Saturday, May 19, 2012

Smaller and smaller

Although Austin's interview on the Tony Danza show went poof on YouTube, it is still out on the Interwebs.

Remember this?

But you had to wonder, why did Austin only Danza's show to promote Glory Road and nothing else?

And why would Danza have Austin, his character wasn't that prominent in storyline?

Could it be that Tony already knew of Austin?

How? From a guest appearance Austin did five years earlier on the CBS series Family Law?

(Austin back in 2001 on the series Pasadena)

While Austin was in college he did some guest parts on shows, and one was for Family Law's third season for episode (#6) called Sacrifices that Oct 29, 2001.
Austin played James Perliss. The episode had two stories: Lynn(Kathleen Quinlan) fights to help a couple retain custody of their 14 children when DCF decides they can not adequately care for them; Randi (Dixie Carter) represents a man seeking to maintain the amount of child support he receives from his ex-wife. But there was a third attorney in the practice, and who was that? Tony Danza he played attorney Joe Celano in the episode.

Small World isn't it. Maybe that's how he knew Austin loved Who's the Boss? You have to wonder if Austin still have the DVD set Tony gave him during the interview.

It's another example of all the stories we have heard about anyone who has worked with Austin thinks he's a great guy and want to work with (or in this case interview) again.

Who would have been more fun to see Austin meet on the Family Law set? Dixie Carter of course. A good Southern Boy meet Ms. Julia Sugarbaker herself? Oh my that's enough to give a grrl the vapors.


the real m said...

I can't view that interview at the moment as I am on my iPad but as I recall that interview is where we learned that Austin had a pretty good singing voice. I wish he had a chance to show it off.

Special K said...

I had just put it together today that Danza was on Family Law when Austin did a guest appearance.

I do find it funny they never ever mentioned it in the interview at all.

Special K said...

Anyone planning on catching Mick Jagger hosting the season finale of SNL tonight?

and that's how it's done said...

I do find it funny they never ever mentioned it in the interview at all.

Did they have any scenes together? They may not have even been on set the same time.

As far as Austin being on Tony's sad little chat show, it's usually the film's publicist who shops the talent out to the shows, not the other way around. And since Josh Lucas was busy appearing on Regis & Kelly, Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart on the east coast and Derek Luke taking the Craig Ferguson and Tavis Smiley spots, they had to find another show on the west coast willing to take a lesser star. Enter Austin on Tony Danza.

and that's how it's done said...

Even Mehcad Brooks (who??) was able to get The View during their pr tour for the film. Emily Deschanel got The Tonight Show gig during that same pr.

prairiegirl said...

Do you feel better now, 23:21 and 23:26?

Feel bigger? Broader? Taller? Mightier?

You're going to have to tell us since we can't see you from the glare of your Mightiness. Foster Grants someone, please.

Hope there were French doors available for them to leave through. Regular door was not going to handle that head.

HBO Exec. said...

WoW, there is nothing to talk about in the Jake and Austin world. Nothing! Jake, and Austin have managed to put a stop to the endless blog world about the gay rumor, or should I say, the gay fan base. Jake seems to be doing his thing the way he wants to. I could say more but I won't. Hey, I believe he's not straight. LOL

Jake and his team have just shut it down. It took some time (alot of years), but they finally did it.

Now some are back to talking about JFC? Come on, what a lame show that was. Nobody remembers it and HBO would love to forgot about it, as they should, and have!

Special K said...

JFC actually was a really good show with a loyal fan base, I think the problem was that HBO did not commit enough time to let such a complex storyline to evolve like they did with other shows. They should have give it at least another season before pulling it. And I think if you asked Austin, he would be prouder of the acting he did on that than OTH.
One thing he will be always grateful to OTH is the chance to start his directing career.

If HBO wanted to forget JFC they would have worked out a way to end their deal with Milch completely but he was back with Lucky.

You want to know what Jake's doing - well here you go. He's back in NY for the weekend, at least for Friday night. Maybe he had to teach Soul Cycle Sat. morning? :D
Or had to stock up on La Colombe coffee to take with him.
Shooting starts on Tuesday in Toronto. And Austin? You wanna bet he's in going to be in Canada for a chunk of the next 6-8 weeks.

Funny how Jake's movie ends just when TV productions start up again from their hiatus. Hmmm so if Austin gets a chance to direct a few episodes before Jake hits the boards off Broadway someone can be home. Sounds familiar. Like they have been doing for the last 5 yrs.

Sorry there is no stopping to OMG. We're not going away. So deal with it.

Special K said...

Something funny. Flipping past channels last night and say that TDAT was on, but it was in Spanish. Has anyone heard how they dubbed Jake's voice? Let's say is they went a lower than his natural tenor.

prairiegirl said...

HBO Exec? We all know who that was. Same person who was putting down Austin earlier in the evening because they can't stand Austin. Two days in a row of Austin posts must have been just too much.

"Jake and his team" have shut down OMG? Excuse me, but just like the guys are doing right now, the rest of us are living our lives. There's nothing public about these two right now that merits 200 blog comments. They're busy with their family, while their "usual" public image is being peddled online like the sun rises and sets every day. Jake lives for Spin Cycle and Austin has nothing going on except to sit under a tree with his cell phone to keep him company.

I would imagine another real issue is because OMGers are enjoying private time, that means we're not providing enough fodder for the neighbors over the hedge. Breaks the heart, doesn't it?

Special K said...

I thought Jagger was great last night and loved seeing him backed by Foo Figers and Arcarde Fire and then with the great Jeff Beck. Jagger and Foo Fighters covering The Stones classics -- my favorite. All them looked like they were having having a blast. Mick can see rock at 68.
Mick and Foo Fighters

The Opening Lawrence Welk with Kristen Wiig and John Hamm. ROTFL
Lawrence Welk

The Insurance Conference Karaoke was choice too.

SoYou Think You Can Dance at an Outdoor Music Festival? sketch. Loved Mick doing Steven Tyler.Perfect.

I barely recognized Steve Martin in the Califorians sketch.

Mick camping it up as the tough guy actor who's in the closet on Secret Word. His hair reminded me of when Ian McKellan dressed in drag on Weekend Update and kissed Fallon.

Secret Word

Stefon, had me in stitches, not for just the sketch, but watching Bill Hader reading the lines cold on camera and trying not to lose it as he's saying it.
Stefon Summer Picks

The send off for Kristen Wiig with "She's a Rainbow" was perfect.

more secrets said...

The send off for Kristen Wiig with "She's a Rainbow" was perfect.

Was that a secret shout out to KW because she's lesbian?

hey troll said...

Go away

Jersey Tom said...

Why do people dislike Austin? Seems like the guy is pretty hard to dislike even though we give him and Jake a hard time for not coming out. I think Austin has just not gotten the right show. Who the heck would know who Jeremy Piven was if not for Entourage. You can name a thousand others. Would anybody even know who Jennifer Anniston was if Friends never happened.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Austin is the biggest threat to some people, for whatever reason. Well, I'm sorry but he is the one Jake is with. Has been with now for the most part of 10 years.

I guess if it looks like Austin is truly with Jake, then the chances of everything else being true is very high, i.e. marriage and children. And boy, a lot of people don't want or like that.

No Austin? Then no chance of Jake being married or having any kids.

May 20, 2012 11:52 AM

sass said...

A blog did shut me up about my Austin posting but not Heath??? hmmmm
Good news this AM...will be announced tomorrow. The NAACP came out for marriage Equality!!! Fantastic news.

Special K said...

I think Austin is the best thing that happened to Jake, for a couple of reasons, Jake follows the bright and shineys and next new things as they pop up, he flits he floats, but Austin seems to know how let him do that while keeping him grounded. Also think that if it weren't for Austin Jake would be further in that he has been, without him there, think Jake would have been steamrolled, and Austin seems to have such a protective thing for Jake, looking out for Jake and Jake's interest and not taking advantage or getting what he can from him or their relationship.

Vid said...

Does anyone have that video of Jake and Austin in Berlin?