Monday, May 21, 2012

Missing something?

Looks like Jake was a bit bi yesterday, Bi-Metro-(politan) that is, with lunch in NY and dinner later in Toronto, and never needing a wardrobe change.Maybe Jake's plan with sticking to casual classics is working. Could this be the Summer of the Green Cargo Pant Part 2? Or will it be the Summer of 50 Shades of Grey (Goose) Shoes?And it does look like he got a bit of a trim for the those chestnut locks. The beard...still there...but it does look a little less wooly.But there was something missing from the ensemble wasn't there Jakey-boo?
A certain accessory perhaps, that was causing you "digit fidget" (TM M&M)?

All of use have experience sense memory from a ring. And what do you do? Absently touch it like it is still on.

Oh and don't think it's a haptic memory flashback from the Subway on the Vegas Road Trip ... last summer. Oh no, no no. It had to be recent. Like wearing and just taking it off pretty recently, perhaps just before walking out of the house that morning.Then last night Jake pops up at TO for dinner at the bar. The best way to dine on your own without having someone thinking they can pop a squat at your two top because you are all alone.

Tomorrow it will back to work for the casual thespian.

But today?

Queening it up.

It's Victoria Day!

The federal Canadian Holiday in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday and the unofficial start to summer for our neighbors to the North.


AUS10 said...

Tonight it comes to an end in the UK. This is how I said goodbye to The Hill.

12:44 PM - 21 May 12 via WhoSay · Details

prairiegirl said...

Oh shoot, lookit that picture. LOLLLLLLLLLLL.

I'm mad as heck at the guy right now but I am sorry.

That picture is absolutely hilarious.

That is classic.

prairiegirl said...


LOLLLLLLLLL!!!! Laughs are flowin' now.

I'm loose as a goose tonight. My homework is done. I've passed my final.
My story is done. It's vacation! It's free study hall! It's a snow day!

Yeee Hawwwwww!!!

destiny said...

That's a very funny tweet/photo from Austin.

Seaweed said...

Have had a great Victoria Day holiday weekend up here, with thanks to PG for the greeting, and to Special for remembering.

Sitting watching as the N.J. Devils put a bit of shellacking on the N.Y. Rangers tonight... a great way for any Canadian to wrap up the holiday weekend.

Oh, and by the way, came across a youtube video of "Beautiful Thing", the entire movie last night, so sat down and watched the entire movie. No surprise... it really was a beautiful thing !!

Jake back in Toronna on Victoria Day, pretty sweet eh !

Cheers everyone.

We Are Amused said...

Jake looks good. I haven't heard this song in ages. Happy Victoria Day!

Special K said...

Love that you can't tell if Austin is wearing his own clothes, Crazy Tree clothes, or stole one of Jake's shirts.

But damn is that boy long and lean.

And they are showing the OTH finale on The CW tonight too.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow awesome stuff happening with Queen Latifah. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

I have been upset today about the sentencing of the kid at Rutgers University here in NJ who shot a video of his roommate with another guy and then putting the video on the internet. This lead the young gay man who was taped to kill himself shortly after. The young who shot the tape was found guity of several crimes by a jury. His sentence could have put him in jail for up to 10 years. The judge today sentenced him to 30 days. The gay boys father said the good man showed no remorse. Very sad.

Jersey Tom said...

^^The gay boys father said the young man who shot the tape showed no remorse.

prairiegirl said...

Wasn't it just a couple months ago Jake was setting his suit afire at Berlinale? He just looks like he needs to burp in these latest pics.

I recognize that playing with the ring finger. That's exactly what he's doing. A ring that isn't there. There's no other explanation for what he's doing in that picture, sorry.

Let's see, End of Watch filming is over, can't blame that wedding ring. He hasn't even started filming The Enemy yet, so what ring is Jake missing?

prairiegirl said...

30 days, that's it? Probably because of overcrowding in our prisons, Tom. Sad indeed.

Know your trolls said...

hi troll

Know your hags said...
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Special K said...

Jack time get going. The bus is coming. Grab your lunch and go.

Special K said...

Yup,it seems like there was something on Jake's finger and maybe he was doing a little check to remember he took it off. But sure it is not far from him.

OK Magazine said...

Jake Gyllenhaal May 21
Jake Gyllenhaal takes a stroll on Bleecker Street in NYC with his mom Naomi Foner and a friend on May 20.

Jake Gyllenhaal came out of hiding yesterday and was spotted on Bleecker Street in NYC with his mom Naomi Foner and a friend.

Jake, whose sister Maggie Gyllenhaal just welcomed a baby girl, has been out of the spotlight recently, hanging out in Brooklyn and obviously growing quite the beard.

Next up, Jake will be seen in End of Watch, which co-stars Anna Kendrick, Michael Peña and America Ferrera and tells the story of the long term friendship and partnership between two cops.

@EMoooKid said...

It's my Jake gyllenhaal theme birthday party


new pics said...

“Jake Gyllenhaal: 'An Enemy' in Toronto”

Just Jared

more pics said...


more said...

Socialite Life


Just Passing By said...

I sure hope this film is good because the premise is so damn intriguing!