Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sunday Night Supper Club

It totally came out of the blue.  I got a text Sunday from a long time friend that said,

"I'm in a restaurant in Koreatown, and you favorite actor is here"

Now my friend knows I'm a big Jake fan.  To the extent of the whole OMG thing - no,  but he knows I've been a fan for years.  He never texts or even mentions about the people he meets in the course of the production work he does so getting a text from him about Jake  I know is the real deal.

And then it began:

me: Wow. Who's he with?
him: Some guy
me: Tall curly hair great smile?
him: We're not hanging out together, K.  :)
him: He does have curly hair though.
him : From what I see.
me: That sounds like that's his boyfriend [I am not trying to explain the husband to via text] Austin Nichols who's on Ray Donovan and Walking Dead.

a couple minutes later
him: It is Nichols

There was no way for my friend to get a picture without being obnoxious, and obvious,  but the sighting reminds me back in the day when Jake and Austin would go out for Sunday Night Suppers at Jar.

And together in LA  -  Some things never change.


prairiegirl said...


Incredibly exciting news. And Special, didn't you say that your friend looked up Austin on the Internet while he was there to verify that's who was sitting with Jake?

Incredibly exciting? More like unbearably horribly exciting!!!

I know the troll is going to come down hard because the friend didn't get a picture and we're crushed as well (come ON even from behind?!!!) lol. But if push came to shove? Special will have the dates/times of the text messages and the name of the restaurant.

In Koreatown.

BOOM!!! Jake and Austin having a DATE NIGHT on Sunday.

Florida Tom said...

Wow awesome. They have probably been vacationing in Martha's Vineyard. Thanks for the sighting SK :-)

Florida Tom said...

I totally believe this sighting and story. SK would not post this if it were not certain it was them. She knows Jake's PR do visit this sight. Who cares what the trolls think. Jake and Austin will know we know they still are together. Thanks SK. We are still hanging in there :-)

the real m said...

We always knew they spend plenty of time togther in real life but its always nice to see an independent confirmation. When will PR learn that you cant keep secrets now a days so why bother. Just some out and be honest. Everyone else is.

Methodical Muser said...

I trust Special, implicitly. Date night also helps to explain the ludicrous Marcus Oliver Johnstone Mumford escapade last week at Anaheim, Disneyland. That tongue ‘n cheek poster from the other day was spot on. Talk about a bizarre PR stunt. There is definitely some kind of PR arrangement between Mumford and Jake when it comes to helping to distract from Austin. Any time Mr. Chubs rolls into town and does some splashy photo op with Mr. Southpaw, you know Austin is nearby. I think that whole English wedding between Mumford and Mulligan was all kinds of eyebrow raising too. Jake helped Mumford sell that Somerset tall tale back in 2012. Looks like PR wasted a lot of money and time placing Austin in Texas, or Georgia, or wherever the heck they keep trying to send him.

It’s also telling where Jake and Austin were seen dining. Jake is very familiar with the area, admitting last year that he grew up on the edge of Koreatown, and we know with End of Watch and Nightcrawler he's been making excuses to be "working" in Central LA for several years now. The hipster neighborhood is also a straight shot to Malibu and Santa Monica. Popular hangouts for these two as well. Boom! is right PG.

Because no matter what, you can’t hide love, fellas. *grin*

Destiny said...

That is so awesome Special. Totally believe it to. I waiver as to how much time they really spend together, so it's nice after all this time to get this sighting.

Florida Tom said...

Sorry SK took for granted your friend was from up your way and Koreatown was in Boston. No matter where they were spotted it is great to hear they are together.

prairiegirl said...

Surprisingly (not!), this story appears out of nowhere as a link story on Just Jared. What is so stupid (besides the obvious) is his people just finished planting the fictional Mrs. Robinson yarn about him and Mrs. Robinson, I mean Susan Sarandon.

I think this story should read "50 Shades of Jaustin: Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols' Secret Night Out Together in Koreatown - Find Out All The Steamy Details in Hollywood Romance"

50 Shades Of Jake: Gyllenhaal & Dakota Johnson’s Secret Night Out Together — Find Out All The Steamy Details In Hollywood Romance

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson shared the same table at an exclusive Los Angeles nightclub last week, and RadarOnline.com has all the exclusive details on the romance.

The film stars made a grand display of leaving through separate exits, but it was hardly a cover for their rekindled romance. (The hunky Southpaw star claimed he was single in April, and Johnson reportedly broke up with her most recent boyfriend, Matthew Hitt.)

“Jake and Dakota were accompanied at their table by different people throughout the night — including the owner of the bar [that’s] so inaccessible to the public that it doesn’t even have a name,” an eyewitness told Radar. “They left the venue through separate exits, Johnson out the front and Gyllenhaal via a back door.”

The source spotted the handsome A-lister and daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson “glancing back at other as if they were getting away with something.”

The pair were romantically linked briefly in 2011, and the Oscar nominee, 34, has reportedly been pining for the Fifty Shades of Grey starlet, 25, ever since — even sending her flowers.

lol. Too funny for words.

prairiegirl said...



Alright, closing up shop. It's been a loooong day today, starting off by oversleeping and being late to work.

This story is very cool. #DateNight I'm so glad Special's friend texted her. He knew she would want to know.

Date Night said...

Wow, this is exciting news. I had a feeling they were still together. The whole bearding arrangement with that Agents of Shield actress is so fake. And, Jake is so very gay. You would think their publicity sleeze hounds would know how weird it looks that Austin lives in Los Angeles, except whenever Jake wants to be in LA for an extended amount of time and then suddenly Nichols is shipped off somewhere else. There's nearly 4 million people there. If nothing was going on between them, I think they could both be in the same city at the same time.

Sunday Nights said...

Sunday night dinners, with just the two of them. That's a nice tradition for a couple to maintain.

I remember reading once that on Sunday, Americans seem to prefer home cooking. Something like fewer than 6% of Americans eat out on that day. A perfect time for more privacy, if you're quivering in the closet.

the real m said...

I'm surprised that fake story about Dakota did not inlcude Jake being introduced to her by his sister or mother. Wasn't that SOP for all the fake stories.

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha, m. You're right. You know, this Dakota story will fade away like a summer weekend tan. It came out suddenly yesterday, probably concocted quickly if you know what I mean.

His people are just idiots. They have him balancing and juggling women like he's some kind of womanizing circus performer. And they're usually based on one event and he's never even mentioned with the female again or pictured with her again. I'm still laughing at that fuzzy picture which was meant to be Jake and ol' Ruthie at some island romantic getaway. LOL!!! Good grief. The desperation.

It's embarrassing. Does anyone know of another closeted actor who is cyber paired up like Jake? It's like he's a woman lint roller and all he has to do is walk by a female and she's stuck to him long enough for a mystery date and dinner and snuggling and hanging all over each other. All on the "down low", too.

I think I'm going to start calling Jake Mr. Down Low. Maybe Mr. Limbo. LOL!

Florida Tom said...

A lot of what Jake has been doing as crazy as it seems has worked for him. You never even see him on any who may be Gay list anymore. A lot of the old same people are on there but not Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Actually on the contrary, Tom, with regards to comment sections online. He still repeatedly gets comments from the public that he is gay. I see a lot of these online articles as part of my daily checks on the guys and I can tell you that the Dakota Fanning and Susan Sarandon stories were outnumbering with "yeah, right's" and "He's gay".

Lists by websites don't mean anything to me because I'll tell you what. A lot of these sites are playing the game now. The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ, People, Oh No They Didn't, you name it, they are not independent thinkers. ONTD is a compilation of authors but they're not even recognizable anymore.

Heck, even the Plaid Pants guy is all about playing it safe. I don't think that guy answers to anybody, but still. No more tongue in cheeks from him. Jason I think is his name.

Michael K is a rare gem anymore. I don't know what Jake's people are doing but I don't think it's because they're "convincing" people. I think it's more like arm twisting. All you have to do is look what happened to Jonathan Jaxson and Ted Casablanca. Ted was bought out. He's living the high life now. Look at Harvey Levin. Harvey has totally lost his nuts as well. Harvey plays the game. Really disappointing with Harvey.

prairiegirl said...

Speaking of lint rollers....An old friend has stuck to Jake again as he breezed by.

Jake Gyllenhaal NOT Trying To Steal Taylor Swift From Calvin Harris, Despite Report

Jake Gyllenhaal is not attempting to steal back Taylor Swift from her boyfriend Calvin Harris, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this ridiculous story. We’re told it’s “completely insane.”

Gyllenhaal and Swift dated in 2010, and according to the National Enquirer, the actor is now trying to win her back. The tabloid quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “Jake knows he screwed up the first time around. He wasn’t ready for a commitment but now Jake’s wooing Taylor via emails and texts.”

The magazine actually asserts Gyllenhaal has a “five-point plan” to win Swift back. His alleged strategies include helping her to become a movie star, publicly apologizing for their breakup, allowing her to use his name in song lyrics, agreeing to get married within two years, and finally, being a “stay-at-home dad” while she focuses on her career.

“If Taylor agrees to give Jake another go, he’s ready to fulfill all five promises,” the made-up “source” tells the tabloid. The so-called insider even goes on to allege that Swift is “intrigued” by Gyllenhaal’s offer.

Raise your hand if you believe any of this “five-point plan”? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

Albeit creative, the entire story is beyond ridiculous and untrue. Interestingly, Gossip Cop previously corrected the Enquirer years ago when it attempted to sell this same story, but in reverse. Originally, the tabloid had said that Swift was the one trying to win Gyllenhaal back. Much like that tall tale, this new version is also false. A source close to Gyllenhaal tells Gossip Cop this new, laughable report is just “completely insane.”

I am beginning to think that the purpose of Gossip Cop is to "shoot down" a made up story

Every female who shares his oxygen sticks to him like lint to a roller. LOL!

This came across twitter today, the Dakota Fleming story came yesterday.

Destiny said...

So that story came out after the Jaustin sighting. Imagine that. Not that we needed confirmation, but thanks anyway PR.

prairiegirl said...

Want to see some more reactions? Normally you know, we don't publish this nonsense anymore. But I think it's funny to show the reactions to this Korea town spotting. And that is what alot of this is. It's reaction.

What looks to be perhaps an old picture is tweeted this afternoon as if it's new:

corrine carrico ‏@coreystylist 3h3 hours ago Peachtree City, GA

@AustinNichols I hope to meet you again soon! Love the walking the dead.
I know lows in the 60's is cool but a winter coat and scarf?
5:50 PM - 26 Aug 2015 · Details

Oh, and then after about a week of no sightings or mentions of Austin on set, here comes this today:

ryan ‏@ricklgrimes 1h1 hour ago
Austin Nichols is apparently on set also. #TWDSeason6
7:54 PM - 26 Aug 2015 · Details


Florida Tom said...

Zachary Quinto- "I work more now than I ever did when I was in the closet and I’m doing a wider range and variety of roles than I ever did before I came out. I feel like that’s what I need to keep demanding of myself and what I need to keep demanding of the industry.”

This is awesome. Zach gotz some balls. I love him.

london tb said...

I guess J&A were discussing the five-point plan :)

Excellent news, Special.

Methodical Muser said...

Here's the link:

Zachary Interview: 'I work more now than when I was in the closet'

Florida Tom said...

Great article isn't it MM. Here is a guy who has the balls to stand up to the system and is making it big. Quinto is making huge bucks. People admire courage and all people want to see is good and entertaining movies. They do not give a hoot about sexual orientation. Hopefully Jake has had enough of his closet and will also find the courage to open the door.

Methodical Muser said...

It is a wonderful, article. Thanks for bringing our attention to the message. The younger audiences, in particular, simply don't care. Jake is a follower that much is evident by the choices he has made over the last ten years. If enough actors like Quinto continue to get good work, maybe he'll join the bandwagon? Sidenote: Mr. Quinto has a head turning boyfriend. They seem to be very much in love.

Gay, gay and more gay said...

Austin and Chloe? Hahahahahaahahahahaahahaha. That has got to be one of the fakest PR "relationships" I have ever seen. She has maybe the brain capacity of a toddler. Jake is gay. Austin is gay. They are together. End of story.

Love Quinto. His commitment to living his life just like everyone else, and still working in the industry is admirable. Jake is a scaredy cat. Pathetically so.

prairiegirl said...

I see the troll is playing with his crayons and Viewmaster again.

Pffft, as if we're clicking on any of his nonsense, so not sure who he's doing that for.

Troll needs to tap his blog's star Bennett on the shoulder and tell her she's not earning her paycheck and she needs to go visit her BOYFRIEND and let's see some PDA.


She has more of a thing for that pooch of hers than for her own man. "Her" (and I use that possessive term extremely loosely) man who was reading all alone on a Friday night.

Sounds like Bennett wasn't even available or useful for some good ol' phone sex. LOL! Good beards are hard to find anymore, aren't they?

prairiegirl said...

Wonderful quote from Zachary Quinto. That's great to hear that he's busier than he's ever been.

And behind the moat and 12-inch thick castle walls, Austin is enjoying putting on some loving little squeezing kissy-poos on his lil' lint roller Jake, in between flipping the flapjacks.

Love your avatar, Tom.

Florida Tom said...

Thanks PG :-)

Like the last picture on this post Austin is always very close to Jake. It was him on the train that day with Jake when we couldn't see his face but you could feel it was him. I know I could feel it. They are connected.

prairiegirl said...

Warmest wishes are extended to OMG's Clarity!! Hope you have had a wonderful birthday, Clarity and may you enjoy many more. :-)

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday Clarity :-)

Destiny said...

Happy Birthday Clarity.

Interesting interview with Quinto. One thing that probably made it a bit easier for him is that he was already in a successful franchise when he came out, and the producers couldn't exactly cut him. I wonder if he would have been cast as Spock if he'd come out before Star Trek.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Clarity!!! Hope you had a great day!

Special K said...

And one more birthday. Today is Roma's birthday.

Happy Birthday Roma!!! Celebrate!

Just Jared said...

Is it real or is it Memorex?

Real time or Pasttime?

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps it casual while out to lunch with a friend on Saturday afternoon (September 5) in West Hollywood, Calif. ....

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday Roma !!!

Good points Destiny !!!

I have to say I am really looking forward to Everest. Definitely the type of movie I enjoy. The book was very good. I believe Jake is playing one of the main characters in the movie. So the role should at least be good PR for him.

prairiegirl said...

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend if you're in the U.S. I know I sure am.

I spent the first half of it cat-sitting!! 3 cats who belong to a co-worker. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take on a new customer as I'm trying not to take on anyone new and eventually stop my pet/house sitting. But I tried it once because they just couldn't find anyone and I fell in love with them!! Alvin, Mardi and Moo. Alvin is a diabetic cat and he requires two shots of insulin a day so that is a challenge. But they have distinct little personalities and I hated leaving them today. But I'll be back later this month.

I was talking to M&M today about the difference between cats & dogs because I could see myself getting a cat or two because they're so easy to care for. But I really like to cuddle and love on dogs and cats, I don't know, I don't think they're quite as physical as a dog. These cats will let me kiss on their heads and stroke them, but if I try to hold them, they don't really seem to go for that. Mardi slept on my lap for awhile but that's not quite the same. Litter boxes are a breeze and they are so funny. But with a dog, I can really hug them and cats don't seem as responsive to that, lol.

But they sure are entertaining.

Speaking of dogs & cats, we have these new pics of Jake and I just don't know if they're real time. I could see him, Austin & the kids still being in Italy. You know they can really hide those kids over there and have some privacy. I bet they spend more time overseas actually, than one would realize. And look who he's with ---> ol' Gene Hong. Where's that guy been? Where is Jake's It's a Small World playmate Marcus Bumford? Maybe Marcus is actually with his beard, I mean his wife
and planning a pre-natal visit photo op. *wink*

Getting off track. The point I was going to make was where in the heck is the deard, Leo? We haven't seen Leo since those disastrous pictures way back when. Who is watching Leo back at Jake's "home" of NYC? You would think maybe someone would tweet that they've seen Maggie and Peter walking Leo, wouldn't you? No one seems to see those two at all around NYC. Peter's twitter search is always such a vast wasteland of nothing. Nothing but movie plugs, that's it. No one ever sees him, especially not in NYC. No co-op anymore, no trains, no one sees those two at restaurants anymore.

Maybe Leo is kenneled. Maybe he is at boot camp since Jake and him could not seem to get on the same page with their walking, huh? ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Psssst. I bet you that Leo is Mumford's dog. If you listen closely, he has a British accent. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

I wonder who represents Leo? You reckon WME? lol. Maybe he came from Harvey Weinstein's rent-a-service. Either way, I hope Leo is getting paid for not getting his share of publicity/facetime. If I was him, I would ask for representation from Misha Collins' people. Now that guy has an ironclad contract for mearding. Leo needs some of that because he is definitely getting the short end of the stick here.

Seriously though, this is why I think Atticus is still alive. Nothing has ever been said about Atticus and all of a sudden, Jake shows up in NYC and they're doing photo ops. But that last set of pictures? Leo looked like he and Jake didn't even get along.

Jake took Atticus everywhere. He took him to outdoor cafes, to the dog park, on movie sets. And since Jake still loves to push that he is this single, carefree guy, then why isn't his dog his loyal companion? You see other celebs with their dogs alot, but not Jake and Leo.

Leo has been used in NYC to try and show that Jake has established permanent residency there. I think that's why Leo was brought into the game.

Methodical Muser said...

Leo has been used in NYC to try and show that Jake has established permanent residency there. I think that's why Leo was brought into the game.

Yep. PR introduces dogs into fake relationships for a variety of reasons, but with Jake it has to do with trying to convince people that he lives in NY. With Faux Chlo and Austie, it's all about the fake imagery of domesticity. I sure hope these exploited pooches have appropriate representation to make sure they are taken care of in their old age. I can only imagine what their NDA's look like. *grin*

catching on said...

Ahahahaha. Publicity teams are full speed ahead unscrupulous. They will use any prop (animate or not) to attempt to prove their clients are straight. I'm convinced that people are beginning to see right through this made up stuff.

I don't know where I saw it, but there was some article floating around this last week, where Anne Hathaway was opening up (how ridiculous), five years later, and revealing that Jake and Taylor Swift really dated. Huh? What was that about? Somebody's worried about something. I'm not sure if it's Jake or Taylor, but I'm choosing Taylor Swift on this one. That's what all her GIRL POWER is about. Too many were catching on about her bearding relationships, so she started promoting girl power. If anyone dares to call her out on her crap, she attacks them for being misogynistic.

prairiegirl said...

I don't know where I saw it, but there was some article floating around this last week, where Anne Hathaway was opening up (how ridiculous), five years later, and revealing that Jake and Taylor Swift really dated. Huh? What was that about?

lol. But it was Anne's confirmation!! It was Anne notarizing that sucker. **Stamp it!**

It was totally stupid. **eye roll** I couldn't believe it when I saw that. Since I didn't really see it on Jake's twitter search, I would have to say it didn't have to do with him either. I wasn't sure at the time, but now it looks more like it has to do with Tay. And maybe Anne as well. I mean, what on earth is in it for Anne to make such a totally ridiculous statement in Glamour?

catching on said...

I know. And, how is her statement some big reveal anyway? Jake and Taylor Swift were on the cover of US Weekly as a couple. She sold a whole album on losing her virginity to Jake. Unless, Swift is worried that more and more people believe the relationship was fake. But, why now? After five years? I agree that using an interview with Hathaway to confirm the dating is just awkwardly heavy-handed. You would think that she thought Jake was going to come out. And, we know that ain't happening.

Methodical Muser said...

I think Tay Tay is worried about someone else coming out. Like the beautiful, rainbow lovin', Harry Styles.

Destiny said...

That is so strange about Anne and the comment about Jake and Taylor.

Hey PG, some cats love to be be hugged and fussed about just like dogs. One of my cats is a lap cat, and she loves all kind of attention. My other is not a lap cat at all, but he likes a big hug when I come home, and likes to nuzzle heads and get chin rubs. But I know that a lot of cats don't like much more than a good petting.

So funny about you cat sitting for one that needs insulin. One of my cats needs insulin, and I had the hardest time finding a sitter who would handle shots.

Destiny said...

Spent a big chunk of the day with Roma for her birthday, had a great time.

Destiny said...

That could be M&M; I also think thinks there's been a lot of speculation about Taylor and one of her model friends.

For those who have HBO, they have a 12 minute preview of Everest. It looks good, and I bet it will be amazing in 3D and on Imax. But just seeing a few scenes and hearing them talk made me anxious. I don't get why people want to do things like climb Everest, the very thought gives me knots in my stomach.

catching on said...

I never thought of that. You are probably right. Harry. He is pretty much out right now, isn't he? There's also stories circulating now about his boyfriend Louis that he may not be the father of that baby. I was wondering how they were going to get out of that.

Florida Tom said...

I think I posted an article about a column written about how many of Talyor's ex boyfriends were gay a bit back. Maybe Anne's comments were related to that article.

Florida Tom said...

My bet is the Hathaway comment was to protect Jake. Jake was on that list of Talyor's exes. I am sure Anne and Jake are still friends.

prairiegirl said...

I don't get why people want to do things like climb Everest, the very thought gives me knots in my stomach.

Ditto. Plus, there's adventurous and then there's just putting your life unnecessarily at risk.

How nice to wake up this morning and have several questions posed on OMG last night so generously "answered". Can't argue with such prompt customer service. Just because a real estate agent gives me the royal tour of the house plus a cup of coffee & a donut, doesn't mean I'm obligated to buy it.

Clarity said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes everybody. I had a great time this weekend. My BFF came from Florida to celebrate with me. I have to agree with you PG, I lean more towards dogs although I had 5 cats at one time in my life (hahaha...don't ask). Cats have their own unique personalities though for sure. Not too sure about Everest yet myself. I'm not to crazy about putting yourself at risk like that.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Clarity!

You know, when you get a flurry of GPS readings from the guys, you know something is up. So you sit back and watch it all, speculate in private...and then watch some more.

But Jake has been knocking himself out since about Saturday blowing horns, waving flags, skywriting and practically going door-to-door to anyone who will listen that hey, he's in L.A.! "I'm. In. L.A." "Did you know? I'm in L.A."

"By the way? I'm in L.A."

"ICYMI - I'm in L.A."


Where are you, Jake? I think I missed it.

Pffft! Those guys are not in LA.

prairiegirl said...

You know, we normally don't repost a lot of these guys' bearding nonsense anymore because it's just so lulzy and it's all been especially lulzy since Jaustin was spotted having a date night in Koreatown back on Aug 23. And no doubt Mgmnt is killing several birds with this stone - Jake's got a movie coming out, the beard Bennet is promoting Season 3 and Austin? I don't know what Austin's doing it for besides his guy Jake - I guess Koreatown, lol.

But these latest couple of days' worth is just....you really have to see it to believe it. Austin's twitter search is a laugh a minute right now. If you aren't laughing, you're wincing from the shame of it all. These are desperate times for Austin and Jake and sometimes there just needs to be a permanent record because at some point a lot of this is going to be going bye bye as soon as that contract is up. First up is from Austin's Instagram and the second is from his Twitter.

austinnichols Me and pretty bird flying away
Mm hmm yeah right

Austin tweeted this today and check out the replies from the male population.

AUSTIN NICHOLS (@AustinNichols)
9/11/15, 09:40

The view from my balcony is stunning. Steel yourself
9:40 AM - 11 Sep 2015

Charles Lee ‏@Goofyfan_Chuck 8h8 hours ago Radcliff, KY
@AustinNichols you unfathomably lucky bastard

Kenny Kraly Jr. ‏@kennykraly 1h1 hour ago
@AustinNichols @ChloeBennet4 Beautiful and stunning!!!

Robert Rhead ‏@robrhead 5h5 hours ago
@AustinNichols It most certainly is!

Travis Schmitt ‏@SchmittTravis 6h6 hours ago
@AustinNichols That Sir is a stunning view ! Oh and the "Sky" is very pretty also.

Dennis ‏@vonoss 8h8 hours ago
@AustinNichols Lucky you :-) Du Glückspilz :-)

Agent Jim Lawrence ‏@AgentJ1m 8h8 hours ago
@AustinNichols That's "The view ON your balcony is stunning!"

jordan ‏@chIoe_bennet 8h8 hours ago
@AustinNichols what a gorgeous girlfriend you have :) lucky man!

Paul ‏@PaulUSA_ 5h5 hours ago
@AustinNichols That's the best view ever!

Brett Carruthers ‏@BertakaBrett 5h5 hours ago
@AustinNichols @ChloeBennet4 You're the luckiest son of a bitch in the world aren't you? lol

Peter Parker ‏@YoungWildProud1 8h8 hours ago
Austin Nichols is one lucky bastard. #ChloeBennet

Charles Lee ‏@Goofyfan_Chuck 8h8 hours ago Radcliff, KY
@AustinNichols you unfathomably lucky bastard

Richard Stevens ‏@steelwolf171 8h8 hours ago
@ChloeBennet4 @AustinNichols You, good Sir have a marvelous gift for understatement although I doubt any language would do that shot justice

Methodical Muser said...


Who in the heck uses the word "unfathomably" in a tweet, anyway? Never mind one related to the terminally, immeasurably ignoramus that is Chloe Bennet. The repetitive use of some version of the word lucky is a big tip off that these are manufactured resposes. Also, look at all the mainstream male names being used: Peter, Charles, Richard, Paul, Dennis, Robert, Kenny. Too, too funny. How very white bread.

prairiegirl said...

Oops, looks like I had ol' Goofyfan Chuck on there twice.

terminally, immeasurably ignoramus that is Chloe Bennet. LOLLLLL

No joke. And look what kind of bargain basement of a beard Austin was given with priceless slams like this:

Chloe Bennet (@ChloeBennet4)
9/10/15, 21:22

Watch this short film I did. Directed by: @TJROKOKO and starring the always horrible @AustinNichols �� http://fb.me/L400qyud

Which then prompts someone else to tweet reply:

gabriella (@peytonscots)
9/10/15, 21:26

@ChloeBennet4 @TJROKOKO @AustinNichols ill watch because i miss his horrible face

That's real class, isn't it? I don't care that she's joking. I don't care that the short film was out over a year ago. This was copying Austin and it was copying Thomas Ikimi. Have some maturity and professionalism and promote it right and like you're proud of what you did. Not like it was some puppet show done in a barn.

She must have been bought during a HW beard fire sale, that's all I can say. Gotta save money somewhere, I reckon. :-)

prairiegirl said...

The movie (Demolition) starts with Jake‘s character writing a letter of complaint and he revealed to reporters that he once wrote a complaint letter to KFC as a kid.

“I don’t know if you remember: Kentucky Fried Chicken, when I was a kid, they had these things, [Chicken Littles] … like little hamburgers, but they were fried little chicken nuggets,” Jake said (via People). “Anyway, they discontinued them, and in school, we were told to learn how to write a complaint letter, right? So I wrote a complaint letter to Kentucky telling them [to bring them back].”

Jake Gyllenhaal Once Wrote KFC a Complaint Letter

Rainbow Wave said...

A HW beard fire sale. Ahaha. I wonder how many times Austin's contracted girlfriend was marked down for liquidation before they settled on a price?

Has anyone read the Attitude Magazine Liam "interview" that 1DHQ put out to slam the gay community one more time? I've never bought the homophobic image of One Direction. Have always thought that Modest! Management, Simon Jones and Cowell (Syco) were behind the pitch, but this article sealed the deal for me. What surprised me this time, however, was how a gay lifestyle magazine would be paid off to write an obviously made up article to make Liam look like an idiot and to use the text to slam Larry fans and Rainbow Directioners once again. Apparently, everyone is for sale when it comes to the closet. Even alleged allies.

It will be interesting to see how the fandom fights back in Foxborough tonight. It's the last 1D concert in America.

Methodical Muser said...

That was truly a pile of BS, wasn't it? The boys are fighting back the best they can. Liam made sure to post this tweet a few days before the interview leaked. I think his words say all there is to know about who really was behind that absurd article. And, notice that Louis responded to him with the word, "quirky." For anyone who follows One Direction, they know that the word is one that Louis uses to affectionately describe Harry.

Liam warning the fandom

I agree about the Foxborough concert tonight. There will definitely be lots of rainbows flying proud. The boys love Liam. And, Liam loves Harry and Louis. End of story.

Rainbow Wave said...

I've followed OMG for about five years on and off. And, I think what I like about this tight-knit community is that you all seem to get it from day one. The manipulations, the ridicule, the accusations of being nuts and conspiracy theorists. Remember the delusional period? That was always the go to term. "Liam" called Larries a cult this time. But, the intent is the same. Anyone who dares to point out the closet has to be loony.

So here we are now, with new PR language and techniques, but the aim is still the same. Keep everyone in the closet as much as possible and anyone who dares to say the emperor has no clothes must be attacked and stigmatized. The post below sums up my viewpoint as well. I hope you all continue to stick with it. It's so clear that Jake and Austin are together and raising a family. Otherwise they are the weirdest people who ever lived. Ha! Maybe they are both!

The Aha Moment of My Fandom Life

prairiegirl said...

The manipulations, the ridicule, the accusations of being nuts and conspiracy theorists. Remember the delusional period? That was always the go to term. "Liam" called Larries a cult this time. But, the intent is the same. Anyone who dares to point out the closet has to be loony.

So here we are now, with new PR language and techniques, but the aim is still the same. Keep everyone in the closet as much as possible and anyone who dares to say the emperor has no clothes must be attacked and stigmatized.


I have to say that I still read & participate in the Supernatural blog called SpnGos and that neighborhood is about as crass and rough as they come. I can't even begin to tell people here what a difference.

But that blog is totally overrun by and I believe moderated by Jared and Jensen's people. It didn't take long over a year ago for me to begin to have suspicion and now I'm firm in my belief. It's extremely evident that Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles are together in real life and raising a family, just like Jake & Austin are. And they have been pulling the wool over their fans' eyes for years as far as their deception regarding their whereabouts. I also don't believe their beards are the kids' real mothers. But whenever I point out some of the nonsense that those guys are pulling, I get raked over the coals and called all kinds of names, I'm a conspiracy nut, I know nothing, I need to go back to my Jake & Austin blog, etc. etc.

I might find a couple of those gems and show people here and you can see the same kind of words, same kind of insults, same kind of tactics that we've seen in the past from troll(s). And as I've shared them with M&M, if I may be able to relay this, she will often say that she'll see similar sounding intimidation tactics on Larry blogs.

They all draw from the same pool. They all draw from the same Mgmnt Trolling for Dummies handbook.

Rainbow Wave said...

Absolutely. Very similar intimidation strategies and techniques. What I would call bullying tactics. In this day and age, and supposedly Entertainment consisting of so many liberals, it is incredibly strange to see this kind of behavior coming from PR teams. I think, in fact, it's getting worse. I don't know much about Supernatural, but I've heard those two are an OTP in real life. If you're getting a lot of name calling and overly abusive responses from posters on your site where participants are supposed to generally believe the same thing you do, then I would say those attacks are coming from Supernatural HQ. With a big fat stamped seal of approval.

prairiegirl said...

And thank you very much, Rainbow Wave, for your positive encouragement and wow, off & on for 5 years? That is awesome. We're so glad to have you. It's great to have others here who "get it". Let me tell you, so often times I feel like I'm on an island on Spn Gos although I have befriended an anon who is pretty sharp herself and gets a lot of the nonsense. She keeps me going on there. The Larry fans, I think, are some of THE sharpest, THE most determined of fans. I'm astounded by some of the posts I see and that Tumblr post you just brought over was outstanding. And good for her.

I'm going to share some of the replies I've gotten in the past from Anons on that blog. And these are but a microscopic tip of the iceburg of what I've gotten. They're pretty entertaining.

prairiegirl said...

Here's a few past comments I'll share. They were still in my Sent file, lol. These were comments made to myself on Spn Gos:

2014-12-15 12:51 pm (local) Track This
Just shut up, you're insane, paranoid and a conspiracy theorist, you need serious psychiatric help. Go and take your meds, crazy b***h.
There's nothing to hide, Jensen was already seen on the plane at take-off and landing, so stop acting like a crazy lunatic and making people think we're all like you. edit.

2014-10-08 05:47 pm (UTC) Track This
Oh FFS will you give the 'management is controlling them' conspiracy a rest. What management are you even talking about since both Js have different managers.

If this mythical 'management' you keep harping about were as all powerful and able to control the Js like you want everyone to think, then the move to Austin would never have happened. But it did and that just proves you know squat about anything concerning Jared and Jensen.

Re: Jensen Live Tweets
2014-10-08 07:24 pm (local) Track This
Just one question, you come over very badly in writing, have you ever tried to explain yourself in person to any other human being? If you have never discussed it with anyone in your real life, you should. A sounding board is very important for complex and intricate theories like this.
What does your boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend think about your conspiracy theories? Have you told them the full extent of the conspiracy regarding Jake or J2?
How about your parents? They might have been around at the time of Rock Hudson, maybe, so might understand that part. Have you explained all this to them, and what do they think? If not, why not - what exactly do you think would happen?

Subject: Re: Jensen in restaurant Wood Ranch LA
Your conspiracy theories are always hilarious, do you live in a soap opera and never venture into the real world or talk to normal people?


Subject: Re: J2 on set 12/18
Is your entire life just one big conspiracy?

Re: Jared tweets 6 Jun 2015


2015-06-08 10:59 am (local) Track This
You actually believe that someone who talked to him that briefly is going to be able to diagnose him? Wow! talk about having no fu***ing clue how these things work. No one but Jared knows when or if he was on any medication. It really did not sound like he took anything then at all and simply carried on. Anything he talked about in that campaign, did not mention any kind of medication or being under a doctor's care. That doesn't mean that he wasn't, but for you of all people to try and sell that you know anything about his situation is totally ludicrise. You know absolutely nothing about their history and anything that has gone on around them. You just bring in your patented 'one size fits all' conspiracy theory and attempt to apply it and tell this com what is what. All you show is that you have no f***ing clue here.

prairiegirl said...

And just a few more, lol:

Subject: Re: Jared Sighting from June 5th - New Pic
LOL! Well then, we can blame you, since you were the one who came here claiming that management (however you mangle that word) follows you around, so you brought them here according to your logic.

Trust me conspiracy agent, there have been many attempts to shut this com down before and yet, we're still here. What you really don't seem to get is that they actually need and use this com to gauge stuff, hell they've even posted polls so they can follow the script and then do so like clockwork. EVERYBODY comes here, so it is the perfect place to check out what is happening, and then go to the het version and post what they want there.

Subject: Re: Jensen tweets 8/11 Looks like Jared
I'm not even trying to be horrible here, but I think you need help in real life.

I answered you further up, and simply because I'm at work and it's quiet, logged into the comm for the first time since yesterday and saw your comments. With nothing better to do, I answered you.
But like I said, I think you genuinely have problems with conspiracy delusions and should get help.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Imagine getting met with those kinds of replies constantly on everything you comment about unless you say something like "They look gorgeous! I love that picture of the boys!!!" <-- If I love a picture, I get no reaction.

If I try to point out that I think the guys are lying about something? I get called names and told to leave the community. lol. They can't stand me.

If you're getting a lot of name calling and overly abusive responses from posters on your site where participants are supposed to generally believe the same thing you do, then I would say those attacks are coming from Supernatural HQ.

Absolutely this. This is what gets me. If these anons have been following these guys for 10 years (the show has been on for 10 years) and they've been on that blog for all of its years, they should be sharper than they are. They should see through some of the patterns that I've noticed in just one year. Instead they prefer to buy nearly everything those guys say, nearly every tweet sighting and they won't even consider what I say. That tells me that Mgmnt interns are doing alot of the commenting. I think the guys' people took over that blog and they are moderating it. They use it to push their agenda and try to steer the line of thinking. I see it constantly.

And it's how the decline of WFT2 started. Look what happened to that mess over there. WFT2 exists to keep an eye on OMG, to trash OMG, and to push what Mgmnt wants which is straight Austin and Austin's fake relationship with Bennet. Those are the only reasons why WFT2 still exists.

And so if Supernatural and J2 is going to have a blog which believes Jared and Jensen are gay and together in real life (which they are, I have NO doubt), then their people want to govern that community and at least try to control that narrative and steer the direction in what "story" they want those girls to believe.

Mgmnt teams are running rampant on the internet. They've stopped Facebook search engines, they're controlling Twitter feeds, they're controlling celebrities Twitter accounts and they're getting Instagram accounts so that they can control the pictures and their narratives. They're adapting.

Rainbow Wave said...

Incredible! That is definitely PR. All the buzz words are there. Conspiracy. Delusional. Real World. Crazy, Lunatic. The similarities are amazing. And, why are SN posters attacking you for using your head? Don't they believe that management is closeting them? These comments are definitely, without doubt, no room for argument...PR.

Methodical Muser said...

This is how 1D/Larrie fans fight back

prairiegirl said...

That is a lovely video. It's positive and it's encouraging. I know that 1D has its older fans, but I think it is the younger ones that we need to pin a lot of our hopes on. They are this nation's future in turning this bus around.

Poor Liam. I can't wait until those guys are free of that contract of theirs.

This is what kind of gets me about Jake/Austin and Jared/Jensen, the 4 old dinosaurs. Those two couples have little ones. Jared/Jensen are raising 3 and Jake/Austin are raising 6/5. And so their kids are growing up in a greatly changed world than when they grew up. And yet their fathers are carrying on all kinds of shenanigans and hiding their relationship.

It's insane.

Methodical Muser said...

Agree, Rainbow. Those examples from PG are examples of a classic blogger lexicon for all those trying to stop open discussion about a One True Pairing. LOL! I could actually see the troll's faces turning red and poofy puffs of smoke coming out of their ever growing pointy ears and noses. *smirk*

entertained said...

I'm enjoying the discussion about 1D and PR tactics in general. That video made me, well it made me...sniff. Really beautiful. Harry sure does love his rainbow flags, but I think Louis does too. The stipulations in his contract have to be far more draconian that Harry's so he has to let Cowell and company take away his voice. For now, anyone. I can't wait for Simon Cowell to be completely out of the picture. Soon.

Methodical Muser said...

The stipulations in his {Louis'] contract have to be far more draconian that Harry's so he has to let Cowell and company take away his voice.

You've got it. I think Louis is very proud of who he is and certainly of his love for Harry. Since the X-Factor days he has always reminded me of a very proud gay man. Most people are theorizing that the contract with Syco is up in March 2016 and this is why Cowell is trying to destroy the boy's fanbase. He is furious that he's lost his moneymakers. And, he hates the Larries most of all. #BitterClosetQueen

the real m said...

Pink is the New Blog has an announcement that he will no longer be writing hte blog at the end of the month. I wont repeat everything he said but this part illustrates that blogs get taken over by PR types - "I have to preface my comments about my leaving Pink is the new Blog with the heads up that I am not truly at liberty to discuss many details about what is going on. I can say that the decision to leave PINTB was not mine. A few years ago, the decision was made by me to sell the site to a company that made many promises in the hopes that PINTB could live on and thrive for many years. The deal was a very good one … at the start. Then, matters beyond my control began to adversely affect the health of the blog and well, those matters never really got better. Because I was no longer the one calling the shots, my goal was to keep my head down and continue to write the blog on a daily basis to the best of my ability, with the dwindling resources available to me as I saw fit … as I had been doing from the very beginning. There was no real support and no real investment in the health and survival of the site — and I know that you have noticed. To be honest, I don’t even want to go on about the negatives and I surely don’t want to air grievances here on the blog now. I have always been as honest and as transparent as possible with my blog so maybe I’ll tell the whole sad story elsewhere, at a later date. For now, I just need to get the information out there that this will be my last month writing Pink is the new Blog (a small number of close friends know this news already, the vast majority of my friends do not). Starting October 1, the site will be authored, managed and edited by someone who has never written a single thing for PINTB in its over 10 year existence. Again, this decision was not mine to make." It will be interesting to see if come 10/1 they try to look like there has been no change in authorship. I suspect this is what happend with I heart jake too. You can tell its totally different now.

prairiegirl said...

m, Thanks so much for bringing that PITNB post to OMG. That is a darn shame, that's all I can say.

It doesn't surprise me in the least, and yet it doesn't cease to amaze me the lengths that Mgmnt teams are going to eliminate these blogs or at least get them under their control. We were just talking about his yesterday, were we not?

Billboard has posted an article about this and we all need to pay attention to this stuff that is happening because it is happening in real time and has been accelerating just in the last several years. Interesting timing, isn't it since Jake and Austin have gone deep into the closet?

I know that I had noticed a change in the nature of Trent's posts and he no longer seemed to be giving the wink wink towards Jake anymore. Not only that, but I have noticed a change in My New Plaid Pants as well and his write ups on Jake.

These continue to not be good signs but I'll tell you what. They can't stop the civilians who are not in this for profit. And at least they have not touched Michael K yet either.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like the paid troll is having a bit of a meltdown, doesn't it? Just ignore him, folks, OMG has plenty to say this morning and he can just shove it.

We will NOT be shut up. We will NOT be silenced here.

prairiegirl said...

But at the same time, I am mindful of the signs that it's likely that Austin's mom might not be doing well right now and so I am also going to try and be respectful of that probability and yet, I think that we can look at what's going on and observe how the guys' people are choosing to handle it. Because there are some things going on and some of it can be brought to the blog in real time.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Austin, Jake and their family and the Nichols family.

troll is an idiot said...

This troll is out of control. What in the heck. So obvious what's going on here. Get the f*ck off the blog and go roll in some slime where you belong.

Want to know said...

Something must be going on this morning? What's up OMG?

prairiegirl said...

First, let's post this announcement which I just found online. This is pretty important and I'm dumbfounded to have just seen this. Keep in mind, this is from the Long Beach Comic Con website when you click on the "What's New" tab.

Long Beach Comic Con Website

September 9, 2015

Buzz from the Beach

SEP 9 2015
Chloe Bennet to Appear BOTH Saturday & Sunday!
We're pleased to announce Agents of SHIELD's Chloe Bennet will now be appearing both days of Long Beach Comic Con including ALL DAY Sunday September 13th from 10am to 5pm. Chloe's Saturday Sept 12 schedule will be 4:30 to 7:00pm.

Here is Chloe's Schedule for LBCC 2015:

4:30pm - 5:00pm - Signing at Celeb-1
5:30pm - Epic Photo Ops in booth #214
6:00pm - 7:00pm - Signing at Celeb-1 September 13, 2015

10:00am - 11:45pm - Signing at Celeb-5
12:45pm - Epic Photo Ops in booth #214
2:00pm - 5:00pm - Signing at Celeb-5

Autographs & Photo Ops
Autographs - $50

prairiegirl said...

Yes, he's spazzing and he wants the blog put on moderation because he doesn't want us talking but this is going up and he's not stopping us.

Please bear with us as it is taking time to post this stuff. We'll leave the blog open as long as we can. Please feel free to participate as well.

still watching said...

I'm still watching. I have to say it is interesting that this person is obviously trying to make you put the blog on moderation. I've never seen this flagrant of an effort. Jake's people are really desperate.

prairiegirl said...

So, of course the beard uses this convention to high profile a personal situation and use the words "family emergency".

You also have to question (once you've read the next post I'm going to put up), why on earth she would have taken the time to be tweeting to fans in the middle of the night.

You wouldn't.

prairiegirl said...

HI still watching. Thanks for your patience. And to anyone else who is watching. The blog will need to go on moderation soon, but there's a bit more to go up.

He's got this stuff on a clipboard and he's just c/p over and over and over.

That's what he's doing because it is a constant spam going on right now.

And this is how you know this is not just a casual troll. No one cares about something this much to spend their Sunday morning spamming a blog.

NO one unless they're being paid to do it.

still watching said...

Thanks. Pretty crazy and definitely harassment. But, PR is all about abuse and intimidation.

Methodical Muser said...

There is something going on right now and it has to do with selling Faux Chlo and Austin as a couple. These sleeze buckets will use any occasion to promote their heterosexual agenda. Even a personal situation that should have the decency and dignity of privacy like an illness will be exploited promote a fauxmance. #NoMoralCompass

prairiegirl said...

So now here came the twitter account to "fill in the blanks". This first tweet from @JDWiswallEllis was a retweet. They retweeted Austin's family tweet which included a twitpic of him, his sister and parents.

JD Wiswall Ellis ‏@JDWiswallEllis Aug 10
JD Wiswall Ellis retweeted AUSTIN NICHOLS

Such an amazing family. Prayers for Kay and the Nichols family. She is so graceful and strong.
12:41 PM - 10 Aug 2015 · Details

JD Wiswall Ellis ‏@JDWiswallEllis 7h7 hours ago
@AustinNichols @ChloeBennet4 thinking about the two of you.
4:10 AM - 13 Sep 2015 · Details

First of all, you can look at this account of @JDWiswallEllis and it is not a long study because their account isn't a busy one. But what they have tried to establish is that they are not only an ITK (in the know), but that they also know Austin personally as evidenced by these tweets:

JD Wiswall Ellis ‏@JDWiswallEllis Aug 8
@AustinNichols I know you've been away from the sport for a long time, but I have a feeling you would appreciate http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=13387900&ex_cid=espnapi_internal …
11:45 AM - 8 Aug 2015 · Details

JD Wiswall Ellis ‏@JDWiswallEllis 7 Feb 2014
@AUS10NICHOLS you are on tv again. That JD character in the day after tomorrow is still one of my favorites.
12:19 PM - 7 Feb 2014 · Details

JD Wiswall Ellis ‏@JDWiswallEllis 24 Oct 2013
@AUS10NICHOLS nice shenanigans on agents of shield. Kinda reminds me of Bennett's. Get in touch.
3:54 PM - 24 Oct 2013 · Details

Now, you could say that this person @JDWiswallEllis is "oblivious" and they think Austin and Bennet are for "real". But then you look at the low number of tweets that this account has and I'm getting suspicious already. They only have 38 tweets and only 8 followers. And only following 20 other accounts. So overall, it is an account that is very low in activity.

Methodical Muser said...

And, what's even more interesting about this account is when it appeared. That's right. October, 2013...the month where the Austin and Chlo fauxmance began to be rolled out. After, of course, the obligatory denial by Faux Chlo, to make it seem like she wanted to keep their "relationship" private. Another point is that, of the paltry 38 tweets on this account ,7 of them are related to Austin in some way.

Try again, people. This account is set up to strategically promote the fauxmance. Could not be any clearer.

prairiegirl said...

It does seem evident that the planted account @JDWiswallEllis is telling us some truth in that Austin's family is going through a difficult time right now. This despite at the same time including the beard in order to endorse the beard.

It is truly the lowest I have ever seen a mgmnt team go to. I know it seems incredible and could seem unbelievable to some, but I have absolutely no doubt. None at all.

I don't understand it. It's unnecessary. But there's been a lot of activity going on for these two guys for the past couple of weeks online and I wonder now if Austin hasn't been in Texas all this time. Bennet likely never left California to begin with.

still watching said...

I'm still not sure what's going on. This account states that Austin's mom is sick and Chloe is tweeting about leaving the Long Beach Convention because of family emergency. Oh, I see. She is trying to make people think she had to leave Comic Con to rush home to Texas to be with "her" family. That is eyebrow raising alright. Oh wow! That is not a nice thing to do. Almost desperate. I have to admit the stuff that Jake Gyllenhaal allows his people to do in his name makes me have little respect for him. No wonder his films nowadays are filled with such violence and anger. Is being gay so bad? What a homophobe he must be. Austin barely works which means he's kind of a kept man. I bet he has a lot of pent-up anger to resolve as well.

Even a personal situation that should have the decency and dignity of privacy like an illness will be exploited promote a fauxmance. #NoMoralCompass

Methodical Muser said...

I'm still not sure what's going on.

Austin's mom has cancer. Austin tweeted about that himself. So there is a high likelihood that this is what the PR team is exploiting. Hence, my hashtag of "no moral compass."

Bearding stunts said...

Not unusual. I've seen other closet cases do similar kinds of stunts. I don't condone it, but Jake and Austin aren't the first. They won't be the last either. Very sad. Beards will do anything for fame and money. Particularly, someone who really can't act like Chloe Bennet. Her kind are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and she knows it. Might as well get publicity by using a handsome gay man or two. Taylor Swift 101.

prairiegirl said...

Right, we have seen this before. We saw Reese use Jake's mom at the farmers market and in Italy. We saw Austin's family incorporate Sophia Bush into their website and Rowdy tweeted at her, etc.

So yeah, you're right, Bearding stunts, this kind of thing has happened and will continue to happen.

But what sets this instance apart? What puts this one on another whole level entirely (in my thinking anyway) is just by reading between the lines of what we've seen online since yesterday, is that this is using what is very likely a direct family member's grave illness situation.

Anyway, off to my mom's for the day. Think we're going to do a little cooking out because it is a pretty nice day here in the Sunflower State.

prairiegirl said...

" This despite at the same time including the beard in order to endorse the beard."

This should have said in order to endorse the relationship.

Buzz From The Beach said...

Buzz from the Beach
SEP 13 2015
Update for Chloe Bennet's Appearance
Due to an unfortunate family emergency, Chloe Bennet has had to regretfully cancel her appearance at Long Beach Comic Con on Sunday, September 13, 2015.

Thought you guys would like to know that the LBCC site finally posted an announcement about Chloe Bennet not attending the Convention. It happened not too long after Prairie Girl pointed out that particular website and how there was no posting to indicate she wasn't going to be there. I thought it funny that they used the phrase "family emergency" too. They blew though because her tweet came out at 10:09 p.m. last night. That website should have had something up within a few hours because I'm sure she contacted them first. Buzz From The Beach only put up the message mid-morning today. Looks like you caught them sleeping at the wheel again.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Buzz From The Beach. I used my goosestile twitter account to tweet at the Long Beach Twitter Account and point out that they had not tweeted an announcement yet. Which you sure would think they would have.

Usually the term "personal reasons" is used, I think.

Destiny said...

Very interesting discussions about PR moves and all the bearding games.

It's sad to see this kind of stuff go on. But I still feel bad for Austin and his family going through this, and if Chloe's cancellation was due to that situation then things must be bad. I don't know if it is so much a case of using such an incident for publicity so much as the beard had to cancel and had to have a good reason--and all of that had to be done or it would look bad if she wasn't with Austin at such a time. When you get tangled in lies you unfortunately have to keep it up no matter what is going on in your life.

As for all of those tweets about the picture of Chloe, seriously, do we really believe all these men follow Austin? Fake accounts for sure, as well as the others pointed out above.

prairiegirl said...
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