Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fence Posts

All the talk about fence sitting today lead to think about Fencewalker and an update on it's status.Way back in 2008 (remember?) Austin was a part of Chris Carter's personal film project, the closely guarded indie Fencewalker. Described originally as "coming-of-age semiautobiographical character piece with no supernatural elements". What followed was who was in the cast, that they filmed in Carter's hometown of Bellflower CA, and that Austin played a character named Tweedy.

And then not much more.

From interviews from leads Katie Cassidy and fellow Austinite and former Glory Road co-star Mehcad Brooks, and Carter we've found out a little more about the movie.

Carter has said that it is not autobiographical as originally thought.
He did, however, give some hint as to the film’s content. “It represents for me the reflection of the difficulty for a person … ” he said before trailing into a superficially unrelated thought that nonetheless probably has some bearing on the film. “I’m a big fan of Barack Obama. I think he carries a heavier burden and is held to a greater and higher standard than other candidates … I think there’s a large, large portion of this country that feels disenfranchised and marginalized by the political process.”

In 2010 Mehcad told the Austin Statesmen : "Also there's a film called "Fencewalker" that should be hopefully coming out this year, hitting the festivals. It's Chris Carter's passion project — he wrote and directed it. ... It's kind of like 'American Beauty' meets 'American History X.' It's something special. "

He also added in another interview about the challenge of working on the part "The biggest challenge I’ve faced as an actor was a character named Salaam Alexander from an upcoming film entitled Fencewalker. He had an innocence about him that I lost years ago. He hadn’t seen or known the world to be quite as cold a place as it can be from time to time. Humans are so fragile. And he was hard to embody because he goes through so much in the duration of the film. Some of it was so devastating that I just had to accept the circumstances of what was happening to him and it was tough. Really tough."

According to some sources, there are political and racial undertones in the movie. That Katie plays the wife of a young politician(Mehcad) who is being groomed for the presidency and who has also has another love interest.(played by Natalie Dormer)

In an interview with Collider.com Katie was keeping the closely guard secrets of the film and would only say this about the project:"Fencewalker was really great. It was actually really challenging for me to take on that role. I can’t say much about it, but I was going through a place in my life, while I was shooting that movie. I went through a difficult time, but it’s something that needed to happen, in order to get all the colors that Chris wanted out of this girl. That needed to happen to me. It was definitely an emotional experience, but nothing that I would ever take back. Chris Carter is a great director and a great writer. The script was amazing! And, I’m so happy to have been a part of something like that. It’s going to be really great. I think that will be out at the end of the year."

Mark Snow who composed the music for the movie said that if people want to guess what Fencewalker is about you need to think about Lynch's "Blue Velvet."

Everyone was hoping it would come out the end last year, but it now is a waiting game. And there is talk (Baltimore Sun) that it never will. Even Carter himself is not sure if it will ever come out:

“It’s a very personal project … We’re still working on it. But because I financed it myself, I have the ability to refine it."

Because Fencewalker’s future is uncertain, Carter was reluctant to discuss it at length. “I don’t know if it will ever see light of day, to be honest,” he said at one point."

Lot's of sitting around waiting and here's hoping everything and one gets off the fence.


Doesn't look like Jake ran into a fence but maybe a pair of Levi's button fly a few(?) times, the way those worn spots look on his long time favorite jeans.

A perfect bike for this Two Wheel Tuesday.


destiny said...

Agree with your second comment too Personal Opinion. Children come first.

Well, if the only reason Toothy would supposedly come out is Goose, and Goose doesn't want to come out, then that seems to mean never going to happen. I find it very odd that BT wouldn't be a reason for coming out. Sometimes Ted acts as though BT doesn't exist, other times like Goose doesn't.

Not surprised about Fencewalkers, when the last X-Files bombed spectacularly both at the box office and with critics (my friend who is a die hard X-Files fan said it just about the worst thing he'd ever seen) I figured he wouldn't have the money or maybe even the will to finish.

destiny said...

Finger crossed, one more yes vote is needed for gay marriage in NY, and a lot of people think it's there.

Methodical Muser said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Well another photo just appeared on a Brazilian blog that shows Austin and Soapy at Bonnaroo. Interesting that we did not get a real time picture when her fans had been clamoring for a week to have one. Never mind the oddity that the post is not from the U.S., but from South America.

As we know there wasn't even a mention that Soapy was in Manchester,TN until Friday night and we know that Austin indicated that he arrived on Thursday. Then on Saturday morning, Austin suddenly tells us there would be no more pictures from his phone because of technical difficulties. What does that tell you. LOL!

The picture is hardly intimate but, of course Soapy made sure to get one. I don't know who she thinks she's fooling with this obvious pretense. She wants us to think that the two of them are living together, yet Austin doesn't even acknowledge her, nor does she acknowledge him. There's something rotten in Denmark and I think the name is Soapy. We already know her "relationship" with Austin is all about her, and she was bound and determine to stop the bleeding of the Afghanistan nonsense. Pictures always seem to leak, when she is in deep do-do. I wonder if she's going to blame hackers again.

Sophia Bush Damage Control

Methodical Muser said...

The theme of today's post is very appropriate given Ted's, "Which Vice Couple Needs to Let Their Rainbow Flag Fly?" After all these years, sitting on the fence is about right when it comes to Toothy and Goose. And, then the Two Wheel Tuesday's eco-friendly bicycles going around in circles provides just the perfect visual.

I hope the guys figure it out soon. So they can begin to live an open life. I can understand their fears. The unknown is always scary, but sometimes you just got to take a leap of faith.

destiny said...

I have one word for Mr. and Mrs. Soapy and Bonnaroo M and M: pathetic.

Special K said...

Everything that has to do with the Sophia thing is interesting, and Austin's change on Sat. morning even more interesting. It seems like she showed up,and everything he planned on doing changed.

Amazing how just one thing on the phone broke, not everything.

This thing about suddenly having unknown pictures of them popping of after fans wonder what's up with them and also the day after she took a hit from the Afghanistan thing is the tried and true go-to thing. As is saying that hackers got hit her account.

Again why keep putting pictures up if you keep getting hacked or maybe just contacting Facebook and do something about it. But if that's all you got...

Special K said...

I agree M&M it sounds like it is Sophia move, she's the one who was sinking with all the bad PR and a new cause that she needed her fans to follow. Austin really didn't seem to have any reason to do so.

levis said...

Special it looks like Jake noticed the holes on the front of his jeans. He pulled his shirt out in the rest of the pictures of him and Peter at lunch over at IHJ.

prairiegirl said...

I'm going to just make one comment about this.

No, I'm not happy about the picture. But I'm glad I didn't get on the blog right away because you know the spew that was already coming out.

I'll tell you guys the first thing that struck out at me about the picture.

We get Austin's back. Again.

The first thing I was reminded of when I saw this picture was the picture that was taken down in Texas. You know the one where we have a widescreen shot of Austin's saggy pants yet we get a perfect view of Sophia sitting there holding up a baby. Okay, one time you figure it just happened that way.

This picture is posted on a Sophia site. Once again, we get a shot of Sophia's face. And we get a shot of Austin's back.

It's made to look like this is just a fan who happened to be there (from Brazil? So a fan from Brazil just happened to come to Bonnaroo in the hopes of seeing Sophia? Or Arcade the Fire or whatever their name was?).

Notice this is a sand dune shot - it is from the ground. The shot at the restaurant in Austin TX was also taken from the ground.

If this is the same person, notice how we get a great pic of Sophia with shades & hat off down below. She's smiling to beat the band. So if this is a Sophia fan, why didn't they ask the two for a picture together?

Why are they sneaking a picture of Austin's back?

prairiegirl said...

Meh, so it's two.

The fact that this picture appears on a Sophia site tells you who wants the picture out there.

And so if this person is at Bonnaroo taking the picture, why didn't they twit pic it?

And if Austin & Soap wanted the world to know they were both at Bonnaroo together wouldn't you think they would've had a friend take their picture so they could twitpic it?

#2. I don't know that Austin looks settled in that spot. He's got the backpack on his shoulder.

If this is where they're standing together to hear the band, why isn't the backpack on the ground? Is he going to stand there in 95 degree heat holding onto that backpack for the duration of an entire music set?

Interesting look on her face and interesting body stance by Austin. And the girl to their left seems to be taking an interest in the conversation. I wonder if she even knew who they were?

And that's all I'm going to say about it. I've got to hit the hay.

lol said...

LOL. Peegee has been a busy bee over at JJ!

the unreal truth said...

" Sometimes Ted acts as though BT doesn't exist, other times like Goose doesn't."

Ted betrays himself sometimes

Special K said...

You make some really great points PG.

One thing about Austin's backpack, no one else is holding their stuff with them and like you said it was hot, who would keep it on them, you would sit it down between your feet. Also Austin in all of his geekness never puts his backpack over one shoulder. One of the reasons, is because it was a shoulder injury that ended his waterskiing career.

And yes why is it that we see Sophia face, but only Austin's back?

? said...

And yes why is it that we see Sophia face, but only Austin's back?

^ One of the great unsolved mysteries of the world. Will we ever know the answer?

Just a thought said...

Just saw the Bonnaroo photo this morning. Have to say it looks photoshopped to me. That guy with the red cap and the line of his hair looks cut off my the brown shorts. And what is that elbow in the crook of Austin's arm? There are other issues to if you enlarge. Now, that would be pathetic if Bush resorted to this.

Oh yeah. Isn't Austin always in the sun? Why are his arms so lily white In June, yet his legs are super tanned. Bush looks more tanned than he does even though he's mister outdoors.

The tighty whitey photo looked better than this!

Special K said...

Just a thought I have been looking at the picture up close since it as posted yesterday, and I have seen the same things you mentioned. I was waiting to see if anyone else notice anything.

Just a thought said...

Something odd hit me when I first looked at the photo. Don't know what it was. When the image is blown up there's an incredible number of "problems." Would Sophia Bush be that stupid? Or, is it desperate? Could explain why there was no real time photo. Takes a while to do such a bad photoshop!!!!! LOL! What really tipped me off was how the site made sure to give us an upclose photo of her wearing her hat with no sunglasses. Sorta of like they wanted to squash any naysayers. A little too fabricated for my taste. Then again, it could be desperate fangirls too.

Ted said...

Toothy and Grey: True Luv 4eva!

Like it was ever even a question! Fifty-six percent of you believe it's time for Toothy Tile to face the music and open that closet door, with hubby Grey Goose lovingly at his side, of course! And we agree. It's been a decade, can you even imagine the party Team Truth would throw if T2 said "I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it!"


the real m said...

Teds's words re Toothy and the final results of the poll. Notice he calls Goose hubby. As if we didn't already know. "Toothy and Grey: True Luv 4eva! Like it was ever even a question! Fifty-six percent of you believe it's time for Toothy Tile to face the music and open that closet door, with hubby Grey Goose lovingly at his side, of course! And we agree. It's been a decade, can you even imagine the party Team Truth would throw if T2 said I'm here, I'm queer, get used to it!"

As for suspicious photo, I doubt Sophia would shop it but some Jake is straight fan trying to create a cover story would do it.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, m. Could be fangirls, although I wouldn't put anything passed Soapy. Particularly, given all the bad media coverage she's been getting lately.

Notice how Ted also confirms that it's been a decade. Confirming what we already knew as well. All those "girlfriends" were beards. I also like the phrase "lovingly at his side." Sounds about right.

Special K said...

It popped on a Sophia site, and the Sophian fans were dying for a picture of them together, so I don't think it had anything to do with Jake. Whoever took photo, or who 'shopped it, I think it's more an OTH thing.

Hiker, Not Walker said...

Just looked at the pic, and what strikes me is how the backpack looks stuck on, like those vinyl Colorforms paperdolls, remember them? (BTW, I thought the "Dud" from MysteryDate was cute, kinda like a cowboy.) I carry a backpack a lot, and unless this one is very reinforced, it looks too rigid. Slung over one shoulder, it should slump a little? That's just me.

Special K said...

Hey Hiker, Oh I remember colorforms, and you're right the backpack looks stiff and it looks like it was kind of stuck on him. Does anyone else notice the proportion of the backpack and Austin seem off?

Oh and I like your observation of about the dud in Mystery Date. : )

Hiker said...

Yes something about the backpack isn't right.

We all thought the dud was the cutest, lol. :)

grassy knoll said...

Thanks. You're doing a great job of proving how insane you all appear. Keep it up!!