Monday, April 9, 2012

The Tide is High

With the spiritual celebrations of the weekend, Passover continuing, and Jake continuing Soul Cycle sojourn, thought it a bit of surfing with a touch of soul would be in order.
Definitely something to get your waves to rise.


Seaweed said...

"I'm here on orders from my bird"

Damn you Special... now I'm off on another tangent!


Thanks though, I really needed this!

Austin said...

Here is the TRAILER for LOL. In theaters May 4th in the US------->

And please follow my friend and co-star @ashley_hinshaw She's really great in the movie. And needs some followers

2 h ago

prairiegirl said...

^^^^ I see Austin's got his hand out again.


Special K said...

LOL is opening in a month. It's been a while since he filmed it.

And Seaweed, I must admit I thought of you when I put up the pictures for today's post. :)

I was just watching a little JFC in the past couple of days, and it still strikes me what a great show and a great job Austin did.

I think he was greatly influence as a director by Milch and JFC too.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Let's say that all of the closeted Blind Vice stars, both male and female, woke up tomorrow and made the awesome decision to come out to the public. Who do you think would receive the most media coverage and why? How about the least?

Dear oBVious:
Toothy Tile, of course! As for the least media coverage, that's hard to say—you know magazines love their "I'm Gay!" headlines, so I think any guy or gal that came out would get some time in the limelight. Maybe Jerry Menage-e-No?

Seaweed said...

The production staff are in place again for "Haven" and within a week Emily Rose and Eric Balfour will be back on set in Lunenburg and Chester to film season 3.

I hope I can get down there and see some of them in action and maybe get to dazzle Emily with a few good lines from JFC, and have a little chat with her perhaps?

I think it's time I did a JFC Marathon!

"Listen to me, Frat Boy. You're gonna tell me who it was. And I'm jumping in that van, drive into that jin mill, and I am gonna do some damage." ...Vietnam Joe

Special K said...

I am imagine it right now Seaweed.

And here's a little clip to tease you back to that marathon

John From Cincinnati Tribute Video

Seaweed said...

"I don't know anymore if I'm on foot or on horseback"

Bill just kills me...

Thanks Special, don't recall seeing that video before. Thank God for Youtube eh!

toronto said...

Justin Tiu ‏ @JBT888
Can't believe my babe @d3cheung surprised me with dinner table-side to Jake Gyllenhaal at Canoe. Impressive hookups!

the real m said...

Happy belated Easter to all. My nephew had a party yesterday, complete with easter egg hunt - 12 children and it wiped me out.

Tom, I've had the pleasure of seeing David in real life and he is indeed quite a specimen. I wish they had not kept the line moving so I could have lingered longer at the sight of it.

That picture of Jake a year ago and today is incredible. His eyebrows need grooming, and that makes his face look saggier, but he is looking pretty worse for the wear at only 31. He spends a lot of time in the sun. And if he is smoking more than he lets on, that makes a huge difference in skin tone.

Ramona looks more like her mother every day. Peter has lost weight. For a film I guess.

Special K said...

So Jake is now in Toronto. Makes is look like Enemy is going to happen and that he might be there to get housing and other details set up before he starts filming. The website that I link a couple days ago said he would start filming the first part of May, so the timing would fit.

Special K said...

I agree M, eyebrows can really open up you face and take years off. Jake's bead also adds years, and makes him lose the definition of his face, so it looks fuller, even when it isn't.

Really? come on Really said...
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Twitter Investigator said...

Looks like, smells like, sounds like...ILNY83.