Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love x 10

Happy Valentine's Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day that a picture of our favorite pair in the picture that kicked it all off.  

It was February 11th  that Jake and Austin were the happy pair courtside at the Lakers.  Hard to believe it's been 10 years.   Yes 10 years!

 Big Blue, grey overcoats, buttons torn off,  a zipper down and that smile! and the lean  all things to love.

 And much love for Austin and big rubba' boots.

 Fella's update:  Jake has been bouncing back and for between Boston and New York as he gets ready to produce and star in the movie Stronger,  about the Boston Marathon bombing.  Filming starts in Boston in April. 

 Austin is back on The Walking Dead and is back on TV tonight.  Fans are hoping the TV version of Spencer does not meet the same fate as his graphic novel counterpart.  It's a wait and season for this season of TWD. 



the real m said...

Wow. I would never have guessed that 10 years have passed. That game and photo seems like it just happened yesterday. So nice to see such joy on Jakes face. Joy the likes of which we have seldom seen since. I hope for him that he gets the strength to be himself before much more time passes. As I get older I realize how fleeting time is and there is no room for missed opportunities.

Seaweed said...

Thanks for the remembrance from 10 years ago on this Valentines Day Special! Such great images that don't lie, and tell the truth about Jake and Austin. Wishing all the followers a great Valentines Day, befitting of the love shown and shared here online and in the imagery we've witnessed.

10 Years.... Wow!

Florida Tom said...

In an interview with British newspaper The Times, Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Eijofor discussed diversity in Hollywood, an issue which has been brought to the forefront after actors and filmmakers of color were left out of this year's Academy Award nominations.

"I hope this changes (but) I think it’s probably harder to be gay," Eijofor said. "I think sexuality is still marginalised in a way that is pretty open. I think it’s tough. I think for one’s own piece of mind, for one’s own sense of self and psychological health, I feel like that’s the horrible thing about ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and all that fucked-up shit, because it produces a sense of shame, and therefore this sense of being ‘less than’, you know? And I hate that. I hate that for anybody."

The 38-year-old actor's sentiments mirror those of another Oscar-nominated British actor, Sir Ian McKellen.

Related | Ian McKellen: Gay People Are Also 'Disregarded' by Hollywood

"It's not only black people who've been disregarded by the film industry, it used to be women, it's certainly gay people to this day," McKellen said last month, adding, "No openly gay man has ever won the Oscar. I wonder if that is prejudice or chance.”

Eijofor argued that a person's sexuality is no one else's business, but that someone should be able to to come out without any negative repercussions to their career.

The critically-acclaimed actor scored a Best Actor nomination for 2013's 12 Years a Slave, which went on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, making director Steve McQueen the first black filmmaker to take home that prize. In the two years since that historic win the Academy has failed to acknowledge any black filmmakers or actors, despite a number of standout performances and films.

For Eijofor, however, race has never held him back from achieveing success as an actor, though he admits it's "more nuanced" than that.

"If I hadn’t had the opportunities and the fortune that I have had," he said, "of course I would have a very different perspective to that, but I can’t be completely intellectually dishonest about what has happened in my life."

When I first heard about the race controversy after the Oscar noms came out I though the same thing. Thanks to Chiwetel and also Ian McClellan for speaking up.

Florida Tom said...

Hopefully everyone had a nice Valentines Day !!

destiny said...

Sweet post. I echo the wows over the passage of ten years.

Thanks for those quotes Tom about film. I've been wondering if anyone has talked about how it's just as bad for gays, and often women, in Hollywood.

Florida Tom said...

Way to go Adidas !!

The world's second largest sportswear company is shaking up the sports industry by being the first company to guarantee they will not terminate any endorsement deals if the athlete comes out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. Adidas made the announcement Thursday at a sports conference in England, according to BuzzFeed News.

“Adidas acknowledges and adheres to the principles of diversity, as this is a central part of the Adidas group philosophy," the new clause reads. "Therefore Adidas warrants that this agreement will neither be terminated nor modified in case the athlete comes out to the public as a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.”

Chief financial officer Robin Stalker made the announcement at a conference, Team Pride: Levelling the LGBT Playing Field, that the company had sponsored.

Many former athletes have said they feared losing endorsement deals when struggling with whether to come out. For example, tennis player Martina Navratilova won 18 Grand Slam singles titles including nine women's singles championships at Wimbledon during her 30 year career, but didn't net a single endorsement deal after coming out in 1981,

Florida Tom said...

Is Tom Daley about to make a big splash in the fashion world?

The young Olympic medalist, who came out last year and revealed his relationship with the screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, was chosen by Adidas to represent its younger label aimed at teenagers, NEO.

Daley succeeds to troubled singer Justin Bieber as the face of the brand. The athlete will appear in NEO's latest "Live Your Style" campaign in the UK.

We're not biased, but we have to tip our hats to Adidas for choosing an (adorable) openly-gay man: Daley makes perfect sense as a role model, and he will hopefully have a positive impact on the younger generation. Ok, we're a little bit biased.

Adidas rocks !!!!

Florida Tom said...

10 years later and still people are talking about those Laker photos. Pretty obvious that these two were in love :-)

Seaweed said...

I wanted to take a few days before following up on comments I'd read here on the 10th Anniversary of the release of Brokeback Mountain. Such an incredible film, that added indelible elements to so many lives. Following on the heels of Jake's and Austin's photos from the Lakers games, this seems to be an opportune time, and another transformative anniversary, especially from my perspective.

Some ten years ago I became aware of Jake after seeing the movie Highway, which he did with Jared Leto. My curiosity, (and gaydar), led me to seek out this intriguing person and I learned of the making of Brokeback Mountain in and around Calgary, Alberta in 2004. What followed was a number of months of total immersion into IMDB and the Movie's website which featured photos and samples of the movies' score. The incredible music of Gustavo Santaolalla lulled me into enchantment with the Movie and it's characters.

Over a period of six weeks, from January 13, 2005 to February 28, 2006 I viewed the movie fourteen times, on my own, even though the nearest theatre was some 70 miles from home. My sorrow was real and the effect of this wonder of a movie remains with me along with my much newer sense of self that was revealed to me those ten years ago.

Through the Movie website and its collected comments, to IMDb and its discussion boards, to fanfiction, to Bettermost, to Wet, Dark, and Wild, Waiting for Toothy, and mostly to Oh My Godot, I've not just been addicted to BBM, but have become connected in a very strong way to some incredible friendships and have the great kinship with Jake and Austin.

It's little wonder people have written so much, and at such great length about this experience. In spite of it all I'm still so pleased to have reached this 10th year of connection with this movie, these wonderful actors, and all the other strange and wonderful online characters and friends here at OMG. May we always have this "Special" avenue for staying in touch over discussion of Jake and Austin and family, and for remembering how a lot of this began... with that wonderful creation on film, full of drama, tragedy, music, and the people who brought these characters and this story to life.

Much love and appreciation.

prairiegirl said...

Good evening! Some eloquent comments from regular and Tom, love the Ian McKellen comments and also the awesome Adidas news. I had seen the Adidas announcement, but I didn't know they made Tom Daley a spokesperson. That's wonderful!

And the 10 year anniversary of the Laker pics? Awwwww. So much has changed since then, hasn't it? I can't believe those are the same two guys we "see" now. Hopefully they had a nice Valentine's Day with their family.

Kudos to Jake for singing at the Lincoln Center the other evening. It takes guts to get up and sing in front of people without fellow choir members around you.

Methodical Muser said...

Found some interesting stuff recently regarding Maggie's "pregnancy." Another puzzle piece found. Another charade exposed. Remember back in 2011 when a couple of us were questioning the oddities surrounding the unveiling of Maggie's pregnancy? How it was announced that she was already six months pregnant at the end of November 2011? Yet, she supposedly didn't give birth until April 19, 2012. At the time, it was observed that three months from the end of November would have meant a February birth. The problem is that would have been an 11-month pregnancy. At the time, a troll came on and accused of us of all being “loons.” LOL! Well, who is the loon now?

prairiegirl said...

Here is the interview that was found. Actually, this interview was found by accident because I was Googling something else. (Kind of reminiscent of the Austin in Leadville finding)

What are you doing this summer?

Here's the second of two quotes which catch the eye:

AVC: Typically, Woody Allen himself reaches out to actors he wants to work with. How did he approach you for Blue Jasmine?

PS: He asked if I would come down. I came down. I showed up in person. He said, “What are you doing this summer?” I said, “I’m having a baby.” And he said, “Maybe you’d want to be in my movie.” I said, “What is it?” He said he would send it to me.

prairiegirl said...

lol, never mind the other quote. Nothing to see there!

But there is something pretty off about what Peter said: "I'm having a baby." and Gloria was supposed to have been born in April. The tense used just doesn't fit right.

prairiegirl said...

I should've said something yesterday, but just thought about it now.

Austin is going to be on live television tonight. If you have the AMC channel, Austin is going to be on the Talking Dead show at 9pm Central Time, 10pm Eastern. He's going to be a guest on the 1/2 hr show with that Nathan Fillion guy and another actor from The Walking Dead. I haven't seen one second of the show, but I'm going to tune in and watch ol' Austy sit on the big couch and help answer questions.

destiny said...

It was nice to see photos of Jake without the beard at the Oscar parties. He always looks good in a tux.

I recently watched the trailer for Demolition, I think it looks promising.

prairiegirl said...

One discussion led to something else and this pondering came about, that Jake went through a period in his filming where he did so many movie roles where he played opposite children or there was a spouse who got pregnant:

Brothers - two little nieces
Love and Other Drugs - no children
Source Code - no kids
End of Watch - "Janet Taylor" gets pregnant (Jake's character's wife)
Prisoners - story is focused on two little girls who get kidnapped
Enemy - wife of one of Jake's characters was pregnant
Nightcrawler - no children
Southpaw - story centers on Jake's character and his young daughter
Everest - Scott Fischer has kids but Jake was only in the movie about 10 min.
If There Is I Haven't Found It - focused on relationship between his character (uncle) and his niece
Demolition - Amy Adams (his romantic interest) has a young son whom Jake is supposed to interact/bond with

Look at that. Those are a lot of roles which involve children - and most of them girls, ie either daughters or nieces.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry there hasn't been much posting lately - there's been a lot of RL going on with folks and well, that rightfully so takes precedence over blogging.

Hopefully soon, we will be taking particular action to help improve the situation here on OMG so that we can have a more interactive, real time blogging experience. So stay tuned!

Anyway, you would think that folks would notice this trend in Jake's movies. I do know that many people have tweeted lately that so many times his spouses die. lol. Well, Jake has a lot of death period in his movies. I'm not sure what that means, but he has more death and dying in his movies. There has to be something symbolic in that somehow, don't you think?

Anyway, just something to observe and sip an iced coffee over. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Don't forget Nocturnal Animals. Jake's character has a daughter in that movie too. Still, I'm sure this pattern is only because of his lovely nieces. We all know, after all, that Jake's not a dad. That's why article after article curiously seems to need to remind the public on a regular basis. I bet when they write up Jake's obituary, the text will end with, "not a dad." Although all the wo-men he's been with will be listed to reinforce his straightness.

prairiegirl said...

Also, for anyone who didn't know, ol' Austy is presently in Longhorn country where he is in attendance at the Walker Stalker convention as a member of the cast of The Walking Dead. Austin has also been announced to be at the Nashville con and the Denver con as well. So if any of you all want to go see Mr. Nichols in person and you could even pay to get a big squeezing hug from the big guy, I'll post the dates in a moment.

The Dallas con appearance had been announced awhile ago. But it was after his appearance on the Talking Dead, that the Denver and Nashville guest spots were right away announced. Oh, those young gals are squeeing over ol' Austy. They posted their photo ops online and the first one Austin did was kind of funny because Austin looked awkward and frozen. But it looks like he caught on quickly and he was soon squeezing and hugging those people a la Jared & Jensen.

I'll post his "butt drop" here and you can see Austin's panel appearance when he showed off his hamstring power:

Austin's butt drop at WalkerStalkerDallas 2016

Not bad, eh? Let's see you do that though, Austin, in say another 10 years without some form of geriatric aid. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

I do think that all these little girls in Jake's movies tell me that he has fathered most if not all of his and Austin's daughters. Is that the way that worked? Austin fathered most if not all of the boys and Jake the girls? It's interesting to ponder.

Some "stuff" going on with these guys is still ongoing, so it's probably not too wise to in depth discuss or analyze at this point in time. We're not going to point everything out at this time.

Did everybody see Leo win on Sunday night? I have to say that I was really rooting for him and he was just looking so sharp and debonair that night. I loved the pictures of him with Kate Winslet. They seem like they have a very respecting, lovely friendship.

Methodical Muser said...

And, did you see all the tweet activity immediately after Leo's win? Hundreds of tweets placing Jake's name alongside Leo's, and indicating that it was now time to give Jake the Oscar. I'm sure Jake's PR team had nothing to do with that "spontaneous trend".

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, unfortunately that is true. I don't even think LeoD had stepped down from the stage after winning and Jake's Twitter search was filling with "It's Jake's turn" tweets. It rendered me speechless for awhile, lol. I mean, I've seen a lot on his search and not much surprises me anymore, but to see that all over his search immediately following the end of the Oscars was just had to shake your head.

prairiegirl said...

We're going to bring up something that's been going on for awhile. It's an ongoing Dr. Seuss tale that is very much still in progress with more suspicious and questionable stuff going on, so I'm not going to entail all of it, but since I love to bring some humor to the blog, let's discuss this subject of msbccg, or as she now has recreated herself, Msbcmc, or msnbc or whatever in the heck it is.

prairiegirl said...

Now that I have adorned my avatar in its necklace of garlic, let's do a quick synopsis of what @msMNBC did.

First, let's just go ahead an tell everyone that an Anon brought to OMG way back in early December a "drop" to inform us of this woman. That she was really Jake's wife. She was carrying his twins. She was the reason for Jake not being seen with the Gyllenhaal patriarch and his pretend wife Maggie, I mean his sister Maggie, etc.

Of course, this ridiculous nonsense did not see the light of day on OMG.

In the meantime though, I checked out this account and discovered she was indeed on Instagram and Twitter. Oh, she was a real piece of work. If you went all the way back on her Instagram, you could see that she had a boyfriend or husband plus two kids, but that guy definitely was not Jake. And then somewhere along the way about halfway through her Instagram, you began to see her posting pics of Jake and she was constantly placing herself wherever he was, including backstage and at openings/red carpets, etc. Then you began to see comments on her Instagram from other accounts and they called her & Jake a couple, they professed to see her with Jake at events, etc. etc. She began to sprinkle her Instagram captions with hashtags which insinuated that she was indeed with him.

*sigh*. Boy, that was exhausting. And that was all it in a nutshell. It was very elaborate. She put herself in Dubai with Jake and also at Telluride with Peter, that whole fake nonsense.

Folks on Gyllenbabble were soon discussing this whole story. They were out in the open about it - calling the whole charade suspicious and they weren't sure at first if she was for real or not.

Then in very late December, my twitter account @goosestile got into a verbal tussle with a couple of young gals who were trying to promote msmnbc as being with Jake etc. They were also trying to promote Jake in Canada as well which at that time, I think was a bunch of bunk. So we got into it quite hostiley and I began calling out the whole fake charade and msmbnmcsb whatever as a lying scheme.

Well. lol. (if you're still with me here) What happened next was interesting. Msmnbc she right away privated her account again and then her Instagram disappeared completely. In the end, she changed her name to msbcmc on both Instagram and Twitter. Many of the comments which had gone on & on about her and Jake that were on her Instagram? Gone. Deleted.

prairiegirl said...

Are you still with me?

Okay, THEN after all of this happened, what happened elsewhere on G/B? Here came informants to tell everyone who this gal was and they had "proof" of how she lied. Here was one of the comments made on G/B:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MsBCCG is a fake. The 'behind the scenes' photo she posted from tonight's event was stolen from another person on Instagram. See links:

She even stole the photo of the girl at Central Park that she posted today.

I really wish people would stop believing she is someone who knows Jake. It's not hard to see she's a fake. Everything she posts is stolen from someone else to give the illusion she's someone important / in NYC. I know UV would rather we not talk about her but I felt it needed to be said that she isn't who she claims to be.

(Please don't delete this post so other fans can see what she's doing too!)

Oh, and Peter also follows JakeG_Online. Is he friends with IHJ/Stephanie too? :) Looks to me like he follows lots of people, whether he knows them or not.

lol. All of a sudden, here came all of the explanations, the calling out, the debunking. And in like 24 hrs., the whole account was mythically destroyed.

Just like that.

Now, the Instagram and Twitters have been renamed "msbcmc" and she is back to placing herself at events Jake has been, Maggie has been, and well, it's really quite the elaborate production and story in progress.

We'll just sit back and watch the whole circus, but I thought it was time to at least catch everyone up on the Dr. Seuss in Jake's life.

prairiegirl said...

Correction. I typed all of that so fast and just from memory, so there were bound to be misspellings. But I'm exhausted after all of that, so not retyping it.

Gyllenhaal patriarch = Gyllenhaal matriarch

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Methodical Muser said...

And, we know Jake and his people love to sue. Remember the guy in South Carolina who posted about where Jake was staying during the filming of Nailed? Remember the Drunkenstepfather and his girlfriend with Jake dancing on the table incident in Canada? Remember the "leaked" Tighty Whitey photo? So there is no way Jake’s people are not involved in this farcical account. I'm thinking WME and Simon Cowell must be working together on these latest outlandish stunts.

prairiegirl said...

Several other interesting things about this Instagramer/Tweeter msbcmc.

* the guy who was originally her bf/husband in the beginning pictures on her Instagram later on would be called "friend".

* When her account was called msbccg, I ran a Twitter rating on her account and she scored a horrific 24% credibility rating, which indicates that alot of the account followers are FAKE. Fake-eroo. 24% is horrendous. There's no salvaging or explaining that other than you're a big, flashing fake account.

* The night that Jake was allegedly doing that Arthur Miller reading, she tweeted/Instagrammed a picture from "backstage", placing herself at the event and with close access. That very night, she gave birth (supposedly, who in the hell knows if that's even true)to twins! A boy and a girl. And now we're supposed to believe that she's jetsetting back & forth between NYC and LA, after having twins? What kind of believable story is that?

* I will never get over how in the several months of this whole ridiculous charade going on, that not until she was called out as being a fake, did anons come onto Gyllybabble and throw up all this "evidence" of how phony she was. Where in the heck were those people during December and early/mid January? Talk about suspicious as well as totally unbelievable.

destiny said...

That's so odd about all the tweets saying it's Jake's turn. Let Leo enjoy his moment.

The person carrying on about Jake, stealing photos, etc. sounds like she's a bit off. Or perhaps a troll just trying to cause trouble.

I don't have as much time to follow gossip lately, but hasn't it been a long time since Jake has been linked to anyone?

prairiegirl said...

M&M, your comment causes me to remember how msmsnbc or whatever is and has been tagging @mgyllenhaal (Maggie's twitter account) and Peter as well.

So don't tell me the entire G-haal family doesn't know about her. They do. Jake does. They all do. They're in on it.

Telltale sign number 2? Look at how fast the troll came on the blog as soon as I began posting about this story.

prairiegirl said...

The person carrying on about Jake, stealing photos, etc. sounds like she's a bit off. Or perhaps a troll just trying to cause trouble.

Hey Destiny!

I know, at first she sounds like a crazed fan and many folks on G*babble also speculated the same scenario.

I argue against this for two reasons (as I mentioned earlier):

1. The anon commenters coming on that blog with all of these "proofs" how the account was fake. In other words, no one had said one single word since the whole story started but once she got called out on her crap, here came people out of the bushes to explain away why the account was fake.

2. And more importantly, like I just said, this account tags Maggie and Peter's accounts in her tweets. Jake's people are all over the internet with a fine toothed comb, of course they've seen all of this. Heck, they would've seen it simply by looking at Gyllenbabble. The fact that she tagged them (trying to seem like she was directly involved with the family), tells us all that they are in on it. They know who or what this account is and why it exists.

3. Just adding this one on because it's important, too. The fact that an anon tried to post that whole "heads up" comment on OMG but it was stopped by the moderation and the decision made not to post it. But I have it in my emails. The comment was made before I even knew the whole accounts existed. So we hadn't brought it up on the blog. Somebody wanted us to know about it. They wanted us to be aware of it, they wanted us to think Jake had gotten secretly married and had twins on the way. PFFFT!!! Yeah, right! LMAO. But the fact that somebody wanted us to see it? Tells us that it was done by Jake's people. At least for me it does, especially when you look at the whole rest of the proceedings.

Methodical Muser said...

remember how msmsnbc or whatever is and has been tagging @mgyllenhaal (Maggie's twitter account) and Peter as well.

Great point. She was tagging both Maggie and Peter's account for sometime. Yep, Jake's people were involved in this charade from the beginning. Why? Well, probably because Jake disappeared for sometime after filming Nocturnal Animals in LA. There was nothing from the set until it was speculated on OMG that Jake had completed the filming by mid-October. Suddenly, here came a photo from the set in November. This makes me think even more that those sightings in Canada of both Jake and Austin were legitimate in November and early December. What better way to use social media. Imply Jake has a woman. He's domesticated. His taken, girls. He's just incredibly private. Use the female to blab about the details. Sure some people will dismiss the narrative as a delusional fan, but notice the substance of the story. Jake is heterosexual. Jake is not seen anywhere because his with the new love of his life.

Methodical Muser said...

And, lets not forget the fake baby on Oscar night pic, which was conveniently posted on Adam Levine's "wife's" Instagram account. Now, that I think about, Jake's people are probably getting inspiration from Simon Cowell, since it is so obvious that Jake is holding a fake baby in this photo. No support for the head at all. And, a right stiff arm sticking out into the air. Yep, one of those soft vinyl, acrylic painted, "Reborns" that have been used to sell the Louis Tomlinson is a father bullsh*t. I truly think these PR teams are so obsessed with proving their clients are straight that they will use any means at their disposal to "prove" it. No matter how outlandish or foolhardy.

Jake with fake baby

prairiegirl said...

There was nothing from the set until it was speculated on OMG that Jake had completed the filming by mid-October.

lol. Yeah, yeah, I bet your analyzation is on point, M&M. Now that we're in the month of March and we can look back on the past several months, I can see this. It was a big distraction while Jake didn't work and carried on his secret family life with Austin.

Perfectly carried out.

I can see this, totally. Makes sense now. And that Jake has gone underground yet once again, and here she is carrying on with the Jake-GPSplacement right on cue.

but hasn't it been a long time since Jake has been linked to anyone?

Well, his people will pair Jake up with any female whom he shares oxygen with. But it's mostly all been done online. They recently tried to pair him up with Susan Sarandon (yes, she of 69 years of age) and insinuate that they were hooking up. Here's some Sunday morning funnies in case you missed picking up the paper, lol:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon: Hooking Up?!?!

Never thought you'd read the headline, eh? Well, we never thought we'd write it, but according to (ugh) The National Enquirer, Gyllandon is actually happening.

(We would've went with "Saranhaal" but that sounds like a castle from Game of Thrones.)

Yes, the infamous tabloid claims to have several sources who say that Jake Gyllenhaal, 34, and Susan Sarandon, 68, are hittin' it on the DL.

Apparently, some folks in their inner circles are even hoping the arrangement develops into an actual relationship:

“The rumor is they’ve been hooking up on the down-low,” says one insider. “A lot of people are hoping they go with the flow and give it a shot!”

Sarandon split from Tim Robbins (12 years her junior) back in 2009, and she's dated a succession of younger men in the years since.

For his part, Gyllenhaal most recently hooked up with Ruth Wilson, and he's banged so many young actresses that the Screen Actors Guild is considering making it mandatory for new female members.

Okay, we may have made that last part up, but the point is Jake gets around.

So if there is any truth to this rumor (which we doubt), don't expect the hook up to turn into anything serious.

But hey, stranger things have happened.

Oh that ladies man scoundrel Jake!


And let's not forget those incredibly fuzzy, blurry, weird 10,001 pics of him going down the stairs supposedly at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party with.....Olivia Wilde!

Olivia Wilde, the professional beard who is supposed to be with Jason Sudeikis but it was made to look like that he put his beard on loan to Jake!

Jake with his beard on loan


prairiegirl said...

LOL. I have to say that there could be some sponsorship money in this new angle of bearding for Jake. If his people want to continue floating him with the likes of Susan Sarandon and Halle Berry (yes, his old longtime crush), I think Jake could endorse the use of KY for post-menopausal women. There could be something in that for him.

She's a catfisher said...

She's a catfisher. Earlier in 2015 she first showed up as Sian Rogers, claiming to be a celeb stylist for people like Chris Hemsworth and others. Around about Cannes she decided she'd be Jake's "stylist". A lot of real twitter accounts followed her because of her Cannes "escapades" that involved Jake and Josh Brolin.

Not long after Cannes she posted about buying a Soho loft. Said loft was Alyssa Miller's and the photo was lifted from Alyssa's instagram. Hmm...let's check in on this account periodically to see where she takes this ruse. Along the way she formed twitter relationships with a few British girls in the London theatre scene. Eventually she was caught as being a fake and deleted her account. While at the same time re-re-re-naming her instagram account. She came back as someone not at all involved in Jake's life but there were enough clues left behind that it was easy to see that Sian Rogers was now Kitty Albright from the north of England. Then this msbccg account appeared while Kitty Albright disappeared. No one to catfish with that account apparently.

I don't think she has anything to do with any of the Gyllenhaals or any sort of PR machination. She's just someone who has a lot of time on their hands to create an elaborate fantasy world. And lots of fake and purchased twitter and instagram accounts.

prairiegirl said...

I don't think she has anything to do with any of the Gyllenhaals or any sort of PR machination. She's just someone who has a lot of time on their hands to create an elaborate fantasy world. And lots of fake and purchased twitter and instagram accounts.

Nah, sorry. Try again. I'm not buying it at all.

Has nothing to do with any of the Gyllenhaals? lol. Yeah, right. Oh no, they know about her. They sure as hell know all about her.

Funny, this is the first time I've heard or read any of this "story".

she's still a catfisher said...

Funny, this is the first time I've heard or read any of this "story".

With all due respect, it's really the first time you/OMG has delved into it and further due respect your blog is moderated.

I'm sorry the truth of this doesn't work for you but she's a catfisher. I think she's French or British. In her prior iteration she lifted loads of photos from Alyssa Miller's account, slightly photoshopped her face and passed her off as herself. I do know that someone alerted Alyssa on instagram. No idea if she saw the comment or if she cared. Not sure what blond she's pilfering pics from now and slightly altering the face, when she shows the face, but she'll be found out once more and delete everything and then come back again as something/someone else.

I am curious why nobody questions any of those credentials she's made up for the fictitious person. Producer, director? No listing on imdb? Claims to be a Coppola, a cousin of Sophia, except no. The Coppola family tree is out there for all to see, nobody either maiden name or married name is her name...her fake name.

Methodical Muser said...

What a magnificently detailed report from an utter stranger who just happens to appear out of nowhere with all the answers in the world. Supplying recognizable names, timelines, and the very matter of fact, sensible tone to neatly explain this social media narrative. Gee, I can't understand why everyone wouldn't gasp out loud, slap their forehead, and say, "Of course! How could I ever have been so silly to think that a known deeply closeted Hollywood couple with 15 years of closeting, cat and mouse games up the gazoo, high profile beards & deards, and an elaborate PR apparatus of manufactured tweets, photoshopped pics and faked sightings, would ever create a fraudulent instagram account to promote a fake girlfriend and let that VERY PUBLIC account continue to send detailed, explicit tweets to Maggie and Peter's twitter addresses for nearly two months, and no one on Jake's team contacts Facebook to delete her elaborate 'ruse'"? Sue happy Jake? Mr. Stop Thinking He's Gay Gyllenhaal? The T&A man who regularly appears on the Guy's Choice Awards to share his testosterone with all the lady fans? Yeah right.

Of course, as always, once found out, PR can just blame it on the delusional fangirl who is obsessively fixated and out of control. The devious catfisher. How delightfully predictable and misogynistic. But then again homophobia and misogyny are birthed by the same mother aren't they?

prairiegirl said...

I forgot to mention that mz msnbc placed herself last week at an event that Maggie was at with two other beards, Camila Alves and Katie Holmes. It was an event sponsored by Target.

Maggie's tweet:

Suddenly she's a soccer mom

and then ol' mz msnbc:

BCMC ‏@msbcmc Mar 3 Manhattan, NY

Come meet our new friends! We had the best time @targetstyle laugh of the kid’s line #Pillowfort! #targetstyle

Stamp that Swarmp card!


prairiegirl said...

^^^^ That was a big mistake on their part to have the "Catfisher" tweet about being at the Pillowfort event where Jake's pretend wife, I mean co-nanny, I mean sister was.

Sorry, but it was extremely dumb if Mgmnt is wanting to try and use the "delusional fangirl" explanation.

On a better note, there are just tons of pictures of Austin out there on Twitter if you know how to go search him out. Alot of those girls were tweeting their photo op pics and you can just feast your eyes on all of them. He seemed to really get into it today and I hope he did have a good time while clunking a few quarters into the college fund piggy bank. :-)

Well, it's certainly been "fun" today. Sorry for all of the bombardment of comments. When you go a few weeks in a drought, it can be like pulling the plug from the drain so to speak. LOL!

Coppola Connection said...

YES! And, what about the fact that this woman presented herself as a relative of Francis Ford Coppola? That's a dead giveaway too. Letting someone impersonate someone who is supposed to be related to someone powerful and famous, with money and a reputation to maintain just doesn't happen in the real world.

prairiegirl said...

And, what about the fact that this woman presented herself as a relative of Francis Ford Coppola? That's a dead giveaway too. (edit)

Excellent point, Coppola Connection. Exactly.

prairiegirl said...

With all due respect, it's really the first time you/OMG has delved into it

Oh no, it is not.

it's really the first time you/OMG has delved into it and further due respect your blog is moderated.

What does OMG being moderated have to do with anything?

but she'll be found out once more

Stop it. That's enough of that bullsh**. Who do you think you're talking to here?

Sell it somewhere else. Jake's people have accounts watching my twitter accounts. They know I've been watching this whole scam.

They just don't like a room full of people catching their hands in the cookie jar. Well, too bad.

Methodical Muser said...

Why does this person care so much? Are they just a do-gooder, who magically appears on blogs to enlighten posters whenever they go astray? A Blogger Toothy Fairy perhaps? Go punch your time card. Your 15 minutes are up.

Btw: And what does moderation have to do with anything? You just posted while this blog was on moderation. #GraspingAtStraws

prairiegirl said...

I forgot to mention Austin's future scheduled appearances at two more Walking Dead conventions.

April 2-3, he's supposed to be at the Denver con

April 9-10, he's supposed to be at the Nashville TN con

Boy, that month of April is always such a booked dance card for these guys, isn't it? :D

Florida Tom said...

For Jake's people to compare his career to Leo's in anyway is ridiculous. I can't believe they even went there.

prairiegirl said...

First off, apologies to everyone for the lateness of our posts. As a few may know, alot was happening yesterday and there's also RL stuff to spend time on and plus, I was catsitting, and cats to give shots to and enjoy. Plus, there's analyzation and discussion so...
The blog will stay on moderation during these postings because we don't need to be jacking (pun intended! lol) around with intentional sabotage and obstructions.

Basically, the end result of yesterday? We had a Jaustin sighting complete with Jaustin pic!!!!! A few have probably already seen this picture, but it's how the picture came to be on the internet that tells all. And that's why we're reposting what happened, from our points of firsthand involvement, engagement, plus our interpretations and theories.

prairiegirl said...

This was the tweet that started it all because of course, I was watching Jake's twitter search.

carlos chavez ‏@carlllitosss
I just saw jake gyllenhaal and I THINK Julian from one tree hill #sxsw
12:59 PM - 12 Mar 2016

Turns out that later, about 20 min later, someone tweeted in reply:

Joe Smith ‏@jsmith0808 23h23 hours ago
@carlllitosss where at?
1:20 PM - 12 Mar 2016

And Carlos replied back:

carlos chavez ‏@carlllitosss 22h22 hours ago
@jsmith0808 back lot of trade show. He came in through gave his talk and left through here again. They both left just now in a black Tahoe
1:47 PM - 12 Mar 2016

So of course, it was excitement time and I sent an AustinAlert! Well, Jake started out at college and I think he did some kind of "talk" there, it wasn't very long. And very soon after, he showed up at Bangers, a sausage place in Austin TX. It's very distinctive looking painted ruby red on the outside with lots of outdoor seating, a dog park, etc. Beer & sausage, that's what this Bangers is all about. So Jake showed up there with his director Jean Marc and they sat outside in director chairs with the emcee.

He looked good and it wasn't a long show, so he left and you would think that was that, right? Jake picks up sausages to go, maybe some little Viennas for the kiddos and time to go home for a lunch break.

But then this tweet showed up with the tweeter's location on:

Megan Harris ‏@_MeganHarris
wow I love Julian Baker from One Tree Hill
3:00 PM - 12 Mar 2016
Austin, TX

Julian Baker in black and white

And so then you go to that twitter account and right before that tweet, Ms. Megan Harris had tweeted 3 in a row about Jake, two tweets of which had pictures of Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Megan Harris ‏@_MeganHarris
Jake at Bangers on Mar 12 16
2:30 PM - 12 Mar 2016 (location off)

Then she tweeted this next tweet with her location back on:

Megan Harris ‏@_MeganHarris
2:31 PM - 12 Mar 2016
Austin, TX
Location back on! Professing love for Jake at Bangers

That wasn't it. Here came one more:

Megan Harris ‏@_MeganHarris
Watch it Jake you'll catch flies doing that! wink
2:33 PM - 12 Mar 2016

Oh, and location on that last tweet? Missing again.

So this was, of course, another very excited Austin!Alert and phone calling ensued. As analyzation of the pictures began, suspicion began to arise. Of course, the first thing that hits out at you about the picture with "Julian Baker" is that it is in black & white, unlike the pictures of Jake.

Well, then if you scrolled back through Ms. Megan's twitter, you found this picture right before the pictures of Jake and you can see the ruby red of Bangers in the background, and it's important to look at this one as well, because it comes into play later:

Megan Harris ‏@_MeganHarris 23h23 hours ago
aww I love @nickkroll
I was not aware of Nick Kroll until yesterday
1:58 PM - 12 Mar 2016

prairiegirl said...

When you realize that she had purple hair in the picture with ol' Nick Kroll but then her hair did not look purple at all in the picture with Austin, despite it being in b/w, M&M and I began to smell a rat. I had RT'd all of these tweets and "favorite'd" them. So I took all of that down and @goosestile, one of my two twitter accounts, began to tweet about the deception being planned by these tweets. Because it looked just like a set-up. They were going to get us excited about Austin being at Bangers with Jake and then boom! try and hit us with the story that Austin was never there.

Because I began re-RT'ing the pictures and using them to make statements on Twitter that this was a set-up to trap us, @_MeganHarris began to reply back at me and "lol" at my suspicions. I asked why was her hair not purple looking in the b/w pictures and also, why was her hair-part on the other side? Well, I was told that she used Snapchat and you can alter things & reverse your picture and that I needed to chill. Well, I knew about picture reversal because of Supernatural, but didn't realize you could do that with Snapchat as well.

During my conversation with Megan Harris, another account entered the fray, and her name was @sararofl . This @sararofl produced the picture of Austin to prove that he was there.

sara ‏@sararofl
@GoosesTile @_MeganHarris @AustinNichols
Here they are in all their glory! Jaustin!

And then she produced this one right afterwards, where you can see Austin in the reflection of the glass of the SUV Jake is sitting in:

sara ‏@sararofl 19h19 hours ago
@GoosesTile @_MeganHarris @AustinNichols
It's been 3 and a half years since Jake and Austin were spotted together in a picture

5:32 PM - 12 Mar 2016

prairiegirl said...

"Megan" and "Sara" proceeded to tag-team against me and thanks to M&M for joining in my support (via my bluetooth LOL!)

And we engaged in a verbal fray where interestingly enough, the paid troll next door (he has a Twitter account called @Toothy_Tile) had already by this point tweeted at "Megan" and told her to ignore me, that I was "crazy woman", that I believed Austin was gay, married to Jake G and they have 5-6 secret kids together. It should be noted that the idiot next door has done this very same thing now with a handful of my Twitter followers when he sees me conversing with them. He tells them what I believe, criticizes them for believing in Louis/Harry, Jared/Jensen, Jake/Austin, whichever couple I'm discussing with them about. I'm happy to note that it's not affected any of them - they all think he's nuts and believe he's with PR.

Now we're going to analyze a few of the replies/arguments that these two accounts gave us during our twitter "discussion".

Methodical Muser said...

I've included the content of the thread below to show how @Toothy_Tile elbows his way into the conversation from out of nowhere, which not only reveals how this account was monitoring the conversation, but that he wanted to help these two posters attack PG and get them out of the mess they had created.

Because this account has a history of aggressive harassment and abusive language, PG has blocked him. But, interestingly enough this supposed "stranger" leaps in with the allegation of Jake being with Austin and having kids together and neither tweeter finds his involvement suspicious. Not even asking him where he came from or who he was. Nor, why he suddenly appeared to attack PG. In fact, the conversation flowed smoothly because "Megan" and "Sara" acted like they knew who @Toothy_Tile was. And, I bet they did. #Colleagues #TagTeam

Here is the paid troll’s buttinsky moment

prairiegirl said...

For myself? The worst case to be made against both of these girls' accounts lay in their replies and explanations for what they did. When I asked why was the pic with Austin reversed and her hair not purple looking, I was told that it was because she chose to post the Austin picture in Snapchat.

The explanation for posting the Austin pic in b/w when their pics with Jake were in color, I was told " wow how about snapchat is an app and the camera app is something different. wow wowwww".

When I pointed out why was the location "on" when tweeting about Austin, but the two tweets containing pictures of Jake did not have the location "on", I was told "is my location even on? who knows?"

I found it odd that "Sara" posted her picture with Nick Kroll (yes, she had a picture with him as well), but not of Jake, I asked why do you post a picture right away with Nick Kroll on Twitter, but not Jake's? She told me, "I put them on Instagram...didn't want to tweet them. Hop off."

Here's her pic with Nick Kroll:
sara ‏@sararofl 24h24 hours ago
Nick Kroll fam
Instagram Twitter Snapchat hell yeah let's use them all
2:05 PM - 12 Mar 2016

When I countered "Sara" with why do you post a picture with Nick Kroll on Twitter but not Jake Gyllenhaal?, I was told "I got a picture WITH Nick Kroll. I got a picture OF Jack Gyllenhaal."

Sure, Jan.

prairiegirl said...

The fact that "Sara" tweeted about @goosestile by saying " I can't deal with hardcore conspiracists and their theories" officially sealed the deal that these girls were paid accounts. That tweet laid the wax seal of notarization on their paychecks from Mgmnt.

Methodical Muser said...

So let's summarize. Megan posts some pics of Jake and Austin. Some have locations turned on. Some don't. Some pics on in HQ color. Yet Julian's is in Black and White. Sara posts her Jake pics on Instagram. Yet some on Twitter. Jake is purposely not mentioned in several of Megan's tweets. Nor is Austin Nichols' name. Just Julian Baker from One Tree Hill. Yep, this was a classic set up to limit the number of people who would see what they were posting. Carefully crafted to get the attention of an audience who is specifically interested in Jake and Austin tweets/pics.

Not so subtle hints had been floated out on twitter late in the week to indicate that Austin was still hanging out around Austin, TX after his appearance at The Walking Dead Dallas Convention last weekend. One of the "sightings" included the twitter post about Austin being in Marble Falls where someone was asking him to join them for their soccer match during Senior night. The other tweet came from the @AustinNichols account placing him at Opie's Barbeque on Thursday, in Spicewood, Texas. Both locations easily within 50 mile driving distance of Austin, Texas.


Kaley Neal ‏@22kaleycneal
@AustinNichols heard you were in marble falls, come watch our soccer game at our high school its senior night!!!!
6:55 PM - 11 Mar 2016

prairiegirl said...

So now I see what they were doing. Austin lets himself be seen at Opies BBQ in Spicewood TX on Thursday and then that other tweet placing him in Marble Falls occurred on Friday. That placed Austin still in Texas late in the week so they knew we would think hey, he's still in Texas on Friday, he's going to go to SXSW.

And you know what they were probably then going to do? They were going to post that black & white picture of "Julian Baker" with the fan, get us to commit to squeeing that Austin was at Bangers with Jake, then pull the "that's an older picture of me - see, my hair is now purple" card, and there was going to be no pictorial evidence of Austin being at SXSW, only this "Julian Baker" tweet, and then I'm laying odds that Mgmnt was going to send Austin back to LA so that he could appear with his beard 'Chlo Bennet at the Kids Choice Awards which were being held last night.

And they were going to laugh their heads off at us for getting caught in their trap.

But I bet Mgmnt wasn't counting on Carlos' tweet spotting those two guys at the school right off the bat. That one did kind of throw things off just a bit.

We were never going to get those two pictures showing Austin there at Bangers. Only when I confronted Megan on Twitter and call them out on the set-up, did "Sara" come out of the wordwork and in essence, flush Jake & Austin out, in order to prove me wrong on Twitter.

Methodical Muser said...

And, PG caught them in real time while they were still setting up the stunt, which discombobulated them and forced them to post the Austin pics to support the idea that they were on the up and up, with nothing to hide.

prairiegirl said...

In my final statement for the time being? As the person who was directly involved in this whole shameless, unnecessary charade? I'm going to say this to Jake and Austin.

You know what? All I was doing was watching Twitter searches. That's it. There was no laying of traps on my part. There was no ill intent. As a result of this huge debacle that happened online, Jake & Austin's history was put on FULL DISPLAY in front of my followers, other Jake fans, and a few other parties who favorite'd some of my tweets, and who knows who else. And those pictures were posted of Austin being with Jake, in order to prove me wrong, but in the process "Sara" is the one who outed that they were there together.

And I would have been fine with Carlos' tweet. What harm was that? We would have been happy with it and life would have gone on. Austin could have had some afternoon delight w/ Jake before having to leave for LA to appear at the KCA's with his beard, it would have been a small enjoyment for us here on OMG. And we would've moved along.

But because they laid this elaborate trap and in the process of my confronting those girls on Twitter, they ended up being pictured together at the festival, something I don't think Mgmnt ever intended to happen.

And now they've just shown some people that they're still together - that Grey Goose is still a part of Toothy's life.

Jake & Austin? You have no one to blame for that mess yesterday other than yourselves and Jake's people. What transpired was all because of a laid trap. In addition, if I have people sent after me like what happened yesterday, I am not going to sit there with my hands in my lap and mouth shut.

So there you have it. Lots of drama. And in the end, we have pictorial proof of Austin being at SXSW.

Methodical Muser said...

LOLLLLLL! I love it. Ol' Megan recently posted, (only 42 minutes after PG and I started unveiling her scam here at OMG), a black and white photo with Matt King, the social media celebrity. Guess what? It's in B&W. Bwahahahaaa! Kids, it's really hard to write this kind of entertaining stuff, even if we tried.

Just to confuse things further, this new pic isn't a reversed image at all; her hair actually parted on the right side, just like her avatar photo. Most importantly, unlike her photo with Julian Baker, "Megan's" hair actually does look like it is streaked with color in this new King photo. As mentioned earlier, this stands in stark contrast to that pic with Austin, which was not only "mysteriously" in black and while, but had her hair looking visibly blond, and parted to the left.

Tsk, tsk. Don't you PR types realize that the cover up is often considered to be worse than the "crime". #SXSWgate

Florida Tom said...

Woo hoo !!! So sweet :-) I has been a long time !!!!

Methodical Muser said...

Austin Decides to Finally Acknowledge his Presence at SXSW 2016

This self-outing is reminiscent of Berlinale back in February 2012, when Dana Delaney innocently tweeted that she saw Austin at Heathrow airport just a few days after Jake left England for the Film Festival in Germany. Pretty much exposing that Austin had been in England at the same time Jake was there filming his “Time to Dance” music video. Next thing you know, we see Austin openly with Jake at Berlinale.

@DanaDelany Dana Delany
Hey! Landed at Heathrow & ran into @AUS10NICHOLS. #shipspassing
3 hours ago via Twitter for iPad
February 10, 2012 12:29 PM

Austin At Berlinale

The SXSW incident is also similar to Austin being caught on that subway train with Jake back in November 2012. What did he do? Well, Austin did a controlled pap walk with Jake in NY with another one of those mysterious women. Probably a nanny.

Austin Peek-a-Boo on Subway Train with Jake

Jake and Austin strolling down the streets of NY November 2012

Some things never change. Except for the fact that these two guys are still very much together.

Florida Tom said...

Nice to see that when gay men get married it can last. Gay men CAN be partners forever :-)

prairiegirl said...

We've got a couple more insights which came out of yesterday's big debacle.

Here's one of the kickers. This also adds to the strong theory that yesterday was one big trap and had a flavor of the Tony's Hottie of 2013.

Again, it was the "Megan" twitter account which soon after all of the discussion, posted this tweet with the caption of "Precious":

Megan Harris

Gasp who is that Jake is hugging
4:43 PM - 12 Mar 2016

If indeed, Mgmnt was going to send Austin on to LA to appear with the beard at the KCA's last night, this tweet was more than a possiblility to be used to try and make it look like Jake was with someone else at Bangers. I don't put it past Jake's people at all, why? Because they had already tried it before at the Tony's in 2013.

And then the fact that "Megan's" account tweeted this? Was another nail in the coffin of her being a paid account.

prairiegirl said...

That actually kind of wraps it up for now. Truly, it was quite an event. Big, big thanks to M&M for her phone support and also to Special K for her input and assistance in analyzation of the final summary. She provided that much needed objective view and asked some questions that we hadn't thought of. So thanks very much, Special, it was truly a total team effort!!

OHHHHH! I almost forgot. I told Tom I would post this link. This is kind of awesome. I have on my Tumblr @closetwithaview, an ongoing, live counter of the amount of time it has been since we've had a photo op of the boys.

No, no, no, no, yesterday does NOT count!! They did not blow my counter. Those were flushed out photos, not intended, they don't count.

The last official time Jake & Austin willingly posed together for the cameras was November 9, 2012 when they posed with the dark haired girl in New York City. To try and narrow down the time, I figured that since both Just Jared and IHJ didn't publish the pictures until after midnight on Saturday the 10th, they must not have strolled until after noon on the 9th. And since it was November and the sun was out, then that narrowed the time of the stroll even further. I figured at least maybe around noon on the 9th.

So M&M sent me this nifty little counter link and thus we have now the length of time it's been since Jake & Austin have appeared together for a photo op:

Here's a link, look towards the right and you'll see a green box where it says "Since published pics" and below that you see the "3 years, 4 months, 2 days". Click anywhere on that green box and it will open up.

It's so AWESOME!!!!

And no yesterday does NOT count

prairiegirl said...

Thought I was done. For anyone interested in the dates of Austin's scheduled appearances at The Walking Dead conventions, here are the next 3 cons he is supposed to appear at.

Walker Stalker Con - Denver CO
April 2-3, 2016
Austin is supposed to appear both days

Walker Stalker Con - Nashville TN
April 9-10, 2016

Walker Stalker Con - Charlotte NC
June 25-26, 2016

That's all I know so far. :-)

Methodical Muser said...

That actually kind of wraps it up for now.

Nope, still not done yet. LOL! After all is said and done, this is what is most important about yesterday's unexpected surprise. As I previously mentioned, Austin was at The Walking Dead Convention last Saturday and Sunday (March 5 & 6). Later in the week we discover that he's still hanging around town when everyone knew that Jake was going to be at SXSW promoting, Demolition. Therefore, no way did PR want Austin to be seen as someone sticking around, without the cover of the beard. The only sensible explanation was that PR was laying an elaborate trap that unfortunately for them, got sprung too soon. Even more telling that this was not the scripted result PR was shooting for is how there is absolutely no activity on either Austin or Faux Chloe's Twitter accounts today, even though she was at the Kids' Choice Awards last night. Usually, she would be posting hundreds of pics and talking about bodily functions to show what a carefree and happy gal she is. But, with no Austin to flaunt, everything seems frozen at the moment while they regroup, and try to downplay what happened on Saturday afternoon. It will be interesting to see how long Austin stays in Texas. No doubt Jake will be removed from the scene, probably popping up in NY or maybe Boston. Surely, Jake will start working sometime this century. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

It's a new day, so that means I can have one more final thought. LOL!

One other point I had meant to make was many people, including myself sometimes wondered how an SO, in this case Austin for Jake, can attend a company function or professional appearance w/o being seen or reported to be there.

In the case of SXSW, I don't think Austin was ever meant to be seen because it was a trap. That is why Megan did her photo in b/w. But he really was there and if you look at the photos of Jake at Bangers, there aren't that many civilians around him. You see his publicist glued to his side and watch people around the SUV. Yet these two girls "Sara" and "Megan" want us to believe that they were practically in the luggage rack, right? *eyeroll*

It's like Special has said before several times. Austin has been there many times. But either no one recognized him or I think now, people are watched if they're taking photos and maybe told not to. I'm not positive how they have done it, but this showed me that Austin can be there in the background and it not go reported.

Neither Just Jared, I Heart Jake or eonline or whoever else, even Twitter reported Austin to be there with Jake. Only these two girls and Carlos. Abd even Carlos said I THINK I saw.

Amazing, isn't it?

destiny said...

WOW!!!!! I can't believe we got a picture of them after all this time.

Boy, I don't know what to think of all the events surrounding that. It could be management, although it seems like that would be a risky move.

Throwing another possibility out there. I wonder if it wasn't just a case of them knowing the whole Jaustin story, but not liking it/wanting to give it validity. And yet when confronted with getting fan photos of the both of them, it couldn't be resisted, hence all the maneuvering.

Chloe can't be happy with all of those too. You'd think she'd want to create the impression that her "man" was with her for the awards.

Either way, whatever the truth of all of this. amazing and wonderful. They both look good, but tired.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm speechless over this.

Jake at SXSW
March 14, 2016
Posted at 3:54 PM
Posted by Lainey

A couple of days after the Oscars, I overheard a conversation at work in the bathroom. It was two women, millennial age, talking about Leonardo DiCaprio. How amazing he is. How amazing his speech was, because he made it about the environment. How amazing it was that he finally won because he so deserves it and has been overlooked for so long. You already know how I feel about this. I will not repeat that in this post. What I am here to say in this post is that when that moment comes for Jake Gyllenhaal, I’ll be one of those people. Also, I’ll put up Jake’s performance in Nightcrawler up against ANY Leonardo DiCaprio performance in ANY film, head to head, and it’s always going to be Jake.

You know what the difference is?

Jake doesn’t sift through scripts looking for the Oscar.

Last summer, I wrote about The Atlantic’s piece on The Decline of the American Actor – click here for a refresher. It was published around the same time as Mark Harris’s analysis of Jake’s career. (Mark Harris, by the way, was not a believer in The Revenant.) Both articles seem to suggest that Jake is a singular talent. That while different roles can be imagined in different people, right now, there’s no one else who can do what he does. Not even Leo?

When Leo tries, he’s always trying within boundaries. This is why we’re not seeing Leo in sketch comedy. We don’t see him in romance either. As much as they want to tell you that Leo’s talent is boundless, it actually exists in a pretty confined space. When Jake tries? There are no limits. He’ll bulk up (Southpaw), he’ll starve down (Nightcrawler), he’ll grow a beard and get cold and climb the highest mountain (Everest) without telling you about the STRUGGLE, and he’ll get naked and earnest with Anne Hathaway in Love And Other Drugs. Or he’ll keep his clothes on but fall in love on Broadway (Constellations) and then, if you let him, he will sing.


Now, in that context, what has Leo done for you lately?

Jake was at SXSW this weekend promoting Demolition – in theatres next month (and not getting great reviews). By all accounts, he was charming, and funny, and self-deprecating, and not full of his own ass. Also he looks really, really, really good right now. Like his hair is perfect.

Yes, she actually really published this today

SXSW outing said...

That rant by Lamey is disgusting. Leo is a fine actor. He deserved to finally win the Oscar. He is a classy guy and he seems to have a great work ethic and is a private guy, but not in a creepy way like Jake. I don't understand why Jake has to have his people tear down someone else to build him up. Very unseemly.

That South by Southwest stuff is crazy. I have no doubt that Austin and Jake were not supposed to be seen together. His people have spent years separating him from the gay and specifically Austin Nichols. There's no way management wanted them to be seen together. And, it even sounds like they were actually with each other at the event too given that guy's tweet. No way was that something they wanted out there.

prairiegirl said...

And, it even sounds like they were actually with each other at the event too given that guy's tweet.

SXSW outing, you summed it all up so well. Absolutely. Jake and Austin have not been seen together since November 2012. They have geographically polarized them constantly. Austin's been heavily bearding with Bennet for 3 years now. Jake has bearded with Ruthie Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Olivia Wilde, Dakota Johnson, even his pretend wife, Maggie. This has not been done just for kicks. And it all came totally unraveled on Saturday. All because they wanted to prove Goosestile wrong. Those girls and the WFT2 Paid Troll tossed all of that "work" and threw it down the drain as far as we are concerned. Too bad.

I know we put a lot of information up yesterday. It can be hard to follow along, what with all the tweets and stuff. But basically, the schedule was that Jake appeared in an interview at a college in Austin. That's where the tweet from Carlos comes in, when he said he saw Jake and he thought he saw "Julian Baker" as well. Then someone tweeted at him and asked Where? And Carlos answered,

carlos chavez ‏@carlllitosss 22h22 hours ago
@jsmith0808 back lot of trade show. He came in through gave his talk and left through here again. They both left just now in a black Tahoe
1:47 PM - 12 Mar 2016

So he saw Jake and the guy who he said looked like Julian Baker, get into the black Tahoe together. That means Austin rode in the SUV with Jake from the first event at the college to the next event, which took place at a beer & sausage eating joint called "Bangers". And it was there that Jake had another "interview/appearance" with Jean Marc the director of Demolition and an interviewer guy. Then they left and there was Austin at the SUV with Jake.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake has bearded with Ruthie Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Olivia Wilde, Dakota Johnson, even his pretend wife, Maggie.

Don't forget Susan Sarandon. LOL!

Methodical Muser said...

March 15, 2016 [From Tumblr]

Anonymous asked: This is random, but do you get gay vibes from jake gyllenhaal?

legohousedea: Yes. I think it’s his gayness that I find the most gay.

destiny said...

I agree, Leo deserved his Oscar. He's a good actor who is worked for a lot longer than Jake in Hollywood. There's no reason to pit actors against each other like that.

since 2006 said...

I just popped in to say TDAT's on tv here for the millionth time and the boys look soooo nice.

But it's great to read they were both at SXSW even if I barely understand why :)

since 2006 said...

OMG and photo on the other place. Fabulous. Trying to read their expressions like it's 2006.

prairiegirl said...

since 2006, great to see you!! Wasn't that something to see? I don't think there was much to see as far as expressions were concerned because at that moment, Austin was just standing around while Jake was conversing with another person.

The important thing is they were there. Together. Woohoo! *sigh*

And I say *sigh* even though we were led into a trap and accounts used by Jake's people tried to attack & spit me out. Pfft.

Hey, is anyone watching the DC Eagle cam?? The mama and dad eagle who had two little eaglets? They've both hatched now and I just finished catching the mama feeding the two little babies in their nest.

It's fascinating to watch and you can even see them at night because of the kind of cameras they're using. The light doesn't bother the eagles at all and it runs 24/7.

Here's a link to the DC eagle cam:

The President & First Lady eagles and their eaglets

It is an amazing and thrilling thing to watch to see nature in action.

destiny said...

Thanks for the link, I love watching wildlife cameras. I kept meaning to check out the eagles but hadn't done it yet. Now if only I could catch the babies, so far I've only seen the parents.

prairiegirl said...

The eaglets have grown noticeably since I posted the link on Sunday. (Has it been that long?) I try to check in at least once a day and it has been an amazing event to watch. When would some of us ever have the opportunity to observe how an eagle cares for its hatchlings if not for this kind of 24/7 access?

It's going to be kind of a nice quiet weekend for myself. Today is rainy but at least it's not cold, so that's okay.

It's the 2 week anniversary of the boys being photo'd and tweeted together in Austin TX. Still enjoying! :-)

prairiegirl said...

It's kind of hard to remember when the last time we had a written interview/article with Austin in a magazine. Especially one which touches upon his private life, but low and behold this past week, we got one!

Austin in Maxim 2016

There are two wonderful pictures of the big scholar and here's an excerpt:

Here, on an early March afternoon in Austin, Texas, it’s all about rain. A massive El Nino-generated low pressure system has hunkered down over the Lone Star State and now Nichols’s afternoon plans – a motorcycle ride to Opie’s BBQ – are in jeopardy.

He steps into his garage. Between the electric car that is charging and the two sleek road bikes hanging on a wall stands his matte black Triumph Scrambler. Customized with glistening chrome pipes, a stitched leather seat and low profile lights, the bike is practically screaming at him to jump on and tear up Route 71 to the town of Spicewood.

prairiegirl said...


Outside the wind churns. Raindrops patter on the driveway. The 35 year-old shakes his head and ambles back inside. His house, a rustic/modern mix in a quiet, leafy section of Ridgewood, is not what one might expect from a guy with Hollywood heartthrob looks who’s co-staring on TV’s top-rated entertainment series. It’s littered with books. Steinbeck, Roth and Cather in the living room shelves. Hobbes, Mailer and Kierkegaard in piles on the bedroom floor. After high school in Austin (his hometown), Nichols matriculated at USC with aspirations to literature and writing.

Yet before he could barely unpack, he landed a role on the Fox sci-fi show Sliders and earned his SAG card. Other parts followed; movies including Wimbledon, The Day After Tomorrow and Glory Road, TV guest spots on Six Feet Under, Deadwood and CSI. His big break came in 2007 when TV guru David Milch cast him as the mysterious lead John Monad in the HBO series John from Cincinnati.

But the metaphysical themes proved too much for audience and critics; the show only lasted a single season. “I really believed in it. We all thought it would catch fire,” says Nichols. “But in the end it was a good lesson. I had to learn how to deal with such a big heartbreak. Pick myself up and keep going.”

Keep going he did (while graduating from USC with an English major). Nichols soon nabbed a four-year stint on One Tree Hill and afterwards a reoccurring role on the Showtime hit Ray Donovan. Then, in 2015, he got a potential game-changing phone call from his agent: an audition for The Walking Dead.

“It was a dummy scene,” explains Nichols, meaning that the show didn’t release real pages from an upcoming episode. “I was flirting with a girl and telling her I have access to a car and trying to get us out of there.” The Texas native nailed it and joined the cast in the third-to-last episode of season 5.


prairiegirl said...

Sorry I'm kind of chopping it up, but you can go to the link and read the article in its entirety, if you haven't seen it yet. :-)

Nichols didn’t go out celebrating. He went out and bought books. Every single issue of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series. “It’s amazing how much they helped inform my character,” says Nichols.

That character, Spencer Monroe, is a member of the Alexandria Safe-Zone who serves as one of the lookouts and a sniper in the Alexandria Tower. He’s also more complicated than he may seem. “Spencer comes off as entitled,” explains Nichols. “But there’s a strength to him. There’s a reason he outlived his entire family. He wants to do the right thing and his heart is in the right place but he’s flawed.”

Back at casa Nichols, the El Nino rain persists so instead of his motorcycle he opts for his black pick up truck with a bumper sticker that reads, “Jesus was a Jedi.” On the way to Opie’s Nichols talks about his first ever acting gig at age 15, a blood and guts UT Austin student film.

He confirms that he was, at age 16, ranked third in the world in trick water-skiing, a career that earned him multiple shoulder surgeries. He discusses the influence of some of the greats with whom he’s worked; Ray Donovan’s Liev Schreiber, Deadwood’s Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant (and basically “the whole cast”) and the inimitable Milch.

prairiegirl said...

cont. (and the end)

The conversation, however, always circles back to the joys of The Walking Dead. “My job is basically about blood, sweat, dirt, running, fighting, stunts,” explains Nichols. “If you have a fight scene you go home with cuts, bruises, and a sore back. But when I fall into bed like that it’s a great feeling.”

There is, of course, more to it than that. The show is a juggernaut, a ratings record-breaker, a religion, of sorts, unto its own. It gives the cast a unique vibe, like being part of a championship sports team that’s playing like Golden State Warriors. “Except that Andrew Lincoln is our point guard,” laughs Nichols. “He’s simply one of the best examples of classy leadership I’ve ever seen.”

Nichols arrives at Opie’s a few minutes before noon. It’s early, but he knows it’s necessary beat the crowds. Inside the cavernous BBQ mecca, he’s not greeted by a hostess but a massive platter of meats. Here, patrons personally pick what they eat and it’s carved in front of them.

Nichols’s tray towers with ribs, briskets, jalapeno sausage (perhaps wisely steering clear of the cheese-infused links), sides of beans, potato salad, and Opie’s famous tater tot casserole. As he finishes his lunch, the owner sidles up for a chat. Other patrons ask for photos. Nichols gladly obliges and genuinely enjoys chatting them with the ease of a good-natured Texan.

Back in his pick-up, Nichols ponders the future. Today, he jokes, he’ll go back home and digest. In another week he’s off to LA to visit his girlfriend actress Chloe Bennett, an actress on the ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As for his future on The Walking Dead? “I’d never give anything like that away,” he says with a laugh. “Everyone will just have to tune in Sunday nights and find out.”

Maxim 2016

prairiegirl said...

Mild clean up in Aisle 13. I love how the paid blog admin. keeps bringing up the beard and yet the big glaring photo that blew all of that right out of the water:

Austin standing at the SUV with his guy after riding in the SUV with same at the college at SXSW followed by being together at Bangers. After nearly 4 years of hamster wheel spinning & cartwheel flipping to not be photo'd together and then that clueless twitter intern blew all 3 1/2 years of their work right down the ol' tuberoni.

LOLLLL!! That's what I'm talking about. Keep on slapping up those useless, wasted links, buddy. Y'all blew it. You blew it two weeks ago to this date. I don't care what those 2 do in the next 5 years. It got blown on the 12th.

As Elaine Benis said, "You *insert mgmnt* are a doofus."

*puffs cigar*

prairiegirl said...

I'm sure that will come back to bite me in the ass, but you know, this whole nonsense is just like Cheers vs. Gary's Tavern. It is just like it. So I take my moments when I can.

People can read that article and there are several things that will pop up at you. One of the biggest eye catchers to me is the truck. Looks like Austin still has his truck from 2012 that Jake was photo'd getting into on that juice run. You can see that Austin's Texas Toyota truck has that same thin white trim that the truck Jake is getting into has.

Jake in January of 2012

Then here's Austin sitting on the tailgate of his Toyota truck in 2016:

Mr Austy at Opie's

Methodical Muser said...

That article is classic. They must have called their writing staff to whip out a false narrative for damage control after the intern debacle. Did you know that Jake's hubby now lives in Austin, TX!!!! Gee...who knew? And, now he just visits his "girlfriend" in Los Angeles. Awww, no more Santa Monica pier CVT soft serve ice cream. Way to keep a relationship alive, Austin. Move 1500 miles away. #SmartMove

Fortunately, though we now have a nicely packaged explanation of why Austin was hanging around Texas after his TWD Dallas Convention. We even get to see Austin's Toyota Tundra black truck. Then the "writer" talks about his electric car in the garage (the Nissan Leaf we haven't heard about since 2011) and two Triumph motorcycles. Gee, Austin has a lot of motor power for just one guy. Still the familiar references were a nice touch, don't you think? Then we are told that the tweet placing Austin at Opie's on Thursday was not a set up. Oh, nooooo. He was there to meet this author and chow down on some ribs. He was working, people. Not stunting. Uhmm. I wonder why there was no mention that Jake "had" a Triumph motorcycle. There was a tweet that tried to indicate that he sold it in 2010. Looks like he sold it to Austin. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like Austin still has his truck from 2012 that Jake was photo'd getting into on that juice run.

How could we forget the juice run, pre-Sushi date? Jake had an armful of bottled juices. One for each kid and one beverage with a straw for ol' Jakey-poo.

Just enough juices for 4 tykes

prairiegirl said...

In another week he’s off to LA to visit his girlfriend actress Chloe Bennett, an actress on the ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This wording was just really odd. So Austin now lives in Austin TX and goes to LA to visit his "gf"? wow.

Come on, Mgmnt, the only way to fix this is to get those 2 engaged. Heck, even go the whole Marcus/Carey Mulligan route and fake a marriage and possibly a baby. (I need a lot more convincing that Carey & Marcus' baby is real after seeing pictures of them - sorry). It's been 3 years now - these 2 crazy kids can only go a bit longer of pretending Wally & Arthur are their "kids" complete with soccer mom van and baby dog seats.

So maybe they could get those 2 engaged/hitched and send Bennet down to Austin TX to help explain that second motorbike. Don't be surprised. That SXSW debacle was pretty bad.

prairiegirl said...

Awww, this is cute. Let's end the morning on a high note. One can only take so much of Mgmnt's nonsense before you begin to feel like you need a Tums or something. I don't know how those guys even live it, let alone be an outsider looking on.

But anyway, this Instagram post is cute! They've got a picture of Trubama on top and then one of the famous Laker photos right beneath it. It's very cute.

People just love those Laker photos even to this day

destiny said...

Visiting the girlfriend? Could we be soon looking at the final act to this charade, i.e. it's over because we hardly see each other anymore because of our work?