Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something minky hinky going on...

So how does the new "date" connect with Jake's long standing one?

Three words

Friday Night Lights.

Yup, one was a lead, and one had a recurring guest role.  Who could it be?

This guy.

And where did they film it?

Right here.

It's been said before......All things connect.


destiny said...

Tom, Magic Mike opens on June 29.

If Jake and his PR are going by what we say here, then Jake would never ever beard, because of course that is always what we are going to say about anything he is linked to. So I don't think that is the reason it "ended". More likely it was bearding light or some other reason.

prairiegirl said...

That's really cool, Tom, that Larry was so close.

And yes, I'm out. Out of the Larry closet and proud of it.

prairiegirl said...

because of course that is always what we are going to say about anything he is linked to

Dest, what are you referring to here? I'm unclear.

PR madness said...

If Jake and his PR are going by what we say here, then Jake would never ever beard

I don't want to speak for Methodical, but I don't believe that was the point being made. It's not that PR is doing what OMG wants, it's that by being called out on their shit before the rollout could continue thru the summer. PR was left with egg on their face after that Minka Kelly find by M&M, and they had to pull back because their fingerprints were all over this.

prairiegirl said...

I still believe in what I said. I have watched this Minka thing from the background while M&M did the research and analyzed how the groundwork was laid out back in January. I have watched Twitter in the background, not putting hardly anything up because a select few of us don't put hardly any of the tweets we see anymore on this blog for reasons that don't need to be revealed.

You can't put a value on the time that is spent and the familiarity you gain when you study the patterns using the available mediums like some of us have.

This is not some feeling we're getting from a Chinese fortune cookie.

prairiegirl said...

Now here's the last Minka/Jake "tweet sighting" that was put up via Twitter. I saved this little exchange and we held onto it. First, here's the tweets.

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
I spy Minka Kelly #holygorgeous
9:03 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon • Details

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
Fu** (edit). I spy make gyllenhal and I want to die now.
9:19 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon • Details

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
Trying to be cool and it's very difficult
9:21 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon • Details

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
Damnit JAKE @legreening
10:41 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
@WileyWaites yes, it's very intimidating, she is gorgeous and he is beautiful
10:41 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon •

Crystal Joy ‏@crystaljoyyy
@WileyWaites hahaha oh, no! Friend is a Spanish teacher and had exams with him so I did his grading over dinner ;)
11:57 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Echofon •

KWaites ‏@WileyWaites
@crystaljoyyy SoundsSexy June 2
12:11 AM - 2 Jun 12 via Twitter for iPhone • Details

prairiegirl said...

It seems like this tweet sighting was not intended to go viral yet. But it was a plant. Why do I think that?

What seems to be an intentional blunder on one of these tweets is the misspelling of Jake's name.

Not only does she mis-spell his last name (Gyllenhal) which already eliminates a huge number of people finding it in a Search, but notice the bigger misspelling - "Make". Make Gyllenhal?

You've got to wonder who planted this and what audience this tweet series was intended for. Because no one RT'd it. No other publication picked up on it.

You could say maybe this lends credence to the tweets. But then you have to ask why no pictures of the two?

However, we had this tweet from Minka Kelly on the evening of the 1st, the same night they were supposedly sighted. Look at the picture she posts and tell me she wasn't trying to tweet some validity to the sighting.

Minka Kelly ‏@minkakelly
Just posted a photo Appetizer for One?

6:50 PM - 1 Jun 12 via Instagram

prairiegirl said...

M&M could be right about this Jinky thing being a stipulation from that EOW movie, that Jake had to have some kind of tie in with a GF and somehow in their minds, Jake & Austin think it is harmless to virtual beard. And Special makes an excellent point on today's post regarding the Austin/FNL connection. It's an awful big coincidence and we know that when it comes to Jaustin, their circle is pretty darned small.

I think it would be extremely sad if Minka came with Austin's stamp of approval as a beard for his own husband. How distorted and disrespectful would that be?

I throw my hands up with these two. Their world is just so twisted and following them anymore is just all kinds of disappointment, aggravation, plain old pissing off, all negativity. The good moments too brief, too few.

And I turn to Larry and it's 180 degrees. Do you want to spend your celeb computer time being aggravated or do you want to smile and laugh?

What seems one of the saddest realizations is I look at a few of us remaining regulars and I see a lot of avatars that no longer involve Jake and Austin (Special doesn't count. Hers never was a Jaustin). Seaweed, I think you're one of the last ones left. I can't remember the last time I used a Jaustin avatar.

It would be very interesting to revisit comments from the first year or so of OMG and look at the difference in tone and support shown for Jake & Austin as opposed to now.

Then again, it might be just too sad.

Methodical Muser said...

I can't say that I disagree with your disappointment with these guys, PG. We ain't going anywhere though. Maybe one day when they begin to respect themselves again they'll stop this nonsense. Right now they are still just puppets on strings. Dancing to the tune of Hollywood. Hopefully, they will eventually find a way out of all these lies and begin to live true. Surely, they must be getting as tired as we are of all this phoniness and deception.

prairiegirl said...

lol, what in the heck are you doing up, M&M? What am I doing up for? Er, doing an emergency load of laundry before I leave to go dogsit!!

We ain't going anywhere though.

That would be right.

Nighty nite.

JA 4ever said...

It’s really sad. PR strategy was effective then. They manage to make us all shift focus to other people to the point they become the center of our conversation and we gradually forget Jake and Austin on a site dedicated to them. They couldn’t shut the place but this is the closest they can do. Make us lose interest in them and move on.

Sorry about my ignorance because I am not familiar with One Direction. The kids are sweet together but aren’t they both bearding big? One of them was ‘dating’ an older woman. The other one is ‘dating’ some model. Both have quotes saying they are straight. That is not too different from Jake and Austin long time history of bearding. The only difference is there are more pics and videos of them interacting and they are just too young and still new to the game now. I think that sadly they’ll probably become the same old PR game players in a few years if the band is still around.

I choose to focus on the positive about J & A and they are still my number one, I don’t have high hopes but at least there was an improvement this year: J&A are spotted together from time to time, not so afraid as before to sometimes show they are in the same city, with very long periods of neither of them bearding or just virtual bearding. If we compare them with other closet cases out there that are married to their beards with kids, then it definitely could be worse by now! Although I get that being full of negativity most of the time is awful. I miss seeing all the J&A avatars here :(

Anonymous said...
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Florida Tom said...

Sure is funny how PR works. There has been a lot of comments about the Nadal Gasol(Nasol) hug and low and behold we have a pic planted of Nadal kissing the GF. I watched the celebration after the match and the GF was not with the group of people there during the celebration. There was actually a shot of her standing off by herself right after the match. Maybe the kiss came later but I sure didnt see it.

Florida Tom said...

Off for some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ myself having a test done this morning and I will be asleep for it.:-)

prairiegirl said...

That's sad to hear, Tom, about Nadal.

Appreciate your well-said thoughts, J&A Forever. I hear you. Glad you're still here, too. I said a lot last night but in no way is it a reflection of anyone else on the blog but myself. I can only speak for me.

I can say that there has been quite a bit of time invested into the information that is posted or brought to the comments on this blog. I don't know that some people have an idea how much.

And stuff like the unnecessary Jinky nonsense has gotten so tiresome. The crabbiness that it brings so much more noticeable once you begin to get used to the joy it is to look at Larry. It wears on you and you don't want to be in that kind of mood. Who actually wants to be in that kind of mood?

And if it wears on me? I can only imagine how it wears on the two people who are directly involved 24/7 in the unpleasantness that comes with lying and those 2 people are Jake and Austin.

And I think it has a lot to do with how Jake looks these days. It has taken a tremendous toll.

And how exactly do Jake and Austin feel about themselves by letting people make a fool out of them? Yesterday, after reading Celebitchy, Michael K's one line and IDLYITW, you see how Jake is not fooling anybody but those who choose to follow a different path. And even if you believe Jake is straight or bi, you have to ask what kind of people work for WME who see fit to put out a ridiculous story which makes Jake look like some kind of sack sack loser? I don't know how he can take that, I really don't. How do you allow yourself to look like and be talked about like a buffoon? Because that's how a lot of those stories read yesterday, one cannot deny it. It's painful to watch.

I'm out of time. You could go on and on about this. I'll let everyone else voice their thoughts about it.

Have a great Friday, everyone! Not too long before Fred is sliding down Dino's back.

some thoughts, maybe wishful thinking.... said...

Do you remember when we discussed the first US weekly planted Minka story about her rejecting Jake (that made him look really bad) that was just after Jake fired CAA/360 and Minka is repped by CAA and 360? This second planted story months later, again is more flattering for her than Jake. It’s about Jake pursuing her after rejection and her giving him a chance, a non-story about some dates that didn't go anywhere and it's mostly about getting publicity for her. I know it’s an excuse for Jake to reinforce his hetero press and many sites are reposting all his womaniser serial dater history (LOL!) but it’s mostly focused on her.

There are 4 Minka sets of pics just from the past two days released just in time to go with this US weekly story and posted all over, and zero new pics of Jake. Could this plant be pushed by Minka’s camp for publicity? Maybe she was considered to be a beard but nothing happened later. Also Minka is too C-list for Jake considering his past bearding history. Jake in the same sentence than Wilmer Valderrama?! Hello!

Some evidence of this theory? Well, those tweets above that Prairegirl posted about a supposed Minka/Jake date are dated June 1st. A day after that, Austin posted the pic of the Empire state building and admitted for the first time in history that he is in NYC that specific weekend at the same time Jake was there. Could it be a sign of them rebelling against this plant? This was also the weekend of the (switch dated?) pics of Jake with a girl (from his team?) in NYC that some sites speculated was a new gf. Another move from Jake to remove himself (within the limits of his contract with EOW) from the Minka story?

I know Minka is considered a very hot woman by straight guys so it could be Jake’s team trying to sell this virtual hook up to the average straight guy to go and watch EOW, but it’s also worth noticing that lately Jake is getting some really bad feedback about the way he looks now (beard, premature aging, not groomed, the endless green pants, bald in EOW). It is a turned off for his straight girls/gay guys audience, so he is not doing much to attract his main audience. Why trying to lure the straight boys audience if he is turning off the girls/gay guys potential audience?

Austin’s new role also shows some balls from their part. These are just my thoughts. Maybe wishful thinking, but wanted to share just in case. Let’s see how this story continues and if he is playing the bearding game again.

Did you know said...
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^some links said...

The 4 Minka sets released in the past two days to illustrate the US Weekly story that gives credit to the theory her camp is pushing this:

3 sets

4th set

In addition to the bad feedback that Jake gets for the way he looks lately every time a new pic is posted, mainstream mags have negative comments about the way he looks. For example, this is blurry but In Style June issue has a poll about Jake's beard:


Not really said...

Sorry about my ignorance because I am not familiar with One Direction. The kids are sweet together but aren’t they both bearding big? One of them was ‘dating’ an older woman. The other one is ‘dating’ some model. Both have quotes saying they are straight.

No they are not. I've been a 1D fan since X-Factor and you would be wrong about that impression. Louis is not heavily bearding, in fact, the GF was sent back to England after only a few days and Louis did no ridiculous PDAand looked uncomfortable throughout the photo ops. The night after she left, Harry and Louis went to dinner and a moive together (just them) and the next day, Louis had a love bite on his neck. These young men are far more daring and open than Jake or Austin ever have been. Harry almost never answers a direct question about Larry Stylinson. And Louis pretty much talks in circles. There are also all kinds of pics, videos, and comments they have made about each other, which demonstrate the nature of their real relationship. The Carolyn Flack "dating" rumors was so stupid nobody who really is paying attention ever believed it. Harry was 17 and she was 15 years his senior. Ridiculous. I believe the 3 month "story" died this March and was designed for the American tour. So no doubt there are restrictions on these two, but they are fighting. They are trying. They are not just slaves to PR.

Don't feed the trolls said...

No one is mentally unstable except for you, Mr. Troll.

Yeah said...
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destiny said...

Yes, I agree about the MInka episode being directed at straight men. She is regularly featured in men's magazines. Most straight men are not into gossip and tabloids, so they're not going to see all the negative baggage. They'll hear their girlfriends/wives maybe mentioning the two dating, or catch a glimpse of a headline somewhere around the internet and not really care about the details.

If this was all just coming from her, and Jake was worried about how he looks, there's a real simple solution: deny the story. But he hasn't.

French tabloid Voici said...

Last week, I saw this article below in one of the main French tabloids “Voici”. I thought that this outing published in a foreign mainstream magazine could push Jake to plant some bearding activity. I didn’t want to post it last week just in case this could push Jake to beard and I didn’t see it posted anywhere else to hit international, but maybe now that we see the US Weekly story maybe this is some damage control? Even more considering he had some virtual bearding with the French actress at the beginning of the year and this is printed in a French magazine.

Here’s the translation. It’s from a cover story article about men: “They look perfect but....”

(Picture of Jake and Taylor Swift)

“He has everything... but he's gay

Pathology: Concealer

Decription: WHY there are no out gay stars in Hollywood? Because no one dares to admit it for fear of ending in purgatory small roles. After all, it’s a question of privacy ... but it requires to appear hetero in public, it’s not really a fight against homophobia. Not to mention the girls who stop fantasizing! His relations are less and less credible every time, Is Jake part of this herd?”

Voici magazine

Same old argument said...

Not to mention the girls who stop fantasizing! His relations are less and less credible every time, Is Jake part of this herd?”

I'm so sick of that out of date argument. That somehow gay actors/performers must lie and pretend they are something they are not because the girls can't fantasize about them. The whole huge Louis and Harry fanbase discredits that idea completely. Millions, and I do mean millions, of girls and women adore them. They want them to be together because they believe in true love. They want that kind of bond in their lives someday. These females could care less if the love is between two men, or not. They know what love looks like when they see it. The same thing happened with Brokeback Mountain. I believe James Schamus told Ang Lee that the primary audience they had in mind for this film was the straight female population. And, not surprisingly, they responded to this cinematic love story just as Schamus had predicted. They bought tickets, brought their boyfriends and husbands and a new kind of acceptance was gained as a result.

Celebrity Pop said...

Minka Kelly and Jake Gyllenhaal Were Dating!

Say whaaat? According to a new report, Jake Gyllenhaal (was auditioning for a new beard) and Minka Kelly were hooking up!

The story, which was not at all planted in Us Weekly to help quiet down those gay rumors, reveals that Jake, 31, recently enjoyed some dates with his crush Minka, 32, who first turned him down when he asked her out last fall.

“Minka wasn’t into Jake when he first pursued her,” a mutual pal of the actor reveals. Kelly instead chose to date serial creeper Wilmer Valderrama, 32, at the time. That romance however fizzled in late April, and the friend reveals Kelly “decided to give Jake another chance.”

Unfortunately, like with all of Jake’s relationships with women, the spark was never quite there. “It was never serious, and it’s over now,” adds the source.

Celebrity Pop


I'm going to live forever -------->

Florida Tom said...

Wow each time Jake does this kind of thing it gets more and more obvious that most can see right through it. It is in a way actually outing him. I think people would actually admire him more if he came out but it might be too late.

Twitter said...


I'm going to live forever --------> Picture Here

11:37 AM - 15 Jun 12 via WhoSay · Details

destiny said...

It's going to take some time to kill that same old argument completely, there are always going to be people in HW who want that last buck they think they won't get if someone is out.

But it is changing, and not only that, it's gone from a trickle to a stream.

Adam Lambert


NPH, whose star power has been credited in recent articles for helping to increase the audience for How I Met Your Mother.

Matt Bomer, who is s a very prominent part of the marketing for Magic Mike even though his role is apparently very small--and apparently the disappointment when he wasn't in the first trailer a month or so back was a trending topic.

On the other hand, I do suspect Jake is stuck because of his earlier bearding. It seems pretty likely that there would have been restrictions on him from the Reeking contract. There are just so many people invested in his staying in the closet right now.

Florida Tom said...

It certainly was a step for Jake he didn't want to take at first Destiny but as time went on he became angry and frustrated because reeke was such a joke. He became more and more determined as he got angry. Now he is in way too deep to jump out. Reese and Taylor are huge commodities and no way in hell can he make fools of them.

Jake will come out said...

I doubt that Jake signed his life away. He doesn't seem like that type. He'll come out, eventually and say all these women helped him to have a family. I think a couple of you have floated that idea before and it does seem plausible. All the women/beards will look like the nicest, most self sacrificing people in the world.

the real m said...

One of the advantages of being busy and catching up late is that trends are more obvious when you spend an hour or two catching up. And it's totally apparent that Jake is fooling no one. In fact to someone's comment yesterday, most already think he's inauthentic and a liar given his closeted life. He really has nothing to lose by coming out at this point- assuming that he is willing to let the public see his hidden family. That is a whole other issue. I did see one site that noted that the flame never caught between Jake and Minka since for Jake the flammability of dick can't be beat. Sorry I can't recall the exact wording- but we all know what it means.

Up late again. Our hotel is right on the sea and the birds are making so much noise I finally had to close the window. And of course as soon as I did my husband started to snore. I can't win tonight!

here's a vid of Nadal hug said...

Florida Tom said...

m you sure do have a tough life :-)

Florida Tom said...

Be careful with some of the links of that hug. There are some viruses my virus protection caught when I tried to open it up. If anyone wants to see it there are plenty on you tube.

Vid said...

Weird, I did have problem with that link at all. That link is from you tube

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

I wasnt talking about that particular link but I got one on you tube that had a virus. It was a video that when you hit the main link said if you cant open this hit the link below which of course i did. When i did my virus protector immediately picked it up.
I never saw that happen before.

Thanks to whomever posted it though. I love watching it.

Special K said...

Some good observations "some thoughts, maybe wishful thinking".

And I agree "Jake will come out" he hasn't signed it all away.

And "same old arguement" - I agree it's about love. It doesn't matter if it is between two guys. BBM showed, that Larry Stylinson does now and Jake and Austin do too. When people see love, they know it.

Special K said...

Some good observations "some thoughts, maybe wishful thinking".

And I agree "Jake will come out" he hasn't signed it all away.

And "same old arguement" - I agree it's about love. It doesn't matter if it is between two guys. BBM showed, that Larry Stylinson does now and Jake and Austin do too. When people see love, they know it.

Special K said...

FYI Nothing like falling asleep on the train and missing your stop.

Post soon!