Friday, June 29, 2012

The Day when it got bigger

Just looking back at Austin in TDAT for this Austin Friday.

It is amazing to think that they wrote additional 50 pages of script and built new sets (JD's apartment) when they decided to expand his Austin's part.

Look how young!

JD working it ....
 but on who?

or Sam????

Think it's going to rain?

Creating a little moment just for them.

 Geez Austin how much do you weigh... I need to up the BowFlex

 You think the wolves heard us talking about them?

Everyone is look at the camera (even the dog!) except Austin and who is he looking at? Jake!

 Now we know where this famous moment happened.  On the set built just for JD.



the real m said...

So cute. I did not realize that they amped up Austins part in the movie. Good for them. And I've always enjoyed that unnecessary touching captured forever on film.

Magic Mike is getting really good reviews. I watched the red band trailer and wow, lots of skin. I am having difficulty convincing hubby to see it with me so may have to go alone to this one. I am targeting Wednesday, the 4th as the go to day. Gives me a few more days to work on him. My new plaid pants has a GIF from the film that is incredible.

loser said...
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Know your trolls said...

hi stupid troll

Special K said...

Many know of Kraft creating a rainbow Oreo for a post on their fb to celebrate Pride.

Here's Stephen Colbert doing what he does best over the outrage by some about this.

After Elton

destiny said...

I can never get enough of Depeche Mode.

I can't believe all the rave reviews for Magic Mike. It's also going to be a huge hit, the estimates for this weekend is $43 million! I know Bomer has just a small role, mostly eye candy and just a few lines, but still I'm thrilled. This is also going to confirm that Channing Tatum is indeed a big star, it's his third movie in a row with an opening of over $20 million.

Just bought tickets to go to a late show tonight, I can't wait!!!

M, show your hubby the NYT review, and tell him it's movie about capitalism like the review suggests. :-D

Special K said...

I was supposed to go see the Tall Ships in the Harbor today, but ohhh so sick. It sucks.

Waiting on my delivery of gatorade and sprite.

Special K said...

The Wacky World of TDAT

Make a post about TDAT and the Day After it's on.

Magic. LOL!