Sunday, April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Austin!!

Hey there Big Guy -

 Happy Birthday!!!

Another year down and another year ahead.

You are making the 30's looking pretty dang good.

and lil bit goofy

It's been a year of some big highs

And some life changing lows

But you know that you are loved by those who love you - your family and friends.


“The test of the machine is the satisfaction it gives you. There isn't any other test. If the machine produces tranquility it's right. If it disturbs you it's wrong until either the machine or your mind is changed.”

..... and it's not about the bike.

And one more Happy for the day.

Happy Passover 

Not sure where Jake's looking for that afikoman

Boston or somewhere that rhymes with it?


Methodical Muser said...

You always know when it's Austin's birthday because PR inevitably highjacks his special day with over the top publicity stunts and blow by blow share time with the rest of the world. Funny how the useless appendage Austin can never seem to rid himself of never has the same kind of scrutiny and spectacle made out of her birthday, which is only a week earlier on April 18. Let's just say, you certainly know who the closeted one is in this relationship. Despite all the ersatz nonsense rolled out this weekend, I know that Austin made sure to celebrate his special day surrounded by his real love ones. Void of clods, clowns, and the ever present court jesters.

destiny said...

I haven't seen most of these photos of Austin, they're really nice.

Special, your post on Prince really sums up his role in music and culture. The 1980s saw several artists of his stature--Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2--and sadly I just don't think we've seen that this century.

the real m said...

Some great photos of Austin. What a body! I hope he had a great day with hos true love. I noticed in one pic his neck chain was visible. Remember when it first was spotted at some music festival. Nice to see it prominent again.

Seaweed said...

Thanks for the "special" post for the tall Texan's B-bay. As M said, great photos of the lanky man we all love. Hope he had a great day with the ones dear to him, big and small.

prairiegirl said...

"I don't like it when I feel like someone is being dishonest." - Jake Gyllenhaal

Bonehead quotes like this are exactly why Jake can't be trusted with Twitter

Why his publicity agent allowed that quote to even go to final print is beyond all simple comprehension.

One of the 320+ comments so far on that Daily Fail article:

Nana Berry, Dallas-Fort Worth, United States, 1 hour ago

Two words... TOOTHY TILE

I can't help but notice Nana's location is Dallas-Ft Worth. She's probably heard Toothy Tile was in her local area this past weekend for his husband's birthday.

prairiegirl said...

Actually, maybe he should utter more quotes like that as they seem to bring out the Toothy Tile believers in the comment sections. :-)

I'm watching my friend's cats again - Mardi, Alvin & Moo. I just love them to death. Each one has a very distinct & unique personality.

Oh, hey, this is cute. Ivan Shaw's Instagram post on Austin was very, very nice and the kind of tribute anyone would like from a friend. But this line was funny:

shawski: Happy birthday to this living legend @austinnichols. The best friend a dude can ask for. The most creative writing partner a scribe could want. The most generous soul to those in need. The fastest eater ever known to man. U r the stuff that makes this place better brah. Birth. Day. Week. End.


Mr. Austy who finishes eating before everyone else

prairiegirl said...

This is some fun stuff. Here's a couple of shining examples of the magnificent chemistry and "love" between Austin and his beard. Thanks to the provider of these videos - I never would have seen them so I thank that person so, so much.

Get a load of #1. Check it out - this was at the premiere of the movie Civil War. *titter*

Austin, wait! Wait! The contract says we have to walk together!!

#2. You might want to have some handwarmers nearby due to the chill in this video, lol.

I don't smile unless my stylist is around for 'support'

Florida Tom said...

First of all a belated Happy Birthday to Austin. Second I feel bad for Austin that he has to be involved in these ridiculous relationships. He is doing it because he wants the man he loves to achieve his dreams. He is also doing it because he doesn't want Jake to ever have to go through what he did with Reese. I am sure it was the most miserable time of Jakes life. Austin seems to handle it better. He is also much less we known and it is not as difficult because it does not require much time or work. A few photo shots here and there and some

Florida Tom said...

And some ridiculous childish tweets.

prairiegirl said...


Coming to you LIIIIIVE from the western sunshine state of California!!!

Yes, there are several of us OMG regulars over here, and it's up to you to guess exactly

We'll disclose soon!

prairiegirl said...

On this Cinco de Mayo day, we had quite a little gold nugget-ito appear on Twitter today. After spending a brief time in Atlanta, it would appear that Austin has swam up the coastline and has landed in...


100% certain I just saw @AustinNichols board the Statue of Liberty boat back to New York!!!!!
2:42 PM - 5 May 2016
She wasn't 50 percent sure or even 70 percent, she was a full 100 percent certain

Florida Tom said...

Austin Nichols is not in New York sightseeing without Jake also in New York. Of course he his gf is in LA.