Friday, June 15, 2012

Juicey Goosey

Austin hitting the juice?

Now who would be the influence for that?

And do you think Austin's doing the Green Stuff or getting something a little more color and flavor?

Jake goes for Mexican (Austin's fav) it looks like Austin is getting a little more organic.

 The couple that stays together.....

You think that it could be the reason for the leaner look lately? 

And where exactly is Mr. Nichols?   Is he still in NYC?  Or did he slip away when An Enemy was locking down?  Hmmmm.

It seems like no one is talking anymore on the set, and everything is behind closed doors now.  Well ....who'd want to know about trailer visits? ; )

And it might not be all about the Tall but the smalls who are in the Great White North, or at least closer on the other side of a Great Lake.


Special K said...

During one of Maggie's interviews for her new movie, she mentioned her and Jake's grandfather ( Naomi's father) who is a spry 96.

you're welcome said...

Jake is in NY tonight. No kids. No husband.

Know your trolls said...

hi troll

Hi said...
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destiny said...

Maggie was on the Daily Show this week promoting her movie. She didn't talk about her family at all in that interview.

Special K said...

During GMA she said her grandpa saw it... really? is that movie you want you grandpa to see?

prairiegirl said...

Mis-identification, 12:21. You can bet I'm not wasting my breath on a hello at a Troll, so don't flatter yourself. #WhatAnEgo

I'm on a short leash with the internet this weekend. I haven't watched the wieners for awhile and their Mama & Daddy have a new provider or something and I was not able to get on last night with my IPad. So it's going to be short spurts of access!

Great to be back in the area of Strouds and Smokestack, though! They live in one of the most architecturally aesthetic of neighborhoods and yes, dogsitting definitely has its perks besides the dogs themselves.

sass said...

Hi everyone,
I am on my phone most of the time for now and really missing my keyboard. I'll have you know I received 28 NOTES from Google alert yesterday and the day before about Minka and Jake's hooking up! arrrrrrrr.

If I didn't love those boys so much I'd shoot my phone...and discontinue my alerts.

Thanks for letting me know about Austin's new series. YAY!!!!

I like the young kiddos(1 direction) you mentioned, and yes, they are in love with each other as are/were/still are/ JA and they're so dam*ed cute.

I actually miss seeing the old Jake walking about town but I take what I can get. And I don't think he's depressed or anything like that...he's just not dressing for PAPs anymore or as Russell Crowe said years ago...he goes fallow?? when he's not working.

Who knows and who cares in the real world of greed, and despair, and billionaires with money to burn, trying to play Politics for keeps with the SC's help of course

Maggie on the View looked beautiful, spacey, misty eyed and out to lunch, a typical Mom who just had a baby look and is 3/4 asleep. Talked a bit about the baby... Anyway Hasselback? sp, asked her a question, got no answer, plus Maggie, I think, looked right past her, not through her, but past her as she talked to whomever she felt like talking to at that moment...which made me laugh my BAO!

Fingers xed for me everyone very very good Onc is scaring me with another another PET/CT c contr scan near month's end.


Florida Tom said...

I am hurt sass. Why didn't you come to me for your scan :-)

destiny said...

Fingers crossed Sass.

tweet said...

Michael Beck ‏@MichaelCBeck

Standing on a corner in #NYC and heard a familiar voice. I look over and Jake Gyllenhaal was standing next to me. I about fainted. #perfect

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