake's portfolio. They exist over there soley to trash OMG, discredit OMGers and push straight Austin Nichols. They publish a few Jake tweets and news blurbs to look somewhat interested, but their main focus is to discredit us and to push Austin as straight and as far away from Jake as possible.

prairiegirl said...

I know sometimes people may worry or get tired of the low activity at times, but know that some of us are still actively researching, looking, searching and scouring. I know that I still search what I can and my goosestile twitter account is used to voice my thoughts on some things with regard to these 2 dinosaurs.

We don't always publish every single thing that we see. You wouldn't believe some of the embarrassing, facepalming kind of nonsense that is put up on the web, particularly with the faux "couple". We're not doing it. We're not giving some of that crap the time of day because it's all lies. It's embarrassing and so elementary, we are no longer invested that much.

The other half of it is that things have changed with Jake & Austin. Jake's people have really clamped down on some things and it's rare to get sightings of him, other than stage door. Stage door is available up the ying yang. Austin? No one hardly ever sees Austin except at holiday time or a birthday/anniversary. If it's a kid's birthday or a holiday, you can bet there'll be some miraculous sightings of Austin at airports or Target, lol. Just set your watch to it.

These 2 guys are buried in a cement closet so deep, it'll be a miracle if we live to see them come out. They're in it for the duration - who knows, maybe the rest of their lives. They've made this decision. So there's not going to be a lot of sightings or catches anymore. There'll be a few still, but they're going to be few & far between.

Doesn't mean we're still not looking because we are. I'm just telling the way it is and the way it's going to be from here on out.

prairiegirl said...

They've really become depressing, I have to say. I spend the majority of my time with J2 and when I look at J & A stuff, it gets....well....

And so I have to share something and that is that I achieved a super, crazy thing last month and that was that I went to a Supernatural convention for the first time and I did the Supernatural Superstar Sandwich!!!!!! I saw those 2 crazy guys up close and let me tell you, they are probably the most gorgeous, fascinating men in HW. NO JOKE. They blew me away.

The whole experience cost a small fortune but it was worth every single penny.


london tb said...

Everything Destiny said - apart from the sports stuff which I don't understand :)

Illusion and reality said...

“Modern celebrity relies on the illusion of intimacy, and Instagram PR is the ultimate tool for pseudo-intimate fan management: It emphasizes the celebrity’s direct connection with her [or his] fans (illusion) without forcing her [or him] to reveal any facts (reality). It feels more genuine than a press release, but still allows for meticulous image control.”

Well, I'm still one of the regular OMG readers. I don't post much any longer because much of my observations would be repetitive. Jake and Austin are fundamentally liars. Ashamed of who they are. They could easily both still work in the business, but they have opted to buckle under the corporate line. I found this article on Instagram and thought everyone would enjoy it. Particularly the way a certain fake couple well-known to this blog uses the medium for every occasion possible.

Instagram as a PR Tool

the real m said...

Congrats PG for the J2 convention you attended. Those 2 guys are extremely handsome so I can just imagine what it was like to see them in real life. I may have mentioned that I lucked into seeing Richard Gere in his heydey while he was filming a movie. He was only about 10 feet away and for the first time I got to see and understand what charisma really meant. So to see 2 men up close who knock it out of the park must have been somethiing else.

Man, I have not visted WFT2 in ages, It was all the troll having a fake conversation with himself so a total bore. The hilarious thing though is the high score for OMG was probably helped by the troll constantly checking on us at OMG.

Methodical Muser said...

Thanks for the info about the Alexa rankings and the corruption of Instagram. PR exploits every social media tool. No doubt about it. And the fake couple who will remain nameless is a classic example of how to create the illusion of a relationship.

Destiny said...

That is so cool and exciting PG about the convention.

prairiegirl said...

Congrats PG for the J2 convention you attended. Those 2 guys are extremely handsome so I can just imagine what it was like to see them in real life.

Please indulge me for just a spot, lol. I can't resist. I will never forget seeing them both for the first time in the photo op room as I crossed over the threshold and there they were taking their picture with other fans who were in line in front of me. And I was so spellbound by Jared that I walked right past Jensen!! I can't even believe I did that. I walked right by him and I made a smash sandwich motion with my hands and I could not utter a word. I was speechless. It was AWFUL and I didn't even say hi or thank you or anything. Well, I said thank you at the end, I think, when Jared told me thank you.

I BLEW IT!!!! Oh, it still makes me sick, lol. I could not talk. I was like - frozen. They're both so beautiful. And they're so nice, that's what kills me.

Anyway, just to let you know what kind of money these guys make at these things: A photo with both Jared & Jensen costs $249. You have about 6 seconds with them, I'm not kidding. They are shuffling people thru there so fast, it isn't funny. They had 300 photos to get through in an hour. So take 300 x $249 and what does that come to per picture? lol. Then they had another session later that night, Round 2. And they had a photo op with that idiot Misha Collins and that one cost $299.

Then they each have their own individual. So you can take a pic with each one solo - that'll cost you $129. If you want to be one of 20 people to have 30 minutes private Meet & Greet, that'll cost you $300. And if you want an autograph, unless you purchase the Gold or Silver package, that'll cost you $99. If you get the Silver or Gold pkg, you get their autograph for free.

Now someone like idiot Misha Collins, he has to be there all weekend long. But Jared & Jensen? They fly in for one day. It's a long day for them, but they put in one day and that cash register is ch-chinging all day long.

Anyone who wants to poke fun at them for being a CW actor or on television will have to regret their words because those 2 guys are doing incredibly well for themselves.

But you know what? They are incredibly fantastic and appreciative of their fans. They realize how fortunate they are and Jared talked about how few SAG actors actually get work and he knows how lucky they are.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I would love to go to another one. It's fun to meet other fans and I think it would be so fun to actually meet someone I've talked to on Tumblr.

I also got to see Curtis Armstrong, the guy from Revenge of the Nerds and Moonlighting. He was very entertaining to listen to and I enjoyed him alot.

It was a crazy experience and they hold them in pretty nice hotels, too. We had a nice view of the ocean from our room because it was right on the Bay of San Fran.

OK gotta go, lunch is over. Waaah!

What Jake looks for in a friend said...

Police: Lance Armstrong hit parked cars, blamed girlfriend

DENVER (AP) -- Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong hit two parked cars after a night of partying in Aspen but agreed to let his longtime girlfriend take the blame to avoid national attention, police reports show....

I was just reading this article on the Internet and I thought of Jake immediately. Remember what good friends Jake was with Armstrong? Austin too. Birds of a feather. Flock together.

Methodical Muser said...

It was a crazy experience and they hold them in pretty nice hotels, too. We had a nice view of the ocean from our room because it was right on the Bay of San Fran.

And the "we" in this adventure, is moi! I wholeheartedly second what PG described. The guys are gorgeous and that room was packed on Sunday. Even more chairs were brought in and lined up against the wall. Jared seemed taken aback by the reception and even made a joke about not letting the Fire Marshals know what was going on in that room.

I'll also add that the guys have a tremendous amount of chemistry together, which was fun to watch. One of the highlights was when Jensen started to sing a song (*grin* yes, another actor who fancies himself a singer), Jared jumped off the stage and sat down in the front row. Quickly becoming a fangirl. Really adorable in all the right ways.

In fact, someone closer to the stage saw the interaction and indicated that when Jensen sang the lyrics:

"I swear that god is there every time I stare into the eyes of my best friend," he pointed directly at Jared.

Later when Jensen started doing what he perceived to be a sexy dance (sorry Jensen, it really was pretty dorky), Jared started stuffing some money in his shirt and pants. These guys have the routine down and the audience loved every second of it.

Destiny said...

I knew a lot of stars of old shows and movies got paid for photos, etc., at conventions, but I didn't realize it happened with shows still on the air.

PG, I can understand why you were speechless. The same thing happened to me when I got a picture and autograph of Matt Bomer outside the Regis and Kelly show some years back. I think I did manage to thank him, but I didn't even say anything about enjoying his work.

prairiegirl said...

Yup, M&M and I had a great time. I probably was a bit more wound up but all in all, it was pretty incredible.

I was just comparing prices because Creation Entertainment does a few other conventions - Vampire Diaries and Star Trek and some kind of Teen Wolf or Wolf something or other. Those conventions have got nothing over Supernatural as far as prices are concerned. I thought maybe Star Trek would be a little pricey but the Chicago convention doesn't even come close to SN's Gold package in San Fran, which came to over $850+. Yeah, over $800 for that gold package. I just couldn't quite do that, much as I would've loved to. But I did do the Silver, ha ha. They were worth it.

Oh, and guess who's coming to play Arrowhead Stadium in the summer this year? One D!! Nah, I'm not going. My ears would get blistered. As it was, there was some screaming for J2 and I let out a couple of whoops! lol. Shhh!!! I couldn't take all that screaming for OneD, much as I do like some of their newest songs.

Florida Tom said...

I will come if you get tickets PG. Always looking to escape Florida in the summer. It would be a blast :-)

Florida Tom said...

I think Jake's involvement with Armstrong was strictly PR based. Jake wanted to hang out with str8 guys and wanted that role in the proposed Armstrong biopic. I think it is not fair to compare Jake with Armstrong. Armstrong is a sick pup. Although Jake is deceitful and weak I sure do not put him in the same category as Armstrong.

Beg to differ said...

I think Jake's involvement with Armstrong was strictly PR based.

I'm not so sure. Austin was friends with Armstrong too. The last time he mentioned him was 2012 and according to your blogs' research, he was probably at that 30th birthday party of Austin's in Marfa, TX. Remember this tweet from Austin in August 2012?:


#LeaveLanceAlone @lancearmstrong Everybody RT

12:22 PM - 24 Aug 2012

I could tell this guy was scum from the beginning, yet somehow Jake and Austin, who were up close and personal with him on lots f occasions, didn't see it. Even as late as 2012? Then again, perhaps they didn't think there was anything to see since neither guy seems to have a problem with the concept of doing anything to win. You know. The ends justifies the means.

A change in lifestyle needed said...

Gwyneth Paltrow suggested it. lol!!

Beyonce and Jay Z are moving to Los Angeles

Looks like Jake will have to find some new friends to pretend to hang with in NY. When you think about it, it's kind of strange that all of Jake's real friends live in LA, but somehow we are to believe that he moved to NY in 2012 just to be with Maggie and his nieces. #Gyllencest in the Big Apple #Grown Men Don't Act This Way
#Closet Cases Do

prairiegirl said...

I attended a wedding this past weekend of a friend who was marrying her girlfriend of about 3 yrs or so. It was like a civil ceremony I think and pretty small & intimate. It was unlike every other wedding I've ever been to but it was absolutely lovely. They're both awesome gals and both of their parents were there, each bride danced with their mom and then they danced with their dads. It was awesome to see all of their families there and see the great support.

It was kind of funny at one point after the dinner was over, they played "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. LOL.

And man, when they opened with that Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" as the DJ began cranking it up, that filled the dance floor, lol. That song absolutely ROCKS.