Wednesday, May 16, 2012

...As the Crazy Turns

[When I started writing this this morning it was a crazy idea--- but it looks like there is a lot of crazy going around- Special]

Jake this is my Mother in Law, Mama T.Nice to meet you Ms. Knowles.

Oh call me Ms. Tina or Mama T. Now come sit by me and we can talk all about DreamGirls.

We can!?!?! Really!?!? Ohhh I love DreamGirls.

Well you did a good job on it baby. It was like Beyonce when she had the girls doing back up for her.

You mean Destiny's Child?

Ohhh it was so long ago. But back to you, you were so much better than Jennifer. You know that movie was supposed to be all Beyonce, she was the star.You can tell Mama T, that you sang that song before that week, didn't you?


And that dress was great, a halter works for you, but you know if the House of Dereon did that, we would have given you some more glitz, a low back and a high slit.

Solange come here baby.. meet Jake.

Yes mama.



Don't mind Solange's hair she shaved all off last year and it's growing back in. Ohh that's right you shaved your head too last year Jake, but you actually did it for a job. Solange did because she thought people might notice.
We have a lot in common.

Just smile pretty baby.

Well I'm gonna get going....

So Jake when are you going to put a ring on it?

Excuse me?

Solange. She's a catch. You have a problem with Texas? With Texans?

No not at all I love Austin. Big fan of Tall Texans.

Solange here is tall and Texan. You could put a ring on it. Stand up straight baby.

Sorry I've all ready been rung.

Solange baby, you know where you gotta go.

The basement mama?

That's right baby. You have some wigs to work on. Little Blue needs a new look.


prairiegirl said...

One word: Bridesmaids

LOLLLL!!! Bwahhhh!!

This movie is sooooo funny. I love the groom's sister. LOLLLLL!! Undercarriage.

I love a good laugh.

Special K said...

From The Boston Globe:

When writing this post we were first concerned that the term "mandles" might confuse readers into thinking Yankee Candle entered into the men's summer footwear category. Alas they are not -- they've released a collection of limited edition home fragrances branded as Man Candles with soon-to-be classic scents like:

Riding Mower: "Hot sun. Cool breeze. And the intensely summery scent of freshly cut grass."

2 x 4: "The warm, unmistakable scent of freshly planed wood and sawdust evokes a sense of confidence and quality."

And who could forget?:

First Down: "This combination of orange, patchouli, vetiver, and leather is as exciting as game day."

But the one that got me laughing was a candle called Man Town.

Now what would that smell like?

prairiegirl said...

.Well, that OK magazine blurb was good for a laugh.

The new spin on the week long Duluge party? Typical. I don't think Jake was at that party at all.

The Shoes video being up for some kind of Best Video award? To me, it's a terrible reflection of what today's society sees as some kind of "art". It was a bloodbath, plain and simple, with no purpose to it other than to glorify violence and provide a vehicle to act out pent-up anger.

I want Jake to do well in his career. I wish him to be respected amongst his peers. But I don't need for him to win an award for what I saw as a piece of trash just to have another bauble on the fireplace mantle and another line on a list of achievements in Wiki.

prairiegirl said...

Wow. Now Puddy's daddy has a big 52" screen and Prince of Persia has been on. I don't care what anybody else says, I still like the message of this movie, I think it looks spectacular and while I don't like some of the killing in it, it's a necessary part of the story.

I love the cinematic look of this movie. I wish it could have been successful. I would have gone to see a sequel if there had been more. Love the costumes, the sand, the Prince's look.

destiny said...

Mandles, First Down, Man Town, LOLLLLL!!! Who comes up with these things.

I believe Jake was at that party. The Wall Street Journal does not make up things and is not given to just going with what is fed to them by publicists. I know Murdoch's papers elsewhere, especially in the UK have a bad rep, but so far he seems to have not let that way of doing things carry over to the Wall Street Journal.

oh he was there said...

This was posted elsewhere but that's Jake with Jay and Pharrell.

Jake at Dusse party

Jersey Tom said...

Personally I am shocked that Jake is even in the same room as JZ after JZ publicly came out in support of The Preident's statement supporting Gay marriage..

Wild party said...

Personally I am shocked that Jake is even in the same room as JZ after JZ publicly came out in support of The Preident's statement supporting Gay marriage

In facts has happen after the party!

the answer is said...

Sure, that picture of Jake in the extreme right bottom corner suddenly appeared days and days after the so-called "exclusive" party that now has morphed into a guy's guy night out watching a basketball game, that now has turned into a poor man's version of the dating game. I can't believe people still buy this PR gibberish and the use of a photoshopped
"reality." The stuff has been slowly "leaking" out about that party for a week now. How does an event that was initially supposed to be so EXCLUSIVE suddenly have so much inside information about it? It's called Jake suddenly being seen in LA with Austin Nichols.

Oh come on! said...
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the real m said...

Hate to sound like an old fart but watching that video once was plenty for me. I love lots of current and diverse music, but the song left me cold.

prairiegirl said...

I think Jake was dropped into that photo. This Duluge party has been milked for about a week, with some new detail, some different spin with every single new story.

And I'm supposed to believe that this big, swanky Psssst!!! Over here, Jake!! Party was so exclusive, consisting of very close friends only and yet these very close friends wanted to take pictures but were told no? If these people were so close to JayZ, why do they need pictures for a memento of just another party? Oh but look! Here's a picture after all....and it just happened to be of Jake from behind, no less. Who had reportedly asked for no pictures.

Nope sorry but I just don't believe it, but that's just me. This is exactly how Jake, Austin & Brood operate now. Big story to cover up or distract from what's going on. Why? Because they're in the closet and the studio has a lot riding on the success of End of Watch. A Lot. There can't be any "mess ups" between now and the release of that movie. As soon as Jake and Austin were tweet sighted, here came the medical building story to explain why Jake was in LA.

Sorry but this is just what I believe. Not sure why it's so important for Jake to be there or not be there as it were but I know now when I'm being told that I "have" to
believe something about Jake and by that, I'm talking about Jake's publicity releases.

Thanks, PR, but I'll decide for myself after deciphering through all of your rotisserie released, week long story.

prairiegirl said...

@ the answer,You have urgrnte need of help, the photo it is at least of four days ago, and anyone give a shit about that, a child can see that is not a photoshop.

Excuse me, what kind of help?

There's no call for accusations of mental capacity here, Troll Me. The Answer gave their statement and explained why they believe what they do. Which is more than what you did. You just called someone mentally incapacitated for what they believe. Nothing admirable about mudslinging.

Special K said...

Looks like Jake is already in Toronto.

Luu Parris ‏@ParrisStayOnMe

Pretty sure I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking down King.

9:36 PM - 16 May 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Embed this Tweet

With filming in only 5 days it sounds pretty legit.

Know your trolls said...

Hi Me the troll, go back to WFT2

Anonymous said...
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