Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Jake hit the red, well beige, carpet before last night's event honoring Paul Newman, and he was taking the signage a little too seriously it seems.

Well ok half of the signage. He got the serious down part.

Then finally got the second part of it and let out a bit of a smile for the fun part.
But looked like he was reserving that more for inside.

And yes it is Two Wheel Tuesday. Who knew there weren't just doubledecker buses in London.


Movie hype said...

The Ellen Pompeo story is as old as the hills. Moonlight Mile hype to help sell the love story angle. The funny thing is that when she told the story back in September 2002 Jake was already hot and heavy with Austin Nichols.

Jake's pretty desperate if he has to recycle this kind of ten year garbage.

Welll said...

Ellen Pompeo: Jake Gyllenhaal Hit on Me 10 Years Ago!Celebrity News
April 3, 2012 AT 5:34PM
By Beth Anne Macaluso

Ellen Pompeo has experienced love at first sight before--and it wasn't with husband Chris Ivery.

Speaking during a press conference honoring Grey's Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rimes Monday, Pompeo, 42, opened up about a fateful meeting with Jake Gyllenhaal, her costar in 2002's Moonlight Mile.

PHOTOS: Jake G. and more shirtless hunks!

Before auditioning for the film, "I was...in the waiting room and the director and this guy, Jake Gyllenhaal, who I had never heard of--no one had ever heard of him at that point--walked past me," Pompeo shared. "I [had] my head down...so I didn't get a look at Jake."

When she walked in to read, Pompeo got the shock of her life. Turns out, "I had met Jake a couple of weeks prior on the sidewalk! I walked into the room and I saw Jake and I said, 'Oh my God, it's you!'" the actress recalled. "We sort of bumped into each other. He told me I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen."

PHOTOS: Kirsten! Reese! Taylor! Take a look back at Jake's love life

Though the actress joked she "fell to her knees," she wasn't quite ready to run off with the hunk, ten years her junior. "I said, 'He's 12! And maybe we'll see each other again and I should leave!' There were sparks, but we just bolted."

Director Brad Silberling picked up on the tension between the two, and, according to Pompeo, asked what their connection was.

PHOTOS: Memorable Grey's moments

"We were like, 'No, we don't know each other. We made love to each other not speaking on the sidewalk, but we don't know each other!'" Pompeo joked.

Despite her and Gyllenhaal's chemistry, Pompeo was quick to add that her music producer husband, Chris Ivery--whom she wed in 2007--isn't threatened by the Love and Other Drugs star. "We saw Jake the other day," Pompeo shared. "Listen, he is a handsome guy and a great actor." The big drawback? Laughed Pompeo, "He is 20 years younger than me!"

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/ellen-pompeo-jake-gyllenhaal-hit-on-me-10-years-ago-201234#ixzz1r1QjCMF5

The history will be also old but Ellen has told it today.

Memory said...

The funny thing is that when she told the story back in September 2002 Jake was already hot and heavy with Austin Nichols.

Maybe you mean Kirsten Dunst?

ha said...

@7:30 PM lmao:)

Special K said...

No he was hot and heavy with Austin.

They were already seen together at the Lotus Club in NYC in June of 2002, months before TDAT started shooting.

Back on the orginal WFT, How they Met posted:

"It was during casting of TDAT, Austin walked in and the rest was history. They couldn't take their eyes off each other."

Too bad said...

Oh, too bad, Kiki and Jake have shared a house a dog sex outdoor and 3/4 years together.
and kiki called Jake her "great love"

Special K said...

Don't know how many people have seen this.

Jake talking to reporters at last night's celebration for Paul Newman.

Jake Talking to In Touch Magazine

prairiegirl said...

Kiki and Jake have shared a house a dog sex


I've heard of Kibbles 'n Bits, but that's such a bland way of putting it.

Dog sex. lol

prairiegirl said...

Dog sex. LOLLLL.

Poor Atticus.

boo said...

Dog COMMA Sex,

Blogger tips said...

Unlike Twitter, blogging is not limited to 140 characters.

Jersey Tom said...

Great points Jason. Jake is such a lying phony he has no clue what reality is. I also agree that Jake may be unstable. If this man brought kids into the world yes he is unstable. If there is a child hopefully that child is being raised somewhere in Texas by the Nichols family.

NYC said...

RL ‏ @raymondtlee
Jake Gyllenhaal just sat behind me at EN.

oh lordy lordy said...

he has no clue what reality is. I also agree that Jake may be unstable.

lolololololol...pot, meet kettle.

huh. said...

If Jake is back in NYC already, he must be taking private planes, huh? No tweets from airports in a few months.

In the video coming and going from the Newman event, he looks like a jerk. A real jerk.

Huh. said...

Tom I agree. And Jason. Jake seems a bit unstable to me, I have thought this for a long time. I'll not get into why, the reasons are numerous. And I am not surprised. He leads BEYOND a double life. Way beyond the closet. It's like a closet with vacuum-lock hinges!

Jersey Tom said...

oh lordy lordy said...
he has no clue what reality is. I also agree that Jake may be unstable.

lolololololol...pot, meet kettle.

Probably but no coward like you.

Sad said...
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the real m said...

Jason hit the nail on the head. Actually Jake has not been the same since the Reeke fiasco. I think the tremendous pressure he was under really took a lot out of him. And keeping all those lies straight must be exhausting.

On another note, I thought Naomi looked great though we only got a glimpse of her. She was looking pretty frumpy when she was still married but has smartend up her look. Possibly even a bit of work done around the neck and eyes.

I cant believe they trotted out that Pompeo story. Back in the day didnt she say he invited her to dinner but had another guy with him when she showed up. Or am I confusing her with another woman?

Special K said...

Another video from Monday night.

Jake talking about Paul and his own camp experience as kid.

Jake Talking to The Green Girls.com

Special K said...

A little more at ease; another picture of Jake talking to the press Monday.


prairiegirl said...

I could not have agreed more, Jason.

I think a lot of this could be an act on Jake's part, acting as though he's "depriving" photographers and fans of his self, it's just so hard being him.

What startles me is to see a 31 year old man needing a buffer handler standing alongside him during a red carpet interview. What in the heck?

As long as Jake has himself tied to his mother's apron strings and handlers holding his hand during carpet interviews, he can have all the kids in the world and that does not qualify him as being a grown man.

It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George & Jerry made a pact to upright their slovenly mid-30's ways and become more mature. Jerry pictured himself ready to propose to his present girlfriend and George Costanza got a wild hair and proposed to Susan. He comes back to Jerry's apartment and proclaims, "Jerry, I'm engaged!! I"m going to get married! I'm a man!! I'm a man, Jerry!!!"

It was hilarious. But I am astounded when I look at Jake who I believe is married and has a cluster of kids, and yet his professional behavior and persona is anything but that of what you would believe an independent man exhibits in his personal life.

prairiegirl said...

That being said, it bothers me to see Austin get off scot-free in all of this.

For those of us who believe that Jake & Austin are still together, and the evidence is overwhelming at this point, it continues to be Jake who takes 100% of the brunt of criticism.

He's the one who because of his much higher profile status, has carried out most of the nonsense. This cannot have been without Austin's approval, after all they are partners. What they do as far as bearding and personal camouflage, most likely wouldn't be done for one without the knowledge and approval of the other.

So it's Jake who is papped. It's Jake who has a ridiculous recycled blather about Ellen Pompeo floated on Us Weekly. It's Jake who is made the fool. Granted, he is the one taking it upon himself to do it.

But it is not without Austin's approval and knowledge. And it is Austin who loafs in the background, looking unblemished and better looking with every passing year while Jake today looks like a 45 year old. I am not exxagering. In these latest pictures, he looks 40-45 years old.

And I myself suspect it is Austin himself who is keeping both of these guys in the closet. It's not Jake. I bet Jake would love to come out.

It is Austin who still wants his career. And Jake, ever the pleaser, wants to allow him to have that.

I just think a lot of this criticism needs to be also aimed at Austin, who has mole'd himself underground, out of the spotlight, out of criticism's way while it is Jake who absorbs all of the backlash.