Monday, September 14, 2015

In Rememberance

It is with great sadness that we remember Austin' mom, Kay who passed away this past weekend.

A true champion, she was much loved by many and even more by her family.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Austin and his family at this time.

Many of us know what it is like to lose a parent.  Our hearts go out to Austin for his loss. 


Destiny said...

That's a real shame about Kay Nichols. Losing someone close to you is always difficult, but it is especially tough when it's your mother.

the real m said...

Very sad to hear this news. It seemed that Austin was quite close to his mother and had the highest regard and respect for her accomplishments. At least he has the rest of his close family to help him through this.

Florida Tom said...

This is really sad to hear. So sorry for Austin and his family.