Thursday, June 23, 2011

24 (not so)Little Hours

“Reminds you why you fell in love with theater in the first place” –Kevin Spacey on “The 24 Hour Plays”

Back in April Urban Arts Partnership announce they were bringing their successful 24 Hour Plays program to Los Angeles to benefit the arts program in the LA Unified School District in 2012.

Urban Arts Partnership has been benefit the New York school system for 19 years advancing "the intellectual, social, and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated programs to close the achievement gap." Actress Rose Perez has been with Urban Art Partnership since its inception. Over the year some of the participants of the "Plays" have included Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Chris Rock, Kyra Sedgwick, Brooke Shields, Sarah Silverman and Elijah Wood in the Broadway fundraiser.

Back in April the tentative line up was Jen Aniston, Leslie Bibb, Zachery Live, Eva Mendes, Kathy Najimy,Sam Rockwell, Nia Vardalos, and Rosie Perez and others. It looked like it was back then when Austin might have made the commitment then.

On June 17, each cast member brainstormed ideas before the writers began drafting the scripts at 10 pm Friday night that had to be finished by 6 am the next morning. The actors then got to rehearse with the directors for the next 12 hours and then, in front of a live audience, performed the plays for the first and only time on Saturday night.
When it the stage the line up was Eva Mendes, Saffron Burrows, Leslie Bibb, Jack McBrayer, David Eigenberg, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rosie Perez, Jenna Elfman, Adam Brody, Zachery Levi, Austin, Sophia and several others.
And the plays? They were each about 10 minutes long and included such themes as a Batman autopsy, a sex addict meeting gone wrong, a Chewbacca-like bear falling in love with a woman with an abusive boyfriend, and lots of Shake Weight references.Now we know Austin was working with a bear and I don't think he was the girlfriend, so the guess is he played the bad boyfriend.And the bear? It looks like it was Adam Brody.

Was Austin's unicycle and Edgar Allen Poe a part of the play? Not sure it made the cut.

The most poignant moment of the night was when a former student who received a scholarship through the program, who recited her poem “Why I Write,”. It reminded everyone there that the evening "wasn’t about the celebrities on stage, but about the future of arts in education and the future of the kids involved."


Special K said...

Talking about hiding in plain sight.

The notorious Boston crime boss and gangster Whitey Bulger was arrested in Santa Monica early this morning after being on the run for 16 years.

But what is coming out now, is that he and his girlfriend lived in that Santa Monica apartment for 15 of the 16 years and no one knew.

Jersey Tom said...

Hey Destiny. Did they have that vote yet? I am hoping. It would be huge.

destiny said...

Still no vote, and now I'm hearing chatter that it won't come up until tomorrow (so much for them finishing up tonight, something I've heard 3 days running).

Special K said...

Tweets from 24 Hour Plays give a little more info about the event.

24 Hour Plays
we got some very popular, unusual props last night. so far @ZacharyLevi's shake weight is the playwright favorite -- in 2 plays. #24HRLA
18 Jun

Tonight's musical guests, The 88, are a super awesome band known to a lot of us for their kick ass theme for NBC's #Community #24HRLA
18 Jun

We've been hearing lots about Matt Smith as Batman, Ioan Gruffudd in a bikini & Adam Brody as a bear...what's your fave #24HRLA memory?
20 Jun

And fun on the red carpet that night.

Tina Fallon
by 24HourPlays
Best "step and repeat" photo ever? @zachm1975 and Kelsey Martinez live and die on the red carpet. #24hrLA

Special K said...

Several tweets said that Austin and Adam's skit was the best of the night.

And who knew a bear could play piano?

Bear on the Ivories - courtesy of The 88's

LA said...

Molly McCook
SPOTTED. Jake Gyllenhaal at the movies.
43 minutes ago

mollyjmccook Molly McCook
Midnight in Paris :)
34 minutes ago!/mollyjmccook

pantyhose said...

^ lol

ooopsie said...

So what you're saying is Jake ISN'T in NY? Boy howdy that was a quick trip to NYC with his one true love. lolololol.

fb said...

Jake in Nashville last night?

hung out with Jake Gyllenhaal last night at That's Cool and listened to music:) Eat that T Swift!

Methodical Muser said...

It's not surprising that Jake would be in Nashville last night and New York today. After all, a flight is only 2.5 hours from Nashville to NYC. Nice to know that someone was disturbed by our earlier discussion about American Psycho and Jake being sighted in NY. No doubt a photo will be floated tomorrow showing Jake in LA. Can't wait.

lol said...

No doubt a photo will be floated tomorrow showing Jake in LA.

No doubt with his beard and clothes from a week ago. I'm sure that will throw us all of the trail. His clothes must get a bit on the nose :/

dizzy from spinning yet? said...

It's not surprising that Jake would be in Nashville last night and New York today

You just can't admit you might not be 100% sure can you. By Jake being in LA, which he is, it blows SK's fantasy of them in NYC together after Austin sent her the coded tweets. No, instead you throw out the preemptive spin that any photos of Jake in LA which may appear over the next few days are fake.

Who are you trying to sell this bull**** to?

Serious? said...

Nice to know that someone was disturbed by our earlier discussion about American Psycho and Jake being sighted in NY.

Are you serious? If you are, then it's a sad indictment of how deeply delusional you are.

TWEEEEEET!! said...

Ingrid Werner
At the movies escaping to Paris for a few hours, oh and Jake gyllenhaal is with us
9 hours ago

I suppose this is another "fake" tweet according to you? LOL!!

;) said...


Jake is not in NY said...

Anyone that think that Jake was really seen in NY should read that persons other tweets.

? said...

SK - do you think those two tweets are real? Or is Jake in NYC?

toothy believer said...

I've been reading the blog for awhile and I've seen this pattern before, Jake is seen somewhere. Discussion occurs. Then later in the day sightings of Jake appear somewhere else. I think I've counted probably at least 20 times that's happened in the past 2 years. That Nashville discussion seems solid to me. The place is small so someone is not mistakenly recognizing Jake there. Fake tweets? If Special doesn't want to answer...I will. YOU BET. Happens constantly. Along with fake photos popping up too. Common place. And, by the way standard operating prccedure in Hollywood.

toothy believer said...

Are you serious? If you are, then it's a sad indictment of how deeply delusional you are.

And, by the way you hang on OMG's every word. So you obviously care about what's discussed. Nothing delusional going on here. Just a recognition that Jake's staff, are always spinnin'. What else is new?

toothy believer said...

Sorry to make three commentss in a row, but the other point I want to make is how the trolls couldn't wait to post the LA tweets, yet when Jake was sighted in other venues (away from LA) Nashville...not a peep. The oversight is obvious.

Special K said...

What I think is really interesting is that the person in New York did not just tweet but posted it on JustSpotted as well.

And then last night the first word that the one girl in LA used in her tweet was SPOTTED. That sticks out to me. Another thing is she is also in the business as an actress.

There does seem to be a pattern of Jake spotted somewhere and there is something to suggest that Austin is there at the same time, and then later something pops up to conveniently discount it not just once or twice but a pattern of it.

It makes sense all kinds of things that are used to create cover for them they're still in the closet.

And the Nashville thing, with Jake being in Nashville a lot more in the past 12 months. Tennessee borders NC, and Austin's co-star and friend Jana has Nashville as her homebase. And Nashville is used to celebrities and not making a big deal about it.

Miss Anne Thrope said...

Jeez, between getting Bin Laden and now WB, I may have my faith in humanity restored.

Wow, I could hardly believe it when I heard it, I about fell out of my chair. It's very historical. Who else has been in Alcatraz.

prairiegirl said...

;) said...


June 24, 2011 8:33 AM

^^^^ Jack B. in-training

prairiegirl said...

Sad, isn't it.

AUS10 said...

Excellent video! Check this out.
2 hours ago

Greenpeace USA
greenpeaceusa RT
Leaders spend $1 TRILLION on nuclear weapons & cut health care, jobs, education & more?!?!? #cutnukes
4 hours ago

Methodical Muser said...

Peter Falk, TV's Rumpled Columbo, Has Died

AP via Yahoo! News - 26 minutes ago

crap said...
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destiny said...

That's sad, I liked Peter Falk and Columbo.