Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello, Thank you, Nice to meet you

Broadway is celebrating tonight with the Tony Awards but OMG is celebrating something even bigger than a Tony that's also Broadway related.

When OMG met Jake on Broadway.

Yes met Jake - not just going seeing Jake on Broadway in Sunday in the Park with George (which made this fan so proud of your performance) - but met you Jakey.

(Waiting Jake's team to have a moment or the vapors or a scream or scrambling like it's DEFCON 1)

Jakey we met at the stage door after a matinee.


I had seen the show the night before and your performance was moving - your love of acting and the interplay of the energy of the audience apparent - your singing top notch - you claimed your seat at the Broadway table with Sondheim!

You came out that afternoon and were kind gracious to sign autographs.

And standing right there you  never even know that Special K was in front of you asking you to sign her Playbill and thanking you in return.

The world didn't stop spinning, nothing exploded, it was just a moment between a fan and a performer they've admired for years.

Thanks Jakey

PS:  Next time we'll have to talk about all those stories from friends in the industry about you being a bit of screamer  (tsk tsk - I thought that was just at home with a certain tall Texan



destiny said...

So nice to see a new post and to relive that night. It was truly one of the best musicals and performances I've ever seen. And to see it with so many of my OMG friends, priceless.

prairiegirl said...

Speciallllllll!!!! You little rascal, you never told us you had posted. I'm going to bop you. ;D

You even got your playbill in one of your pics, that's awesome.

Wonderful post, Special, I enjoyed your take on it so much and it brings back the memories of all our time together that wonderful trip. I'll always remember it - one of the best times I've had.

Thank you, lady!!

*thumbs up*

Methodical Muser said...

PS: Next time we'll have to talk about all those stories from friends in the industry about you being a bit of screamer (tsk tsk - I thought that was just at home with a certain tall Texan

The troll who has no life is not going to be happy about this comment from Special. Then again facts have never been that person's strong suit. Much easier to blather on Blogger about how Special no longer believes that Jake and Austin are together. Than to accept the cold reality that she not only still believes their love is still going strong after fifteen years, but so is their growing family. Boom!

Love the post, Special. Congratulations on the autograph and thanks for sharing the great pics.

thomas eagan said...

Florida Tom said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment. Great post SK. What an awesome time I had in NYC with everyone. Finally got to see Liberty Tower and the Memorial fountains. It was amazing. It was so good to see everyone again. Dinner was great. The play was so good. Jake has such a tremendous stage presence. He was terrific as was the entire cast. I wish I was able to stay and get to see Jake the next day. It was a special day and night for me. I can't wait till we get together again.

Seaweed said...

I am so happy for you Special and for all of you who were able to attend the show. Tom, I'm even more late than you to the party, but am so glad to add my greetings. Love the comments from M'nM about our arch villian, the miserable sod ! To see our boy after all these years and under these circumstances certainly warrants a post and cheers all round.

So incredibly happy to be writing a few words of greetings after our long absence from each other.

Sorry for the lack of contact also PG, will have to catch up with you as well. Hugs to all as always.