Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with family, friends and the joy of the season.

Here's what OMG is hoping found it's way under our favorite pair's tree.

For Jake:

This year instead of army green pants - it's an army green sweater.

 And just to make sure he remembers Flagstaff - instead of instagram, how about some cacti coasters
 Now who likes coffee more than Jake?  Talk about table to tub - this is organic coffee ground and honey exfoliating soap.  How Jakey indeed!

 Cookbooks but the C in Christmas for Jake, so how about a cookbook that puts the V in Vegetables.  Everyone around the table will be thrilled no doubt.

 Foodie guy Jake can jump on the newest trend.  Forget agave - it's now maguey sap as the new organic sweetener - with Probiotics in every drop.  Mmmmm!
 Now that all those training movies are done, it's bring on the carbs for Jakey G, and the pasta loving fellow can make his own fresh and roll and cut them with this pasta pin. 
 If anyone can make it work, Jinglehaal can  -  so this season say PomPom!
Who said cashmere is just for socks - a cashmere hoodie for the boy loves it soft next to his tender skin.

What's a hiking tealover to do when he wants a cuppa on the trail - a thermos teapot!
Jake knows the awesomeness of The Dude, heck he even dressed up with him.  Why not take him to bed - in a manner of speaking.  With Lullabies with Jeff he can have 43 minutes of Dude to take him to the Land of Nod. 


And what do you get the Bubble Boy who has everything - his very own backyard bubble  of course!
Of course we can't leave out that Big Tall Texan, and neither would Santa

For our favorite film buff with the quirky edge - a book about a quirkier director David Lynch

And to punch up those tweets - perhaps an emoji keyboard for the wordsmith
 And how can you say no to this cute acorn wireless speaker that will go perfect with you hat

And for the 'Squatchi - his own Bigfoot Foot Stool
A closet, a shaving kit, there's always secrets hiding from your cutie dimpled dude.

 This Southern boy will never lose his Southern roots, or his love of literature.
 First was suspenders - now let's make it pocket squares!

Little art or Jake's autograph ? Here's a Squiggle book for Austin to practice on.
 Come on it's socks - striped socks - it's screaming Mr. Nichols!

 What would a water baby like Austin want - how about a part canoe part part kayak to get his boat.

What else for this Austin powers fella - a velvet tuxedo
 We know it's not your first one Austin so don't deny it.  We can just as Matt F or James from Maroon 5.

And lastly, how about some of Tom Ford's Jake inspired lipstick - we know it's usually for the ladies - but you can have a little bit of Jake linger on your lips and no one is the wiser -- wait wait you may have done that one a few times before too.
  And you can forget those special together gifts.


He likes tacos and Jake likes to make them - how about a tacopedia

One's dutch and the other gardens - so Dutch gardener tools  of course.

 How about a house that has no address -  pretty slick 

So if one loves to host and the other loves books - how about this literary take on Cards Against Humanity.  

And to add to the subtlety to it - how about these hunky napkins with Toms of  Findland 

And these.   Whoa, whoa, whoa people - they're bike seats.  ; )

Now about those other people at home.  

Is is a little baker's baking set on the go - or a Cutthroat Kitchen evil challenge

Ok maybe it's a little too Michal Jackson - but you get the idea. 

 A balloon filled with confetti how much fun could that be - and Jake get's to use his Dyson afterwards!

 It's a green household for sure - so lets start them with a garden in a can.

With dreams of Partridge's in their head - starting a band with some Jamsticks.

 Hey Austin  - that velvet tux could come in handy for the tour.

Is it a play fort or a transporter to England - hey it could be both!!

And the one thing that's always on the list for Santa - A Oscar, A Tony or an Emmy.


Florida Tom said...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I loved the part canoe part kayak. I think I want one :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Merry Christmas, Tom. Hope Santa brought OMGers sugar plum fairies, lots and lots of presents and an endless supply of chocolate. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Foodie guy Jake can jump on the newest trend. Forget agave - it's now maguey sap as the new organic sweetener - with Probiotics in every drop. Mmmmm!

Jake and Austin are pretty darn sappy, alright. They used to resemble the first definition. Alas, they now embrace the latter.

• sad or romantic in a foolish or exaggerated way
• foolish or silly; not thinking clearly or showing good judgment

Santa's Helper OMG said...

Special has outdone herself with this list - lots of unique and fun stuff. There'll all great - the foodie, gardening and clothes stuff are really can't miss, but I can't choose between the David Lynch book, the hunky napkins, or the Tom Ford lipsticks!

destiny said...

Yay! It's the Christmas gift list. Always one of my favorite posts, I just love seeing what you come up with Special. So many fun things, I especially like the big footstool and the confetti balloons.

And LOL, bike seats. I have to say that was not my first thought on first glance. :-D

destiny said...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had a very nice, but very warm Christmas (it was in the 60s here). Went to Roma's house for dinner, and she really outdid herself with the food, and best of all, ginger margaritas to die for.

awwwwwww said...
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prairiegirl said...

Special, enjoyed your Christmas post - truly fun to read through and savor. So many funny ones, too. Love the acorn hat and the cacti coasters. And "Jinglehaal"!! I loved that.

A great post, Special. Thanks for putting it together.

Methodical Muser said...

A little birdie just told me that the troll is on that Russian server again pimping Faux Chlo and Gone Psycho Austin.

Mr. Nichols really seems to be losing it in some of those posed pics lately. #PriceoftheCloset

prairiegirl said...

Don't mind the grafitti, folks. When we've had our say, the whitewash will take care of the mess in Aisle 13.

Anyway, back to business. Maybe the troll will move on to a different country's server and we can watch for the refreshes on that one.

I thought I would enjoy some nutty Austin for my avatar during this day's comments because, hehe, Austin? Austin is truly losing it lately.

So instead, M&M and I thought we would switch gears a bit and talk awhile about Jake's sister and her estranged husband, Peter.

Methodical Muser said...

If only PR could make up their mind where to place Maggie. First, she's drunk in Paris. Then she's drinking coffee in NY. Sounds like she has an oral fixation. LOL!

I thought the whole reason that she signed with WME in 2012 like Jake, was so PR could coordinate their schedules better. Peter stayed with CAA because he was already on the way out.

Alex ‏@Kra1d
lol @ Maggie Gyllenhaal getting lit af in Paris, je t'aime

5:55 PM - 22 Dec 2015

brendan ‏@killnewyork
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard at Gorilla Coffee. #brushwithgreatness #onaroll @J_D_Dogg

12:51 PM - 24 Dec 2015

something's up said...

Agree about Peter and Maggie. Something is really strange about that "relationship." You used to see them together living their lives in NY all the time. Now, they pop up at official events and take 50 pics together. It's almost like they are bearding for each other now.

something's up said...

I love how that harasser keeps coming on the blog. It is sooooooooo obvious that they are trying to shut down comments. Imagine spending your time trying to prove that Austin Nichols is straight. That's hilarious. You'll need more than 365 days in the year and guess what? Austin Nichols is still gay.

prairiegirl said...

The increased tweets placing Maggie & Peter together was very obvious after comments were made on OMG placing suspicion on the state of their unity. It was circa CAA 2007-2008 is what it was.

Of course, first came their jointed (or dis-jointed as the case may be) appearance at the Gotham Awards on the 30th where Maggie showed up showing all kinds of skin. Then came the whole Flagstaff/Telluride Debacle which tried to place Peter with Jake.

Following the Flagstaff/Telluride Debacle, came this announcement.

broadwayworld (@broadwayworld)
12/23/15, 15:17

#GretaGerwig, #JakeGyllenhaal, @petersarsgaard & More Join #ArthurMiller Centennial Amazing!

This event began to robot tweet and dominate Peter and Jake's twitter search, placing Peter's name directly following Jake's name in the text of the tweet. It's very important to notice in tweets like this the word placement because it's done that way for a purpose. So Mgmnt needed to find an event to place these two "bro-in-laws" at together. lol.

Following this announcement, came this new video. This is golden. It's

newscarsnew (@newscarsnew)
12/24/15, 01:30

Maggie Gyllenhaal and her husband Peter Sarsgaard and children: Posted on YouTube on December 23, 2015 with 34 page views

This video warrants watching for a few minutes, if nothing else, just for the amusing entertainment. Notice the wording of the tweet mentioning both Peter & Maggie's full name and children. And I love that it was posted on December 23, 2015.

That was just the best

Methodical Muser said...

This video warrants watching for a few minutes, if nothing else, just for the amusing entertainment. Notice the wording of the tweet mentioning both Peter & Maggie's full name and children. And I love that it was posted on December 23, 2015.

That was just the best

Oh my gosh. I can't stop laughing. You mean Peter and Maggie have their own fandom shipping their OTP? And making YouTube videos...only without music. And, why would you make a YouTube video without music anyway? LMAO!!! PR is trying to make Maggie and Peter into the new Larry! On a budget.

prairiegirl said...

What is so hilarious is that the YouTube'er was slapped together so quickly to push Maggie with Peter, that it's a simple slide show. There is no music. It's simply a slide show of the GHall/Sarsgaard family.

Then an obligatory Gorilla Coffee sighting to tack on another endorsement:

brendan (@killnewyork)
12/24/15, 14:51

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard at Gorilla Coffee. #brushwithgreatness #onaroll @J_D_Dogg

What of course makes this so unbelievable is that these kinds of tweet sightings have not been happening for awhile.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry to duplicate the same points you just made, M & M. (although apparently the same impact, ha ha)

And making YouTube videos...only without music. And, why would you make a YouTube video without music anyway? LMAO!!! PR is trying to make Maggie and Peter into the new Larry!

Maybe talented interns were on Christmas break?

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe Mommie Dearest or one of Jake and Austin kids slapped this one together between egg nog breaks?

prairiegirl said...

Imagine spending your time trying to prove that Austin Nichols is straight. That's hilarious. You'll need more than 365 days in the year and guess what? Austin Nichols is still gay.

BWAH!!!! Exactly. No kidding.

What is so hilarious is that the troll, Mgmnt and Austin are wasting all of their time and energy with their little dog & pony show. Hey, it's no skin off of our nose. We're not buying it, never have.

Austin is gay and I think ol' Chlo is as well. They're bearding/mearding for each other because Bennet, just like Sophia, needs the cover as well.

Don't tell me Sophia Bush isn't a lesbian because I'd bet a few paychecks on it. There's a reason why she can't just seem to settle down with anyone and carries on a fauxmance with every single co-star that she has.

So Austin has said he's learned about women from Jake? Looks like that's true. They both beard with lesbians. Jake's list is getting yay-long with proof to me of this.
And now Austin is developing his own list.

This strait-jacketed fellow in my avatar is Austin. Because he's truly showing signs of starting to need the jacket along with the padded cell. lol. He's losing it.

Methodical Muser said...

Looking at Faux Chlo's Instagram and Twitter accounts, I think Austin needs to burn his USC diploma. Sorry Austin, but you're losing IQ points by the minute hanging around that moron.

prairiegirl said...

In all seriousness, Austin doesn't look the same right now. And I don't mean the Southpaw/Zombie stage that he's in. Austin looks mean now - there's a mean look in his eyes that wasn't there in the years that he bearded with Sophia Bush. I don't remember him being so bitter looking.

Nonetheless, that is his problem. His decision. What is an interesting point to make and I want Mgmnt to know that I saw this.

Mgmnt can robot tweet and fill Austin's search with Benechols playacting all they want. They can fill their S/M (social media) accounts with all kinds of fake comments of adoration and shipping, because when not one single one of those fans knew of or tweeted to him about his mother's passing away, then you know that most of these accounts are fake and paid for by Mgmnt.

They're not followers of Austin. If they were, they would have seen the news. So, I'm sorry but they can go right on ahead with the playacting, but I know better. They're just making fools of themselves.

Florida Tom said...

Hopefully Austin gets to the point of being miserable enough to end the endless charade.. He saw what a miserable man Jake was during Reeke and now he is getting a taste of it. This Chloe girl is as aggressive as can be in this showmance to the point of desperation. She is relentless like a 14 yo. At some point Austin will have had enough.

the real m said...

Terrific post though I seem to recall that Jake hates Cilantro so not sure he will appreciate that can. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.

Yeah, something is definitely off with the Maggie and Peter situation. Things will probably stay the same - separate lives- until one or the other meets someone.

Florida Tom said...

Happy 2016 everyone. Lets hope it is a good one !!!

prairiegirl said...

Happy New Year, Tom! and to folks here at OMG. I hope everybody had a safe one - mine was very quiet. I'm cat/house sitting for the couple with 3 cats! Moo, Mardi and Alvin. Alvin is the diabetic cat and I've gotten quite comfortable and improved at giving him his shots. When I remember those first several times it took me forEVER to get up the nerve to stick him and he got fed up with me, hissing and walking away. lol. Thank heavens for YouTube, that's all I can say. YouTube gave me a great refresher on giving insulin shots and I couldn't have done it without YouTube.

I'm out here in southern JoCo - actually I might be in Miami County, I'm not sure. It is so awesome and quiet out here, still a very small town and so different even from Olathe where I live. I don't think it's a secret where I live as I blabbed it when I first came to this blog. LOL! Ah, but naive and clueless back then.

Methodical Muser said...

*Colorful confetti thrown into the air with obnoxious honking noises in the background*

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Methodical Muser said...

Well, looks like all the gays are in St. Barts to celebrate the New Year with the paps. Oops, I mean "friends" and family. Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, for instance, are sure stunting it up. For what purpose no one knows, but no doubt all will be revealed eventually. Funny that the day Kendall is all over Harry on NYE, was the day 5-7 big articles were hitting the Internet revealing that she was lesbian. Kind of interesting that this is the way Harry chooses to start his "hiatus." Which we all know is not really a break. Contracts are ending and new ones have to be negotiated. New beginnings. Plus, Louis and Harry have to deal with contractual obligations the homophobe Simon Cowell inserted into their contracts back in the day. Lots going on. But, no one besides the main players really knows where all this is headed.

prairiegirl said...

I was on Twitter yesterday and noticed "Ellen and Portia" was high trending most of the day. Curious, when I clicked on the trend is when I found out they were on the boat. I have to say that my first gut reaction was not good.

I can't stand Ellen D. She uses her show to endorse the HW closet and play the HW game. She sold out, big time. The Larry fans were very optimistic - they thought that Ellen & Portia were maybe going to help Harry and/or Kendall come out.

But now today comes a story on Just Jared is the blowhorn of Management about Harry & Kendall, some nonsense about him being unable to "let go" of her, blah blah etc. And that's discouraging to me.

Though you might be interested said...

But, no one besides the main players really knows where all this is headed.

Just in case you’re interested, a person with close contacts in the entertainment business came on a main Larrie blog today indicating that Harry did that stunt in St. Barts because of Louis. Apparently, this anon was at an industry NYE’s party and the open talk was about a major stunt being squashed before it played out for the new year. The stunt involved "the boy bander" who is currently being portrayed in the media as the wild, out of control one (i.e., Louis) of 1D.

Apparently, the rumor is that Cowell wants babygate to end with a complete trashing of Louis Tomlinson and not with a low key paternity test that proves he’s not the father as people/fans have been predicting since the beginning of this "bombshell" reveal.

According to this anon, the New Year Eve’s party Louis was supposed to have thrown on December 31st was set up on purpose so there would be tabloid stories circulated about drug taking and general drunken debauchery. Blurry sexually explicit photos would then leak out to "prove" what had taken place. Then Cowell would have The Sun come out with a scandalous article on Sunday about how the baby momma would be so disgusted about what she saw/read that she would declare Louis an unfit father and announce that he would not be allowed anywhere near her baby or her. This would leave the rumor out there that she did have Louis’ baby in February as planned (cruelly set to take place around Harry Styles birthday), but she would quietly slink away and disappear forever. The public image would be left out there that Louis would be a threat to the child and the American actress Louis is now fake dating would go running back home to America, heartbroken and similarly scandalized by Louis’ disgusting behavior.

The rumor is that the stunt was called off at the final implementation stage because Harry agreed to this sexy romp in the sun with Kendall on a billionaire's yacht instead. So basically one of the rumors out there is that the Azoffs and the Kardashians were actually helping Harry and Louis out.

By the way, these insiders were shaking their heads about how usually people’s management teams are all about cleaning up their client’s image. But, they’ve heard that Cowell is on a search and destroy mission when it comes to One Direction. The primary target is Louis and through him, Harry. Talk is that he despises them and considers these two the reason for him losing the group. He feels he created them so all gloves are off. If true, this really does show how hard it is to try to come out in the industry.

Eyebrows Raised said...

I would like to say that this anon's story is full of you know what, but you know what? I can actually see this being scripted out. There's plenty of examples of Cowell and company using tabloids and other means to bring these guys down. But, wow. Just, wow. That story about leaving the fake baby meme out there to permanently saddle Louis and Harry with this smear is shocking even to an old, cynical sod like me.

I think what these two kids are ultimately battling is the mad-dog homophobia of Simon Cowell, and secondarily of the entertainment industry itself. It's not just about the money anymore. He has made plenty off these guys. In fact, I think I read somewhere that he's worth $550 million dollars. What it's about now is this sicko's jealous as hell attitude toward these two's committed relationship, which seems amazingly solid and deep. For Cowell, this is personal. Which makes everything that happens from here a dangerous proposition.

Methodical Muser said...

Thanks for bringing that Harry and Louis NYE's rumor to OMG, "Thought you might be interested." There's a lot of speculation out there right now, and this story has many components that are certainly plausible. True or not, it does explain some of the madness going around these last few days. I feel for Harry and Louis. And, there's no doubt that Cowell has been "trashing" the boys for months now. I think he is targeting Louis in particular. He's a sharp one and probably has outsmarted Cowell on a number of occasions.

Destiny said...

Happy New Year to everyone at OMG. I hope 2016 brings everyone nothing but good.

Thanks for all the gossip about 1D. What a sad sorry mess that is.

I never know what to think of Ellen. It's not just playing the HW, although that is a huge part of it. In addition, she's not going to out anyone, so I think she has no choice but to go along with what the celebs she interviews or hangs with want to do.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, going to switch things up on the boys. For once, this scathingly unfavorable comment is not about Jake, but about Austin. I was doing some internet surfing and couldn't believe this as I was reading aloud to M&M. The thread is called...

You're a douchebag...but I'd have sex with you anyway!

I'll say Austin Nichols.

Austin Nichols doesn't seem douchey.

I've met Austin Nichols (I don't care if you don't believe me!) and that c*** is a high born unpleasant douchebag. That c*** roles his eyes like he is some f***ing diva, he has this calm demeaning manner that screams psycho to me. He is so mean when his buddies or anyone from hollywood isn't around him. That bitch is such a twat. He cares more about himself than anyone he steps on with those heavy f***ing boots of his. Bitch was on roy donovan and was talking to one of the makeup ladies and telling her what to do and messed up the entire place and had the f***ing guts to blame her for the f***ing mess-up. That twat needs to learn a little respect and realize he isn't that f***ing popular for anyone to recognize him outside of studios. I'm out but my douchebag vote is on austin-who?-nichols.
—Roy Donovan Insider

Austin Nichols is in three episodes. Good looking guy, but screams creepy.

Austin Nichols seems a bit hot tempered....I wouldn't disagree about him being a complete nut and a douchebag.
Sounds like a jerk to me there. I only know him through the gay toothy rumours. Other than that, I don't know him. Never seen him act.

Let's hear more on Austin's bitchy behavior.

Happy New Year 2016 indeed

Special K said...

I think if that were true - he wouldn't be working in HW. Everything I've heard from castmates is what a great guy he is and how he fits in with everyone. Seems like that on the set too. I think he can have his diva moments. On the whole I don't think he's like that.

prairiegirl said...

I mean,, wow, wow. That is somebody who knows. He has been on that set. And you know, I think he purposely typed "Roy" Donovan because he probably wanted to make his comment hard to find in a search engine.

What do you guys think about this? lol. And this guy is still pissed about Austin. You can tell - the words just came flowing out in this comment.

prairiegirl said...

Another little nugget that I found (I'll share another tonight, hehe) was about OMG. Special's little blog has found its way onto someone's "thesis" on Toothy Tile and Ted. I thought this was AWESOME!

Who, then, is thought to be the perpetually closeted Toothy Tile? Consensus gives the honor to Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact, there are several gay discussion boards like Waiting for Toothy devoted primarily to discussion of the connections between the youngactor and Casablanca's blind item, while another site, Oh My Godot, focuses on his friendship with Austin Nichols, the actor most often posted as the Gray Goose.

I Dish Therefore I am: Performing Toothy Tile and Ted Casablanca

So I wanted to share that - pretty cool!

Methodical Muser said...

Oh My Godot, focuses on his friendship with Austin Nichols

Ha! I love how the writer used the euphemism "friendship." She probably didn't want Austin to go all Diva-like on her. :-)

But, what a great find, PG. A bit of nostalgia/walk down memory lane is always fun.

prairiegirl said...

lol, yeah later I noticed they used "friendship with". You know, if anyone was paying any attention at all to Jake in years of following him, you would have to ask why these 2 guys were seen together sharing coffee, going to basketball games, riding bicycles. I mean, they even cooked together, right? The public knows that. But you'd have to be curious what has happened in the last 3 years?

They have been publicly seen together at a gym with Sophia Bush, even leaving together in the same vehicle with Soapy in the back seat, if I recall right.
They have been publicly seen together sharing a sushi lunch with Adam Levine, even leaving that lunch together in the same vehicle.
They were seen at the same formal dinner event at Berlinale, on the same stairs going in together.
And they were last seen together walking the streets of NYC in 2012.

So clearly Jake and Austin (for those who want to insist that they're merely friends/buds) have kept in touch and they didn't leave their friendship sitting in a bottle on a dusty shelf.

So one now needs to ask why have they not been publicly seen together since 2012? It has been over 3 years now since Jake & Austin have been seen together. Hard to believe, isn't it?

That is a long time.

Because let's face it, when you reach these two guys' age, there aren't too many single friends left. Friends are getting married and having kids and....and as far as the public knows, both Jake & Austin are still single (although there's that one detail known as Austin's beard) and why doesn't Jake hang once in awhile with his bicycling bud? I mean, it's been no secret Jake is in LA, has been in LA and so has Austin.

Not one single bike ride? People don't find that odd?

(Yes, I know the real reason, but I'm looking at it from a het fan's perspective.)

prairiegirl said...

Patrick Kane & Jonathan Towes are fortunate - they play hockey together. Jared & Jensen work together on the same show, they do conventions together, their intense friendship is part of what sells the show so they are very fortunate they can be seen together. Louis & Harry? They've been in the same singing group so they have been on the same stage, can be in the same backstage area, promo together, etc.
I'm pretty certain Eric Hosmer is gay and it's very possible he may be with someone who's on the team. IF that is the case, they are able to be together under "team" circumstances.

Jake & Austin did one movie together and it's been said here (this was before my time) that they weren't even allowed to do promo together. Would that fly now, I wonder? Did anyone really notice this way back then?

I think it looks actually even more odd that they don't bike ride together (how close can you really be on a bicycle anyway? LOL).

If Austin & ol' Chlo can pretend double date with fellow-bearding couple Paul Wesley & Phoebe TonkaTruck, why can't Austin & Chlo be seen with Jake and one of his past beards?

I'm just asking. What is Mgmnt so afraid of? I mean, the big thing now is Jared & Jensen doubling with their wives in plain view of everyone. And Clooney & Amaal can be seen with his partner, Randy & his beard Cindy Crawford. Jennifer Anniston & her meard Justin T. can be seen with her rumored girlfriend Courtney Cox and whoever it is that she's with.

Yet Jake & Austin aren't trusted to be together in public. That must be some kind of chemistry that Mgmnt is afraid of.

Methodical Muser said...

People should also ponder what happened to Busy Philipps? Adam Levine? Michelle Williams too. Even Atticus was dumped for many years. As was Rashida Jones, Matt Frost, Gene Hong, et al. You don't see Jake ride a bike, jog, grocery shop, Soul Cycle, et al. Basically, you don't see Jake living a life. And, that should make people wonder immediately about those pesky rumors that continue to follow him.

Lately, you don't even see him with Maggie, Mommie Dearest, Peter, or his precious nieces. Yet, we are to believe that the moment Marcus Mumford and Jake were in LA together this past August that they go to Disneyland together to be papped while enjoying the rides. Absolutely, ludicrous.

prairiegirl said...

Jake's not even been seen with Leo since he returned publicly to LA. I mean, what is that about? I think there were a couple of tweet "sightings" of Jake at dog parks awhile back, but those aren't trustworthy.

Is it because Jake hasn't even really been in LA and neither has Austin? Is this why? Can't be seen riding bikes in Canada or the UK, huh? LOLLL!!

Hey, I said I had another little nugget during my perusing this morning so I don' want to forget to post it. Although I'm still trying to recover from that DL bombshell comment left by that "Roy" Donovan namedropper. Geesh!!! That thing was wild.

prairiegirl said...

That guy was pissed. Sounds like Austin's big boots irritated him. LOL. Austin, what did you do to that guy to make him so mad?

prairiegirl said...

Anyway, this one is awesome, you guys. At least, I think it is. Ha ha ha ha.

Austin is also known as Mother Austin to his friends, and that tells you the position that he takes in bed, no?

Mother Austin

I found this in a thread entitled simply "Jake & Austin" and it's old - from 2008, but the OP wanted people to analyze "their non-verbal communication and interaction" from one of the Laker pictures.

This comment was cute:

It is a super cute picture. One that should have made the cover of People but you know never would have.

But I loved this - Mother Austin. LOLLLL!! What in the heck is that all about.

Austin is not devoid of interesting drops on datalounge, let me tell you. What does that mean? Is Austin like a mother ship?

Florida Tom said...

Good stuff guys. Sounds like maybe someone had a little crush on Austin on the set and isn't getting any attention. I wonder if he knows Austin is spoken for :-) THis is going to be a good year.

How about those Chiefs !!! Could you imagine a World Series and a Super Bowl Championship !!!

Guys I need some prayers. The doctor found what he thinks is a melanoma on my back. I had to have a biopsy. So I am asking for a few prayers that we caught it early. I am so lucky I went for an exam.

destiny said...

Yeah, have to agree that I would be surprised if Austin really acted out like that. You can be a big star and get away with murder, but unlikely that Austin would work for very long if he's that difficult with people. Does sound like he pissed off someone, maybe even on the set of Ray Donovan, but doubt it is anything like this person makes it out to be.

Special K said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers right to you Tom! Glad that you had it checked out. (((Tom)))

prairiegirl said...

You got it, Tom. Thank you so much for sharing and telling us. There is strength & power in numbers!

I'm so glad you went into the hospital. Now stay out of that Florida sun!! :-)

prairiegirl said...

It does sound like maybe someone on the crew/set had it bad for Austin because I mean, he was just letting it fly from his fingers. That was someone who had a personal thing going. That's why I said, Austin what in the heck did you do to him? LOL! Geez!

Maybe some is embellished but some of that strikes me as true. What he said about Austin's big *(@#% boots. LOL!!! What is that about? Why would he talk about Austin's boots? Does Austin go stomping around or what?

And that Mother Austin line. That was so awesome. That was another insider.

Well, my next to last night with the 3 kitties. I am going to miss them soooo bad. They all sleep with me and I have to say I'm not getting good long nights of sleep. They crowd me out in that king sized bed and contort me and all kinds of stuff. Or I might turn over or reach for the Ipad to see what time it is and hear "MEOW!" Oops. I might kind of poke one accidentally, especially Alvin who likes to sleep right by my head. But wow, not good sleep. So I'm kind of ready to go home, but yet not. I'd love to have 3 cats just no cat hair. LOL!

Clarity said...

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way Tom. Hope you caught it early.

Hope its not true about Austin. He always seemed pretty stable to me as far as his acting and public appearances.
Happy New Year everybody!

destiny said...

Thinking of you Tom, and hoping that it turns out not to be anything to worry about.

Methodical Muser said...

Sending my most positive thoughts your way, Tom. I'm so glad you followed up with a biopsy.

prairiegirl said...

late correction, I meant to say "doctor" up there, not hospital.

Hey Tom, CHIEFS!!! Chiefs, buddy.

Did anybody else watch that insane Cincinnati/Pittsburgh game last night? What in the heck kind of game was that? And some of the dirtiest hits I've seen. The Chiefs also had a player deliver a late hit. What is up with these players? Going for the head with shoulder pads and hitting a player once he's down? The NFL needs to really crack down on that stuff.

I think you see more dancing after plays than you do at a dance club on a Sat. night, lol.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, lookee what I have ♪♫
a trailer for Lawless Range ♫♫

Hopefully you all can see this. Doesn't look like it's on YouTube although I have no idea why

Austin in salmon.

prairiegirl said...

Let me redo that. I was wrong-o. Here's the YouTube link, just in case you can't see the Facebook post.

Here he is!!!!!! ;-)

Austin in Coral

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, goodie. Another deliberately crafted violent film, filled with men perspiring, grunting, shootin' and tootin', screwing around with...fe-males, gruntin' and scratchin'. And, the added shock value of maybe some animal cruelty thrown in as well. Yep, classic closet case movie-making, Austie. Thanks, but no thanks.

prairiegirl said...

The only thing I didn't care for was the insinuation about killing a horse - not sure if that happens or not, but it looked that way.

The movie didn't look that bad to me. I myself dont' mind at all seeing Austin gruntin and rough kissing. LOL! And in coral while doing it, too! I don't require much.


Methodical Muser said...

Of course the film is going straight to iTunes so even the producers of the film recognize the less than stellar production values. I would probably watch the movie on cable just for the coral shirt. :-)

Methodical Muser said...

I myself don’t mind at all seeing Austin gruntin'

Depends who Austin is grunting with.

And, remember when OMG mentioned how great he looked in that coral shirt, and those pics were taken down immediately? Sounds like the producers of the film were not happy with our keen fashion sense. If they had more money for filtering equipment, they probably would have converted the color to a nice manly grey. LOL!

Confused said...

So there wasn't a premiere for the film? I thought there was one in LA last night? But, if it's going straight to iTunes then that means there is no distributor. Austin doesn't seem to be able to attach himself to anything more than low cost, indie type films. Or, shorts. I think that Nostradamus film was only 25 minutes. Interesting that the release date was right around his birthday.

prairiegirl said...

Confused said...

So there wasn't a premiere for the film? I thought there was one in LA last night?

Now that is an excellent question, Confused. There was supposed to be, can't even tell if it happened or not. Lawless Range promoted it on their FB page and a singing group Stone Coyotes was supposed to perform, but I went to their Twitter and they never said one word about being there.

This was supposed to be the premiere and the actors didn't even show? Or was it a private affair, one that Jake would be able to attend? Did attendees have to sign a disclosure agreement not to say anything about it? Now I'm wondering. That's the only explanation I can think of.

Check it out:

Lawless Range
January 6 at 1:05pm · Los Angeles, CA ·

Tickets are still available for the January 9th premiere screening of Lawless Range aka San Patricios at the Crest Theater in LA. Our friends Stone Coyotes will perform live right after. Limited seats available, so get them while you can at Eventbrite or use the link below. Hope to see you there.

Here's the event on Eventbrite:

Hey yo which states that sales have ended and the event is over.

The whole thing is weird if you ask me.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Ha ha, I think I meant non-disclosure agreement. I knew something wasn't right about that sentence.

Okay, I finally heard Adele's "Hello" song for the first time today. I hate to say it but I like it.

Called a thousand times said...

I finally heard Adele's "Hello" song for the first time today. I hate to say it but I like it.

Not after you've heard the record more than ten times, you won't. This song is as bad as Taylor Swift's stuff. Always on the radio. Over and over and over again. To each his, or her own, but I'm sick of the darn thing being shoved in our ears day and night. I didn't like it the first time, but around the third listening I thought it was a good vocalization. But, I don't think the sentiment of the lyrics wear well. I like that she sings with such emotion, but that emotion can wear on your ears after awhile. The last time I heard the opening word, "Hello," I changed the station and said, "Goodbye."

prairiegirl said...

Not after you've heard the record more than ten times, you won't.

Probably. I downloaded One and Only and I won't even listen to it anymore. I was so burned out on Adele when this album came out, that I wasn't even anxious to hear it. I can't help it that it came on my Pandora station, LOL!

I agree on this - Adele will soon wear thin on people after about another album of her ballads. She's got to be able to be versatile. It's why alot of groups/singers don't have staying power. If you only have one schtick, it's only going to carry you so far.

You sound like one of my Twitter followers, you're not Brad Carl, are you? LOLLLL!!
lol. I had to read his rants for several days on my twitter timeline. Boy, he was burned out on Adele.

I'm just kidding. I'm sick of her myself. She's all over the place. That's why I never sought out listening to this song.

Daily Mail said...

Legendary singer David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after battling cancer in secret for 18 months.

The star, who released a new album last week, was known as the creator of glam rock and was one of the most successful artists of the 20th century.

A spokesman for Bowie said this morning: 'David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer.

'While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.'

His latest album Blackstar was released just last Friday, although Bowie had rarely performed or been seen in public in recent months.

Bowie's son Duncan Jones, also known as Zowie Bowie, confirmed the news, writing on Twitter: 'Very sorry and sad to say it's true. I'll be offline for a while. Love to all.'

Other stars paid tribute to the British singer - Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon tweeted: 'So sad to hear of David Bowie dying x'.

prairiegirl said...

I am still in disbelief from waking up this morning and one of the first things I saw was the news that David Bowie had died. What a loss of musical talent. I liked so many of his songs and I remember him performing at both Live Aid as well as at the 9/11 Concert for New York.

I feel very bad for Duncan Jones who lost his father and who even knew David B was ill. One of my favorite music scenes was Heath Ledger dancing to Golden Years in A Knight's Tale. It was so cool.

Such a huge star he was. Very, very sad.

destiny said...

Stunned and devastated by the loss of David Bowie. Love his music, he was up there with U2 and Neil Young as my all-time favorite musical artist.

Love The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Harvey Levin said...

TMZ’s Policy on outing

Anonymous asked:
i know tmz is trash on a lot of levels, but harvey has a strick no outing policy. the fact that they didn't even write anything about babygate when it was announced, and since have only wrote on one thing (the chimp visit from june) leads me to believe harvey knows there's something fucked up about this

bananastagram answered:

i absolutely agree. their silence on this is really telling to me because this is salacious and right up their alley.


So I used to watch TMZ fairly frequently. It’s a trashy show, where the people who run the TMZ website film their daily 6am meeting, where staffers sit in their office, and pitch the latest stories to their boss (who acts as a kind of host of the show), Harvey Levin.

Harvey Levin, to anyone who doesn’t know, is the owner and face of the TMZ empire. He’s an entertainment lawyer, former host and is widely considered to be one of the most powerful people in Hollywood, albeit in a trashy Tabloid King kind of way. Harvey is gay.

So one day I’m watching TMZ and a newish staffer who had only been around for a couple of months starts talking about Antoine Dobson, the “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” guy. Antoine’s wife has just given birth to their first child; this is particularly notable, as about a year after he became well known, Antoine had publicly announced that he had successfully “prayed away the gay” and was getting married to a woman. Harvey was having absolutely none of it.

Staffer: “[describing story] …. and now that he’s straight-”

Harvey: [interrupting] “He’s not straight.”

Staffer: “What? You can’t say that!”

Harvey: “It doesn’t work that way. He’s still gay.”

Staffer: “But Harvey, you’re always telling us that we’re not allowed to Out people?”

Harvey: “This is different. This guy was out himself, he told everyone he was gay, then he found Jesus and decided that he wanted to be straight. It doesn’t work that way, you can’t just change. He’s still gay.”

I thought it was EXTREMELY interesting that they’d allowed this conversation to be broadcast, especially as it made it public knowledge that TMZ is aware of a number of closeted gay celebrities, but that they have an official policy that they aren’t going to use their information for their own gain, or to forcibly out them.

Which, of course, is the right thing to do, but this wouldn’t be well known to TMZ’s audience. Tabloids aren’t known for their morals and a lot of people think that celebrity gossip agencies run on a system of transperancy - i.e. anything that’s found out is immediately made public for general consumption.

TMZ is willing to cross a LOT of lines (including blackmail - just look at the original Justin Bieber racist joke video, which TMZ had for 5 years before someone else released it), but this isn’t one of them. Harvey doesn’t like bearding or closeting, so rather than uncovering them, or giving them any airtime, they often choose just not to cover the story.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, that is fascinating, Harvey Levin. Thank you so much for bringing that to OMG. His take on that Antoine Dobson fellow is fascinating to say the least. I've never heard of Antoine Dobson, but sounds like he's known on the internet, lol.

Interesting that Harvey plays the game sometimes though. Maybe it's to keep his contacts and be able to have access?

I'm going to play devil's advocate a bit on this one, but I will say right now that I don't know this Antoine guy, don't know anything about him, I'm just going by this story. Maybe Antoine truly does think he's straight now and that he's "snuffed" his gay sexuality out. I could see that. And yet he doesn't understand that he is who he is on the inside and I have read of believers in Christ who have tried to pray away their sexuality and be straight, but unsuccessfully of course. This is one of the things that many Christians don't pay any attention to and give other believers a bad name on the internet. And you know, Antoine is just going to find out (and maybe he has already) that it doesn't work this way, like Harvey said.

But what I find kind of crappy is that Harvey calls this guy out on this, but doesn't call out the outright OTT lying and public deception that goes on by others in HW.

Unless Harvey knows that Antoine knows he's still gay, yet has a lover on the side and knows he's lying by claiming that he's been "changed", then that's something different and I would not have a problem with what Harvey said on television.

Not saying this is a right or wrong opinion, it's just my own reaction to it.

That was very interesting.

Harvey Levin said...

I can understand your distinction. I guess what I found more fascinating was that Harvey has not once pushed Babygate. Which tells me when he knows that closeted celebrities are being forced into stunts by their handlers, he stays away from distributing the "story". Antoine Dobson is an Internet celebrity, the "hide your kids," guy. Harvey is probably disgusted because of the Dobson portrays the whole topic. He says reckless stuff like, "I'm not into homosexuality" anymore. Or, I've changed my "lifestyle." Basically telling people being gay is a choice and he can flip a switch at anytime.

prairiegirl said...

You have to wonder how it is that Jake has all of these followers in Russia?

Only two comments this morning, none of them having anything at all to do with Jake & Austin but yet we get paid a visit by the paid troll/WFT2 blog administrator.

In one week, Russia outnumbered the US at 1600 page views to 1426. And between 11:00 - 1200 ET this morning, there were no Russian views at all. The moment the TMZ post was released by the moderator, there were 23 page views within 5 minutes from Russia.

This troll is sent by Jake's people. Jake's people for whatever reason are using this Russian server to come in at OMG. Does Jake's mother have family over in Russia? Is that where the connection is? Or is it harder to be detected through a Russian server?

Whatever the reason is, this troll is actively trying to take down OMG. He wants us to put OMG on moderation constantly and shut down any conversation whatsoever. He wants us to get frustrated and throw in the towel.


They can keep banging their can against the jail cell bars and they can keep banging their little sippie cups against their playpens, we are not going down.

Sorry, boys. :-) You're just making us dig our heels in even more.

prairiegirl said...

Here's another bit of information.

Now figure this out. The server is in Russia, however the troll is coming in through various Google browsers to do their page views.

German Google
Google France

So the troll is using a server in Russia but he's coming in through different browsers to try and confuse his identity.

This is what kills me. This troll, aka Jake's Stupid Team, think that we're going to throw in the towel and walk off bawling at this point.

We've gone through everything from Reeke to Sophin to the Tony's Hottie to Marcus Bumford and ol' Tay and Miller to Austin's current beard, Ms. Just Jared Jr. and we're still here.

They really think that we're going to close the teller window after we've witnessed all of that?

I have no words for the stupidity.

prairiegirl said...

The different Google browsers have been used recently, not all today.

Interesting, huh?

Jake does NOT have 1000's of fans in Russia, I'm sorry. There are not 1000 Russian OMG'ers checking us out.

LOL - like my two dinosaur sippy cups? That's Jake & Austin. Both of them pitching their little fits for the past couple of weeks, banging their sippy cups against their playpens.

Bump in time said...

Did people see Anne Hathaway's baby bump? I don't know about you, but that whole publicity push seemed like she was trying to prove she was really pregnant. Sort of like Beyonce. And, we all know that celebrity "pregnancy" was a joke. Anne's probably learned a lot from Jake about surrogacy services. And, I'm sure she's vain enough that she doesn't want to tamper with her body image.

prairiegirl said...

I think Anne Hathaway is a lesbian. I never have bought into her marriage. I think Rachel mcAdams, Anna Kendrick and no doubt Naomi Watts are too.

I think Sophia Bush is a lesbian. And add Austin's present fake gf to that list as well.

Austin said he has learned alot from Jake - well he's learned to have a member from HW's LGBT community as a beard and/or romantic movie lead. This way, they both have cover and there's no pressure while doing love scenes. It's probably easier to share mutual secrets of the closet that way.

Anne Hathaway's uber "private" wedding was indicative of this latest trend to hide what may possibly be a string of fake marriages. Fake baby bumps are nothing any more.

If you're going to take a picture of yourself in a bikini with the bare baby bump, take that picture up close. Instead, she takes it while practically out at sea in a dinghy with the camera person on shore.

Oh no, that's not suspicious at all.

Methodical Muser said...

Did people see Anne Hathaway's baby bump?

I did! You know I had the same thought a couple of weeks ago when I first saw the article. Especially, since the photo "session" was all about her taking control of the publicity machine. Which, in turn, made the situation look like poor Anne was the victim of the paps and therefore was "forced" to publish this photo she would have preferred to keep private. Yeah, right.

Whenever I see something like that, I immediately think this is planned. Then I ask why is the stunt being done? It could very well be that she posted that baby bump photo to suppress any rumors about her not actually being pregnant. Notice she put herself in a bikini too. Bottom line is you can do wonders with photoshop. She could have easily doctored the pic before posting.

prairiegirl said...

Isn't this amazing.

The paid troll/WFT2 administrator disappears momentarily.

You know why?

Because new pics of Austin and his fake gf have just appeared on Twitter.

That's where he went and that's why he's gone right now.

You got caught, buddy.

prairiegirl said...

This is so obvious. Mgmnt, Jake & Austin are so pissed over discussion about Peter & Maggie being estranged and the Vancouver home that the guys have with the Baby Tiles.

Austin's like a guy with bad pick up lines. He's using all the same MO's with Bennet that he did with Bush. Dogs. Weddings. Weddings. Dogs. More Weddings. 3 year contract becomes six years.


C'mon Austin. Here's an idea. I think him & Bennet themselves need to provide the entertainment and get hitched. Add a room to that mother in law cottage in back of the house and set up shop back there for Bennet and her girlfriends. Neighbors won't know any different.

Then Maggie will have help when Austin & Jake decide to have a romantic getaway. Everybody wins! ;-) And we need new material here for Power Point presentations.
Bored already with dogs and weddings.

prairiegirl said...

Troll, you are in big trouble. You do not mess with M & M.


prairiegirl said...

One thing is clear, there's some subterfuge going on right now. The guys must think we're dumber than a box of hair. lol.

Hope Austin & Jake are having a good time with their children. This whole weekend has read like an old worn Scholastic book. Typical stuff. Austin ramping up the fakery and Jake GPS'ing himself on the east coast.

Of course Jake went to the east coast to start prep for his next movie role. But another big purpose of his trip was to plant him on the east coast until maybe that movie starts filming. They probably stored up several photo ops to use during the times that he is in LA with Austin & the kids.

And Austin? lol. smdh. Couldn't you at least have put a lei on to add some believability to those pics? Flower in the lapel?

One thing is for sure, Jake & Austin likely won't be eating at Koreatown tonight. LOLLLL!! Maybe it'll be In 'n Out takeout.

Okay folks, that's the last thing to say for awhile. Moi needs to take a short nap because it's Sunday and I need some shut eye.


Methodical Muser said...

I love your dinosaur sippy cups on your avatar, PG. I wonder what colors Jake and Austin's are? I betcha Austin has a huge bottle of Tums in his pocket every time he has to do a photoshoot with his beard. She would give anyone acid reflux disease. Do all beards practice that smug face, or does it just come naturally?

Those kids are going to be so screwed up. The line between honesty and deception will not just be blurred, but erased. I wouldn't care except society will be the worse with kids like that being raised and instructed to not only have a “the rules don’t apply to me” perspective, but a self-righteous one as well.

Florida Tom said...

TMZ got as close as anybody to outing Jake and Austin when they reported Austin spending times in Jake's trailer on the movie set several years back !!!!!

Florida Tom said...

TMZ got as close to outing Jake and Austin as anyone one when they reported Austin was spending a lot of time in one of Jake's set trailers several years ago..

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, they did, Tom.

# If The Trailer, I Mean, Boat is a Rockin' Don't Come a Knockin'


Nor'easter said...

Just stunned by David Bowie's passing - I didn't know he had been ill. I had a delayed reaction, but his music has been playing in my head the past few days - 'Heroes' and 'The Man Who Sold The World'. Wow, just can't believe it. Glenn Frye too, and Alan Rickman.

Tom, hoping for the best outcome for you!

prairiegirl said...

Wondering how the OMG northeasterners are faring tonight? Did you all go get bread and milk today? :-)

I know that you're having the cold temperatures that we've been having. We've had single digits. Last Sunday, I drove into Kansas City and my toes never thawed out all the way there.

It's one reason why I just really find it hard to believe Jake would have been walking around outside yesterday on a set. You never know. He does have to be in NYC by Monday.....

prairiegirl said...

Just going to drop this here.

Dani Matias (@Jonas7Dani)
1/22/16, 16:07

Y'all I swear I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal
Austin, TX

Hmmmm whadya think?

prairiegirl said...

Awwww, Tian Tian, a giant panda at the DC National Zoo is trending on Twitter now because of this short video of him enjoying the snow. It is too cute.

Tian Tian LOVES the snow!!!

He just loves this snow!

Methodical Muser said...

There's some bizarre stuff going down right now with Babygate. It's like the auto accident that you can't turn away from. Not sure if we are all part of a sequel of The Truman Show. But, I have a huge tub of popcorn and ice cream chillin' in the fridge. I guess we have to destroy the village before we can save it. #BigGayWar

Nor'easter said...


PG, we haven't gotten hit yet up here - wow, others have been really hard hit. We're waiting, all stocked up - don't know if we'll just get clipped or hammered! Take care everyone, don't drive if you don't have to.

prairiegirl said...

Exactly, Nor'easter. Don't get out and drive. I've seen some great pics on Twitter this morning - one thing I love about Twitter. People are posting pictures from their porches and windows, the snow piling up.

And then there's people posting pictures from The Day After Tomorrow, so funny.

prairiegirl said...

Just a few random gems from DL:

I think Keram is GREAT!! But Austin is not straight. My bf has met both Austin and Jake (knows one of them better than the other) and has seen them together at parties.

Let's just say from what he has told me it was clear that those two were very "familiar" with one another.
reply 44

I don't want this to descend to another is Jake...fill the space debate but 3 years back a blogger who fancied the pants off Austin Nichols and seemed to want hooking up - only to be turned down when Austin left the industry party with a certain Gyllenhaal that shall remain nameless. Nothing sexual was implied but it seemed pretty clear the blogger (male) was fully expecting (or had been led to believe) that Austin was a potential date and was upset that it didn't happen.
reply 48

Austin Nichols is NOT straight. I KNOW he's not. I did some personal training with him. He was pretty open with me. That's all I'm saying.
reply 75

There are some good tidbits in this thread if you have 25 minutes to go through it lol

There were a few drops in that big sizeable thread. I saw one on Zac Efron hooking up with his HSM co-star Lucas G. that sounded believable. Someone said they were from Lucas' hometown and they knew him. But anyway, you know how these anon comments go. You take with grains of salt.

But this new Keram guy was full of it. He started pushing that Austin & Sophia were real, that Austin was hooking up with Daphne Z. and that was where he blew it with many commenters after he said that. People didn't buy it.

Still....a decent thread to chew on.
I enjoy the Austin drops. I bet he has quite a few guys flirting with him. I.E. Buckles.

Look with your eyes said...

There's definitely no chemistry between Austin and his "girlfriend." I would say they interact more like brother and sister, but then I've seen more heat between siblings. Maybe Austin should take tips from Maggie and Jake? They relate to each other as if they are bed partners.

Support 1D said...

What's going on in the 1D fandom is incredibly disturbing too. Someone just posted this on conscious-ramblings tumblr site and I agree totally with the point being made:

wheresalicelove asked

I definitely think 1DHQ/Simon want to take Louis down, ruin the fan base, break up the band, lower their value etc. but it is larger than that. This is also to keep any future artists inline, scare the shit out of them in so they won't even think about fighting the system. The gorilla pounding its chest. The boys committed the ultimate sin: they fought back. I don't think now is the time to abandon ship but to ship harder, support them. We are shocked right now but that'll wear off. Let's fight!


# wheresalicelove # asks
∞ Permalink Posted 52 minutes ago Tweet this 21 notes

Methodical Muser said...

I think that is an excellent point. Harry and Louis need all the support from everyone who believes in freedom and equality right now. They have told everyone in every way possible that they want to come out, short of actually articulating the words. Harry said that love always wins. And, these two guys are winners. We just have to believe.

Florida Tom said...

I wonder why Jake would be in Teas :-)

Thanks for asking about me Northeaster and everyone. My biopsy came back as benign but the area has to be watched closely for any change.

I am mesmerized by the snow storm up North. Been watching the weather channel for two days. Chilly and windy here in Florida but the sun just came out and it looks good. Be careful everyone. Stay home till Monday !!! Although I have to admit they are having fun at Times Square and the Philly Art Museum.

Florida Tom said...

I feel bad for the poor Jersey Shore. It keeps getting nailed. The ocean just seems to be coming in further with each storm. Be interesting to come back in a 1000 years and to see how much of NJ is left.

destiny said...

That is great news Tom!!!!

We're surviving the storm just fine. I didn't have to go to work because the buses stopped running, so it's a rare day to stay home and enjoy the storm, rather than trying to trudge to work. We went out and walked a block or two, it's fun to see the streets with practically no traffic.

destiny said...

That Tian Tian video is adorable.

Can someone provide me a link to a site where I can catch up on what's going on with 1D?

prairiegirl said...

Great news, Tom! That is wonderful to hear. And I bet you are glad to be where it is warm. We are cold here in Kansas but at least we're not buried in snow.

We just have about an inch on the ground.

That was a great point that Support 1D brought to OMG. A great point. This whole thing is mind blowing what is going on.

Florida Tom said...

Louis is a new Dad. Ha Ha !!! That is a good one :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Can someone provide me a link to a site where I can catch up on what's going on with 1D?

Here are some of the top Larrie Tumblr sites, Destiny.

Larrie Tumblr #1

Larrie Tumblr #2

Larrie Tumblr #3

Larrie Tumblr #4

Larrie Tumblr #5

Larrie Tumblr #6

Larrie Tumblr #7

For anyone interested said...

A Babygate FAQ

destiny said...

Thanks for all the links on Babygate.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry, if anyone saw my comments, some further analyzation and discussion needs to go on before finalizing observations. LOL, I know that sounds stupid, but so much nonsense has been posted and we want to be sure about what we're posting.

So sorry about this. M & M and I aren't quite ready to present.

But there's alot to point out, so please bear with us. More to come!

prairiegirl said...

PG aka MM aka Harvey Levin aka Bump in time aka All Other Names talking to herself again, LMAO!!!!

You wouldn't even make a good car salesman if you put on a polyester suit and sprayed cheap cologne all over you.

I write nothing like other people and no one writes like me. But you just keep on trying to peddle your WFT2 bs, we're nothing but Teflon over here.

prairiegirl said...

How obvious is it how scared ***less Mgmnt teams are about Harry and Louis coming out. They must be sweating bullets.

Methodical Muser said...

Anonymous asked:
i know tmz is trash on a lot of levels, but harvey has a strick no outing policy. the fact that they didn't even write anything about babygate when it was announced, and since have only wrote on one thing (the chimp visit from june) leads me to believe harvey knows there's something fucked up about this

Well, things are changin' fast in 1D land. In fact, Harvey Levin has suddenly appeared onto the scene. It's true that since the "pregnancy" TMZ had not the discussed the story. Just crickets. All of a sudden, however, once the "baby" was said to be born last Thursday, Harvey has covered the tale every single day. With pics of Louis being posted, even though nothing is happening. Something is in the wind for sure. And, Harvey and Irving Azoff have close ties.

Methodical Muser said...

This is kind of exciting news. A pic has appeared overnight of Harry with Glenne Christiaansen (Jeff Azoff's girlfriend). Harry is standing in front of his birthday cake with a huge smile on his face. Coincidentally, two years ago, when Harry was sending the message out into the universe that he was "friends" with the Azoffs, he did another birthday cake pic with the Azoff family and this time was seen with Jared Leto whom Irving Azoff extricated from a horrible music contract back in 2013-2014.

What’s important here is what name is iced onto Harry's birthday cake. "Happy Birthday Harvey."

Hidden Message?

Like someone observed on one of the Larry tumblrs: "God, putting Harvey on the cake to foreshadow tmz is like just the sort of fuck you the azoffs are known for. I’m trying not to get excited but…"

Old Team's Silence said...

I do believe the Harry birthday cake message is bodacious for a purpose. A good purpose. What also cannot be ignored is that Simon Cowell (gay), Simon Jones (1D PR- also gay)and Dan Wooton (friend of Cowell; tabloid writer for The Sun - you guessed it, also gay) have not said a word of congratulations to Louis about the "birth" of his "son". Not one peep. Yet, none of these people kept their mouth shut last year in the afterglow of the "pregnancy" announcement. Weasels. Every single one of them. Simon Cowell even offered to be the kid's godfather. They are separating themselves from this stunt for a reason. Somehow thinking that they can slither away blameless. I'm hoping that Azoff has other plans though. Sadly, this is one major example of a pack of gay men who are the most vicious, perverse, low lives I have ever seen. Self haters, no doubt.

Methodical Muser said...

For the record, I would like to point something out about another set of shady circumstances, this time involving the recent Arthur Miller 100th celebration last Monday night, in NY. For this observation, some background might prove to be helpful. Back on November 24, 2015 when the Deadline article first appeared informing the public about the January 25, 2016 event, Jake was not mentioned anywhere as being in attendance. Five days later, however, on November 29, 2015, Prairie Girl posted this observation on OMG:

prairiegirl said...
I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. I wish, I hope, I would love for Jake and Austin to come out. I just don't think we're seeing signs of it.

Many here don't see it, but if anyone watches Twitter closely, there are signs that Jake, Austin and Maggie are living over in the UK alot now. I think it's easier to hide their kids over there. If they're staying over there more frequently, then it just adds fuel to the thought that Jake, Austin & Maggie are looking for ways to exist in their odd communal way without those 2 guys coming out.

Maggie & Peter are kaput. I have no doubt of this. And I think Maggie is helping Jake & Austin to take care of their kids. I'm not really sure where Ramona & Gloria are - who has them? You don't even read tweets of these girls being with their mother any longer. It's always just Maggie if she's ever seen. No Peter. No girls. It's bizarre. And it's been this way for awhile. But Maggie is sure seen frequently in Jake's vicinity.
November 29, 2015 at 4:19 PM

Not surprisingly, by the end of December, one month later, both Jake and Peter’s names were suddenly added to the list of celebrities who were going to participate in the Miller event. Like so many “coincidences” related to One Direction, I really can’t imagine why that personal performance juxtaposition between Jake and Peter suddenly might seem to be a necessary one to Jake’s management team? Particularly, since Peter was supposedly in Paris filming his new movie and Jake had been avoiding his “home” in NY like the plague for months.

Now, I know that PR would love to downplay their presence on this little blog, but everyone here knows troll(s) are lurking here night and day, aggressively spamming whenever commenters start to post, essentially trying to shut OMG down. Given this pattern, the question has to be asked, “Why would that be, if what we have to say is so delusional?”

Methodical Muser said...

Fast forward to last Monday, and not only is there hardly any actual coverage of Peter or Jake being at the Miller event, but this curious video “proof” of Jake being there is posted. I mean, if there’s video, he must have been there right?
Lyceum Theater

As they say, things are not always what they seem. Particularly, with closet cases. Let's start out by focusing on two oddities that stuck out right away. Notice over to the right of the stage, all the empty seats. You do see four females scrunched together, but no one is seated to their right. In fact, there are many empty seats. This means, of course, like so many things involving Jake, the story the audience is being fed, does not match the facts of the situation. From SheaMagazine: “The one time event was sold out as New Yorkers ponied up to show their support for arts education. Among the notables on hand was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who spoke to the audience about the need for humanities education in a world that is increasingly “STEM” focused, meaning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.….”

Secondly, look at the blurb posted beneath the video clip:

#ArthurMiller: One night 100 years. On stage #jakegyllenhaal & #alecbaldwin reading a passage from a private author's collection. Event honoring the legendary playwright Arthur Miller. #arthurmiller100 #arthurmillerfoundation camspaceAmazing!

Reading a passage from a private author’s collection. Really? That’s a very odd thing to do, don't you think. Especially, since all the articles about Jake’s “appearance” was that he read with Alec Baldwin and Ellen Barkin (whom we never see by the way) from Miller’s “All My Sons.” Never mind the obvious peculiarity of why would you be reading from a private author’s collection when the night is celebrating Arthur Miller. Hmm. One begins to think that this footage may very well not have been from January 25th.

I was only going to point out two discrepancies, but there is actually a third oddity that needs to be included here too. Just for fun. Three days (January 22) before the Miller “performance,” pics and stories began to “leak” on the Internet indicating that Jake was filming an appearance on the “Inside Amy Schumer” show. Now, it's certainly possible Jake could have filmed something that we will eventually see, but none of the pics ever show Jake with Amy Schumer. Not one. The headlines are splashy, eye catching, but there is never a single photo placing Jake with her on January 21. Still, what better way to prove Jake was in NY (after all he’s supposed to live there, right?) than to float exciting “evidence” that he was “seen” with Amy Schumer. The problem is that when you do a Google search there is nothing about Jake being on set at all. Except for ol’ “reliable” Lamey, on January 22. Why? Well, because the story was pretty much a twitter reveal. How very convenient.

So to conclude this little tale, one might ask why it was so important to place Jake in NY on January 21 too. How about this one?

Dani Matias (@Jonas7Dani)
1/22/16, 16:07

Y'all I swear I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal

Drum roll, please: Dani was in Austin, Texas.

prairiegirl said...

The whole thing was hinky from the timing of the announcement of Jake & Peter being there through the event itself. I was on my laptop all evening bc I was watching television and so I was checking. Jake never appeared on the red carpet, although there was Alec Baldwin, Bradley Cooper, Ellen Barkin, and Laurence Fishbourne (sp). And there was one lone twitter account which tweeted how Jake performed:

Amanda Sales ‏@Scamandalous Jan 25

Jake Gyllenhaal was somehow able to communicate all the hurt and anger in Chris in ALL MY SONS in one scene at a music stand.
8:02 PM - 25 Jan 2016 · Details

The whole evening was bizarre. Hardly anybody tweeted about it at all, you would have thought nobody attended. Oh, and bizarrely, this same twitter account also provided the only tweet I ever saw about Peter:

Amanda Sales ‏@Scamandalous Jan 25

Peter Sarsgaard high-fived the high school kids who were sitting onstage at the Arthur Miller event tonight. ��
10:07 PM - 25 Jan 2016 · Details

I suppose Peter was there? lol, I don't know, I'm really not convinced on him being there either. Not one stinkin' picture.

The whole evening was hinky as hell, like I said.

You know what else was eyebrow raising? At least people like Ellen Barkin and Laurence Fishburne explained how Arthur Miller was important to them and his impact. But Bradley Cooper? It was like Bradley Cooper just went there so that stories could appear everywhere about his fake girlfriend and how they were apartment hunting in NY. What was that about? That should have had nothing to do with wanting to perform at this tribute. The tribute was about Arthur Miller, I would have expected to see quotes from guests about how and why they came to be at the tribute performing. Not about apartment hunting.

I will say that Page Six had a quote from Peter, but I still don't know. Page Six is in the back pocket of the Ghaals - they've proved it already several times by posting fake stories about Jake in order to enable his deeply closeted life.

prairiegirl said...

Extremely well written remarks btw, M&M. Oh, by the by, did you know that you were me? And that I'm "you"? LOLLLLL!! I have to say to everyone that I do a heckuva work commute every day from the Pacific Ocean side of the country all the way to south of Olathe KS! LOLLLLL. Boy, and the miles are really racking up on my car because of it.


I mean, the sheer stupidity of it all.

Anyway, what I was going to say was,
and Jake had been avoiding his “home” in NY like the plague for months.

When is Jake ever in NYC anymore? Maybe for 24 hours shooting photo ops to store up for these dormant times in his non-working schedule?

prairiegirl said...

Hmmmm, now what is this about, I wonder...Could this gal's mom and aunt be in Toronto, ON as well? While these sightings aren't always in the same province of Canada, there is something up with Jake constantly being seen in Canada. Do these guys have a couple of places in Canada?

justine ‏@_jbanta 3h3 hours ago
My mom and my aunt apparently saw Jake Gyllenhaal 😱😱😱😱

7:06 PM - 31 Jan 2016 · Details

prairiegirl said...

Sorry I said Canada so many times in my comment. I didn't realize how often I did that. Writing fault!

Methodical Muser said...

M&M here. Not PG. We are two different people. PG has a sense of humor. I do not.

Now, let's get down to business. Toronto is a perfect spot for Jake and Austin to have a place on the East Coast because of its proximity to New York pap walks and Michigan side trips to visit the Nichols family who have a cabin and other homes in the area. That was one of the reasons that Faux Chlo was selected as a beard as well. She is from Michigan and hangs in Chicago, which is in the Great Lakes area. I still think they have a place on the West Coast as well, when Jake has his LA obligations. Hence, the Vancouver sightings.

Florida Tom said...

Darn these guys are everywhere. Vancouver, Toronto, London, NYC, LA, Texas, Michigan etc etc etc !!! I think the plan is confusion :-)

prairiegirl said...

Darn these guys are everywhere. Vancouver, Toronto, London, NYC, LA, Texas, Michigan etc etc etc !!! I think the plan is confusion :-)

LOL! There have been times when he'll be spotted in several places at once.

But over the course of at least the 8 years since I've been at OMG, there's been a reason for these guys to have been spotted in these cities, with the exception of Vancouver. The Vancouver area sighting was a real rarity.

prairiegirl said...

And with the Vancouver sightings, both Jake and Austin had been spotted in that area.

Another one comes to mind, that year where several OMG'ers went to see Jake in his off-Broadway play and there was a Q & A scheduled right afterwards, remember that? And he ended up not being at the Q & A. Where did he get spotted that evening? In Austin TX. So he was in NYC that day and by nighttime, he had flown into Austin TX to be with Austin & the kids.


prairiegirl said...

Hey, guess what? Jake is going to be at SXSW this year. He's supposed to be "in conversation", which sounds like he'll be at a panel. I think they're supposed to show Demolition as well.

Jake Gyllenhaal and producer Sarah Green will be featured in conversations at the South by Southwest Film Festival and Conference, March 11-19, organizers announced today. October 20 2015 Yeehaw

He's supposed to be in an interactive conversation so will have to keep an eye on that thing for an announcement of dates. You know, I have two cousins, not just one, now who live in Austin. Their folks live in San Antonio. I wouldn't even have to look up a hotel - maybe they'd let me bunk there, wouldn't have to get a hotel room.

lol. Not that a person would be able to get into that event. But you never know! ;-D
That would be cool, wouldn't it?


Methodical Muser said...

Ted made it clear back in 2011 that BT would be raised in the proper non-vicey environment, away from the glare of Hollyweird. So yes, PR loves to use Twitter to confuse and mask where Jake and Austin are, but there are patterns. Plus, we have that out of character quote from Ms. "All About NY" Maggie back in 2011 about wanting to live on a farm. We also know that Maggie is being hid too. Along with the disappearance of Mommie Dearest. The other day we even get a quote from Maggie of how she doesn't want her nine year old daughter to look herself up on the Internet. Huh? Right, Maggie. You, Peter and Jake used Ramona for all she was worth in the early days for PR purposes. What changed? Jake started having a secret family that he wanted hidden. Notice how Gloria, who was born in 2012 has been hardly ever seen. Completely opposite to Ramona's first 4-5 years. Back then, of course, Jake either didn't have any children. Or, they were young enough not to see their cousin Ramona being papped everywhere. Funny, how Maggie's children have now become some kind of big secret too. Not a coincidence.

prairiegirl said...

Minor interruption! I was doing some research for a Tumblr post and I had to verify the year of the famous Laker photos.

This photo Awwwww has 6861 views, by far the most views of any of the Laker photos. Most of the Laker photos vary around 2-3000 views. But this particular photo has over 6800.

Incredible. That's how much people loved these photos.

Fed up said...

I agree with the observation above. I shook my head when I read that article about M. Gyllenhaal's whining about right to privacy being violated by fans and paps. And, how she thinks paps covering her are infringing upon her constitutional rights as an American citizen. What a hypocritical, two-faced, snotty-nosed, spoiled brat. Whew. I feel better now. lol.

Prime evidence: The whole Taylor Swift, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ramona photo shoot on the cover of US Stinkly in 2010, I believe? I know it was selling the family Thanksgiving angle. What about that media fraud imposed upon the public? She really needs to just sit down and shut up. Celebrities blather on about right to privacy, but they don't mine manipulating the public with their own pap shots to sell a false relationship/image, or providing made up stories to gain sympathy, or when their management teams want them to be seen somewhere to prove they are not somewhere else.

What about that whole fake pic of Louis Tomlinson with a baby that his idiot team is selling as his baby from a one night stand? That photo has already been analyzed and debunked as photoshopped. These coddled celebrities need to get a grip. I'm sick of them boohooing. It's so hard to be a millionaire and have to deal with the public. Hint: That's your job. Suck it up and be grateful you don't really have to work for a living

prairiegirl said...

Oh my gosh, Fed up, thanks for airing so many of my exact thoughts.

Suck it up and be grateful you don't really have to work for a living.

Speaking of long has it been since Jake worked on a movie?


Does your calendar go back that far? LOL!

destiny said...

I've been thinking the same thing, that it's been a long time since Jake worked on anything.

And I've just got to say it, GO BRONCOS!

Nocturnal Animals said...

Jake worked with Amy Adams on this film in November. It's directed by Tom Ford. It was a very quick shoot because Tom Ford had other commitments coming up.

I read this blog almost every day and have even commented a couple of times when someone thought Jake was making a movie with Harrison Ford. I agree with a lot of what is said here. Just want you to know that I'm not trolling.

Seaweed said...

Hello Gang !

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, sorry for all the missed Birthdays since the fall.... and as a good Catholic boy, Mea culpu, mea culpma, mea maxima culpa!

Thanks to Prairie Girl for waking me from my winter hibernation, appreciated the phone call and catching up on a lot of the latest news. Have been more than busy since the end of the summer with a great deal of family matters, but also got very lazy on my online habits and fell out of touch to the point that it seemed like a monumental task to "catch up". I hate missing out on things and tend to require a full scale review before I jump back into things, thus the long break in my communication. Thanks to PG's prodding and my embarrassment I spent the weekend catching up on all things OMG.

So happy to see the discussion continues and is lively even with the constant threat from an overzealous troll.

It's a cold and blustery night here in Nova Scotia, with another wicked Nor'Easter bearing down on us. Have all my supplies and of course, storm chips as well. Lots of wind and snow but generally this winter has been mild compared to most. Mom and Dad at 88 and 86 are tired of getting snowed in, but soon our spring will be underway.... prolly by June ! Ha.

Tom, glad to hear you had a good result on your melanoma scare, and will be happy to talk to you sometime soon, as it's been quite a while since we talked. Hope you're enjoying your new home on the East Coast of Florida. Lots to discuss on the Tooth and Goose front along with 1D and the other dynamic duo's. Looks like we could have lots of good things to talk about in our New Year. Cheers to all, virtual hugs abound.

destiny said...

Hi Seaweed, so good to hear from you, and glad all is well up north.

Thanks PG for pulling him back in.

prairiegirl said...

Hi Seaweed!!!!
Well, I was getting so worried. And it was wonderful to hear Seaweed's voice again and we had a lovely visit. :)

No one is ever away from here too long. Even Prodigal Posters! LOL! JK.

Hi Nocturnal Animals! Wonderful to have you here. Please feel welcome to pop in any time you wish and appreciate what you share.

I have to tell you all that in my @goosestile tweeting activity, I have made some wonderful acquaintances, people who are fans of other OTP's or simply students and observers of the deep closet. It's great fun. Anyway, I have befriended two gals who are huge fans of an OTP, one who loves Larry and another who is a big J2 fan. And both of these gals knew of OMG and are quite aware of the work we have done here.

It was just a real joy, let me tell you. OMG has reached many, many people. The number of posters on here does not begin to tell the story. The statistical numbers do, just not the visibility of posters. And that is just one of the reasons why we remain, with all thanks to Special.

Because OMG has become an archive. I have a tumblr (not my old tumblr) but a different one that is solely for posting about OTP's and some of the ways/patterns of the closet, and this has required me to dig back about some of our past findings. I've found twitter accounts disappeared and links no longer working, but I've found some still out there in print and I've realized how important OMG is. Because you could never, ever go back and compile all that happened the night of The Tony's Hottie. Remember that nonsense? It was INCREDIBLE to go back and look at that night. I cannot believe Mgmnt went to all of that trouble to try and dispirit us here. OMG has been an incredible resource to use and I thank Special again for keeping this blog up.

And I'm so glad Seaweed came back the other night. There's another "long-timer" I contacted and that was Spooky. You all remember Spooky? The owner of that great Austin journal. She was asking me questions on how Jake & Austin were doing and our emails made her reminiscent of them and everyone here whom she saw visit her blog. She asked about folks and sent her hello. Like Seaweed, real life sometimes requires great time from us and blogging just has to take a back seat.

It just makes these re-connecting's so much more meaningful and we all cherish being able to get in contact again.

prairiegirl said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute, my memory shot a blank for a minute. lol.

One of the folks who knew of OMG was not one of goosestile followers, but one of @closetwithaview's followers on Tumblr. LOL! good lord, too many accounts.

The fan I have encountered on Tumblr is a big Austin fan. And she knew of OMG.

Anyway, I had to clarify as I gave misinformation.

prairiegirl said...

♫♪ Whistle while you don't work ♪♪

♪♪ while you pretend to be in Boston **whistles** ♪

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone. I wonder where PR is going to separate Jake and Austin today? Jake in NY, being all private and all? Austin in LA watching sports on TV, drinking a brewsky because he's a real Sam Malone. C'mon guys. There's only so many hours in the day.

prairiegirl said...

First "Nocturnal Animals" and now you pretend that Jake won't produce and star in "Stronger"

What? Whoever said that? NO one said that. Ever.

P.S. Tell Louis to stop f***ing girls - problem solved!

^^^ See that? See that comment from the troll? The StraightAustin/Beard blog next door which goes under the false guise of "Waiting for Toothy2" also spends time trying to push Straight Louis Tomlinson.

Now anyone tell me why on earth a blog called WFT2 would spend a regular amount of time trying to push straight Louis and that the "baby" really was conceived between Louis and Briana? There's no reason other than WFT2 is being run by Mgmnt.

The Louis/Harry story is a huge one and it affects all of Hollywood. That's why the Mgmnt-paid intern spends time & space on that blog devoted to pooh-poohing another OTP.

prairiegirl said...

Now someone tell me why on earth that blog still operates under the name "Waiting for Toothy" when the administrator calls Ted a liar and believes Austin, who was absolutely no doubt Gray Goose, is straight.

It's got to be the stupidest and phoniest pretense for a blog to operate under.

prairiegirl said...

With that out of the way, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! I hope you all have a great, fun day.

Happy Valentine's day to our Pepe and "Pen", Austin and Jake. I know those 2 guys are together and I hope Austin has his main squeeze in his big arms and is planting a big smooch-aroola on those big beautiful dark lashes. ♥♥♥Jake and Austin forever♥♥♥

destiny said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I'm hibernating today because it is unbelievably cold here.