Sunday, December 6, 2015


Some people think a new post is as surprising as Jake being spotted in a Walmart in Arizona.

It's a Hanukkah Miracle!



prairiegirl said...

Where does one even start with this entire Wal Mart/Telluride/COP21/Gotham weekend?
We might be here all night.

Nice, cheeky post, Special! ;-D

prairiegirl said...

I suppose you could start with part of this comment from the previous post:

Maggie & Peter are kaput. I have no doubt of this. And I think Maggie is helping Jake & Austin to take care of their kids. I'm not really sure where Ramona & Gloria are - who has them? You don't even read tweets of these girls being with their mother any longer. It's always just Maggie if she's ever seen. No Peter. No girls. It's bizarre. And it's been this way for awhile. But Maggie is sure seen frequently in Jake's vicinity.

November 29, 2015 at 4:19 PM

Predictably, here came the OTT picures and robot tweets about how Maggie "supported" her husband Peter Sarsgaard at the Gotham Awards 2015 in NYC on Monday, Nov 30.

Leo Eguizabal ‏@LeoEguizabal Dec 1

Maggie Gyllenhaal Supports Peter Sarsgaard at Gotham Awards 2015 … via @JustJared
10:07 PM - 1 Dec 2015 · Details

Vermont trip cut a little short there, Maggie? ;-)

prairiegirl said...

That's just a little sidetrip, though. The real entertainment started later in the week. I mean, you needed Google Maps, a Rand McNally Atlas and 3 Twitter searches open all at once to try and keep up with what these people were doing.

What would you say started it all, M&M? This one?

Amandaa (@mandaahartholt)
12/4/15, 23:32

Creeping on Jake Gyllenhaal in Kamloops

Methodical Muser said...

I think that was the tweet that started it all, PG. But let's backtrack a bit because I don't want to ignore poor Peter. After all, no one ever sees him anywhere so when he finally is somewhere publicly I think he should be acknowledged for it. Unfortunately, for WME the place he was spotted at was not Flagstaff, AZ. Where PR placed him:

jkronny: Met this guy yesterday. [Jake Gyllenhaal photo]

jkronny: Yes really him. After the fact we realized that he was with his brother in law Peter Sarsgaard too. They were shopping for snow chains and were on their way to telluride.

Ah, how sweet and all in the family like. Peter and Jake were shopping at Walmart to buy some much needed snow chains for their trip to Colorado. *Sniff* Reminiscent of Leadville in 2010 when those two wacky boys also shared a vacay. Because we all know how close those two are.

prairiegirl said...

The Wal Mart sighting was preceded by a slew of photos of Jake being seen in the San Francisco area nearly all week. He was said to be dining everywhere except McDonald's. There was a big to-do as well about Jake at Whole Foods and somebody's dog defecating near him:

Pam Daghlian ‏@pamalama Nov 30

My dog just pooped near Jake Gyllenhaal on 25th street near James Lick school. For reals. #noevalley
8:14 PM - 30 Nov 2015 · Details

(lol. Is Austin's beard earning some side-money doing some paid account tweeting? I think that sounds like her.)

Methodical Muser said...

I like the tweet that kicked off Jake's California excursion.

Travis LoDolce ‏@travislodolce
One could say Jake Gyllenhaal sat behind me at dinner at Chez Panisse, but I prefer to think we sat together in jeans-wearing solidarity.

Travis LoDolce ‏@travislodolce
11:39 PM - 28 Nov 2015

Chez Panisse. Hmm. Another oldie, but goodie from the past.

prairiegirl said...

And it seems like Jake's people just kept piling it on. Then when it began to look strange that Jake was in San Francisco and what was he doing up there so close to the Thanksgiving holiday, here came our explanation. This was just too excellent.

SFGate ‏@SFGate · Dec 3
Heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal spotted dining at S.F.'s Cala
12:16 AM - 3 Dec 2015 · Details
I should check to see if Jake's people have updated his IMDB page now

Did you notice that things are warming up a bit in San Francisco this week? Maybe that's because Hollywood hottie Jake Gyllenhaal is in town.

On Monday, Gyllenhaal and his luscious lashes, sweet smile and rock-hard muscles were spotted dining at Cala, the widely acclaimed Hayes Valley restaurant opened by Mexico City food titan Gabriela Cámara.

Sfist reporter Caleb Pershan was sitting at a nearby table and wrote, "My waiter seemed more interested — perhaps understandably — in Jake than in getting our food out, taking our order, or waiting on a young couple in much of any way!"

Gyllenhaal is apparently in town filming Zodiac 2, a followup to the 2007 Zodiac telling the story of a serial killer who stalked San Francisco residents.

Let us know if you see him around town.

Methodical Muser said...

Then we find that Jake was at the cosmetic counter at Sephora on 20th. [Near the future dog poop incident.] We all know that Jake has bad skin you know! The sighting, therefore, must be true.

Maggie Morris ‏@MAGGIESCOOL

5:06 PM - 29 Nov 2015

prairiegirl said...

You know, if Jake's people had just left it alone at a few sightings of him in the Bay area, what would have been the big deal? We know they've been seen around Big Sur.

But no. No, they had to pile it on and pile it on. lol at the cosmetic counter. And that tweet up there about Zodiac 2 drew the spotlight on what had to be a cover-up. There isn't a Zodiac 2 filming anywhere. And why did no one even know Jake was going to be in a Zodiac 2? I know I came across at least two guys on Twitter who saw that story and it caught their eye because they were very much interested in Zodiac. In fact, one of them, his whole twitter profile, wallpaper and his tweets were Zodiac obsessed. And he was side-eyeing this story.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, I loved the reason for Jake wondering around SF, PG. Filming Zodiac 2.

PR obviously reaching into the past again because everyone knows that's where he filmed the original Zodiac. LOL! Funny how even the Zodiac experts on twitter had no idea that another film on the Zodiac killer was in the works. They need not worry, however, because evidently Jake must not know about the movie either. After a week of eating himself across Noe Valley, he decided to take a vacay to Telluride. To be fair though, maybe this Zodiac sequel is only an animated short. :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Let's not forget amid all this dining out, there was the reliable Whole Foods sighting too. Gee, we haven't had one of those in awhile either. The only problem is how did Jake find the time to cook? With working on that movie, shopping for cosmetics and dining out. In fact, I'm surprised he was hungry at all.

Dorahely ‏@DorahelyS

8:30 PM - 29 Nov 2015

Methodical Muser said...

Of course, we had a few substantiating tweets as well, just to convince everyone that this explosion of copious sightings of Jake must be real.

isabella ‏@indiaki1o
OMG my friend saw Donnie Darko (jake gyllenhaal) at her whole foods!!!!!!! HES IN SF

9:28 PM - 29 Nov 2015

Methodical Muser said...

After running around SF, Jake evidently hightailed it back to LA because a random videoblogger put up a youtube video that placed him in Los Angeles on December 3. Evidently, he couldn't find enough food up north because he was spotted going into a Backyard Bowl. Hey, do you think Jake might be pregnant...again? LOL!

My First Time (With Jake Gyllenhaal)
Lose Your Veganity

Published on Dec 3, 2015

This is my first vlog you guyyyyyyys. Follow me and Karen on our Veggieventure around two different vegan restaurants in Los Angeles

Methodical Muser said...

Whew! One day later, Jake is "seen" in a Flagstaff Walmart with Peter shopping for snow chains.

prairiegirl said...

Then came the Wal Mart sighting, and I want to re-visit M&M's earlier mention of Jake being seen at Wal Mart because this really got to be too much, comically.

Rae (@spraz30)
12/4/15, 23:05
Jake Gyllenhaal was in our Wal-Mart today!! I didn't see him!!! 😭😭😭😭 Jake shopping those low prices at Wal Mart!

M&M and I happened to be on the phone when this tweet came up and it just really "intrigued" me. So I tweeted at them. Where did they get this picture? I never remembered Jake being seen at a Wal Mart before, lol.

ToothyTile&GGoose ‏@GoosesTile Dec 4
@spraz30 Curious, how were you able to get this picture? I've never heard of him being at a Wal Mart before.
11:45PM - 4 Dec 2015

And hey, they replied to me, believe it or not.

Rae ‏@spraz30 Dec 5
@GoosesTile this was a coworkers pic, he was looking at tire chains.
1:18 AM - 5 Dec 2015 · Details

And then the Wal Mart nonsense kept piling on and piling on and piling on.

But the best pile-on came this morning when I found this tweet. This tweet that has since been removed from Twitter. BWAHAHAHAHHHH!!!!

Justin Allen ‏@JustinAllen13 Dec 4 Flagstaff, AZ
No shit just helped Jake Gyllenhaal get tire chains
Sorry, that page doesn't exist!
11:21 AM - 4 Dec 2015 · Details

Oh, and btw, there was a picture with this tweet.

The whole tweet has been deleted.

prairiegirl said...

Luckily I saved this picture.

You can't really tell from this tiny avatar version of the picture, but it's of Jake leaving a Wal Mart store. And conveniently, the bottom right hand corner is all messed up because why?

And you know why that corner probably got messed up? I wouldn't be surprised it got messed up because you can't see what's in either of Jake's hands. And that's probably because Jake never had tire chains in his hands.

prairiegirl said...

Heh heh. I just realized something, M&M.

Where's Peter in that picture?

I mean, this was all just so stupid. If that jkronny guy who had his picture taken with Jake at Wal Mart and he said that it became apparent that Jake was there with his brother-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard, that makes it sound like the guy saw Peter. And IF he saw Peter there, why wouldn't he ask Peter to join the picture? You know Peter isn't going to turn that down.

Peter. Wasn't. There.

Methodical Muser said...

Peter. Wasn't. There.

And, we know Peter wasn't there preparing for a car trip to Telluride with Jake because he was in Paris, France. Doing his progressive, political thing with Naomi Klein. That's right. Not even Paris, New York. PARIS, FRANCE. A mere 5,356 miles away. Sounds like Jake and Peter are going to need a whole lot of gas for that road trip.

@Agent350: Peter Sarsgaard is going to help play judge at today’s #ExxonKnew trial. Come on out!
Shared via TweetCaster

Methodical Muser said...

Another absurdity (or should I use the phrase, farcical component) in Flagstaffgate is that there was no reason to buy snow chains in the first place. The weather forecast indicates that there will be no snow in Telluride until Friday, December 11th. Since Jake has to be in Dubai by December 8th for his December 9th appearance, the whole idea of a leisurely road trip to Telluride takes on a whole new dimension of ridiculousness. We know Jake flies everywhere. So since time would be of the essence given his Dubai commitment, you would have thought Jake would have flown into Telluride.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, and here's the link verifying that Peter was at the Paris event yesterday:

Pic of Peter at Paris, France Mock Exxon Trial

Blackmail. Deception. Public manipulation.

These are just some of the charges leveled against ExxonMobil at a mock trial that took place in Paris, Saturday to coincide with the ongoing international climate negotiations at COP21.

The trial, held in Paris, alleged Exxon’s work at funding climate science had put the planet, people’s health and communities from Texas to Nigeria at risk.

The trial was hosted by Canadian author Naomi Klein and climate change activist and author Bill McKibben and brought together key witnesses to discuss Exxon’s role in confusing the public about the dangers of human-caused climate change.

Two investigations by the LA Times and Inside Climate News revealed Exxon scientists warned the company about the impacts of burning fossil fuels in the 1970s.

But the trial heard how scientists were directed to keep that information secret from shareholders and the public.

Since the 70s Exxon was involved in trade organizations, think tanks and lobbying organizations that have misled the public about greenhouse gases, climate change and climate science.

The trial, titled Exxon vs. The People, was presided over by three judges including indigenous rights and campaigner Clayton Thomas-Muller, actor Peter Sarsgaard and Milañ Loeak, daughter of Christopher Loeak, president of the Marshall Islands.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, and here's another funny. lol. I tell you what, I just....this was just an all-time performance today.

But here is Jake supposedly dining in Telluride. Check out this picture.

clays1000#downtowntelluride at #newsheridan with #jakegyllenhaal

Where's Peter?

So many things went south with this whole Telluride thing. Why would Jake & Peter be getting tire chains at Wal Mart, only to have Peter slap his forehead because he remembered he needed to get to Paris so he could be a judge? Would he have just handed the tire chains to Jake and wish him good luck? LOL

Methodical Muser said...

And, while all this is happening, Maggie is just hanging around Manhattan...alone:


#Randomness of the day, walk out of a resty in China town right up to Maggie Gyllenhaal, looked a little dumb saying hello? @mgyllenhaal

2:27 PM - 5 Dec 2015
Manhattan, NY

prairiegirl said...

All right, sorry about some of these detours and we know that this was an awful lot to read and absorb. But we're going to make a full circle now.

The gist of this whole thing is, Mgmnt started out by either placing or sending Jake to San Fran for a day where he supposedly went from restaurant to restaurant and Whole Foods. Then he and Peter at some point jumped into the car together and took a bro-trip to Arizona, supposedly stopped at Wal Mart for tire chains because they were then going to drive on to Telluride CO.

But what blew their whole story was that Peter was in Paris yesterday, Saturday the 5th, participating in an Exxon trial event. Which actually ended up leaving Jake in the lurch. This left Jake supposedly in Telluride by himself because Peter is actually in Paris.

Who was in charge of this whole debacle? Who didn't realize Peter was going to be in Paris yesterday? And who in the heck hired some of these tweeters? Who thought it was a brilliant idea to post a Wal Mart security camera picture?

That security camera picture has to be one of the stupidest ideas ever. Ever.

This whole thing is just unbelievable. And so the question now arises as to why all of this mess?

Methodical Muser said...

And so the question now arises as to why all of this mess?



Creeping on Jake Gyllenhaal in Kamloops
9:32 PM - 4 Dec 2015

That's right. Jake was seen in Kamloops, British Columbia on Friday night. Not Noe Valley (San Francisco). Not Berkeley. Not Los Angeles. Not Flagstaff nor Telluride.

Kamloops Description:

Located at the confluence of the South and North Thompson rivers in BC's semi-arid grasslands, Kamloops is a hotbed of outdoor activities.

Sandstone canyons, grasslands and evergreen timberlands play host to incredible hiking, mountain biking and camping. Kamloops is also a major golfing destination, with around a dozen courses close by. More than 100 lakes and two major rivers provide great fishing, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and tubing.

In the winter, outdoor activities abound. Do some exploring on snowshoes or cross-country skis; take the kids tubing or tobogganing, or to an outdoor ice rink; or visit nearby Sun Peaks Resort for some downhill action. Want to go faster? Try one of several snowmobiling destinations. For those who'd rather take it slow, there are horse-drawn sleigh rides and tranquil lakes for ice fishing.

Kamloops also takes pride in its vibrant arts community and its First Nations culture, represented in various cultural sites throughout the city, and in theatre and music festivals and events held annually.

Sounds like the perfect place for a water baby husband. And, a perfect place to raise a family, don't you think?

Methodical Muser said...

And then we have this tweet from October 25, 2015:

Kate Pixley ‏@katepixley
@AustinNichols my husband is sitting next to u at a resturant right now but wont ask for ur autograph he is canadian too polite!
4:25 PM - 25 Oct 2015

And, interestingly enough, Kate is not from Noe Valley (San Francisco). Berkeley. Los Angeles. Flagstaff or Telluride.

She and her husband reside in Kelowna, British Columbia, which is only 165 miles south of Kamloops. Small world, don't you think?

Jake in Canada said...

This is impressive stuff. You guys are hilarious. As I was reading, Dubai came to my mind too. I agree about Wal-Mart shopping doesn't even seem like a Gyllenhaal or Sarsgaard activity. They are both known to be on the left side of the political spectrum. Non-union workers, cheap prices that ruin local economies. Underpaying employees. Lack of benefits, etc. I agree that is strange to portray them both as shopping in Wal-Mart.

Adding to all your questions. Why was Jake suddenly seen in Flagstaff, AZ in the first place? He drove there to buy tire chains? Like, huh? Don't they have tire chains in California? That bit about Peter being in Paris, France is also bizarre. He was in NY on Tuesday, knew he would be flying across the pond on Friday, but he's with Jake on Friday on the other side of the country, buying snow chains. Not believable. Sounds like PR was overreacting quickly to something and probably trying to disorient by posting a bunch of Jake is here. Jake is there tweets.

If it's because Jake was seen in Canada that is interesting. On Friday. Why? Interesting place too. Kamloops, British Columbia. Nice area.

If he has to be in Dubai mid-week, I bet he was up there for Thanksgiving too. Probably, explains all the SF sightings. Trying to make it seem like he was in California for the holidays, perhaps when he wasn't?

Another SF sighting said...

I didn't know there were that many tweets of Jake being in San Francisco last week either. Whoa! He was everywhere, wasn't he? I saw one too, which I didn't think much of, but seeing this compilation, it does now really strike me as an effort to suggest Jake celebrated Thanksgiving in SF too. Otherwise, why would his mother be brought into the mix. I don't think we've seen her brought up in forever.

It just hit me!!!! We know that Jake likes tea too. So these tweets really were a return to the past. Looks like some intern was just throwing up everything they knew about Jake and making up tweets to lend credibility to them. The granola was a nice touch, don't you think?

Jake really needs to stop all this. He makes a recent comment about how anybody can be out in Hollywood if they want to. And, then we get all this. smh

Fallon Klug

Thank you, @TheMillSF , for rounding out my #sanfran trip with a delicious Royal tea & Jake Gyllenhaal buying granola for his mom.

10:30 PM - 30 Nov 2015

the real m said...

Hi all. Its great to see a great new post. I do visit everyday but its hard to carry on any conversation when moderation is on given the time delay. All this subterfuge may just be a way of getting Jakes name on the radar while award nominations are on peoples mind. Harvey did some bitching recently about Jake being overlooked and forgotten given the practice of loading up on year end films, which ironically he started in the first place. Karma. I'll be surprised if he gets nominated for anything at this stage. Another year with lots of good candidates and Creed seems to be outperforming Southpaw.

former poster said...

great post

prairiegirl said...

Wasn't that granola tweet eyeroll worthy? Was it granola that can only be found in San Fran? ;-) One thing that is important to notice and that is patterns with this family. And a pattern that has been visibly disrupted with the Gyllenhaals is the family photo ops. When is the last one we had? Wasn't it an Easter holiday several years ago? Peter, Maggie, Naomi, Jake, Ramona.....somewhere in NYC. And even at that, it looked like Peter and even Jake were photoshopped into the pics.

This past Thanksgiving holiday definitely had a different "feel" to it, if you know what I mean.

I look back on this whole San Fran/Arizona/Telluride/Paris debacle a few days later now and I'm even more blown away by it all. I can't recall the last time there was this big of a mess up. I mean, I think it was pretty darn bad.

destiny said...

Wow, this is just all so strange. Why the flurry all of a sudden of sightings all over the place. It sure does look like someone is playing a game.

destiny said...

Thanks for the Hannukhah post Special. I always look forward to seeing what menorahs you've found.

since2006 said...

Great work on the British Columbia sightings!