Monday, May 28, 2012

Border to Border

After less than 24 hours in the Big Apple Jake was back in Toronto for day of shooting in the city on Sunday.

This time the actor (Jake) was playing The Actor.

They were filming Anthony scenes this time.

Jake talking shop with his director, Denis Villeneuve.And on the move.There is a definite difference between Adam and the Anthony.

Check out the cool factor and the hair. Advantage Anthony.

The motorcycle riding and leather jacket Jake sported in the past might be old had for playing The Actor.

Think he's wearing his own ring for this one?Advantage he can just take it with him at the end of the day.

Speaking after work. Last night after Jake finished up, where was he spotted? Out for some late night Mexican food at Playa Cabana. A laid back Mexican place with range of of tequilas. Hmmm who loves Mexican food again??? And tequila?

Enjoy the Great Lakes.

Happy Memorial Day!


damson said...

Hmmm who loves Mexican food again??? And tequila?

Um, everyone? All the other patrons of Playa Cabana dining at the same time? PrairieGirl? This is a trick question, right? See, if we knew that Austin loved only food from the region of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and then we get a sighting of Jake eating at a restaurant in Toronto that specializes in cuisine from the Gobi Desert I'd say you were onto something. But Mexican food? Not so much.

Special K said...

Why are you addressing Prairie Girl? I wrote and I stand by it.

And it seems it has you in quite the twist.

We have know for a long time that Austin favorite food is Mexican. Jake prefers Italian, French more. In fact Jake hates cilantro. And funny how he goes out for Mexican in NY, Austin, Montreal and Toronto. Funny how when he and Austin were working in Montreal which is French province, he is going out to find stuff for them to make Mexican.

Seems extremely unlikely that Jake was popping out for Mexican by himself.

prairiegirl said...


And why would I in particular be one of your first thoughts to like Mexican food?

Because I'm Mexican?

You know what, that is a racist comment and I'm going to request that your comment be stricken down.

You know what you can do with your comment, right?

Bite me.

I have a feeling I know who this is and you know what, I'll throw back a moderation comment that you've issued to someone right back in your face.

prairiegirl said...

Thank you, Special, for asking on my behalf. Leave her trashy comment up. Let her ugliness show.

prairiegirl said...

You can sure tell when some people are nervous. Instead of spending time on other blogs discussing all of the published Jake photos plus all of the news and tweets about his filming, a chosen few are spending their time coming to OMG to troll.

I'm not going to sit here and point out the things going on right now (or not going on as it were) that are making these chosen few nervous. They know.

And that's why they're here.

yummy in his tummy said...

And funny how he goes out for Mexican in NY, Austin, Montreal and Toronto.

So wait. Doesn't that just mean Jake likes Mexican food himself? LOL

Seaweed said...
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Seaweed said...

A Memorial Day and Holiday for my friends in the States... so here's hoping you've had a good one with family and friends honouring the sacrifices of those dedicated members of the military services.

Thru Wondering said...

I see Jake all over the place and everywhere by himself. Austin is were? We never see Jake or Austin with children. Why aren't they with their children. They are supposed to have a family, right?

Still, no children with any of these guys. Either they don't have children or the keep them hidden and are ashamed of them.
In either case, I am Through. Not gonna wait this game out.

I don't care anymore.

Seaweed said...

I suppose I can see your point "Thru wondering", but there are still many people who will be patient, and play the waiting game.

And we'll do it on the basis of what we've seen, heard, not seen, speculated on, discussed, and also on the level of Hollywood deception that's been thrown out there to obscure the facts. There is so very much at play here.

I'm here for the long haul, but will remain hopeful that it will be sooner rather than later.

I still care.
Will always be here watching and listening!

Special K said...

Me too Seaweed.

And there will always be a place here for those who do.

prairiegirl said...

Wondering, wondering, wondering.....

lol. When will people ever get this?

You are not going to see these guys walking together with their kids like a family of geese.

They're in the closet and the approach of the release of the super "badass" movie End of Watch is going to keep them firmly entrenched in that closet.

And as for them not being with their children, no one has even seen Austin except for the picture at the Sugarland concert, was it? So since Berlin, which was in February, his whereabouts have been pictorially unaccounted for. Let's see, that would be nearly 3 months worth.

Anyone who expects to see these 2 guys holding hands walking down the sidewalks of NYC or California carrying diaper bags, sippy cups and guiding Little Tyke cars is just setting themselves up for huge disappointment.

They've been doing this hiding thing since the release of the Laker pictures, which was what? 2006? You're talking 6 years now.

Thru Wondering said...

To PrairieGirl:

6 years? Hiding children for six years? My point exactly. Don't like it, and don't approve of it. So, Either they don't have children or they're jerks and stupid.

Austin at a Sugarland concert. Who cares? He's supposed to be a father in your and others eyes, so, he's not seen with children, he does not talk about children, actually, he has said he does not have children, so he lies about it also?
Not waiting! You can if you want to and make excuses if you want, but don't chastise me for coming to my senses about the whole thing.
Either they have children and hiding them and I don't like it and not a fan of it.
They don't have children at all!
Especially since I've never seen any.

prairiegirl said...

And the thing is, so many (and I certainly include myself in this one) have professed to give it up, I'm goin' away, I'm leavin'!, I'm done!!, Goodbye!! blah blah blah, and yet OMG's numbers haven't reflected this big mass exodus. Special continues to get days of big hits.

So what does that mean? For all the professing that many people have done, just like a bad habit, they can't give it up. They still check. They still look. They still catch up.


What they don't do is comment anymore. It's kind of like Live Journal. A lot of people read. But they don't comment anymore, for whatever reason. They also hide their identity so that they can't be "seen". They want to be incognito, hidden, disguised. Don't want to be traced or tracked. It's weird. I don't know if they're ashamed or embarrassed or what.

But there is something to the kind of numbers that Special gets (besides her excellent daily posts, that's a given. Sorry, Special! lol) There's way too many for it to be just us little faithful handful.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh There's way too many for it to be just us.

So that's all right. The numbers don't lie.

Hear that, fellas? The numbers don't lie. People are watching. And they're seeing behind the facade, thanks to OMG.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

And the two dinosaurs? That one is Jake. And the other one is Austin. Meet Jake and Austin.

That's them while the roadrunner changes in this world just pass them by as though they were lumbering along like old dinosaurs.

I don't know if anyone else is watching this story of Harry and Louis from One Direction. I have just extremely recently been made aware of this incredible story.

Are Harry and Louis not Jake and Austin? Are they not the 2012 version of 2002-2006 Jake and Austin?

Oh my dog.

Totally fascinating story. I guess Data Lounge has quite large threads regarding them.

The Closeted Behavior of Lying said...

actually, he has said he does not have children, so he lies about it also?

yes he does. And he did

prairiegirl said...

Austin at a Sugarland concert. Who cares?

It took re-reading this comment to realize we had been played and trolled. They can't help it - they eventually always end up giving themselves away.

What catches my attention about these 2 boys in One Direction is that it really does appear like their story is parallel-ing Jake and Austin's. If this is true, I pray that they don't end up hogtied and gagged like Jake & Austin have.

Seaweed said...

Hey... Thru Wondering,

I'm thinking I won't say goodbye and assume you're Gone! So, along with my good wishes I'll just say so long, for now.

PG... thanks for pointing out those two from One Direction, I'd not heard of them before so will take a gander and see if there is any "duck and goose" parallels.

It really isn't difficult to see deep into the eyes of Love when you encounter it!

prairiegirl said...

And I owe you thanks too, Seaweed for your thoughtful wishes for the American Memorial Day and also more detailed explanation of Canada's Remembrance Day.

One Direction was a boy band put together by Simon Cowell. I think it's how this Louis and Harry met. One of them is only 18 and the other is in his early 20's.

But there is a TON of information, pictures, and videos regarding these 2. They even have a moniker. Larry Stylinson.

They are extremely physically demonstrative and have been seen affectionate with one another behind the scenes.

According to a DL thread, it sounds like a beard has been brought to the scene for one of the boys to help detract the huge swell of calling for the boys to come out.

It's really a fascinating story and I've only just now begun to read about it.

prairiegirl said...

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong about Simon being responsible for forming them.

The way I understand it, all the members of the band were entries on the X Factor show and were somehow put together to form a boy band. And it looks like two of the members, Louis and Harry, have probably fallen in love in the process.

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let's think about it said...

A lot of people read. But they don't comment anymore, for whatever reason

because their comment are going to deleted anyway .

know your trolls said...

All the trolls are here today.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh please, 18:23. Boo hoo, here's a Puffs.

Remember that the next time you're gloating over the hedge at those whose comments get deleted for no reason whatsoever other than the blogger ID that you are.

Afternoon Mail said...

Dear Ted:
Where has Jake Gyllenhaal been lately? He seems off the Hollywood radar lately. Have you noticed? Same with Jennifer Aniston. Maybe they just needed a break from the paps. Sure, that must be it.

Dear JSqaured:
They're enjoying some well-earned away time out of the limelight, P. These two definitely generate a lot of attention when it comes to their love lives, but since Jake is more or less single at the moment (spending most of his time filming projects or scoring family time), there aren't juicy enough pictures worth selling. And Jen and her man have taken their romance way off the radar—that's how you know it's really serious.

Seaweed said...

Oh that crafty Ted !

When romance goes on off the radar then it must be real... So when it goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, under the radar for the most part, it also must be very, very, real.

Funny how that works.

I'm gonna stay tuned.