Saturday, April 7, 2012

Turf Builder

Wow Jake what are you using these days....

FridayAt this rate you will be ready for Duck Dynasty by Easter.Although it's more Texas Turkey Tribe for ya huh...

Careful with those Peeps, they like to nest....


prairiegirl said...

Yeah, hoodies can cut off your peripheal vision. I don't like wearing coat hoods myself but seems like I only do it when I have to dash inside when it's raining. It's still not a good idea because I can't see very well.

Just because we do something and haven't gotten hurt thus far, doesn't mean we're just managing to dodge the bullet.

Our whole philosophy at work is to take steps to prevent accidents from happening. Every time we have an incident or an accident, an investigation team sets out to find out the causes and solution(s). They take pictures and have meetings. It's always amazing how there are usually several contributing factors, not just one.

Is Jake used to the city? Sure he is. Is he careful? I don't know; I'm not there. Does he have the volume at a low level? Don't know that either. He may.

But all it takes is one time. And just that one time could cost a serious injury or a life.

prairiegirl said...

What in the heck is Jake dying his hair with? Hardcore Chlorox straight out of the bottle???

His hair is lightening at a blazing speed within a week.

What in the heck?!

Special K said...

Unless he has a little temporary color on it Monday night that washes out.

Either that ......or these pictures are from the same week.

prairiegirl said...

Not only that, but look at the Friday picture.

His hair is sticking out over his ears. Or is that just because it's all slicked back in the Monday picture? Maybe it's all the Vitalis, huh? lol

Did you mean the pictures aren't from the same week, Special?

Surrogancy is the new lie said...

These celebrities sure do suddenly want to be photographed while pregnant and wearing swimsuits, don't they? Kind of like, "if I'm seen in a bathing suit, I must be pregnant. Seeeeee, look at my growing tummy." Even though we know there are a number of tricks and techniques to make someone look pregnant in a bathing suit, in order to fool the public.

Recent examples being, Beyonce, Maggie and now Reese. I think this may be the new PR technique to hide surrogancy births. Gay men have led the way and Jake propbably is an expert by now, so now actresses are jumping on the bandwagon who don't want the inconveience of stretch marks, morning sickness and losing 24-30 lbs. Now they can hire women from who knows where to be their little incubators.

How weird said...

Sad if true 4:41 PM. A mother not wanting to carry her own baby???? If true again we see that Hollywood is a sick place.

Wondering and watching said...

Jake sure seems to be hanging around NY for no apparent reason. Oh, I know they say he lives there now, but instructing Soul Cycle classes can't be the reason he is idling standing around, shiftless and drifting from restaurant to coffee joint. Don't know about any one else, but just like with Beyonce, seems like Maggie's stomach keeps changing size and the baby's position is sometimes high, sometimes low. Something's off. I agree with those who think it's kinda creepy that Jake would just be waiting around for his sister to have her baby. Isn't that Peter's job. Wherever he is?

Kim said...

Sad if true 4:41 PM. A mother not wanting to carry her own baby???? If true again we see that Hollywood is a sick place.

Pregnancy and birth are not enjoyable events and if I could find someone to do that for me , hell , yeah I'd go for it

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

the real m said...

I saw an interesting article yesterday about actors who remain closeted to protect their careeers. Sorry, I cant recall the site and cant find it again now. But one of those interviewed made the following statement, which I saved. "When you see any great performer, you sort of see into that person's soul." "Your sexuality is profoundly a part of who you are. I think it's very difficult to really reveal yourself in that exquisite way if you're trying to hide part of yourself." It so makes me think of Jake and his recent performances. Some are better than others, but they dont measure up to his early ones, before he started hiding.

destiny said...

ITA M about hiding yourself and performing.

destiny said...

Special, She's Like a Rainbow sounds slightly different from what I'm used to hearing, and both me and my girlfriend would both like to know if it's a remastered version or if it's from a different source.

Special K said...

It's off a ahem..let's say ...compilation ...of Stones songs that a friend had that they got from back in the day you could get in the "import" section aka a boot

Whatever. said...

@4:41... sorry. Maggie is pregnant. Look at her face. Don't understand why Reese would use a surrogate, either - she doesn't have a great bod in the first place. When you've already had kids, it's all stretched. And, perhaps you've never been, but a lot of women really enjoy being pregnant. Sure, it has downsides, but it has plenty of upsides, too. And hello - Moms generally like to carry their own children if able. You bond in the womb.

Just For Men said...

Jake's changing hair color/dye is only the sun rays and the way the reflection hits it, then the photo looks lighter and brighter.

The color is distored because of the bright sunshine.

prairiegirl said...

I don't even believe Reese has a real marriage so I don't know what this pregnancy of hers is all about. Frankly, I think it's a way to get "baby bump" o'meter pictures since she can't seem to drum up attention any other way. Sounds pretty cold but then she's a pretty cold lady.

Paydirt!!! Finally found Sweet Tart jelly beans at a local Price Chopper Store. I was just about to give up, too. Bought a couple extra bags for that emergency "hit" later in the year for our office.

prairiegirl said...

And hello - Moms generally like to carry their own children if able.

And hello, people should be allowed to question. No one is speaking in definitive absolutes. But when some things seem "off", one should question.

This pregnancy of Maggie's has gone on and on and on like the gestation period of a giraffe.

Plus, she was virtually unseen for the longest time but now she's suddenly everywhere. Not to mention the giant mystery as to when exactly she is due.

And whatever happened to the story where her & Peter wanted to keep the sex of the baby a secret even though they themselves knew it? Now all of a sudden, they had a change of heart and decided to announce that they're expecting a girl.

I mean, everything about this pregnancy is just in a word - strange.

Page Six said...

Jake makes break

Last Updated: 11:42 PM, April 7, 2012

Posted: 11:34 PM, April 7, 2012

A Packed bash at denim label 3x1’s SoHo store made Jake Gyllenhaal blue Thursday. The “Source Code” star was a guest at the party to celebrate a line of skateboards by 3x1 founder Scott Morrison and fotog Ben Watts. But Gyllenhaal froze when he saw the sardine-like crowd, spies said. He then pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt, lingered for a few minutes and decided to leave the party, where guests included Jude Law, Jessica Hart and Scott Lipps.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your day.

Jersey Tom said...

Sounded like a very good article M. I do agree. I think art does come from the soul It is a God giving gift. I know I give Jake a hard time but the pressure he must be under to hide who he is must be enormous. He has made the decision though. It has to effect his work and his decision making on the parts he takes.

Methodical Muser said...

Here's the article m was talking about:

Actors and the Fear of Coming Out

Jersey Tom said...

Wow thanks for bringing that article to our attention M. Thanks for the link M&M, Excellent article. Hopefully everyone will get read it.

Just Passing By said...

Fantastic article. It remains me when Richard Chamberlain infamously stated that closeted actors in Hollywood should remain in the closet. Many in the gay community was upset with him - including myself - at making that statment. But when taking time to reflect on it, I was able to understand Richard's POV.

In the last few years or so many actors have come out as gay and it really hasn't effect their careers. But when you think of those actors, and I applaud for them for being true to themselves in a public fashion, you quickly realize something.

While they are certainly well-known stars, you can never truly call them A-list stars, and their certainly not on the level at being thought of as high powered celebrities. They have certainly broken boundaries, but the one boundaries that has yet to be fully broken in Hollywood is a major film star coming out as gay on the level of a George Clooney, Leo, Johnny Depp, Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling. Male stars who entire screen image relays on the image of being a heterosexual romantic lead in which female fans longs for, and which straight male fans can say, "that's the type of guy I wish to be or at least want to share a beer with." We have yet seen a star of that caliber come out as an openly gay man. And Jake most definitely falls in that unique category.

How would the general, mainstream public accept a star like Jake coming out? In the long run would it effect his career? Would Hollywood - which for me has always been the most liberal, closeted city in world - view Jake differently when it comes to casting film roles in which the lead is a straight romantic lead or action star or in a heavy drama in which the male character must exude a strong - cliche - sense of raw masculinity? Will Hollywood be afraid the mainstream public wouldn't accept it because they know Jake, in real life, is a gay man?

I don't ever forget, when it comes to Hollywood, the box office is the end game. In their eyes money is everything. If Jake comes out, will Hollywood suddenly convince themselves, Jake is a star that won't make money for them? I mean it's a real possibility. After all Hollywood is very narrow-minded in many ways.

Maybe that's why Jake and his PR team is determine to keep him in the closet as long as humanly possible. I mean if Jake is indeed gay it would be nice for him to come out. But in some regards that could be viewed at being selfish on our parts. Jake coming out is our desire, not his. We as fans don't have to deal with the possible, damaging fallout as Jake most certainly have to do.

After all we are talking about his livelihood, and part of that livelihood, has a great deal to do with his image. So far Jake has created an image that has been pretty successful for him. Why would he knowingly chance that image by revealing something that could easily backslach on him?

It's one thing to come out privately. After all who cares?It's an entirely different situation coming out in such a huge public light in where it could have a profound effect on your career.

destiny said...

Thanks Special.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I'll comment later on the topic of Jake and Austin coming out.

Happy Easter to all who believe! said...

Mike Wallace, the legendary newsman who hosted 60 Minutes for nearly half a century and interviewed some of the most high-profile subjects of his day, has died, CBS reports.

He was 93.

One of broadcast television's fiercest, most aggressive interviewers, Wallace was one of the founding hosts of 60 Minutes, television's most popular newsmagazine show.

Bob Scheiffer, host of CBS News's Face the Nation said Wallace died following a long illness Saturday night in New Haven, Connecticut, surrounded by family, the New York Times reports.

Wallace underwent triple heart-bypass surgery in 2008, a procedure that doctors called "a great success."

The CBS News family lost another veteran broadcaster in November when Andy Rooney died at age 92.

In an essay for CBS, 60 Minutes colleague Morely Safer wrote that Wallace "took to heart the old reporter's pledge to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. He characterized himself as 'nosy and insistent.' "

"So insistent, there were very few 20th century icons who didn't submit to a Mike Wallace interview. He lectured Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, on corruption. He lectured Yassir Arafat on violence," wrote Safer.

Wallace – who traveled alongside Martin Luther King, Jr., and also interviewed Malcolm X during his illustrious career – retired in 2006, but occasionally returned to the show to interview high-profile subjects like Mitt Romney, Jack Kevorkian and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

He told reporters late in his life that if he could write his own epigraph, it would read, "Tough But Fair."