Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Musical Chairs

Austin tweeted pictures of Coachella, for three straight days, so when you look at it a little more closely, why does it look like he was there for only two?

One of many great artists this weekend. I put one of his songs in the episode I directed. Check it -----> Aus10, April 14

Bon Iver------> Aus10, April 15
Radiohead ------> Aus10, April 16

Noel Gallagher did play on Friday night, and Austin tweeted it on Sat.

Bon Iver played Day 2 of Coachella's first weekend aka Saturday , and Austin tweeted that Sunday the 15th.

And who wouldn't tweet Radiohead after they had an epic two-hour set. Did they play on Sunday like the pattern of Austin's tweets suggest. Nope. They made their return to Coachella after 8 long years on Saturday night.

And from the press everyone knows that Tupac was resurrected (although be it digitally) with Snoop on Sunday night. It's been the biggest talk of Coachella.

So surprisingly the one of the biggest highlights of the weekend, Austin tweeted a band from Sat. on Monday instead? Why not Tupac? Talk about epic.

Was Austin playing a little musical chairs with a twist? Did he want people to think he was still around Coachella, while he was heading to parts unknown? Or just with someone that OMG knows all about?

As yes Austin might have used Noel's song in his ep this season, the bird ref does not go unnoticed big guy.


Jersey Tom said...

Or maybe he wasn't there at all and someone sent him the pics the next day.

What happened to Tuesday's post SK.
Love those pics.

prairiegirl said...

This Bon Ami is some really psychedelic music. I gotta say, these 2 guys' taste in music is never up my alley whatsoever: Jake with his hardcore, head pummeling rap and Austin with the Birkenstock stuff. I just wonder if either one ever listens to anything mainstream?

Tom, Tuesday's post is still there.

deleted said...

I can't see Tuesday's post either.

prairiegirl said...

I wonder if Blogger is having issues again? Guys, use Mozilla Firefox and you can probably see it. Remember, this happened once before and people who were using IE couldn't see the post.

Because Tuesday's post is still there.

Sorry This is Just Too Funny said...

Danielle ♥ ‏ @danieellewright

Jake gyllenhal you make a terrible gay man in brokeback moutain....
8:27 PM - 17 Apr 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Jersey Tom said...

Yeah right Danielle. Check out that kiss in the second tent scene and tell me what you think. That was one of the most romantic kisses I have ever seen.

Special K said...

Sorry that was my fault. Clicked the wrong button. Tuesday's post is back up.

Special K said...

RIP Dick Clark

prairiegirl said...

Special, it was never gone for me. Are you trying to tell me that my Dell has super powers?

Wow, I had not heard about Dick Clark. Of course, now it is all over Twitter. He was simply a legend in the music business.

destiny said...

That's so sad about Dick Clark, and so soon after losing Don Cornelius too.

prairiegirl said...

We're goin' hoppin'
We're goin' hoppin' today
Where things are poppin'
The Philadelphia way
We're gonna drop in
On all the music they play
On the Bandstand (Bandstand)

We're goin' swingin'
We're gonna swingin' the crowd
And we'll be clingin'
And floatin' high as a cloud
The phones are ringin'
My mom and dad are so proud
I'm on Bandstand

Lyrics: Barry Manilow/Bruce Sussman

Jersey Tom said...

Wow Dick Clark was definitely a legend in Philadelphia. Everyone watched American Bandstand. My brother actually was on the show. It was said Dick Clark would never grow old. Many believed it till he got sick a few years ago. We had some great DJs. Ed Hurst who hosted the The dance show from the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. Hy Litt aka Hyskie O'Rooney McVouty O'zous. Joe Niagra and of course the Geeter with the Heater-Jerry Blavatt.

Jersey Tom said...

Jerry Blavatt is still alive and kicking. His club Memories in Margate, NJ(of course down on the Jersey shore)is still one of the places to be every summer.

The Steel Pier the Home of the Diving Horse is now regretably a shopping Mall.

prairiegirl said...

Tom, there have been so many times I thought Dick Clark would just live forever and never die.

Oh, American Bandstand was the show to watch your "fave" singers. And Dick was such a consummate professional. Such a class act. So together. I admired him so much for all of those qualities.

I have such wonderful memories of seeing American Bandstand on Saturday mornings.

The music industry is not nearly the same anymore. We've truly seen a passing of the best of times.

Special K said...

The first thing I thought of when I read about Dick Clack, was my Pops.

One day just a few years ago, he told me about how tried to buy Dick Clark's house.
Long before I was born, my dad was the pastor in the same town that Dick and his first wife live in, a very nice suburb of Philly. When Dick and his wife got divorced, she got the house, but it was too big for her and their son, and my dad was negotiating with her to buy the house, not to live in but to turn into a church. Sadly, they couldn't come to an agreed price. It would have been really cool though. Talk about Holy (Rock'n) Rollin'

Special K said...

Don't know if other people saw the sad news about Levon Helm nearing the end of his battle with cancer. My brother emailed this this morning.

The first thing I heard in my head my head was The Band doing When I Paint My Masterpiece. ---"On a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs"

And for the rest of the morning my internal soundtrack is Dylan with The Band scattered throughout.

Cloud 9 said...

^^ :)

destiny said...

Oh no, I didn't see that about Levon Helm. :-(

And Robin Gibbs is very ill too. :-(

destiny said...
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destiny said...

Oops, let's try that again.

Speaking of Dick Clark and homes, earlier this week Bored Panda posted pictures of his home in Malibu, with a design right out of the Flinstones. Check it out, it's really cool.

Flinstones Inspired Home

April 18, 2012 6:43 PM

sass said...

RIP Dick Clark...spent many Saturday Mornings dancing along with American Bandstand. You will be missed...just watched Rev Al and Berry Gordy talking about you on were a Giant in my world for a long time.

And to add a bit to the above topic all I heard about on the street in the city on the way here and there was how "Tupac went live at Coachella."

And Jersey Tom, BBM is one of the most romantic movies I've ever seen...I think I went to see it 12/6/2005 and many more times...anyway it was a Tuesday so I went early afternoon and almost didn't get a seat...went at that time cause neighborhood--68th and Broadway-- usually older folks early afternoon...not that day:) I actually haven't see such loving caring romantic kiss on screen in a long time.

Saw pic of Selena kissing JB at a Laker game yesterday? and thought of my fav couple looking happy and in love. So I went looking for my J/A pics. I have some of the pics lost...wondering how they can stand it...sad times all round...
Hope I can find time to visit a bit more...hope I don't piss anyone off here...I am not able to tell sometimes what I sound like...:lol sorry for that... but for now I have to be where I be real even if I am sometimes a pain in the butt
Please pardon any and all ramblings....hope you're ok with this...I am only here and at WDW...
And it's all good.

So sweet said...

Lauren Kaelin ‏ @laurenkaelin
Served Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard ice cream today. AND my girlfriend brought me apricots. FTW

Jersey Tom said...

Only saw a glimpse of the Selena JB kiss Sass. It didnt look very passionate to me. The first J and A Lakers pics Jake and Austin had passionate written all over them and there was no kiss:-)

prairiegirl said...

Sass, it's a joy to see you here. I hope you always feel welcome.

LOL at someone bringing over the ice cream tweet. As if it's going to instantly change a few minds.

One tip: If you're going to post tweets, 19:58, please post the day and time. 2 hours ago. 2 hours ago on what day? Dec 3, 2010? 2009? 2011? 2 hours from what time? Noon? 15:00?

It would be a twitter courtesy.

Laura Ingalls said...

Lauren Kaelin ‏ @laurenkaelin
Brooklyn ·

Served Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard ice cream today. AND my girlfriend brought me apricots. FTW

17:36 28 April via web

Surrender yourself Nellie Oleson ;)

Charles Ingalls said...

Ooops! 18 APRIL VIA WEB!

sass said...

You're right Jersey Tom... those 2 kiddos were nothing like J/A... they just reminded me of what J/A did... ...and what they no longer do. :(
nn again

the real m said...

I used to rush home from school to catch American Bandstand after school. Dick Clark was a huge part of my life then, and in college I met some guys who had been on Bandstand, making them big men in my naive eyes. Sorry to see him pass. He lived a long and happy life.

The J&A Lakers pics reek of sex. Jake looks like he could mount Austin on the spot. No couple will ever be sexier at a Lakers game.

prairiegirl said...

That Flintstones house was really pretty cool.

Special K said...

Looking a Dick Clark's Flinstones house, makes me envision him walking out of there in Fred's togs. Of course Ryan Seacrest would have have to be Barney. Because you know he's got the height for it.