Friday, September 18, 2015

This takes the cake

So Amy Schumer did a bit on The Late Show about renting Jake's place.

And you got the impression she was talking about somewhere in NYC.  And that's odd because she talked about her "walk up ass" because she has a four floor walk up with no elevator.

While she was in "Jake's Place"  she said that she found an old cake in the freezer and drunk ate some.

The next week Jake was on The Late Show,  and when he describes it as his house, it gives the impression that it wasn't NYC.

Looking a Schumer's video it looks like a NYC studio or loft with a city size kitchen right inside the door.

You really think Jake with his love of cooking wouldn't 1) pick a place with a great kitchen , or 2) upgrade it while he was off shooting?

And please we all know who the princess is.... don't we Jake.


Special K said...

Happy Birthday M & M!

prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday M & M! Hope you've enjoyed a great day so far!

prairiegirl said...

I don't know if my comment went through or not.

If not, I'll say it again - Happy Birthsay, M & M!! Hope it's been a great one so far.

Clarity said...

Happy Birthday M&M!!

Florida Tom said...

Happy Belated Birthday M & M. Hope you had fun !!!

the real m said...

Happy Birthday M&M and many more to come. Hope you have a great day.

Methodical Muser said...

Thank you so much. I had a wonderful day. Three day weekend so I'm balancing having fun with the grind of errands and repairing a flat tire. Those idiot lights don't give you a break when something is wrong on your vehicle these days. Today it's pizza and football over a friend's house. I really appreciate the lovely shout outs.

prairiegirl said...

Dunky Donuts has let me down with my pumpkin iced coffee this morning. Ugh! I've had to re-doctor it up and it's STILL not near as good as the one I had last Sunday. These chain places should all teach their employees the same way, don't you think? Same number of syrup squirts, etc.

Ah well...can't have everything, I guess. Was wondering if anyone else knew Tatum O'Neill was with Rosie O'Donnell? Wow, I guess I missed that one, lol.

prairiegirl said...

The timing of "official" bearding for Jake seems kind of strange, but there is something in The Daily Fail, I mean The Daily Mail, plus another seed planted online recently that indicate Jake and Dakota Johnson might be entering a bearding phase.

Of course, there was that whole silly story about them being seen together at the No-Name Club in late August, which seemed to come out of nowhere. But here's a little bit of history with this odd pairing up:

NY POST – Page Six
Lots of love for Sting’s 60th
Last Updated: 12:19 AM, October 4, 2011
Posted: 12:07 AM, October 4, 2011
Jake Gyllenhaal charmed Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson’s daughter, Dakota Johnson, at Sting’s 60th birthday bash, and spies said the up-and-coming actress looked enchanted by the “Source Code” star.
“She was trying to play it cool, but looked very smitten,” said a witness, adding that Griffith kept a watchful eye over her at Sting’s Beacon Theatre concert.
Gyllenhaal has been seen hanging with a string of Hollywood starlets after splitting with Taylor Swift in January. And Dakota has no fewer than six new films dropping, including “21 Jump Street” with Jonah Hill and “The Five-Year Engagement.”

Then there was this mention of them being at the same party back in November of 2013. And boy, the list of closeted actors on the attendee list of this affair is yay long:

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s annual Art + Film gala, underwritten by Gucci, is quickly becoming one of the best parties of the year. That’s why so many New Yorkers make the cross-country trek for it, enduring airport closures and the like—as they did on Friday—for this weekend’s event, which raised over $4 million for LACMA’s film initiatives and future exhibitions.
“It’s a very New York party,” observed the slimmer than usual actor Jake Gyllenhaal, as a waiter offered him a gougère. He declined.
“At least a lot of the New York crowd is here,” Mr. Gyllenhaal added.
Edit: But most of the camera flashes were for the movie stars, who, besides Messrs. Gyllenhaal and DiCaprio, included Jane Fonda, Warren Beatty, Amy Adams, Kate Hudson, Zoe Saldana, Josh Duhamel and Fergie, Jeremy Renner, Catherine Keener, Dakota Johnson, Salma Hayek, Kate Beckinsale, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher, Robert Downey Jr., Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hanks (the event’s unofficial mayor) and James Franco
Count 'em

Now just a month prior to that interestingly enough, came this very weird photo and it was Austin with Melanie Griffith at the Oceana's Partners Awards Gala. Remember that? It was as though they were trying to make it look like they were attending together. Looking back on this, perhaps Austin was asking Melanie for her young daughter's hand for Jake's contract needs. LOLLL!! Sort of like a pre-arranged bearding hook-up.

If you'll just sign here on the dotted line, Melanie

Then in late February this year, the announcement was made that Dakota Johnson was going to be in Black Mass. Who else was going to co-star in that movie? Peter Sarsgaard.

Oh the connections are just all over the place, aren't they? What a small world Jake's world is.


prairiegirl said...


In March of this year, here came this story out of the blue, Jake Gyllenhaal & Dakota Johnson Romance: He’s Desperate To Win Her Back

Somebody’s crushing hard on Dakota Johnson. And it turns out: it’s her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake hopes Dakota believes in second chances because a new report says that he is desperate to get back with her!

It’s been years since Jake Gyllenhaal, 34, and Dakota Johnson, 25, had their brief romantic fling. But the time apart hasn’t cooled Jake’s feelings, as the Nightcrawler star still has the hots for his ex! Maybe seeing her in Fifty Shades Of Grey brought back some pleasant memories because a new report claims that Jake has been trying awfully hard to woo Dakota back!

Jake and Dakota’s affair might have lasted only two months when they dated in 2011, but sources tell Star Magazine that the Donnie Darko star’s “crush on her never went away.” Aww, how sweet! These feelings might be more than just a ‘crush,’ because sources tell Star that Jake’s been chasing after Dakota lately, showering her with flowers and sweet messages in a lovesick attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Maybe the time is right for these two to give it another shot. Jake’s no longer involved with Ruth Wilson, his co-star on the Broadway play Constellations. And Dakota herself is newly single, having just recently ended her romance with Matthew Hitt. But are Jake’s efforts working? Not yet, sources claim, as Dakota has yet to give in to his intentions. Etc. Etc Etc. blah blah blah

Fanfiction at its best

Then on August 25, came this little seed from Just Jared and Radar Online:
Is There Something Going On Between Dakota Johnson & Jake Gyllenhaal!? and this was followed by that lulzy nonsense of them getting "caught" at the same table at the No-Name Club, the club so exclusive that it doesn't even have a name!! (lol)

Jake Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson shared the same table at an exclusive Los Angeles nightclub last week, and has all the exclusive details on the romance.
The film stars made a grand display of leaving through separate exits, but it was hardly a cover for their rekindled romance. (The hunky Southpaw star claimed he was single in April, and Johnson reportedly broke up with her most recent boyfriend, Matthew Hitt.)
“Jake and Dakota were accompanied at their table by different people throughout the night — including the owner of the bar [that’s] so inaccessible to the public that it doesn’t even have a name,” an eyewitness told Radar. “They left the venue through separate exits, Johnson out the front and Gyllenhaal via a back door.”

The source spotted the handsome A-lister and daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson “glancing back at other as if they were getting away with something.”

The pair were romantically linked briefly in 2011, and the Oscar nominee, 34, has reportedly been pining for the Fifty Shades of Grey starlet, 25, ever since — even sending her flowers.

A club so inaccessible it doesn't even have a door!! I mean doesn't have a name

Now comes a story in the Daily Mail about Dakota being on The Ellen Show where she confirmed she was single and "While talking about her famous portrayal of Anastasia Steele, the 57-year-old comedienne asked the pretty brunette: 'Are you in a relationship?'

Dakota replied 'no' with seemingly a bit of hesitation and nervous laughter.

Why so nervous?

Hmmmmmm.....could be happening. Might not be.
But then again....sure looks like it might be in the works so don't be surprised.

prairiegirl said...

I'm not quite sure why they would start bearding soon though because Black Mass just got released this weekend. Everest also was released this weekend and Jake won't have a movie come out next until next spring. So it's kind of head scratching.

But boy, they're sure making a racket so we'll sit back & see if maybe the two go to an IHOP, or another place with at least a website or neon sign. LOLLLL!!

Destiny said...

A belated Happy Birthday M&M. I've had a really busy week and this is the first time I've had to catch up on things.

Did we know at the time Jake supposedly had a fling with Dakota awhile back? Or is this the first we're hearing of it to fill in gaps, etc., etc.

And boy, talk about a small world with that circle.

prairiegirl said...

Did we know at the time Jake supposedly had a fling with Dakota awhile back? Or is this the first we're hearing of it to fill in gaps, etc., etc.

Destiny, these stories came out over a span of the last couple of years. I had them on file at the time I saw them online. Pretty silly but weird stuff.

You know, Jake & Austin's paths just keep crossing in their professional lives. Look at Maggie tonight on the Emmy Awards. Who did she present with on stage? Liev Schreiber. She also was on Actors with Actor's with Liev earlier this year. Peter was also in a movie with him. And who else has starred with Liev but their brother-in-law - Austin.

prairiegirl said...

My Royals are getting lamblasted tonight so my fingers are wandering on the laptop while watching the unsightly mess. We need another starter STAT!!!

Okay, this is just toooooo funny. Too funny. Look at what is on Just Jared tonight:

Dakota Johnson & Matthew Hitt Are Still Going Strong!
Tue, 22 SEPTEMBER 2015 AT 8:50 PM

Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Matthew Hitt step out together on Monday afternoon (September 21) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress’ beau had his arm around her as they took in the first brisk day of September!

Dakota and Matthew have faced breakup rumors throughout the summer, but it looks like they are still going strong! They have not been photographed together since June!

Dakota was seen earlier in the weekend having dinner with her dad Don!

Hmm, are Dakota & Matthew walking on a street with no name? LOLLLL!

Methodical Muser said...

I love it, PG. They sure seem like the happy couple. NOT! Notice how she is holding onto her purse strap instead of his hand. Odd, considering they've just reconciled at warp speed.

You know what this reminds me of is when we called the Minka Kelly seeding campaign back in 2012. PR even leaked a set up tweet of Jake walking a dog in NY, just a day before Kelly uploaded a photo of her dog. You know PG, I think Minka's mutt was the original deard. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

Remember not too long ago, I had mentioned that on twitter, "sightings" of Peter Sarsgaard were rare anymore. They always were before, but you at least would get a Co-op store visit once in awhile or a train sighting. Well, I just don't see that stuff anymore. Tweet sightings of Maggie are not as common anymore either but they're more common than Peter. Not only that, but when is the last time we had a pap photo of either parent walking with Ramona to or from school. It's been forever. Ever since daughter Gloria was born, you hardly ever saw her, but you would see Ramona. And Jake was papped a few times with Ramona. Remember that NBA game that had some weird photos of Peter, Jake and Ramona? There was a very splashy halftime show where we saw all 3 of them, but otherwise, there just were not good photos of the 3 of them sitting together for the duration of the game. I'll never forget that.

Anyway, things have changed noticeably. Peter is constantly working. Maggie sometimes is and if she's not, she's being seen wherever Jake is. She's like his shadow. And yet no sign of the girls.

And so this appears today on Twitter and I just have to snicker. Following the tweet sighting is a "spontaneous" and "free-for-all" twitter conversation! Just totally made up crap if you ask me.

Matt Heart Spade ‏@mattheartspade 7h7 hours ago

Just played with Vera Wang's dogs in Park Slope. Turned the corner and saw Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard in a warm embrace.
1:58 PM - 25 Sep 2015 · Details

Ev ‏@evelinav 7h7 hours ago
@mattheartspade I'm envious. I really like them both. Saw her before near Atlantic Ave but never him.
0 retweets 0 favorites
Eva ‏@enowakow 7h7 hours ago

@mattheartspade sweet! I'm in the slope now but never see anyone :(
Matt Heart Spade ‏@mattheartspade 7h7 hours ago

@evelinav they live right around here. my co-worker sees her at the overpriced vegan place i was telling you about ALL THE TIME.
Matt Heart Spade ‏@mattheartspade 7h7 hours ago

@enowakow hang out by barclays on 5th

Eva ‏@enowakow 7h7 hours ago
@mattheartspade ah i'm around there a lot but at work now on 4th
Eva ‏@enowakow 6h6 hours ago

@mattheartspade or happy hour ��
Matt Heart Spade ‏@mattheartspade 6h6 hours ago

@enowakow absolutely
Ev ‏@evelinav 7h7 hours ago

@mattheartspade I'm envious. I really like them both. Saw her before near Atlantic Ave but never him.

Matt Heart Spade ‏@mattheartspade 7h7 hours ago
@evelinav they live right around here. my co-worker sees her at the overpriced vegan place i was telling you about ALL THE TIME.

prairiegirl said...

Maggie is hardly in New York City anymore.

JAKE is hardly in New York City anymore.

He's in Italy. He's in Toronto. He's in LA.

He's in LA.

He's in LA.

Did I mention LA?

No more Leo walks in NYC.

No more walking to/from school in NYC.

No more Co-Op.

No more brunch.

One pic-less (ie salty) tweet sighting of Colombo.

He's in France.

Oh look, he's in Italy again.

He's back to LA. Again and again.

Now it's visits to NYC. Long enough to do a talk show or do a photo op in a sweaty T shirt and gym shorts.

I'm just sayin'.

Methodical Muser said...

That's because Amy Schumer and her married sister [Kim Caramele] have taken over Jake's apt., PG!!! Even though both live in NY, within six blocks of one another. Hmm. I wonder what Kim's husband thinks about his wife's strange living arrangement? *rolls eyes*

Sitting in a dressing room on the Universal Pictures lot, they reenacted the ritual. They do it a lot these days because they're seldom apart. Not only do they live six blocks from each other on New York's Upper West Side, but they also work together.

prairiegirl said...

Blogger prairiegirl said...


Makes you wonder what that big robot tweet nonsense story was that took over Jake's twitter search like an army of bed mites, doesn't it? Not only that, but on other blog sites like Just Jared. Even though it was a senseless, fluffy piece of talk show filler, you would have thought it was a major story!

When really what it was, it accomplished three things: 1) the priority goal was to establish that Jake has an apartment in New York City. 2) it was a lead-off hitter story to help give Jake & Stephen Colbert something to talk about on the Stephen Colbert talk show and more importantly, 3) it was Twitter Botox - that is "filler". i.e. "Plumper". It was to fill up Jake's twitter search. Twitter Botox is robot tweets - same stories over & over & over by paid accounts. They're to make his search look busy and just as importantly? They're to clog up in the hopes that a rare slip sighting will get covered up and missed.

And Jake needed alot of Twitter Botox over the past several weeks to hide his time no doubt in Texas.

Florida Tom said...

No doubt in my mind Jake has been in Texas. No doubt whatsoever !!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Anybody else seeing the moon tonight?!!!! I can see it from my cat people's front door, so cool!!!!

I saw it close to 7pm and it was HUGE!! Then I went out to check the mail and look at the moon and it was about 1/4 covered. And ever since I've been checking it and it keeps getting more and more covered.

Eclipses are so cool to watch.

Florida Tom said...

Too many clouds in Florida :-(

Florida Tom said...

When I heard that the Pope met with Kim Davis this morning I felt like a got kicked in the stomach. My heart is still breaking I can't believe he did :-(

Methodical Muser said...

I know what you mean, Tom. After all the positive, inclusive and compassionate statements the Pope made throughout his American visit, he completely sabotaged/nullified every single word with that one unnecessary meeting. He spent days trying to convince everyone that his message was about unity, love and reconciliation, not combativeness or meanness of spirit. He made a huge mistake.

I loved Dan Savage's tweets today. Remember how Kim Davis said a few weeks back that she couldn't be a homophobe because she had a gay friend?:

Dan Savage ‏@fakedansavage 10h10 hours ago

Maybe the pope is Kim Davis's gay friend?

and then this one:

Dan Savage ‏@fakedansavage 10h10 hours ago

Pope: "Who am I to judge? I can leave that to Kim Davis."

They look just thrilled, don't they? LOL! said...

Would you just hurry up and take the picture?!


prairiegirl said...

^^^ That was me.


Florida Tom said...

Just saw Everest. Very exciting movie. Jake had a decent part and did a good job. The filming was beautiful.

Florida Tom said...

I have been a little angry at Matt Damon recently for saying it was not a good idea for Gay male actors to come out of the closet because it takes away the mystery. He tried to wiggle out of it on the Ellen show but he meant what he said. I do not think it was a hateful remark but stupid. Saying that I still had to go see The Martian in 3D. It was awesome. The rescue was kind of crazy but the effects were awesome. I sware it felt like you were on Mars with Matt. It was a lot of fun. I may go back and see Everest in 3D :-)

prairiegirl said...

That Martian movie sounds intriguing, not to mention a terrifying thought, lol. I don't think I'd make it.

I did go see The Intern while in Vegas with my mom & sister. I've been out of town all week - we were visiting my aunt & cousin. I really, really enjoyed The Intern. Anne Hathaway is a good actress and needless to say, Robert DeNiro. Rene Russo was also in it. My cousin is a real movie buff - she has tons & tons of dvd's. We watched The Chef and Spy. The Chef is outstanding - I highly recommend it. I loved it and plan to purchase the blueray because it's a movie I would watch again and again. It has a great message and Jon Favreau brought such believability to his love for cooking. The little boy was great in it as well.

I hadn't been to a movie in ages - they have $5 movies all day on Tuesdays at the Orleans casino. You can't say there can't be a bargain had at the movie theatre, lol.

While waiting for The Intern to start, we saw about 10,000 previews, one of which was for a copycat movie by Harvey Weinstein. I couldn't even tell you the name of it, but it looked very similar to The Chef and stars Harv's other pet boy, Bradley Cooper.

My sister looked at me and we both said the same thing - copycat movie.

prairiegirl said...

I agree, Tom, regarding Matt Damon and his stupid comments. Very disappointing to read.

I was at my aunt & cousin's all week with just my cellphone for cyber and outside contact. I don't recommend this abstinence to anyone!! LOL! They don't have wireless or even any kind of computer of any kind.

But the times we spent watching a movie together or sitting around the dinner table sharing in food or a cup of coffee? That stuff is unbeatable. That kind of sharing is the stuff you look back on and comprise your memories of someone.

I've been to Vegas several times before, but it'd been awhile since I had last visited. My aunt lives pretty close to the action and yet far enough away that the traffic isn't too bad. I would LOVE living so close to those casinos but all of that cig smoke yanks the fun right out of it. If you are a smoker and trying to quit? Do NOT go to Vegas. You'll never make it.

We don't have smoking here in JoCo at public places any longer - restaurants, office buildings, businesses, stores. You just don't have it. And Vegas is all about the smoking. I guess I forgot about it or something, but it was such a shock to be blanketed like that - LOL!! Wheweeee, it is something else.

The Fremont was AWESOME. So much to look at - street entertainers, music, dancing in the streets, zipliners overhead, tons of lights - shops, people watching up the ying yang. It was a blast.

All in all, a great time.

prairiegirl said...

And before taking off, I'm just going to leave you with this 2015 reprint of American Gothic, I mean picture of Austin and his beard. lol. Look at this thing. This is about as cheerful as she got. And if you don't want to call it American Gothic, maybe Ooh! Cootie Hands! might serve just as well. ;-)

American Gothic 2015

smh. lol. By the way, this picture is from last night at The Walking Dead Fan Premiere in NYC. Yup, well you know, since Jake is in LA hanging out at the doctor's office building again, Mgmnt needed to send Austin away. So while Maggie & Peter were pulling a Kennedy family "nothing to see here" round of photo ops, they were also flagging in the all-clear to their brother-in-law, Austin Nichols.

Isn't it funny that this fan premiere in NYC just happened to coincide with a comic con going on in the same city on the same weekend. The timing is just so fortunate. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Currently working on a little research and I happened to come across this post, thought I would share it. I'm surprised it's still "out there".

Remember Jonathan Jaxson? How people scoffed at him? Well, this post shows why he was hustled out of his job real quick. That guy has done such a 180 now, it isn't funny. Anyway, more on that another time. I have researched Jonathan some (even emailed him back when he had a blog although he never answered me) and his story is verrrry interesting. I have no doubt in my mind he was gotten rid of, just like Ted.

Anyway, get a load of this. This is awesome.

Sunday, October 21, 2007
More' Jake is Gay' from Jonathan Jaxson

From JJ's blog
As if I haven't told the story before...Jake Gyllenhaal is GAY!!!

Here is a photo of Jake & Reese Witherspoon, looking extremely uncomfortable together while attending the "Rendition" photocall at the 2nd Annual Rome Film Festival today.
The NY Post ran a 'blind item' today which only adds to what I have said previously...

“WHICH movie studio is desperately trying to hide its latest star’s homosexuality? They have made him pair up with his leading lady, whom he couldn’t care less about.”

There is a small chance that the NY Post maybe talking about Zac Efron, but my bets are on Jake & Reese. Especially considering the flood of emails from 'insiders' I have recently received on this story.

It takes balls to actually speak the truth on the rich, famous and powerful. There is always those very scary lawyers that come after you and threaten you and your life thinking you won't ever speak out on it again. That is exactly why the NY Post, Perez and others only place the outings and such as 'blind items' as they are afraid of lawsuits and backlash. For me, I say "BRING IT ON!"

Posted by goodgoth at 4:17 PM

Is it any wonder now, after you read that, that Jonathan wasn't railroaded out? LOL!! That lil' Sparky.

awwwwwwwww said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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prairiegirl said...

I have such fun on social media and have found so many other gals out there who are observant and they are sharp. They've also discovered other OTP's, two of which I never would have paid an ounce of attention to or known about if it wasn't for following these people on twitter.

One of them is two Chicago Blackhawk players, Paul Kane & Jonathan Towes. There's a real story + 1/2 there, let me tell you.

The other OTP is rather surprising to me, but the more I'm watching videos of them and looking at a few dates in their combined timelines, I think there's definitely something to it and that is Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Has anyone out there wached the Voice because I never have. I thought their bromance was just PR crap for publicity, but heh, these two good ol' boys got something going on.

If you want to see Blake looking into Adam's eyes, check this video out starting at 01:36 and then again starting at 01:58. PARTICULARLY at 01:58, watch Adam dance for Blake and look at the way Blake is looking right into his eyes.


Boys, Boys, Boys

prairiegirl said...

We're not going to let the paid troll take over like he's been waiting to do, folks.

Hey Troll, how is server weather overseas, huh???


Methodical Muser said...

A little birdie told me and PG this morning that someone was perched on a Google URL with a Russian location refreshing their screen over and over and over again (like 75 views) to get on the blog this morning and post their scripted propaganda for the week. That's right, the moment the blog administrator took the blog off moderation, here comes PR's garbage about the fake couple that shall remain nameless and their carefully orchestrated farce of the week at TWD fan premiere in NY. No casual fan is going to be sitting on a blog waiting for the opportunity to spam a site about Jake Gyllenhaal of all people. Nope, the only people who would care work for Jake and Austin. I seeeee you, Weinstein, et al. Oh, and one more thing:

Hey there, Trolly

prairiegirl said...


smh. Right M&M, that tells you that the troll was refreshing & refreshing, just waiting for us to get on the blog so that he could start spamming the blog.

Now, why would Jake & Austin's people use a server over in Russia? To try and hide how they're coming in? It stood out like a sore thumb. Jake does NOT have a huge fan from one particular overseas country who is waiting & refreshing OMG, dying to see what is going to be said here.

Well boys, you better tell your people they need to get on Trip Advisor and find another place to hang because we found your lil' rabbit hole.


prairiegirl said...

Here's a video interview with ol' Austy from The Walking Dead on Friday night. It's almost 2 1/2 minutes long so lots of Austy.

Jake, you are a lucky man. You better be nice to him, that's all I have to say.

Spencer is a smart guy

prairiegirl said...

And might I add that Austin had on a mighty fine looking suit Friday night. It was a great shade of brown and a tie which looked grayish blue.

Strike a Pose

I just don't know what in the heck is going on with that hair. Looks like he swiped Jake's jar of Dippity Do and sneaked it into his carryon.

prairiegirl said...

And one more Adam and Blake - a little gif I found on Tumblr. Look at Adam here. He is just all kinds of shy. This is not that cool, suave "ladies man" Levine here. Blake Shelton has him all kinds of goofy.

Boys, Boys, Boys II

I did not realize that The Voice had been on television as long as it had. These 2 guys have likely been carrying on for who knows how long.

And it very well could explain all of the bearding fanfare, ie Adam having to get married. Levine looks awful lately, in case anyone else has seen him. Ever since he had to get engaged & married, he's looked terrible. But I bet it was to cover up him & Shelton.

And now that Adam got hetero hooked up, look who got freed up --> Blake. Blake's turn is over.

Fascinating stuff.

destiny said...

I was in Colorado visiting family at the end of September, then this week I've been spending a lot of time with old friends who are visiting New York. It's been fun, but I can't wait until tomorrow when I can get back to my old routine and catch up on life.

destiny said...

Woo hoo. Got a new laptop, and looks like my ability to use by blogger ID is back. My old one was almost ten years old, and it was getting very slow and cranky, and I couldn't update software anymore.

destiny said...

SO is Austin actually a regular of the show, or is it another one of those short guest appearance gigs?

That's a shame about the comment from Matt Damon. It doesn't even make sense. Now if you said you knew everything there is to know about someone then you lose some mystery, and there are stars like that, but really, just because people know you are gay doesn't mean there is no mystery to you.

But I am still planning to see The Martian, when I finally get some time.

prairiegirl said...

Hey congrats on the new toy, Destiny, that's awesome.

Maybe blogger had an update and your old laptop wasn't able to perform it, so you lost your sign in ability.

I have one more day of play after today and then it's back to the old grind. Ugh. I think today I'll take a gander at my work emails. My inbox is probably about ready to explode as I was getting that message "Your inbox is almost full" already.

SO is Austin actually a regular of the show, or is it another one of those short guest appearance gigs?

He was announced as a regular, but I read somewhere that TWD kills off its regulars, too, lol. Will be interesting to see how much time he has on the show, won't it?

What I found interesting is that Austin was actually in attendance at the San Diego Comic Con back in mid-summer. But what was he doing? He was following his beard around carrying her videocamera or whatever instead of participating in TWD panels which was appearing at the Comic Con just like Agents of Shield was. Does that make any sense?

If you look at Just Jared this morning, Austin is pimped along with his beard in a post that is all about them and another WD co-star,but if you look earlier in Just Jared, Jared Eng had another post on TWD fan premiere and posted pics of the cast, but didn't mention Austin along with the 10,000 other cast members.

Very strange.

Out of the closet said...

Happy National Coming Out Day!

And now that Adam got hetero hooked up, look who got freed up --> Blake. Blake's turn is over.

Levine and Shelton? Huh. Now, that is a relationship I had never thought about before. I've wondered about Blake Shelton for awhile. Especially, with that Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift remark at the Country Music Awards several years back. He also sent out a tweet that was problematic during that same time period. That's the kind of behavior from someone trying to distract and deflect. The don't look at me, look over there technique.

Homophobic Remarks

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, I'm talking Blake and Adam. Thanks to one of my great twitter friends, she sent me some great vids on those 2.

Check this one out. Start around 1:05 and Adam comes in to lay his head in Blake Shelton's lap. Eventually, he raises up and Blake covers up his lap, lol. Hmmm....I think he may have been just a bit excited.

Whatcha hidin' there, Blake?

I'll never forget Blake's Brokeback crack. Disgusting.

Lap dance said...

I think he may have been just a bit excited

Oh, wow. That is an interesting moment. Why is Blake adjusting himself? Why is Adam on his lap in the first place?

Florida Tom said...

I have heard in the past that the NHL would be the first American/Canadian Professional sport that has one or more of it players come out as Gay me. I also heard from a Gay friend in Tampa who happens to be Gay himself and works at the hotel in Tampa where members of the Tampa Lightning live when they are playing at home that there are multiple Gay men who play for the Lightning.

prairiegirl said...

Why is Adam on his lap in the first place?

Exactly. Just from looking at some videos of those 2 guys, they really push it. Either that or they're queer baiting, but I don't think that's what lies beneath some of what I've seen so far, particularly this video where the Blakester sure seems to be hiding his body's reaction to Adam.

That vid moment where Adam is dancing as he's walking towards Blake, Blake is sending some heart eyes at Levine. The length of their eye contact went beyond that of a casual limit.

If Blake and Adam truly have a thing going on, the pattern of their affair is so similar to Jake and Austin, plus Jared & Jensen, and definitely Louis & Harry Styles.

All 4 pairs of OTP's met via a movie or show that they were on (almost all at auditions?). All 4 pairs fell for each other and became a couple. All 4 pairs are separated via fake girlfriends/wives or meards. In Adam & Blake's case, they both were on The Voice. Well, you can't exactly separate them, but look what happened - Blake got married and then Adam got married. Now that Adam is married, Blake is freed up and gets a divorce.

Jared and Jensen were able to room and share a place for awhile until rumors became too strong and then that interview came which revealed they shared a house mortgage. Then all of a sudden, both guys get married within a month of each other.

You know what else is something? Blake is 6'5", Adam is 6'. Jared is 6'4 or 6'5" and Jensen is 6'. Austin is 6'4" and Jake 5'10, I mean 5'11?, listed as 6'.

Harry is listed as 5'11, Louis as 5'8". Are they sure about that? Harry looks 6' to me, lol.

I don't know enough yet about the Blackhawks' Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toewes (sp?).

But isn't that something? ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Jonathan Toews is 6'2" and Patrick Kane is only 5'10". Another disparity in height. LOL! Opposites attract, I guess.

And Tom, you can't just drop a delicious bombshell like that without some clues. C'mon, how about some hints? Pretty puhleeeeze. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, M&M, for that info on the 2 Blackhawk players!

lol, I just checked Austin's twitter search and there are fans on there asking him where he is on tonight's TWD episode:

Beth Street ‏@bethstreet 44s45 seconds ago

Dear #TheWalkingDeadSeason6 writers, please give @AustinNichols more screen time. I need to see more of him.
8:51 PM - 11 Oct 2015 · Details
0 retweets 0 favorites

prairiegirl said...

The only time I've seen that many little spoons in one grouping would be my silverware tray.


ssssssss. Couldn't let that one slip by. ;D

Methodical Muser said...

What a surprise. Austin's being pushed as a regular, and then the impression is given with his inclusion in the fan premiere event that he's a central character for this season. I almost can't believe his role would be hyped beyond recognition. #Snark

Florida Tom said...

The Blackhawks as a team have always been supportive of the Gay community. All three of the Stanley Cups they have won have been on a float in the Chicago annual Gay Pride Parade. Team officials also participate. One year several players were supposed to be on the float but did not show up. Probably talked out of it by there agents is my guess. It is all about money.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting info, Tom. I wonder if Paul and Jonathan were one or two of those players? hmmm.

I wanted to wish Seaweed (wherever he may be!) and his country a Happy Thanksgiving today. Hope you're having a great time with your family and enjoying the abundance that the earth provides!

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Destiny. Hope you have a wonderful day that extends into the weekend, with your favorite treats and people nearby to celebrate.

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday Destiny. Enjoy your day :-)

london tb said...

Happy birthday, Destiny!

Clarity said...

Happy Birthday Destiny!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Greetings to the birthday girl, Destiny. Best of happy birthday wishes to you and I hope your Mets win.
(also because I don't want the Dodgers to win. LOL!) But mainly because I was thinking you were a big Mets fan.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Destiny!!!

I hope you had a great day! And here's hoping you extend the celebrating to all weekend.

destiny said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Unfortunately I had a long day of work and volunteering, but I made up for it with a late dinner of guacamole and chips, followed by chocolate cupcakes with salty caramel.

prairiegirl said...

And today is the birthday of someone special in the Toothy/Grey Goose community.

Who is 8 years old today?????

Number One Child --> BT.

Happy Birthday, Baby Tile.

prairiegirl said...

Can you believe it's been 8 years since that October time period when Jake "stepped out" with Reesey in Rome while back home, partner "Grey Goose" was leaving the hospital with BT?

Remember, somebody had that story on how Austin was leaving the hospital with the baby. Who was that, Jonathan Jaxson again? I distinctly remember somebody writing about that.

No matter what has happened since that time, no matter how scuzzy things have gotten, no matter what the future holds.......these kids have tied Jake and Austin forever. They will always have these kids, will always be their dads.

I was recently looking back at M & M's lengthy Word Document on the 60 clues of Baby Tile/Family and I was amazed at how much I had forgotten. We have tweets, pictures and slip-ups in interviews. So, so many clues that all together are monumental evidence/clues of there being kids for these guys. And now? The well is so dried up. Weinstein has really helped Jake/Austin cover all of this up.

These guys are not only in a witness protection-like program, but they have joined the inner circle of all who are "accepted" into Hollywood's inner circle. And it's because they agreed to play the game in exchange. Maggie, too. And Peter. This is why Mama G and Maggie are so willing to help Jake out. There's something in it for them.

It's incredible now to look back at some of the old pictures. Remember the drool on Jake's sweatshirt? The toddler footprint on his shorts? Remember the tweet from that lady acquaintance of Austin's who asked him if the child with him at the grocery store was his son? The daycare tweet? The pirate ship pic? The nanny carrying BT in Paris and Ava reaching up to touch the baby, then pulling back quickly? Remember the ship tweet of Austin's with someone who looks so much like Jake from behind and he's looking on at the little boy on his knees?

Jake "up all night with the kid" comment by Jim Sheridan? The boxes of candy at the medical building held by Jake? The 5 of everything Jake was asking for at Berlinale? The little girl with Jake at the Club Lounge who liked the lady's shoes? Jake "is here with his kid" at the Getty Center?
Jake with the little tot at the movie theater in Montreal?

Jake with what looks just like the back of and the size of a sonogram picture as he left the medical building.

I mean, all of these all together really are incredible. It's easy to have forgotten them all. I had. It's not like I think about it all the time. So when you go back and re-look at one of the pictures or re-read one of the tweets, you just shake your head in wonder.



Special K said...

Remember Perez Hilton also said that Austin was seen at the hospital and he was supposed to have a picture. But then somehow those post vanished away from Perez' site.

Methodical Muser said...

These guys are not only in a witness protection-like program, but they have joined the inner circle of all who are "accepted" into Hollywood's inner circle. And it's because they agreed to play the game in exchange.

No doubt about it. Look how Austin, who had not been working much at all after OTH, walked right into a role on one of the top rated shows on TV, TWD? That doesn't just happen. You play the game, you're rewarded. Truly outrageous for the younger actors out there who are working their tails off to get a break. But, that's how Hollywood keeps control over the closeted class. The example Jake and Austin are setting is hardly a progressive one. I love how phony Maggie and Peter talk about all these liberal causes when they are, in fact, perpetuating homophobia, workplace discrimination and overall contributing to the repressive, abusive climate that dominates the movie industry. #Hypocrites

Methodical Muser said...

Remember Perez Hilton

Exactly. Rumors were swirling everywhere by August 2007. Not just about Jake and Austin being gay, but about the family they were about to have. That's when Reeke was hatched and Austin was shoved into the background until Management decided to give him a beard too, in the form of Soapy Bush in 2009.

prairiegirl said...

Remember Perez Hilton also said that Austin was seen at the hospital and he was supposed to have a picture. But then somehow those post vanished away from Perez' site.

Did Perez say something as well? I remember somebody writing that Austin was sneaked out of the hospital and he had Baby Tile.

I don't remember that about Perez, thanks for posting that, Special!

the real m said...

Happy belated Birthday, Destiny. Sorry I missed saying this on the actual day.

Speaking of the babies tile and Toothy, Ted Casablanca tweeted today an article about his opening an art gallery in Palm Desert and that his book will be published next year. That will be one hell of a read. I am guessing names changed to protect thier careers.

Florida Tom said...

So Ted is alive and well. Good for him. I am sure he was well compensated to keep his mouth shut when he left E. Hopefully this book will have some backbone to it and not be just fluff. I am looking forward to reading it. It should be fun. Sure might bring some old regs back home :-)

Florida Tom said...

Ian loves Mickey :-))))

Florida Tom said...

Legendary actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen came out in 1988, long before the relatively widespread societal acceptance for the LGBT community we enjoy today. Rather than kill his career, which many thought it would, his star has done nothing but rise in the decades since, with roles such as Magneto and Gandalf making him a household name and internationally recognizable face. Being open about his sexuality didn't hurt McKellen back then and, contrary to those like Matt Damon who controversially advise gay actors to remain closeted for their careers, he told The Hollywood Reporter that actors should come out, both for their profession and their happiness.

Of getting major roles, McKellen said:

"It all happened after coming out. I had no idea this silly thing was a weight on my shoulders."

He then went on to say

"That's my message to anyone in this town who thinks 'I've got to stay in the closet to be successful in films.' I didn't. Do you want to be a famous movie star who has love scenes with ladies and in private be an unhappy gay? There's no choice. Forget the career, dear. Go and do something else ... A closet's a really nasty place to live, you know? It's dirty, it's dusty, it's full of skeletons. You don't want it. Open that door — fling it wide and be yourself."

Thank you Ian !!!!!

Florida Tom said...

If you have a couple hours and want to have some fun Youtube All things Ian and Mickey (Shameless)Part one and two.. What a ride :-)))))

Florida Tom said...

I can't believe no one is discussing THE BOOK we all have been waiting for.

Florida Tom said...

I have a confession to make. I went to WFT this morning for the first time in ages. That video that was posted of Jake leaving the Medical center with the Paps yelling to late Jakey you are caught made me sure wonder what those guys know and how much they got paid to keep it quiet. I had never seen that video !!

Florida Tom said...

Been a lot of talk about that Ultrasound recently also :-)

Florida Tom said...

Olympic athlete and top-ranked, 24-year-old freeskier Gus Kenworthy is on the cover of ESPN and he's telling the world finally that he's gay. He's the face of the X Games and is considered the "top freeskier on the planet." He won Olympic silver at Sochi, but that didn't mean that Kenworthy felt confident that his teammates or others would support him.

gus kenworthy
"I never got to be proud of what I did 
in Sochi because I felt so horrible about what I didn't do," Kenworthy says. "I didn't want to come out as the silver medalist from Sochi. I wanted to come out as the best freeskier in the world."

Although he says that he's known he was gay since he was 5, he only started coming out to his friends and family two years ago, according to the story.

"I was insecure and ashamed," he says. "Unless you're gay, being gay has never been looked at as being cool. And I wanted to be cool."

Kenworthy says he was always asked about girlfriends and part of the stress was that he wanted a "TV boyfriend, explaining: "That's actually something I want so bad -- a TV boyfriend."

(We also remember when he adopted those cute puppies, and everyone wanted to be his friend.)

"Wow, it feels good to write those words. For most of my life, I’ve been afraid to embrace that truth about myself. Recently though, I’ve gotten to the point where the pain of holding onto the lie is greater than the fear of letting go, and I’m very proud to finally be letting my guard down.

"My sexuality has been something I’ve struggled to come to terms with. I’ve known I was gay since I was a kid but growing up in a town of 2,000 people, a class of 48 kids and then turning pro as an athlete when I was 16, it just wasn’t something I wanted to accept. I pushed my feelings away in the hopes that it was a passing phase but the thought of being found out kept me up at night. I constantly felt anxious, depressed and even suicidal.

"Looking back, it’s crazy to see how far I’ve come. For so much of my life I’ve dreaded the day that people would find out I was gay. Now, I couldn’t be more excited to tell you all the truth. Maybe you’ve suspected that truth about me all along, or maybe it comes as a complete shock to you. Either way, it’s important for me to be open and honest with you all. Y’all have supported me through a lot of my highs and lows and I hope you'll stay by my side as I make this transformation into the genuine me - the me that I’ve always really been.

"I am so thankful to ESPN for giving me this opportunity and to Alyssa Roenigk for telling my story to the world. I think about the pain I put myself through by closeting myself for so much of my life and it breaks my heart. If only I knew then what I know now: that the people who love you, who really care about you, will be by your side no matter what; and, that those who aren’t accepting of you are not the people you want or need in your life anyway.

"Part of the reason that I had such a difficult time as a kid was that I didn’t know anyone in my position and didn’t have someone to look up to, who’s footsteps I could follow in. I hope to be that person for a younger generation, to model honesty and transparency and to show people that there’s nothing cooler than being yourself and embracing the things that make you unique."

Wow this is so friggin awesome. I remember the story of him bringing those puppies home and how much everyone was loving it. Thank God for young people like this. He is so cute and it does not look like he is worried about losing his sponsors. He is sporting that Monster symbol on his cap. That alone is a huge story.

Florida Tom said...

For Chile, one of the most socially conservative countries in South America, today marks a huge step forward. A bill allowing for same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, which will afford many rights guaranteed to married couples, has finally come into effect, and officials report that already upwards of 1600 gay and lesbian couples have registered to have their relationships recognized.

Like its neighbors, Chile is a predominantly Catholic country. However, while Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay have legalized same-sex marriage, Chile had for a long time made little progress on social issues—divorce was only legalized in 2004, and abortion remains illegal. Current president Michelle Bachelet supports full marriage equality, and today's historic shift is the result of efforts began by her predecessor, Sebastián Piñera. Polls show only about a quarter of the population support same-sex marriage, while a majority approve of civil unions.

It just keeps getting better.

Florida Tom said...

I wonder if when Jake goes to bed at night if he is ashamed and regrets any of the decisions he has made. He could have been such an ambassador an a leader for so much that is going on.

destiny said...

That was a great comment from Ian M. about HW and the closet.

I wonder if BBM had come out now and not ten years ago, and Jake's career and relationship with Austin was at the same point it was ten years ago, would he have come out? I don't's sad how far things still have to go in certain businesses. It's certainly a lot better now, but we still don't have any major stars who are out, or really big star athletes.

Florida Tom said...

Destiny I totally believe that Aaron Rodgers is gay They sure have shut up his former roommate/lover up. I wonder how much this guy is getting paid. As soon as Aaron started dating Oliva Mumm. It was offical for me.

Florida Tom said...

I think hockey or baseball will be first Destiny. I think within the next two years.

Florida Tom said...

When I told one of my very str8 friends about the Rodgers rumors his comment was "Well he has either one smoking hot girlfriend or one smoking hot beard. I LMAO. I had no idea he even knew what a beard was .

prairiegirl said...

That was a great quote by Ian McKellen.

You know, for the actors who don't want to come out and will just go about their careers and life, who has a problem with that? I sure don't. But the OTT and the overt and more importantly, the proactive lying to the public by those who wish to remain in the closet, I have no patience for anymore.

And anyone who thinks Jake hasn't paid for his & Austin's witness protection program, all you have to do is look at him in the latest lumberjack set pics and just his pictures for the last couple of years period, and he has without a doubt, aged about 10 years more than he really is.

Setting the children aside, I would love to ask Jake & Austin if it has been worth it. Is their quality of life better in their closet/witness protection program than it would be if they were out and able to be seen together in public?

It's kind of a hard question because they probably chose the closet because of the kids. It does seem like winning an Oscar is Jake's number one quest in life. Maybe it has been worth it for them. They're living the high life and that seems to be important to them as well.

prairiegirl said...



That game just about killed me dead.


Florida Tom said...

Go Royals beat the Mets !!!

My question is protect the kids from what? I see many Gay men and women with their children out and about. I see no harm being done to them. Ricky Martin, Matt Bomer, NPH, just to mention a few. Paps are pretty good when it comes to celebs kids. What paps love is secrets and getting money to keep them. Of course Austin and his current love Chloe are no different than his previous love lady Sophia. Strictly work. You would have to see an idiot to see the things Jake and Austin have done and not to figure it out. Jake and Reese are so in love. Jake and Reese break up and all of a sudden Reese is married. OTH is canceled and all of a sudden Austin and Sophia are no longer a couple. HELLO!!!

What is Jake gonna tell his kids when this is all over. I had to keep you guys a secret you were a determent to my career. That is going to be nice for them to hear...

destiny said...

There haven't been any pap photos of Matt and his kids published in a very long time. When he first came out (and before too), there were a few pictures of him with the kids, or the whole family together. I think they did that as part of the process of coming out. But since then no photos--one site published some at some point, and they got yanked. Now all you get is the rare photo floating around on foreign fan sites. I think this shows that celebs can keep photos of their kids from appearing--and that celebs who complain about paps taking photos of their kids are not being honest.

prairiegirl said...

♪♫ Wake up everybody
no more sleeping in bed

Remember that song? Who sang that? Was it Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes? For some reason, that's who I'm thinking but I'm probably wrong.

I never used to fully appreciate "Falling Back" until now. Boy, do I love falling back. I wish we could do that all the time.

If only my Royals would stop playing into the wee morning hours!! We're so close! We are so close, I can't believe it. I'm so proud of the guys - they have worked so hard and after the way they tailspinned in September, I didn't dream that they would be where they are at today.

Go Royals!!!! Go Hos and Moose and Salvy and Alcides and Edinson. Go all of them.
But especially Moose & Hos & Salvy, my favorite boys.

Methodical Muser said...

I think the Royals will go all the way this time, PG. And, they are a fun team to watch. A very classy group of guys. You need to share that story about your pitcher with everyone. I think it reveals what a great bunch of players you have.

prairiegirl said...

Chris Young has always been spoken very well of by the other team members throughout this past year. I read this article this morning and it speaks quite highly of him as a sensitive, thoughtful person.

Young shares Series experience with college coach
KC hurler organizes Halloween party for players' kids

(edited excerpt)

But long before the Series even began, Young made a winning decision.

At 36 and having played with five teams in 11 seasons, Young has seen baseball from perspectives beyond the mound. For example, after the Royals defeated the Blue Jays to advance to the World Series, he noticed younger teammates' children weren't exactly excited. Halloween conflicted with Game 4.

Young did some fast thinking.

He already had decided he would invite his coach at Princeton, Scott Bradley, to share the World Series experience -- a poignant invitation, considering Young's father, Charles, died Sept. 26. Young, noting that Bradley's wife, Liz, is an event planner, thought about his teammates and asked for a Halloween party at the team's hotel. It went off well Saturday afternoon, and parents and kids alike went to bed with a big win that night.

"I stopped in and saw a little bit of it," Young said. "I'm glad all the kids got to experience Halloween.

"Some of them are too young … They know what Halloween is. They don't know the significance of the World Series. I'm sure they'll all appreciate it one day. For those kids who sacrificed for us all year, to have Halloween was pretty cool to see."

It's a nice article on a nice guy.

Chris Young

prairiegirl said...

Here's some darn nice pictures of Austin from some cologne, shoes party thingy he went to, an event otherwise known as I'm-out-and-about-because-I'm-single-and-Jake-is-nowhere-near-me-even-though-we're-in-the-same-city-of-Los-Angeles-look-everybody-we're-both-in-L.A.!!!

Look everybody, I'm running with scissors in the same city as my husband Jake!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like Austin decided to relax with "scissors" once those good looking guys appeared. Just saying. *wink*

prairiegirl said...

I don't think ol' Austy could look any more relaxed than he does sitting on that couch opposite his good looking friend.

Florida Tom said...

Attitude has decided to dedicate its December issue, titled the "Red Issue," to Worlds AIDS Day (Dec. 1) and it features Star Trek star Zachary Quinto on the cover looking a bit blood splattered and bruised.

In the story, Quinto explains that World AIDS Day is "utterly essential... Not just in marking the advancement, progress and fight against the diseases, but also cultivating knowledge and awareness of it for people all over the world.”

According to the magazine, Quinto reveals that he’s had “a couple” closeted gay stars who have asked him for advice:

“I just share my experience and say ‘This is how it went down for me, this is how I feel.’

“I tell them, ‘Trust that even if it means you’re not as famous, or even if it means it’s not exactly what you thought it would be, it’s still more valuable when you’re assessing your life at the end of that.' ”

"A couple" Interesting !!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Woohooooo, running with scissors. Look at my boys - Moose & Hos!!! Look at them - aren't they THE cutest. Awwwwww....

World Series champs!!!! The Royals are World Series champs!! My life ceased to exist outside of the television and the Royals. I was like - ENGULFED. OBSESSED. Everything else around me just went to TRASH.

Time to get back to reality. But don't worry. Even the Royals didn't prevent me from constantly checking on Jaustin and all that Jaustin entails.

Somebody got a flashlight? I'm going to peek inside the closet and see if....

Nope! Still way back there.


Methodical Muser said...

Congratulations, PG. The Kansas City Royals are a classy and a fun team to watch. I can understand why you couldn't take your eyes off of them this past baseball season.

Never mind the great interplay between Hos and Moose. They certainly have a special chemistry together that can't be ignored. You know, Mr. Timmy Lincecum is a hugger like Hosmer. Maybe we can somehow get them on the same team for next season. I vote for the San Francisco Giants. :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Great news about Quinto and his campaign to promote World Aids Day. And, a very interesting reveal about him giving advice to "a couple” closeted gay stars about coming out. Not surprisingly the headlines have now deleted the word "couple" and generically emphasized how closeted gay actors have come to him for advice. Predictable word manipulation. But, it was quite clear that he used the word "couple."

With that said, I do have to rant a bit about gay publications like Attitude. Recently, a weasel writer by the name of Francesca Barcardi "wrote" a hit piece on Harry and Louis of 1D...indirectly, of course. Liam Payne was on the cover and in the article he supposedly said,

"But I think that was mainly because of the Louis and Harry thing [that they're secret lovers], which is absolutely nuts and drives me insane.

"It's just when you know the ins and outs of what is going on with people it's just annoying when it's so stupid.

"It becomes like a conspiracy or like a cult, the people who watch them and think that every move they make is a gesture towards them being together, and I know it's not true and it makes me mad."

Anyone who follows One Direction and the love story of Larry Stylinson knows that Liam did not say any such thing. But, this reminds me so much of the interview with Out Magazine back in 2010. The one where Adam Levine pleaded for people to stop thinking that Jake Gyllenhaal was gay.

Using known gay publications to further the closet is despicable. No doubt Jake's people were behind that article and Simon Cowell was definitely behind the Attitude nonsense. Either way, these publications need to have some kind of code of ethics. I know they need to sell magazines, but they are perpetuating the closet when these publications are co-opted to become part of the homophobic apparatus of the entertainment industry.

prairiegirl said...

Never mind the great interplay between Hos and Moose. They certainly have a special chemistry together that can't be ignored. You know, Mr. Timmy Lincecum is a hugger like Hosmer. Maybe we can somehow get them on the same team for next season. I vote for the San Francisco Giants. :-)

Or maybe Timmy could come to the Royals?????? ;D

I miss baseball already! It's forever until February and the reporting of pitchers. *sigh*

Florida Tom said...

I noticed they changed that also M & M. Crazy !!!! "a couple" is what I saw.

Methodical Muser said...

Because San Francisco is the land of rainbows, PG. A perfect fit for the ambiguously gay duo.

prairiegirl said...

WAKE UP EVERYBODY, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, the boys didn't come out, lol, are you kidding?

But this is still wonderful.

Florida Tom said...

Where the heck is everybody? We were stuck on 103 comments for a week.. 2016 is gonna be a good year.

prairiegirl said...

The truth is, we have alot of people who lurk & check in, but they don't talk, lol. That's okay, it's the way it's been for quite awhile now and I've gotten used to it, actually. I greatly appreciate the times when there clearly is someone out there who gets it and shares with us their thoughts.

I don't think we're really here anymore for the same reason we used to be. Gosh, I remember when I first came, there were people on here round the clock. I remember talking with a former regular in the middle of the night, used to be able to usually find somebody from around the universe who was hanging around.

But truth is, Jake has really killed his staunch flag-waving fans. I mean, he's lost just about everybody. Look at what has happened to so many of his army. Trying not to name names, but remember that Jake used to have a handful of blogs that were active. And part of it is just that people develop different interests and move on, right? That's just normal. But usually, like a loyal SO, someone doesn't go looking elsewhere unless something happens to the present relationship that makes it undesirable, unfruitful, negative, etc.

And over the past several years, Jake has done everything within his power to eliminate his old fan base. He's worn green pants & black T shirts until they probably hang themselves up in his closet. He's tried it all - he's constantly covered his attractive face in a huge shrub, greased his hair, remember when he went through that smoking phase? Being seen everywhere smoking like Greg Brady? smh. He's done everything he can think of to shake everybody off so that WME can re-establish a brand new fanbase, eliminate all of those who believed him to be gay.

And he's greatly succeeded in this regard. WDW has shut down. WFT2 has basically shut down, all but for its lone paid administrator. DC Forum is DOA. His twitter army whom I followed because they were such staunch supporters and they were great friends with each other besides. They would find tweets & info that I missed. Hell, they've all disbanded. Can't get one peep of a tweet out of hardly any of them, maybe a RT here and there.

One in particular whom shall remain nameless, but this person was a HUGE, I mean HUGE supporter. Had a blog about Jake, wrote up some great stuff. He was pretty unbiased and talk about somebody who would never write one disparaging word. This person was nuts about Jake, even traveling to go see him in NYC, going to all of his movies. He tweeted & promoted the hell out of anything Jake did.

Well, you know what? Jake is finally really turning him off. His last couple of tweets were extremely negative. They shocked the heck out of me. He's finally getting fed up with Jake and his whole physical persona and all the storied baggage he brings to every role now.

I don't know how much stupider Jake and his people could be. As I told somebody the other day, they're throwing away sure money. Those people were SURE $$$$$. They went to his movies, they bought his DVD's, they traveled to go see him. And they did what Jake wants - were not negative at all, but totally supportive, totally positive, they never criticized him.

That's what Jake wants. But he's thrown them away. And he's lost them.

There is one remaining active blog besides us and they're not near as supportive as they used to be either and that's saying something. They get more online traffic than OMG does, but not what it used to be.

prairiegirl said...

OMG continues to get consistent traffic. OMG gets people checking in daily. But whoever these people are, most don't wish to speak. And we need to accept that. We have had some great voices speak up though and enough can't be said for their willingness to hang in there and speak up. I love it.

So we're still here and as long as Special keeps OMG up and I know I'm breathing, I'll be here. Not posting every day because let's face it. So much of what these guys are doing publicly is just bullsh** anyway. It's shared via email, but we don't need to document alot of it. We'll document on our terms what we want to be a matter of record.

Special, you can disagree with any of this but this is the way I frankly see it.

prairiegirl said...

Now, to finish up what I had started up there the other evening, the 11th I believe. Jake made me quite proud because for whatever reason, he felt like acting out a bit in case anyone else noticed.

Anyone see these pics of the Jakester?

Whatcha got on there, buddy?

I'm trying to decide what might have prompted his photo op, but it suffices to say that this was the first shoutout that Jake has given to Austin in how long? Well over 3 years. 3 years!!!! 3 years since the last time we saw Jake even acknowledge or hint of Austin's existence in his life.

And the shoutout was that Chicago Bulls ballcap. Yeah, check that sucker out. Lookit him. *beams with pride* Absolutely no reason, none, for Jake to be wearing a Bulls ballcap. None except that Chicago is where who has been & why. Austin. And Austin has been there because of who? His beard, who doesn't need identification in this comment.

So Jake was also at where? The medical building. Now I don't know if November 11 is a baby Tile birthday or close to a BT birthday or not, but there's something about November 11 for these 2 guys.

I was so proud of Jake that evening. I was beside myself and that's pretty bad because it tells you what a huge drought it's been. Again.

Lurker said...

I'll speak up. Jake is gay. No doubt in my mind. But, when he allowed his people to start ridiculing his role in Brokeback Mountain through tweets and articles, basically trying to distance himself from the only movie he has been artistically recognized for, that was my line in the sand. I will never fork over another dime for him. Still, I'm watching to see how this all plays out. Interesting catch about the medical center building. And, why is he always in LA now?

Methodical Muser said...

That Chicago shout out by Jake was intriguing, I have to admit. His MO has been to wear ball caps to brainwash people into thinking that’s where he is. The ubiquitous New York Yankees cap. Then an LA cap. Frankly, the “Bulls” cap also could be a backhanded slap at Chloe’s unbridled bare more skin antics. A Bullshit commentary on the whole fauxmance, if you will.

Lurker said...

I like your Harry and Louis avatar. Now, that's an exciting fandom to be in right now.

Methodical Muser said...

Thank you. Yes, lots of meaningful changes going on between Harry and Louis. They are being photographed side by side again (like my avatar displays). Harry whispered in Louis' ear during an interview yesterday. Louis was photographed wearing a pocket square that matches Harry's shirt. Louis was seen out and about in a closely cropped photo with Harry's bodyguard. And, James Corden asking Harry and Louis how they met. Good times, indeed. #BigGayWar

Methodical Muser said...

I agree PG. Jake wanted to alienate his fan base, and he has been successful. Even the hetero pushing loyalists who always thought Jake would love them no matter what, have shrunk to practically nothing. Why? Well because their origins were from the Brokeback Mountain days. Even these folks are now posting comments that are not too complimentary towards his acting, his appearance, or his predictable choices of overdone and overblown [gimme an Oscar now] roles. Jake could care less though. He's only interested in people's money. That's it. His goal is to please the powers that be. Dance to their tune. Embrace the public image that sells him as anything other than gay. He's got to win that Oscar because then he can "prove" he is worthy. Of what, I have no idea.

prairiegirl said...

Another thing we wanted to bring up this morning, is how it has become increasingly apparent the large role Sister Maggie is playing in Jake's life and helping to care take for his kids.

You can oftentimes get a clue to where Jake is by watching where Maggie pops up. And I knew when I saw this contest which involved Maggie, I knew it was an indication that it was to get her over to LA where Jake & Austin have their family stowed away a lot of the time (when they're not overseas).

If Maggie wants to be in LA for this contest with Kevin Spacey (gee imagine that, another big closet case) that will shoot in LA, then that means Jake intends to be in LA as well during that time.

So, the other day this tweet really caught my eye and right away prompted an eyebrow lift and File Copy. This becomes comical, it's so funny.

∂єиα мαяιєє (@denaxoxo)
11/4/15, 15:43

jake gyllenhall'a sister bought a car from my dad 😂😭

prairiegirl said...

Forgot all about it, and then last night some perusing found this:

Maggie Gyllenhaal ‏@mgyllenhaal Nov 5
ICYMI: "That's my truck yo #100%Biodiesel" Maggie & her Monster Truck
7:39 PM - 5 Nov 2015 · Details

and then this reinforcing response:

Rachel Hart ‏@RachelHaaaht Nov 12 Boston, MA
@mgyllenhaal my uncle sold you that truck!
8:20 PM - 12 Nov 2015 · Details

You all need to look at Nanny, I mean Sister Maggie's Who Say pic.

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! Now, why would Maggie be buying a 3/4 ton truck? Extended cab too. Lots of seating. I love the touch about the purchase being biodiesel as if that helps convince everyone that the bleeding heart liberal environmentalist would buy this gas guzzler. And, where's Peter during all this twitter revealed roadster buying?

Unlike 2010, Jake seems to be desperately trying to distance himself from the purchase of another highly suspicious vehicle. Which will literally be a family truckster. LOLLLLLLLLL! I also love the fact that a woman who has basically relied on nothing more than public transportation most of her life, goes out and selects a high powered, heavy duty truck, best used for hauling and towing.

If Maggie wants to be in LA for this contest with Kevin Spacey (gee imagine that, another big closet case) that will shoot in LA, then that means Jake intends to be in LA as well during that time.

And, if Jake goes off somewhere, it sets Maggie up to be in LA to help take care of the kids. Come to think of it, where is ol' mommie dearest, anyway. Betcha she ain't too far behind this charade either.

prairiegirl said...

I think Sister Maggie is taking the words Nanny McPhee too close to heart! LOLLLL!! Nanny McGyll-ee - BWAH!!!! I think that's my new name for Jake's sister. Nanny McGyllee.

Who do they think they're fooling? Who remembers this?

One of our last Milkbones

Aww, isn't Jake cute there? *sigh* #GoodOlDays

Hmmmm, I need to take a gander at those tires. I bet Austin is better at switching out his tires than Jake is. Those tires on his BMW'er at the medical building looked pretty smooth. Jake must just peel out everywhere. Either that or else he's like me and hardly ever checks the pressure or rotates them. :-(

Coffee shops as haven for hate crimes said...

Starbucks deserves our support:

LGBT Initiative

Florida Tom said...

I think Zach Quinto and Ian McClellan are making the rst of the closet queens in HW look like big time losers. I bet Jake wished he had he star power Zach has now. Zach had what Jake wanted and could not get. A hige money making franchise. Good for you Zach and goof or Ian for calling out Matt Damon.

prairiegirl said...

You know, one of the most beneficial things about OMG is and always has been its uncanny and unpredictable way of flushing out a lurker perhaps from Team Jake and/or Austin, perhaps not. Nonetheless, myTwitter timeline has now proven to be the same goldmine as well.

Sometimes it's unexpected or should I say it was unexpected at this point in time, but nonetheless valuable.

Hello there, lurker. After all these years.......

prairiegirl said...

Jake's people are now using The Hollywood Reporter to make up awards just to give the big baby an excuse to be out of the country? An award that was set up with fake tweets awhile back, tweets that were used to cover up his whereabouts at that time.

Lie piled on top of lie piled on top of lie. Jake's like that fairy tale about the princess and the pea, remember that? The princess who had a pea put in her bed and the prince's mother piled mattresses on top of the pea but the princess could feel the pea anyway.

Well, except in this case, Jake's pea is his own sexuality and self-inflicted closeted life. And he is the prince's mother as he keeps piling lie on top of lie over his own pea in hopes that he the princess won't feel that pea. It's a one act play, all starring Jake. He ought to take it to Broadway. He's the pea. He's the Prince's mother and he's the princess!

Bravo, Jake! Bravo! SO.

Florida Tom said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration too!

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Tom, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States!!

It's great to be able to play online right now. We had a great day yesterday with incredible food - not a lot of dishes, just all of your basics but they were very, very good. And then because the weather turned so lousy, my brother & his family decided they better go home last night, whoooosh! So there they went and we had to stay up late texting to make sure they made it home safely.

It's freezing rain, raining, windy, cold - it's miserable out there. So here I am inside and good ol' Jake has given some incredible material to hold up like a pinata and - er, I mean, to analyze and discuss, lol.

Thank you, buddy! ;-)

prairiegirl said...

So not too long ago, Jake's people made a big to-do on Twitter about him being at Loyola Marymount and doing this interview. You couldn't miss it. And it's a real mini-series of an interview. Here's the written transcript of the interview if you have a weekend during the snowy months to spend reading it, because I mean, it will take you at least an entire weekend to digest this and try to descramble:

Prime bullsh** detector test material

I don't think it's necessary to repost the entire thing because well, my mind can only take so much of some of this stuff. But one thing in particular caught my eye, which was its intent and purpose, to catch naysayers' eyes and that is Jake's final mention of Atticus:

prairiegirl said...

GALLOWAY: You’ve made some very bold choices and I wonder, when you came to do Brokeback Mountain, if you were frightened of that? Let’s watch. It’s very hard to get a short clip.

GYLLENHAAL: I know. I’m trying to figure out what clip you picked. I’m like, “Here we go. All right!” [LAUGHTER]

GALLOWAY: You can guess? This is towards the end of the movie.


GALLOWAY: Does that bring back memories?

GYLLENHAAL: Yeah. It definitely does. I was like, “It definitely does.” [LAUGHTER] Yeah it does. It’s funny, I was thinking about it: I haven’t seen that in a while, but so many jokes have been made about “I can’t quit you.” It’s like, “My God!” And it’s not even on my face. The shot is on my back.

GALLOWAY: Right, it was very strong seeing that. But it’s one of the great movie lines and everybody who has been in an intense relationship has got to that point.

GYLLENHAAL: Isn’t that amazing?

GALLOWAY: I love the fact that it’s not on your face.

GYLLENHAAL: Not on your face. The power of the story.

GALLOWAY: It’s amazing how the world has changed because, at that time, a lot of actors didn’t want to play a gay role.


GALLOWAY: Did you feel that pressure?

GYLLENHAAL: Now everybody does.


GYLLENHAAL: Did I feel the pressure? No. I think maybe naively, but also just I had been brought up a different way. I had been brought up in an elementary school where, my first few grades, I remember being specifically told that my teachers were gay. I was just that age and that was just how it was, and my parents were very… You know, that’s how I was raised. Like super-progressive. And so it’s just something I took for granted, weirdly. At the time. I think, now, younger generations do take that for granted in a lot of ways. I don’t think that takes away from the struggle of identity and what that is. But the struggle for identity is everybody’s struggle. No matter what it is.

prairiegirl said...

GALLOWAY: Do you struggle for identity?

GYLLENHAAL: I’m an actor.


GYLLENHAAL: I mean it. Totally relatable. You know what I mean. But at the time, I just went, “It’s Ang Lee.” It’s one of the most beautiful scripts I’ve ever read and it was Ang Lee, and at the time Heath [Ledger] was a friend of mine — before we even shot the movie — and always sort of alluring to me. Heath was always somebody who I admired. He was way beyond his years as a human, in a way. I wasn’t quite sure where he came from. I mean, I know he’s from Perth, but I wasn’t really quite sure where he came from and I think that’s the feeling most people got when they were around him and why he was so extraordinary. And when that opportunity came I was a young actor. I was like, “Yeah, I’m in.” I know a lot has been made of the choice to do it, but it just didn’t seem like something that was scary to me. You know, it was binding, because sometimes a lot of that character is very specifically the more overtly gay character of the two. The one who’s struggling with it less. And I didn’t really realize that. And that was an interesting journey for me, giving into that idea. Being the one who tries to push the relationship. And I think in a very simple way people would say, “Oh the sort of more female character.” I don’t even know what the hell that means, but I’ve been told that many times — you know, the one who wants the relationship or something. That was an interesting thing for me.

GALLOWAY: How did you prepare for that?

GYLLENHAAL: Heath and I spent a lot of time, a lot of things were just about… The biggest thing, and this is going to sound odd, but the biggest thing that I did was: I had not spent a ton of time around animals as a kid. It wasn’t a connection that I had that was just in me. Heath, you know, would walk up to a horse and could like silence the horse. [LAUGHTER] Do you know what I mean? Just literally he’d be like, “Shh shh.” And he’d be like [MAKES HORSE SOUND]. [LAUGHTER] And then he’d be like, “I’m going to get on you now.” [MAKES HORSE SOUND]. And then he’d get on the horse. I’d be like, “I’m going to get on you.” They’d be like “Pfft, f—k off!” [LAUGHTER] I didn’t really have that style, so one of the things I did was: I got a dog. I know it sounds funny, but I got a dog and that dog died six months ago.



GALLOWAY: What kind of dog?

GYLLENHAAL: He was a German shepherd. His name is Atticus and he taught me. So, that was the first thing. And the other thing was, really, I talked to a lot of people. A lot. Particularly just hearing stories. Ang gave us a lot of books about cowboys who had been gay or stories about it and all that stuff. And I just talked to a lot of my friends —who [was] their first, particularly same-sex, first situation. That was fascinating to me —trying to learn what that was in a certain period of time. Certain age. The secrecy involved in it. All those things.

Methodical Muser said...

That interview will give readers one big fat headache. I truly do think Jake and his people have outdone themselves in terms of their fantasy writing skills. So many holes to plug. So little time.

This was one of my favorite bullshit sentences:

I got a dog. I know it sounds funny, but I got a dog and that dog died six months ago.

Really, Jake? "That dog" died six months ago. Don't be too heartbroken over it. Who in the heck refers to a beloved canine companion with an indefinite pronoun of "that" dog?

Methodical Muser said...

You know, that’s how I was raised. Like super-progressive.

I mean it. Totally relatable.

Just literally he’d be like, “Shh shh.”

Jake the Valley girl. LOLLLLLL!

prairiegirl said...

I think maybe naively, but also just I had been brought up a different way. I had been brought up in an elementary school where, my first few grades, I remember being specifically told that my teachers were gay. I was just that age and that was just how it was, and my parents were very… You know, that’s how I was raised. Like super-progressive. And so it’s just something I took for granted, weirdly.

Jake? No doubt, it's your mother who has been and still is at the wheel of you and your family's car. And maybe within those 4 walls at home, the GHaals were "super progressive" at an early time. Smh. The Gyllenhaal Matriarch threw that car into Reverse a long time ago and this family has been driving backwards towards the cliff ever since Jake wanted to go into movies.

And she is taking Jake, his husband and their kids in that car which will at some point only end up going over that cliff, figuratively speaking. There's no happy ending for this roadtrip they're taking. It's a Griswald trip of the worst kind.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, and I love the new tall tale that Jake got Atticus because of Heath's ability to handle horses. I guess that makes sense...To a moron!

Everyone with even a casual knowledge of Jake's sordid past knows that he got Atticus at the Nuts for Mutts, "New Leash on Life" pet adoption event with Kirsten Dunst. The definite proof of how domestic he and and "girlfriend" were. That's right. March 2004. By July 2004, Jake and Kirsten were "broken up." Jake was really one of the first celebrities to "invent" dearding, in fact. A stunt his husband has tried to duplicate with Arthur and Wally. #DogAbuse

Methodical Muser said...

I thought it was a nice touch when the interviewer made believe like he had no idea Jake even had a dog or what his name was.



GALLOWAY: What kind of dog?

GYLLENHAAL: He was a German shepherd. His name is Atticus

prairiegirl said...

What is not so funny with what Austin is doing is how he has and continues to treat the beard's dogs. He's wrapped them around the back of his neck I don't know how many times, an act that I have never liked or thought was "cute" or "funny". You know why? Because at any time, that dog or puppy could squirm and you could lose your grip. That dog falls and maybe falls on its head? Breaks its neck and then that's it. All because we want a "cute" photo to post on social media.

And the other thing that makes this mean and abusive, is that in Austin and his beard's case, they've used these dogs for an ulterior purpose. That's using and those dogs never asked for that. They don't know they're being used and there's a word for what they're doing - it's mean. I never thought Austin could be mean, but he's being mean when he handles those much smaller dogs like he's doing and treating them like props. Hard to respect anyone who puts a smaller animal in danger like he has done.

I did find Jake's switching of tense when talking about Atticus fascinating.

He was a German shepherd. His name is Atticus and he taught me.

I think he did that because even after this little production, I still bet Atticus is alive.

prairiegirl said...

Waiting for my email to let me know I can go pick up my newest electronic toy. Just looooooove electronic toys!!!!

I have gotten more emails from stores yesterday and today. I mean, some of these places are practically giving some stuff away. You know, you can get one of those Kindle Fires at Best Buy for $35 today? Why don't you just give it away? I wonder why that thing is so cheap? I went to Lowe's to look at their Christmas deco's because once Black Friday is over, their stock is just trashed. They always get hit really hard.

prairiegirl said...

Oh yeah, sure, NOWWWWW my Ipad mini is ready. NOW I get my email. Now I have to get back out in that freezing drizzle again.

I wanted to post this little comment from a guy named Andrew Lincoln. He was crushing on Austin.

Somebody has a crush on Austin and it's not Roberto this time

"Austin is such a great addition to the cast. It's been wonderful seeing him evolve. He is a 6 foot hunk. He's unbearably good looking. And he's ridiculously fit."

Unbearably good looking. Wow!

And I have to say, that while I've not watched one second of this Walking Dead show, there is something about Austin's character that is bringing out his male admirers. He sure has been getting some tweets from guys admiring his....physical attributes.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake's whole discussion about how he got a dog because of Heath's prowess with horses is just more Gyllenhaal bullsh*t, and non sequitur bullsh*t at that. In fact, during the press for BbM this was Jake's typical observation about the topic before he started to rewrite history:

Heath has known how to ride since he was a little kid, and he's already done movies where he's ridden a horse. I knew nothing about riding horses. I came up a month before we started shooting, for, as we called it, “cowboy training camp.” Getting on a bull wasn't too freaky; I trusted the guys to give me a bull that wasn't too rowdy. I learned how to ride horses, how to wrangle sheep, and how to do the cowboy things.

prairiegirl said...

Jake didn't say anything there about animals in general. In fact, I'm surprised he wouldn't have maybe roped himself a Longhorn instead of a dog. Oh, wait....LOL.

You know, for the past several months, whenever Jake needs twitter Botox, his people will robot the "Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't know how to dog" tweet over and over and over again. And what that tweet is, is it's either one picture in particular or it's a montage of pictures of Jake carrying little Boo around like a baby. And people do get a kick out of those pictures.

But there was a difference between the way he treated Atticus and the way he seemed to treat Boo. He seemed to treat Boo like a little baby. He treated Atticus like a companion, a much beloved pet. Boo seemed like a practice baby.

Memory Lane said...

That's pretty much how I remember the topic too. There was some article back in 2005, I think that talked about him being "inspired" to get animals because it was great for a city boy to be around so many four-legged creatures like horses, sheep and dogs. As was mentioned, he got Atti before he started filming Brokeback Mountain and the adoption was completely associated with Kirsten Dunst. I think it was Boo he might have mentioned that he got after Brokeback because he was too cute "not to get". That was the story where he said Maggie now has two cats and his parents decided to get three cats because of Jake's newly developed love for all things furry. It's interesting to see how Jake has completely changed the story after 10 years. Probably, hoping no one will remember pesky things like details.

Memory Lane said...

Boo seemed like a practice baby.

That sounds about right. Come to think of it, that probably explains his new version of events. There was a lot of talk about him treating Boo like a baby and then a year or so later came all the rumors about him and Austin wanting to have a family together. Funny how onvr the baby was reportedly born, Boo disappeared soon thereafter. Within a year or so.

Memory Lane said...

Funny how onvr the baby was reportedly born

Funny how once the baby was reportedly born....

Methodical Muser said...

That's right. There was the whole thing about how Maggie and the parents got cats because Jake found that he loved furry animals after Brokeback. I remember even at the time thinking that he was making it up because why would his parents go from O cats to having 3 just because Jake suddenly found out that he liked animals. Just ridiculous.

prairiegirl said...

This bit was interesting too, I thought. How he seems to interpret Jack and Ennis as falling in love because they were lonely on the mountain.

GYLLENHAAL: So I was fascinated with that. That what ties these two characters together is not just a love, but a loneliness. I think primarily it was deep loneliness. And what I always say about that movie, which I think maybe over time is more understood, is that this is about two people desperately looking for love. To be loved. And who were probably capable of it. And they just found it with someone of the same sex, you know. And that does not dismiss the fact that it is about, really, primarily, the first kind of very profound gay love story. Hopefully it can create an equality of an idea: that is, it’s possible that you can find love anywhere. That intimacy exists in so many places that convention and society won’t always allow us to see. And we won’t allow ourselves to see, because of what criticism — and danger, really — it might provoke.

GALLOWAY: It’s still hard for a movie star to be gay. I mean, if you’re going to be a character actor, it’s one thing. When will that change?

GYLLENHAAL: You’re asking me? [LAUGHTER] When will that change? Look, I mean to ask, I think, when a lot of things will change? I wish I had that answer. I mean, I think it is changing, first of all. And it’s pretty amazing how it’s changing. And one of the things that I’m so proud of, in terms of being in that movie, was to see how, within the past basically 10 years, how much has changed. You know. When the Supreme Court passed just a little while ago, I felt like we had been part, a little part and parcel of that movement. You know. My parents taught me as a kid: do your work. Do it well. Try as hard as you can, whatever it is. It will one day, for the long [run], it will make some sort of change somewhere. You know, that happened there. It was so deeply moving to me that day [when the Supreme Court gave a ruling in favor of gay marriage] when my mother — I remember I was at Little Shop of Horrors. We were in rehearsal. I was freaking out, because we had like six days of rehearsal and four performances. It was a staged reading, and it was like, I didn’t know what I was doing. And we were in rehearsal and my mom sent me the decision. And she just said, “Sometimes love does win out,” I remember. And I was just super proud. I mean I was proud, you know? To me that’s really a pretty incredible moment. We had to wait a little while for it. But when will it be OK for an actor to be gay? I mean, it’s OK now

First of all, it seems OTT that Jake replied, "You're asking me?"

prairiegirl said...

No doubt both men were very lonely. But I don't know that that's why they fell in love.

And on his view about the role of Jack Twist:

And when that opportunity came I was a young actor. I was like, “Yeah, I’m in.” I know a lot has been made of the choice to do it, but it just didn’t seem like something that was scary to me. You know, it was binding, because sometimes a lot of that character is very specifically the more overtly gay character of the two. The one who’s struggling with it less. And I didn’t really realize that. And that was an interesting journey for me, giving into that idea. Being the one who tries to push the relationship. And I think in a very simple way people would say, “Oh the sort of more female character.” I don’t even know what the hell that means, but I’ve been told that many times — you know, the one who wants the relationship or something. That was an interesting thing for me.

Again, this interview was part of a series by The Hollywood Reporter. It would be interesting to see the actual footage. I wonder if dear old Mother G was in the audience posing as a senior student?

more like said...

His mother was probably in the audience holding up cue cards to make sure Jake stayed on script.

Clarity said...

Wow. For some reason it broke my heart the way that Jake spoke about Atticus. How can you have a companion for such a long time and refer to them in the past AND present tense at the same time like it was no big deal?? #heartbrokenpetlover - P.S. IIRC He did this with Heath as well

prairiegirl said...

Hi Clarity! Happy Thanksgiving to you. :-) It was odd the way the whole thing came up. It's as if the talk about Heath and horses was a way for him to bring up this relay of information about Atticus. I'm just not buying it. Sometimes it's like these kinds of interviews are used as a means for Mgmnt to insert and address things that have come up where they want to tell people what to think about something.

What fan of Jake didn't know about Atticus?

prairiegirl said...

Now here's something really cool. Has anyone seen the commercial by Campbell's Soup that shows the two dads feeding their little boy and they're both imitating (I think) Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker "I am your father." Someone correct me if I'm wrong - I'm not very good with the Star Wars movies.

That is so great. Wow! Campbell's Soup. This is a big deal, I think. A big deal.
Things are changing. They really are - and kind of big steps at a time, now. It's wonderful.

Since2005 said...

I think Jake often mixes tenses up and didn't mean anything with his comments on Atticus. "That dog" seems emphatic more than anything else.

I also dislike the way Austin wears Arthur and Wally like fur stoles, by the way, and wish he'd stop!

Florida Tom said...

I read a lot of the script of that interview. First of all I cannot believe it has been 10 years. Jake was right so much has happened since Brokeback. It did seem like it was the beginning of a lot of change to come. The military ending DADT. Marriage. So many people coming out almost daily. So much has changed. I like how Jake spoke about the day The Supreme Court ruling came out. It showed it meant a lot to him. Cannot see him doing that a few years ago. I like the way he loving spoke about heath. He couldn't even mention his name for so long. Not sure what has changed maybe Jake is just feeling confident that the Gay rumors are gone. His Gay fans are gone. Ted Casablanca is gone. Who knows. I told PG that I thought 2016 could be a year when things change and we are all gonna be excited again. No matter what has changed it is nice to see Jake openly caring about things he used to care about.. Seems like the reigns may be loosening just a bit.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww said...
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prairiegirl said...

Hey, troll. I've got one word for you.


LOL! You just keep all of that fakery for your little scrapbook.

We had someone see the real deal.

August 23, 2015.
Jake and Austin

prairiegirl said...

Want more specifics?

8pm PT

They were both there at the same table.
Having dinner.

Jake Gyllenhaal and his husband, Austin Nichols.


prairiegirl said...

I also dislike the way Austin wears Arthur and Wally like fur stoles, by the way, and wish he'd stop!

I will say that the first time Austin did that, it was kind of cool because it seemed like a shout out to Jake because of the way he carried the sheep in Brokeback. But then he kept doing it and kept doing it as if to negate the message from the first time he did it. So alright Austin, we get it. Why not use a sledgehammer next time and it might not be so obvious. **eyeroll**

prairiegirl said...

Couple of things this morning in Jake/Austin's world. Maybe M & M might also want to share what happened in the Larry fandom overnight as well??? I thought was pretty cool what RBB did. ;-)

Anyway, first of all, this isn't big news or anything, but I had to share this just because. So these 2 gals were talking on twitter and whether it was set up or not, I haven't really taken a close enough look yet at their accounts, but if it is, then all the better. Talk about setting up a sitting target.

katrina ‏@arrivexsurvive 12 hours ago
I just spent the last hour watching One Tree Hill clips on Youtube, thanks @AustinNichols

Liz #moi ‏@666milo 10 hours ago
@arrivexsurvive @AustinNichols
watch Day After Tomorrow

katrina ‏@arrivexsurvive 10 hours ago
@666milo @AustinNichols Will do!

Liz #moi ‏@666milo 10 hours ago
@arrivexsurvive after Austin and Jake made the movie the press tried to say they were more than friends.

katrina ‏@arrivexsurvive 10h10 hours ago
@666milo What??? haha that's so bizarre

Liz #moi ‏@666milo 10h10 hours ago
@arrivexsurvive very


Anyway, so I had to retweet their nonsense:

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Can I tell Virginia there is a Santa Claus?

MKFonz11 added,
Liz @666milo
@arrivexsurvive after Austin and Jake made the movie the press tried to say they were more than friends.
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prairiegirl said...

lol. I'm sorry, but that was just such a sitting target. A huge bulls-eye just waiting for an arrow and I had that arrow ready on cue.

The other thing was a blind that a Spn Gos fan brought to that blog for me and I just thought I would post it. It's quite interesting, although I have to say that while I wish it were true, I just really don't see how it can be. There's no way Jake is coming out anytime soon, at least while he is under Weinstein's hold and he still has to do another movie under Weinstein so it's just not going to be happening soon. Although I would love for the guys to prove me horribly wrong, but....
Anyway, here it is. Thanks to M & M for finding this online because the links weren't productive at first:

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#7**
At a recent Q&A, this A- list mostly movie actor came this close to coming out of the closet. The moderator really thought our actor was going to do it right on stage, but after inching open the closet, our actor rushed back inside. Jake Gyllenhaal

Florida Tom said...

I am telling ya PG 2016 is gonna be interesting. Maybe that "couple" Zach Quinto was talking to was Jake and Austin !!!

Methodical Muser said...

Larrie Oracles and Mascots

Rainbow Bondage Bear Masterpost

Maybe M & M might also want to share what happened in the Larry fandom overnight as well??? I thought was pretty cool what RBB did. ;-)

LOL! Oh, where or where do I begin when it comes to explaining the impressive tale of Rainbow Bondage Bear and his sweet little furry companion, Sugar Baby Bear?

For those uninitiated, I’ll leave these two links up for a bit for readers to be introduced to the topic, then come back later and share my theory of how Harry and Louis have been using these two precious critters to communicate to the 1D fandom. Let’s just say, PR and Simon Cowell cannot be happy with these clever, clever boys. #ClosetDestroyers #TheRealPowerCouple

prairiegirl said...

I am telling ya PG 2016 is gonna be interesting. Maybe that "couple" Zach Quinto was talking to was Jake and Austin !!!

I guess I should never say never, Tom. I do find this blind interesting in that it very well could be about Jake, but how could he ever come out while under Weinstein's thumb? Weinstein is all about his closeted gay actors. In fact, so much so that I am beginning to think that he is likely gay himself. And that he very well could have his own casting couch thing going.

But, but, but.....I think I know what question it might have been in that transcript that this blind is talking about.

prairiegirl said...

And maybe the couple could have been Jared & Jensen, now that I think about it. The J's are actually looking right now like they'd love to come out. They're hardly seen with their beards anymore and they are publicly taking vacations together and showing pictures with their kids, no beards in sight.

In fact, this Thanksgiving, both guys took pictures with one of the kids and made it known that they were on vacation together. That is pretty big.

Austin & pooh-mouth are still very much bearding. Not sure when that contract will end. #notsoonenough

prairiegirl said...

Here's the question I was thinking the blind is referring to:

GALLOWAY: It’s still hard for a movie star to be gay. I mean, if you’re going to be a character actor, it’s one thing. When will that change?

GYLLENHAAL: You’re asking me? [LAUGHTER] When will that change? Look, I mean to ask, I think, when a lot of things will change? I wish I had that answer. I mean, I think it is changing, first of all. And it’s pretty amazing how it’s changing. And one of the things that I’m so proud of, in terms of being in that movie, was to see how, within the past basically 10 years, how much has changed. You know. When the Supreme Court passed just a little while ago, I felt like we had been part, a little part and parcel of that movement. You know. My parents taught me as a kid: do your work. Do it well. Try as hard as you can, whatever it is. It will one day, for the long [run], it will make some sort of change somewhere. You know, that happened there. It was so deeply moving to me that day [when the Supreme Court gave a ruling in favor of gay marriage] when my mother — I remember I was at Little Shop of Horrors. We were in rehearsal. I was freaking out, because we had like six days of rehearsal and four performances. It was a staged reading, and it was like, I didn’t know what I was doing. And we were in rehearsal and my mom sent me the decision. And she just said, “Sometimes love does win out,” I remember. And I was just super proud. I mean I was proud, you know? To me that’s really a pretty incredible moment. We had to wait a little while for it. But when will it be OK for an actor to be gay? I mean, it’s OK now.

Here is an 8 minute clip of the interview and at 06:50 is when this part starts.

Was the interviewer creaking open the door for Jake?

Florida Tom said...

Jake would never had spoke like he did in that interview a year ago. Something has changed.

As far as Harvey goes to me I get a big old perv vibe myself !!!!

another guess said...

Maybe the couple is Harry and Louis. Quinto's boyfriend, Miles McMillan, is a Top 50 fashion model and Harry Styles certainly hangs with that element, with his Yves St. Laurent and Gucci sensibilities. Louis promotes Top Shop clothing as well, which is one of the campaigns Miles has worked on. Miles is also only 25 so he certainly falls within One Direction's age demographic. I would love, love, love for Jake and Austin to come out, but somehow I don't see Jake having the courage for that. Especially, if he's trying to guilt everyone to give him an Academy Award. Look how Eddie Redmayne has a quickie marriage last year in December, just in time for the Oscar race. I don't know much about Jensen and Jared, but I've heard the show may be going off the air soon. Contracts could be shaken up because of that. But, I think Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson would be at the top of my list. From the people I know in the entertainment industry they are already out and are making plans for the future. Which includes freedom.

prairiegirl said...

I would love, love, love for Jake and Austin to come out, but somehow I don't see Jake having the courage for that. Especially, if he's trying to guilt everyone to give him an Academy Award. Look how Eddie Redmayne has a quickie marriage last year in December, just in time for the Oscar race.

I agree totally. I would love for J&A to come out, I just don't see any signs of it. That being said, it is kind of weird how that blind fits Jake's Q & A. It's just weird and I'm not sure who else that would be.

But like I said, Austin & his beard are not cutting back on their bearding and Jake is desperate for an Oscar and there's no way Harvey is going to let him come out.

prairiegirl said...

I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. I wish, I hope, I would love for Jake and Austin to come out. I just don't think we're seeing signs of it.

Many here don't see it, but if anyone watches Twitter closely, there are signs that Jake, Austin and Maggie are living over in the UK alot now. I think it's easier to hide their kids over there. If they're staying over there more frequently, then it just adds fuel to the thought that Jake, Austin & Maggie are looking for ways to exist in their odd communal way without those 2 guys coming out.

Maggie & Peter are kaput. I have no doubt of this. And I think Maggie is helping Jake & Austin to take care of their kids. I'm not really sure where Ramona & Gloria are - who has them? You don't even read tweets of these girls being with their mother any longer. It's always just Maggie if she's ever seen. No Peter. No girls. It's bizarre. And it's been this way for awhile. But Maggie is sure seen frequently in Jake's vicinity.

Methodical Muser said...

But Maggie is sure seen frequently in Jake's vicinity.

Let the games begin. LOL!

You might be interested said...

Do you people know who Ann Marie Thompson is? She the head of Syco PR and was hired expressly to “oversee” One Direction breaking into the US market.

She is pure evil and was the primary handler of the “iron closet” surrounding Harry and Louis. She was formerly the personal assistant of Max Clifford. Read about him. He is a disgusting pedophile, locked away in prison now. He was sentenced last year to eight years in jail for indecent assault. Good friends with Simon Cowell. In fact, in 2011, Simon hired several of Clifford’s staff onto his Syco team. Thompson works very closely with Cowell. Even scarier, she is the head of Syco’s Crisis Management team and is the head personal psychologist. She’s been in charge of managing One Direction’s “psychological care”. Her power and influence is enormous because she is also the head of PR.

Harry and Louis are going up against an empire. An evil empire. The Rainbow Bondage Bear was pure genius.

Florida Tom said...

I gotta say Harry sure has grown up and he is an incredibility sexy young man. He is a gold mine. He would have to be one very strong person to come out. I am sure the people around him are dreaming of billions of dollars especially when he goes solo like Timberlake.

Methodical Muser said...

Wow that Anne Marie Thompson sounds bloodcurdling! No I didn't know about her multiple roles and overarching role in the packaging of 1D. But she sounds pretty darn scary alright. Basically, RBB & SBB represent Harry and Louis and whenever Cowell and company try to implement stunts like the never ending babygate nonsense, that Twitter Account is used to counter and reassure the 1D fandom, particularly the Larrie supporters. Many people think the whole babygate "scandal," surrounding Louis, was put into action by Cowell to humiliate and control Louis and Harry, and to disheartened the Larrie fandom, whom Cowell believes is responsible for him losing 1D. No one in their right mind thinks the boys are resigning with Cowell next year. But, if Cowell can destroy their loyal supporters, he believes in that twisted brain of his that he wins.

But, as Harry said to a fan not too long ago, "Love always wins." I think in the end, the boys will prove that.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe the couple is Harry and Louis. Quinto's boyfriend, Miles McMillan, is a Top 50 fashion model and Harry Styles certainly hangs with that element, with his Yves St. Laurent and Gucci sensibilities.

*slaps forehead* Duh! That's certainly a credible guess. Louis and Harry may be British, but they are very familiar with American culture and celebrities. In fact, I think one of the reasons Harry became a Green Bay Packers fan is because of Aaron Rodgers. He no doubt is very familiar with the rumors about his orientation and no doubt knows the truth behind them.

If you read through the Rainbow Bondage Bear Masterpost, it is obvious that the boys are very familiar with gay icons and celebrities. American as well as British ones.

Methodical Muser said...

I am sure the people around him [Harry] are dreaming of billions of dollars especially when he goes solo like Timberlake.

I don't think One Direction has any intention of breaking up. And, those stories about how Harry is going to leave the band because he is so much better/talented than the rest has Simon Cowell's fingerprints written all over. Not surprisingly, Harvey Weinstein has been quoted several times, confirming the rumor campaign about Harry becoming a film star. Yes, that same Harvey Scuzzball Weinstein Jake is so enamored with. What a surprise that he and Simon are buddies. Remember that a central part of Cowell's smear campaign depends on him convincing the fanbase that the group will disband soon.

prairiegirl said...

Danielle Remy ‏@dremy9
Just saw jake gyllenhaal walking his puppy
7:34 AM - 14 Sep 2014

Amanda Mason ‏@AmandaMasonNYC
It was so cool to see #JakeGyllenhaal leave my building yesterday!
7:31 AM - 14 Sep 2014

Anjali Branch ‏@anjalibranch
Just saw jake gyllenhaal walking his puppy
7:38 AM - 14 Sep 2014

This one is earlier yet:

I just petted Jake Gyllenhaal's puppy. Metaphor? Today: No. Soon: Yes.
8:02 AM - 21 Aug 2014

Was thinking about this and so I did a little looking back and found these tweets in my email. There's just a little bit strangeness. So Jake was supposed to have gotten his deard, "Leo" at least by August of 2014. Jake did the interview on the 18th of this month and he said that Atticus died "about 6 months ago". I just find it kind of odd that Jake would have gotten a new puppy in NYC when Atticus was in his twilight years. Couldn't be for companionship reasons because we never saw Atticus in NYC.

And we've not seen Leo since those disastrous photos in LA. I don't know, it's still just kind of odd to me.

Small world said...

Another interesting Syco relationship is with a man by the name of Pete Samson, who coincidentally is married to Ann-Marie Thompson. Sampson writes for the Sun, the main daily tabloid that has been tasked with pushing the hetero-narratives about Harry and Louis over the years (i.e., back in 2012-2013, Sampson wrote several articles selling Haylor – Taylor Swift and Harry Styles - and now promoting Louis the father aka Babygate).

In short, one of the individuals who has written some of the biggest articles about Harry and Louis not being gay is actually married to the same woman who is crafting the PR strategies for One Direction.

Methodical Muser said...

It's a small world, alright. Very interesting stuff. A direct connection to The Sun, which has been the main publication in the UK dissing 1D lately, selling Babygate and stating that One Direction is over. Dan Wooton is the tool Simon has been primarily using of late, but I do think it's more than relevant that Ann-Marie Thompson, the head of the PR side of Syco, is married to a Sun writer who has helped to push Syco's hetero agenda regarding Louis and Harry.

Methodical Muser said...

This will be the last post about the Rainbow Bondage Bear, but I just came across this impressive explanation on tumblr, concisely summing up what that bear represents right now in terms of the closet of Harry and Louis, and how there are many imaginative and powerful ways to fight back against the powers that be:

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I know rbb & sbb are the rainbow bears that everyone adores but can you explain them a bit more? I don't understand why people love them so much or what's really going on with them. Thank you so much!

nooelgallagher answered:

Oh anon, explaining the bears would probably take a year and several dozen slideshows, but I’ll do my best.

Our journey begins during the WWA tour when a fan threw a rainbow bear on stage during one of the shows. We all got super excited when the bear reappeared in black tape, covering it like bondage gear. And hence the name rainbow bondage bear was born. RBB became our gay mascot.

During the end of WWA, Harry was getting increasingly wilder with his flamboyance. He started to wear more feminine clothing and let his hair grow longer. This was an ugly time for them versus 1DHQ and the presence of RBB at shows was a comforting reminder to the fandom that the boys were fighting. RBB briefly had a twitter but it was quickly taken down and we all understood the presence or lack thereof of RBB at shows to indicate how things were behind the scenes. For example, at the first Philly WWA show Harry was crazy flamboyant and RBB was there. At the second Philly WWA show, Harry’s hair was back in a headscarf, he had on a more conservative shirt, and RBB was nowhere to be found. When RBB wasn’t around, we all figured it was retaliation for the boys fighting back, especially Harry and Louis.

RBB, and SBB when he came into the picture, have taken on a whole new life this year. RBB got gayer, to be sure, but more importantly it became clear that whoever was behind the bears (and we all suspected it was Harry and Louis) we’re using them as a way to communicate with us. It started off as more of them letting us know how things were going behind the scenes. But then it evolved into the bears sending coded messages. Via their clothing and props at shows, the fandom was able to discern possible messages the boys wanted us to know. By far the biggest one was RBB and SBB dressed in wedding attire with a picture of Larry Grayson. @saracha33 is a wealth of information about how the bears’ clothing and props have been used to send us messages, but some of the most popular ones have been photos of LGBT icons and drag queens that can always be related back to the boys somehow.

Things really came to a head when we found out RBB had a new twitter. As I said before, there was a twitter during WWA that was shut down. We confirmed that this was a real RBB account because Josh Devine, One Direction’s drummer, followed the bears. (He eventually unfollowed but his job was clearly to let us know that the account was legit.) Side note, Josh was one of the initial suspects of who could be behind the bears.

Methodical Muser said...


Since the twitter came to be, we’ve had RBB and SBB galore! It became undeniable that the bears have been sending us messages for months when they started to do the same thing via twitter. The bears have been present in every location the boys have been.

To answer your question about why we love them so much, it really comes down to what they’ve done for us. This year has been shitty in many ways. With babygate and the continued closeting, to management and label struggles, being positive and happy can be tough. But these bears have been an INCREDIBLE source of positivity for us. They have given us reassurance when times have been rough. We looked forward to seeing what they’d wear during shows. We anxiously await new tweets.

Two of the biggest things the bears did, in my opinion, happened recently. As OTRA came to a close, there was one show where the bears had a phone with a number attached to it. Low and behold, it was an actual number we could text and call. The bears actually ENCOURAGED us to reach out to them. Unsurprisingly, they were flooded with messages. Over 11,000 to be precise. And after OTRA ended, the bears told us to keep in touch. And they had already given us a way to do so.

Even more recently was after One Direction was on Jimmy Kimmel. A harmless, albeit stupid, joke about a potato being the newest member of the band resulted in Jimmy Kimmel mocking 1D fans. He encouraged fans to like the potato on instagram and then laughed at them when they did. It was shitty and it was wrong and fans were understandably not happy. So do you know what those amazing bears did? Just a few hours later, they tweeted a picture of themselves with a box of potato spuds, a chef hat, and a potato masher. They were mocking the potato joke. They heard us. They saw we were upset. And they let us know they were here for us.

The key to understanding why we love the bears is understanding that the bears love us back. We know Harry and Louis (and by extension Lottie and others) are behind the bears, but it goes beyond them. We’re a family. They have been with us every step of the way. They encourage us, reassure us, and comfort us. And in return, we do our best to listen to them and show them how important they are. It’s a relationship. It goes both ways.

So you see, we are so so thankful to have them.

Thanks for helping spread the word said...

Fun follow-up. I heard on other blogs and tumblrs throughout the day that Ann-Marie Thompson is furious that people are spilling the beans about her vicious closeting of Harry and Louis, her connections with the Sun, etc. Thought you would be interested. How the worm has turned.

Stupefied said...

Reading about this Draconian closeting of those two boys from One Direction is scary. It got me thinking that I can't see Jake surviving this kind of abuse. From what I see, Jake is pretty darn pampered comparatively. Is it because he cooperates or is it because One Direction was just unfortunately snatched up at such an early age. Combined with the fact that they appear to have fought the closet? Of course, Jake's not a member of a billion dollar boy band, but the characters surrounding these guys seem like sociopaths.

Besides Simon Cowell, this Anne-Marie Thompson sounds almost Shakespearean with all the intricacies of human corruption surrounding her, and her path to greed and power. Her conflicts of interest and her early and lengthy association with that Max Clifford, (who I read up on and had to take several showers afterwards) is numbing.

What I think is most curious is why is all this coming out now? Just when, from my understanding, One Direction's contract is coming to an end. Almost sounds like the rats are jumping ship. I wish Harry and Louis great luck.

And, Jake......try to suck it up and be a man, for once. Join the 21st century. Live a little.

destiny said...

A Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone. I've been really busy with work, and then I went away last week, we went to Newport, Rhode Island for a much needed vacation. It is so beautiful up there, all of these old mansions from the late 1800s built by the super-rich, and the cliffs around the ocean are just stunning.

I peaked on the site a couple of times, but I swear every time I looked nothing new, and now 50+ new posts to catch up on!

I won't get a chance to read and digest them all tonight, so I'll be back to add my two cents when I can.