Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Blister in the Sun

Austin  tweeted a family portrait yesterday

TWD  family portrait


And followed it up with a close up just in case you missed it.

But upon closer inspection... Rosita who?

A little background on the handsy fella.  Josh McDermitt plays Eugene Porter who he claims to be a scientist who knows the cure to the zombie plague

OMG is thinking there were some other tweets Austin tried before he settled on that one.

Top Ten Rejected Tweets for Austin's TWD family close up 

10. This is good, but my Laker lean is better.

9.  I thought the Professor on Gilligan's Island was the hot one too.

8.  humming ..."big hands I know you're the one"

7.  The whole thing with Rosita was just to get you Eugene.

6. It's that banjo's I hear? 

5.  Is Josh confusing me with the other Austin?

4.  Who can resist a man with a mullet?

3.  Just going to tell management I was taking his hand off my knee when the
paparazziset photographer snapped the picture.

2. I'm giddy that finally someone makes my hands look so petite!

and the number on tweet idea that got rejected:

Which will Jake notice first me wearing his chain or  Josh's hand on my knee?


destiny said...

You don't know how happy you made me Special; you come up with the best top 10 lists ever, and this one really had me laughing and smiling.

prairiegirl said...

Lol, yes, you're telling me. I thought Austin had some mighty big hands, but wow. Mr. McDermitt has got even bigger scoops, doesn't he?

prairiegirl said...

Thought I would share a funny with folks since it's about the only realistic aspect of Austin & the beard's appearance at the Civil War premiere last night in Cali. lol.

Huge thank you to 'ASA' for this clip

I have befriended a couple of gals who are very avid Austin fans. They've been fans of Austin for quite awhile and they love him for who he is and all of his projects. They're very supportive of him and I'm so fortunate to have made their acquaintance on social media because for awhile I was beginning to think I would never find other folks with whom I could chat with other than folks here on OMG. It really has added so much to my enjoyment on social media and if they're reading, I just want them to know that it is so fun to talk with you and enjoy pictures of the big guy. :-) You two know who you are.

Anyway, take a look at the first couple of minutes of this clip and'll see what is most likely a more realistic shot of how "romantic" these two crazy kids really are with each other.

Of course, no surprise to us here at OMG.

Methodical Muser said...

I love the way Austin interacts with his fans. He is always present and generous with his time. I saw some other pics and vids from that Civil War premiere. Let's just say, Faux Chlo does not look happy. Gosh, I sure hope that doesn't mean there is trouble in paradise. Hahaha.

*rolls eyes* We will probably get a video of them in bed tomorrow in reaction to our comments. Too late though. The truth resides in candid moments like this one.

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, PG. Hope you have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend. Take an extra bite of cake for me!

destiny said...

Happy Birthday PG!!!!!!!!!!!!

destiny said...

LOL the video you posted PG. Very romantic. ;-)

the real m said...

Happy birthday PG. hope your day is fantastic!

Clarity said...

Happy Birthday PG!!!

Seaweed said...

A little late to the party... but in any case Happy Birthday PG ! ! ! Hope you've had a great day and are heading into a fun weekend with the fam and friends.

Cheers !

Florida Tom said...

Happy Birthday PG !!!! Many many more :-)

Special K said...

Happy Birthday PG!!! Hope you have had a wonderful day and lots of cake!!

prairiegirl said...

Hello, hello, nobody's late to the party because I was late to the party myself, lol! I couldn't be more blessed than to have you all as friends and what a great bouquet of birthday wishes. I had a great birthday yesterday from beginning to end.

Couldn't have asked for a better day. :-) Thanks again.

prairiegirl said...

does a blueberry buckle count for cake? ;D

prairiegirl said...

Mike Henderson (@MikeRubber10)
4/16/16, 00:28

@AustinNichols Came across old pic at Lakers game with Jake

Which pic do you think it was? There was more than one game that they went to together.

Hmmmm, a mystery....

Nonetheless, "Lakers" and "Jake" in the same tweet? #HeartEyes

Special K said...

I would say that a buckle can count PG. Yum! I haven't had one in a long time.

prairiegirl said...

Well, Mr. Jake is back in Boston today. He has been/is at a pasta pre-marathon dinner and looks like a Q & A as well afterwards.

Check out Jake's curls

I kind of like those curls.

Here's another

the real m said...

What's up with Jakes latest movie Demolition. It seems to have totally tanked at the box office. I have not heard much about it but hate to see his work go unnoticed.

Special K said...

Both Jake and the movie got some good reviews too. So I'm not sure what happened. I agree I hate seeing his work go unnoticed. Jake has been giving so really good solid performances in his recent work.

destiny said...

The reviews I saw were pretty mixed for Demolition, although Jake himself got really good reviews for it. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough to get people into the theater.

I just also think it is really hard for the kind of movies Jake makes to do well at the theater. I think people would rather rent than pay money for that kind of film, plus there is so much competition now from quality TV. It seems like it takes a blockbuster to get people into the theaters anymore, at least in most places.

Florida Tom said...

Wow sounds like Jake and Jeff Bauman got to throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game last night. Pretty cool.