Saturday, April 2, 2016


It's been a while since Jake filmed Demolition but it's that time again, another release, and Jake's been doing press for the movie for the past few weeks.

Demolition premiere last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival and got great reviews.  The movie seems to bring Jake back to what he does well,  not the flawed character that he tends to lean toward, but another movie that is just outside the line of mainstream.

Great to see back to what he seems to love to do, and he seems to look like he is back to that great Jake in interviews.

And even better back to see this guy with this fella in not only the same state, the same city but in the same dang space.

Talk about breaking it down and going back to the beginning.

And as for that Texas size temptation -  he's done some "Walking" in Denver this weekend. 


Florida Tom said...

Great pictures. Awesome to see them together. Some day hopefully they will let us hear them say we love each other. Just leaving Boston. Had a great time with Wicked at The World Figure Skating Championship. So awesome seeing Spesh and having so much to catch on. Boston is a great town but it will be nice to get back to warm Florida :-)

prairiegirl said...

That's great, Tom! Glad you had a great time - must have been wonderful to reunite and all to catch up on friendships that go back now quite a ways.

I loved Boston. Loved DC also when I went to visit. So much rich history in the northeast.

Hope you saw some great figure skating as well!

prairiegirl said...

Austin is in Denver CO this weekend at another Walker Stalker con. Some great pictures have come out already, of him with fans. Austin is just looking incredible. Both he and Jake have been looking very well.

I haven't seen Jake look so good in a long time. I look at the timing and how Jake has been off film-working since last fall and I think he's mostly been with Austin and all the kids - no doubt in my mind. And I think that's why both of these guys look so, so good right now.

Methodical Muser said...

Are you trying to suggest Jake and Austin are enjoying each other *cough cough* on a regular basis, PG? ;-)

prairiegirl said...

This story from is a prime example of Mgmnt trying to place Jake in Boston at a time when I really don't think he is.

Jake Training Heavily for Stronger

The story goes on to tell us how Jake has been in the very reliable "Soul Cycle" classes around Boston, courtesy of a few tweets. First of all, I'm surprised that People is using tweets as their sources. I guess a twitter name is better than an "insider" though, huh? I don't know.

And Just Jared has had pictures of Mark Wahlberg on set filming his movie this past week. But we have no pictures of Jake, but then of course the official filming for Stronger isn't supposed to start until tomorrow. But you would think if he's been to several spin cycle classes, maybe one of these folks would get a picture? No picture of him outside arriving or leaving? On the train or walking on the sidewalk prior/afterwards? No eating out anywhere?

But look who else is in LA and no doubt has been for awhile in the Gyllynichols compound:

Maggie at doctor's office in Beverly Hills on Mar 30

Jake's pretend wife, I mean sister Maggie is also in LA. And with Austin being in Denver this weekend, I'm sorry but I don't see these 2 guys leaving all of their brood in the hands of Maggie and Mama G for more than probably 6 or so hours. LOLLL!!

Not if they want Maggie to continue staying in the commune. So, will there be a baton hand-off later today? Austin gets back home and Jake takes off for Boston? And so Maggie and Naomi can hold on to their sanity long enough for Papa Nichols to arrive back.

Just my take. ;D

Methodical Muser said...

I'm sorry but I don't see these 2 guys leaving all of their brood in the hands of Maggie and Mama G for more than probably 6 or so hours.

I think that's stretching it a bit, PG. Maybe she could tolerate 2-3 hours at a time because you have to throw in Ramona and Gloooooria. #WheresPeter

prairiegirl said...

I would not be surprised if neither Jake nor Austin leave all of their kids in the hands of a nanny or Maggie/Naomi for very long ever.

Austin is going to be doing a lot of cons this year and he'll be returning to Atlanta to film. So one of these guys will have the kids. I doubt it would be Austin. I think I read where The Walking Dead resumes filming in late April. Not sure how long Stronger will take and then there's that South Korean movie Jake is doing. I keep seeing tweet stories that filming for that film is in April as well. O_o

So will there be a shift of the Noah's Ark from the west to east coast? I guess it also depends on how long much longer Austin is supposed to be on TWD.

Btw, the reason why Maggie is in LA, the cover that they gave her as a reason to be in LA at this time, is because she's doing some contest with Kevin Spacey where she films three short films from civilians/moviemaker wannabe's and the filming takes place in LA area.

Perfect cover. Perfect coincidental reason for her to be in LA at this time while Jake works on Stronger. At least that is the way it presently looks to me.

Florida Tom said...

PG guess where the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships will be ? Yep Kansas City :-)

prairiegirl said...

Yep Kansas City:-)

Oh wow, that's awesome!!! I didn't know that. You all should come here! Too bad there couldn't be a Lenexa Mile II filming at the same time or a Walker Stalker con. LOL! Or a Kansas City Midwest x Midwest Film Festival. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

To muddy the waters even further, Variety, and other sources, are announcing that "Okja" will begin filming this month, somewhere in the US. LOL! That's specific. Looks like Jake has the ability now to be beamed up at will. Ah, the superpowers of being in the closet. Next year he will film three movies at once.

"Okja” is currently in pre-production ahead of a shoot that will begin in April next year and span locations in Korea and the U.S.

Okja set to film beginning in April 2016

Anonymous said...
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prairiegirl said...

Well, as usual, the Paid Troll took over the thread and he's right now clapping his hands with glee over shutting down the Sunday morning discussion.

But he won't stop this comment. We still will get to say what we want. We just (right now) don't have the openness of freedom of expression.

Jake's people are shutting down the freedom of expression. Way to go, Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Ohhhh look at that.

The paid troll just hijacked my account, used my avatar and posted this:


Guess what? That wasn't me. He stole my avatar pic and posted that. And you know why he probably did it? That's how he was going to get onto the blog. It looked like my account. It sounded like something I might say (even though it wasn't me)

And then he was probably going to use my account/avatar to put up his crap. That's how he was going to get his foot in the door.

With the blog on moderation right now, I don't even know how he thought he'd be able to use my account to post his repetitive nonsense.

How utterly clueless.

prairiegirl said...

Then this interesting robot tweet appeared this morning on Twitter in Jake's search. Harmless looking article really. I mean, the title is kind of exaggerated, but is that surprising from the New York Post Page Six anyway? not really, lol, I don't think.

Anyway, so this article appears and it's dated today, 4/3. It's about the house in Jake's new movie Demolition and how the movie studio added on to an existent house in order so that they could have Jake's character trash it.

Yes that is a clickbait title

And I'm reading along, reading along,and then comes the end of the story...

The entire shoot took two months — a month beyond what was scheduled — and Gucker and her children were required to live in a nearby hotel during construction and filming. They still visited the set, though, where the boys fell in love with Gyllenhaal’s puggle, Boo Radley.

During filming, Gucker was in the process of selling the home — and she says that the A-list movie turned out to be a major draw for prospective buyers.
“I told them, ‘Jake Gyllenhaal was in this shower!’ ”

Ha, wait. What was that again? The family's boys visited the set where they fell in love with Jake's puggle Boo????


And that goes in direct contrast to not only Jake's fans not seeing Boo since what year? 2007?

But it also goes in direct contrast to this quote from Jake in an interview from back in 2007:

"In fact, as this reporter discovered prior to the interview, these so-called Gyllenhaalics had plenty of their own questions for the actor, none of which revolved around Rendition, or, for that matter, any of his work. For instance, one woman wanted to know whether he still had his puggle, Boo?

"I don't have my puggle," said Gyllenhaal. "I don't have my puggle."

From the mouth of a babe

Is there more here than meets the eye? Has Boo Radley actually been in a secret witness protection program all this time, even before his owners went underground in their deep closet? Has Boo really been alive all of this time???

lol. Just kidding. Seems highly doubtful, doesn't it? Nah, you know what I think happened? And this could very well be a by-product of Jake's own people Twitter botox'ing his search with robots.

I would not be surprised if whoever wrote this story assumed Jake still had Boo because of the robot tweet that has been going through Jake's twitter search since over a year ago. The tweet that says Jake doesn't know how to dog, doesn't know how to hold a dog correctly and along with the tweet goes several cute pictures of Jake holding Boo like a baby. That tweet.

Jake's people roll that robot out whenever Jake doesn't have anything going on and they'll fill up his search with that tweet.

And so anyway, maybe the writer didn't even do their homework and assumed Jake still had Boo because they were aware of this tweet and they added in to their story that Jake had Boo on the set of Demolition.

How else do you explain such a gross error in reporting? This was really, really bad. I've about seen it all now. Boo brought back from Neverneverland.

prairiegirl said...

oops, sorry! This is the correct link for the NY Post story:

It's all about Boo

Methodical Muser said...

I have another theory because why would the "author" mention Boo at all? As PG indicated, the story had no context to suddenly introduce the topic of Boo. A topic that has only appeared in those robot tweets referred to above. As PG said, Jake had already addressed the topic back in 2007. Boo is no more.

So, let's ask the question. Who is responsible for those robot tweets? My guess is certainly not the NEW YORK POST. In fact, robot tweets, in general, can be directly traced back to Manangement/PR firms who represent their celebrity clients. Jake’s people want to use those cute photos from ancient history for clickbait. We have noted on this blog many times that robot tweets for Jake are rolled out when he is off the radar. But, Management wants to give the impression that he is out there living his life for all to see. He’s not in the closet, lying about his whereabouts.

Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me that Jake’s PR team wrote up that nonsense article and the NY Post just uploaded it like they were paid to do. The article also makes sure to document how long Jake “worked” on the film as well. Two months. Which is another technique they use to pad his on location time. His people have been exaggerating and downright lying about Jake’s working commitments since End of Watch. The more they can fabricate stories about how long Jake’s shoots are, the more it looks like he is working all the time. Which is far from true. In fact, he hardly works at all. And, of course, the next logical question, which someone might ask is, “why wouldn’t a single guy with no attachments or children be working more?” And, that is the last question they want people to begin to speculate about.

prairiegirl said...

Couldn't agree more, M&M. Excellently said.

I will say that I am glad to see both Jake and Austin looking healthy, relaxed, and from all outward appearances, doing well. And the fact that they keep carrying on all of these shenanigans like the bearding, the stunting, in order that they can hide their being together somewhere tells me they're still together which by today's Hollywood standards, is a downright miracle.

And I could not have been more heartwarmed to see Austin at SXSW with Jake, at his side at the SUV and at his movie premiere. And not only that, but Austin was with him first off at the college. Austin was with Jake all the way that day.

And I love this about Jake - that he always wanted a family and he has it. He is (has been) living that life. I don't know what their family life is like, but the fact that Jake isn't seen anywhere anymore, he's off the radar almost all the time except for public appearances; it tells me that he is hands on raising his kids along with Austin.

I'm not going to fanfic what they're doing - I have my own ideas what I imagine how they're bringing up their family and I do think it's good stuff. It's too bad that Jake's sister and mom are likely around their kids so much. That can't be good.

I try not to think about that part much because I really do believe those 2 ladies have got to be a real negative influence for their kids to be around.

But I hope that Jake & Austin are able to have their family to themselves sometimes and are reaping the benefits of having a large family. Anyway, trying to be positive about something and while we keep bringing up all the stunts & nonsense, hopefully there has got to be good going on for these 2 guys to look so well after a long break together. And I'll take enjoyment from that.

It's frustrating because Jared & Jensen can be together in public and so you get alot of good stuff with them. But Jake & Austin? We mostly get PR-fed and beard-infested stuff. So it's very different from following Jared & Jensen.

Sorry for rambling a bit. Just trying to spin something positive. For once. LOL!

destiny said...

That's so awesome that Tom, Special and Wicked got together. Sounds like a lot of fun.

That is soooo strange about the Boo story. Might be a case of someone making up stories about Jake, and not having a clue about him.

Florida Tom said...

What a night last night. The Villanova Wildcats are Natioknal Champions. What a game it was !!!!!

since 2006 said...

I agree, destiny. There are a lot of column inches out there to fill.

I'm still happy about the TX sightings; good to see them in a new post.

Northea said...

Hey Special,

I just saw on the news that Jake was at the Gahden last night at the Bruins game! Is he in town for filming?

Special K said...

I'm back from a business trip. It was great to see Wicked and Tom. So much fun.

Special K said...

Hey Northea (I recognized that permuation :) )

Yes Jake did film last night after the Bruins game, it looks like it was their first day of filming. I'm getting together some of the news and pictures of it to post.

I've found out that Jake is filming in Easton tomorrow and Friday.

prairiegirl said...

I'm just so darn happy to see you on here.

Missed seeing that avatar.

Seaweed said...

I enjoyed the news of the boys being seen together in Texas, and all the details of the entire mess of events from those silly 10 per center's!

Glad to hear that you made a trip to Beantown and had a meet-up with Special and Wicked, Tom. I'm sure it was a great time for all of you. Will have to get on the phone with PG soon and catch up with her news etc.

Having a hard time shaking the winter even after the 21st of March. Our spring comes far too close to mid to end of May as we're surrounded by so much cold water. Our only bonus is our temperate and long-lasting fall, as by then we're surrounded by lot's of warm water left over from the summer.

Cheers everyone, loving the pictures of Jake and the tall Texan.

destiny said...

Ahh, the return of the baby Red Sox, just in time for the season opener. I missed seeing you and your avatar too.

Special K said...

So there are some people who like my Red Sox baby. I think that baby is probably in Jr. High by now. :)

Florida Tom said...

I had a feeling 2016 was going to be an interesting year. Hopefully Austin's little gig will be over soon. That little farce has taken its course. I am still feeling estastic. The Villanova Wildcats are 2016 NCAA Basketball Champs.